A/N: Okay, this idea just struck me randomly, and normally, I don't like LenaleexAllen at all, in truth, I hate it, well maybe not - I dislike it, a little bit. But I couldn't let this idea go so I had to write it!

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Only for her

A soft smile spread over his pale lips as he kissed her forehead gently, white bangs falling forward and hiding the crosses across his forehead. His hair touched her face gently and he watched her quietly, studying her features. He pulled back slightly, watching her sleeping face.

"You're beautiful.." He mumured, letting his fingertips brush her cheek in a way that spoke thousands words. He swallowed dryly, hand brushing through her short hair as he leaned forward again, lips almost touching her lips. "Far to beautiful.." he whispered and was pleasent to see a shiver run through her sleeping body. He froze for a second, waiting for a sign of her waking up. When she continued to sleep blissfully he relaxed again and sighed, almost dissapointed.

He smiled again softly, concentrating on her closed eyes and he found himself wondering what she was dreaming. Maybe of a bright future, maybe of everyone being happy. Maybe about the war ending.

Maybe about him.

He shut his eyes tighly and exhaled before pulling back, and when he opened his eyes again, pain was clear in his silver eyes, glittering in the faint light from the moon.

He knew he had made a mistake, but there was nothing he could do, he was lost, he was scared, and he was angry - but most of all he was confused. But he couldn't do anything to change the destiny - the end. He couldn't change who he was.

He swallowed and ignored the painful tug at his none existing heart.

He knew this was the last time he would see her being Allen Walker.

And it made him incredible sad.

He took a step backwards, his gray skin blending together with the dark. He let the soft smile leave his lips as he watched her still form for a last time.

But before he left, he let a faint whisper ring through the dark room and a lonely tear hit the floor, the only clue that he had ever been there in the first place. And he hoped with all his heart that she would hear him, but he knew it was impossible.

So he whispered.

A truth, maybe the first one he had spoken in a very long time. The first truth after Mana died.

Only for her.

"I love you."

And then he was gone.