Dear friends and fans,

I know some of you are waiting anxiously for the second volume to begin. It was mean of me to end with a cliffhanger, but I believe that's what stories do to keep their audience interested. (For those of you who think Dawn is too perfect, I promise to bring out her flaws in the next volume.)

To address your concerns about where I've been, I have just lacked the motivation to do any writing the last few months for various reasons. The biggest one was probably my depression. It made me feel that my stories weren't good enough and that they were a waste of time. I have made a habit of comparing them to other stories on here

(It's best I don't mention which ones). I realize there are tons of tender Jason fanfiction out there, so what makes Vengeance for the Innocent any different?

Plus, as I'm sure I've said before, I can have ridiculously high standards for myself and when I fail to meet them, I view my writing with disappointment that it's not fancy enough. I have plenty of ideas; it's just putting them into words so perfectly is the problem.

Anyway, I thought I would explain why the second volume hasn't been out in like forever. It's only fair for Jason and Dawn fans to know.

Once I finally start writing again, I'll remove this author's note. It will be here for now to inform you of the absence of progress lately.

Take care, everyone. Thank you to those that have read this story and want more. If you are still here, I commend you. I hope to continue the adventures of Jason and Dawn very soon. Be on the lookout for the second volume to finally be posted.


Diana (Wife of Jason Voorhees)