Son of the Dark: part 2

The BladeBreakers were back in Japan at the Granger dojo when kai had received a letter from Hogwarts with the things he needed for year six, mostly books for all his classes. The others had also received letters from Dumbledore saying they would be doing the same as before; following kai to his classes, living in the same rooms as last time and coming to Dumbledore's office at the weekends for privet lessons to control the powers. Hilary and Kenny burst out crying when they told them they were going back, Hilary was crying about how they had only been back of like nearly 2 months and how dangerous it was in England. Kai had been getting the newspaper 'Daily Prophet' and it was talking about Harry being 'The Chosen One' ,Voldmort being alive and how the minister 'Fudge' replaced with someone called 'Scrimgeour'.

They had also received a purple leaflet which says:

Issued on Behalf of the Ministry of Magic


The wizarding community is currently under threat from an organisation calling itself the Death Eaters. Observing the following simple security will help protect you, your family and your home from attack.

1. You are advised not to leave the house alone.

2. Particular care should be taken during the hours of darkness. Wherever possible, arrange to complete journeys before night has fallen.

3. Review the security arrangement around your house, making sure that all family members are aware of emergency measures such as Shield and Disillusionment Charms and, in case of under-age family members, Side-Along-Apparition.

4. Agree security question with close friends and family so as to detect Death Eaters masquerading as others by use of Polyjuice Potion.

5. Should you feel that a family member, colleague, friend or neighbour is acting in a strange manner, contact the Magical Law Enforcement Squad at once. They may have been put under the Imperius Curse.

6. Should the Dark Mark appear over any dwelling or other building, DO NOT ENTER, but contact the Auror Office immediately.

7. Unconfirmed sightings suggest that the Death Eaters may now be using Inferi. Any sighting of an Inferius, or encounter with same, should be reported to the Ministry IMMEDIATELY.

After seeing these Hilary and Kenny became hysterical so hysterical it took one of kai's best death-glares to shut them up.

At the moment they were on kai privet jet on their way to London. Kai was yet again sitting sideways in his seat reading a magazine and eating a strawberry flavoured Pocky(Japanese candy)while Rei and Max were having fun watching Daichi trying to make Tyson made. This had been going on for awhile; Daichi has been trying to help one another connect with their powers, mainly consisting of Daichi calling Tyson names and playing pranks on him. After awhile Tyson got really mad and started hitting Daichi on the head with a in-flight magazine ,but didn't even come close to connecting with his powers.

Kai was wearing a tight light blue top that showed his slender shoulders, the sleeves stopped at his elbows. He was also wearing a pair of tight blue jeans which had a thin chain going from the front pocket to the back pocket. He was wearing his long white scarf and a wide brown belt around his waist. Rei was wearing a Chinese style outfit like normal but this ones top was red with black trim and his Chinese style trousers were also black. He still had his red headband but his raven hair was tied up in a ponytail. Max was wearing a baggy deep blue T-shirt with a large smiley-face on it, he also wore a pair of white trousers that only came just below the knees and a pair of trainers. Tyson wore a neon yellow tank top and a pair of light blue jeans. He also wore his blue, white and red cap that he never took off. And Daichiā€¦.Well Daichi never changes his clothes.

Kai's looked up from his magazine with a Pocky sticking out his mouth and just shacks his head at the childish display, looking back at the magazine. "what you reading Kai?!" Max asks leans over the back out Kai's seat so he was looking down at Kai. Kai looks up at the yet again sugar-high blond "I'm reading some you may like archly, its what girls archly mean when they are talking" he says showing Max the page he was reading and started reading out-loud;

"Women's English

'Yes' 'no'

'No' 'yes'

'Maybe' 'no'

'We need' 'I want'

'I am sorry' 'you'll be sorry'

'We need to talk' 'your in trouble'

'Sure, go ahead' 'you better not'

'Do what you want' 'you'll pay for this later'

'I am not upset' 'of course I'm upset, you moron!'

'you're very attentive tonight' 'is sex all you think about?'

'I'm hungry' 'get me something to eat'

'I'm going bed' 'no sex tonight'

'I love you' 'you have to do something for me'

There's also Men's English

'I'm hungry' 'I'm hungry'

'I'm sleepy' 'I'm sleepy'

'I'm tired' 'I'm tired'

'nice dress' 'nice cleavage!'

'I love you' 'lets have sex now'

'I'm bored' 'do you want to have sex?'

'may I have this dance?' 'I'd like to have sex with you'

'can I call you?' 'I'd like to have sex with you'

'want to go on a date with me?' 'want sex with me?'

'those shoes don't go with that outfit' 'I'm gay'

'I'm gay' 'your ugly'"

After hearing this all the bladers(not Kai) started laughing like mad, Tyson latterly fell off his seat he was laughing so hard. Rei was the first one too clam down "man, kai I never thought you of all people would read something like that!" he yelled with a huge grin on his face. Kai had a small smile on his face seeing them all laugh like that. Kai was only reading this because he'd read all his fashion magazine.

It was late and everyone was asleep. Then all of a sudden the plain started shacking violently waking them all up, most of them were flung out of their seats. They all grabbed on to anything they could get their hands on.

They felt themselves being pulled up into the air as the plain started to plummets towards the sea. Kai had his arm rapped around the armrest of his chair as his body was up in the air. He had his eyes shut tight, tears were spilling out the corners of his eyes and he was creaming his head off. Max and Daichi were very lucky that they were buckled into their seats. They were seated next to each other so they clung to each other for dear life. Rei body way like Kai's but he was grabbing onto his seat cushion, digging his nails into the fabric like a cat while Tyson was just like Kai and Rei by having his body up in the air although he was gripping on to his un buckled seatbelt.

Tyson looked to kai to see him hysterical, he sew the tears coming from Kai's eyes; Tyson's eyes became a glowing ice-blue colour. A massive wave of wind hit the bottom of the jet making it slowly glide down until it hit the ocean somewhat softly.

After gravity set in and they were all ever sitting on their seats or on the floor. Tyson shakily stand-up and walk over to a still hysterically crying Kai who was sitting on the floor and hadn't let go of the armrest of his seat. His hair had come out of the plait and it made him look so vulnerable. Tyson kneed down next to Kai to see he still hadn't opened his eyes. "Kai? Come-on its okay now, you can let go and open your eyes" he said in a calming voice, Kai slowly opened his eyes and looked at Tyson who gave him a sad smile. Kai immediate let go for the armrest and flung himself into a stunned Tyson's chest and cried harder (I know! I know! kai would never cry like that but this is my story and I say kai is a vulnerable little uke!). Tyson hugged Kai and pulled him closer, stroking his back trying to calm him.

At that moment the pilot and the co-pilot came rushing in "oh my god. Is everyone alright?!" the co-pilot yells running up to Rei to see if he was Okay, it turns out Rei fainted. "WHAT IN GODS NAME JUST HAPPENED!?" Daichi screeches at the top of his lungs. The pilot whips the sweat off his forehead "there was a power-shortage for some reason we do not know" he says nervously "we'll go send out a S.O.S and someone will come soon" and with that the pilot went back into the cabin while the co-pilot checked Rei for any injuries.


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