Why is it always me?

Kai slowly awoke, pulling the covers down from his head so he could see the clock; it was 5:30am the time all the normally wake up at so kai slowly sat-up and stretched his arms above his head, yawning cutely.

Getting out of bed Kai walked into the bathroom, he was still half asleep so he decided to take a shower, he took off his boxers, as soon as he took them off he knew there was something wrong, he looked down at his half naked form.

A moment latter a loud girly scream was heard through the hole hotel: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

The scream woke every one in the hotel it was so loud, the BladeBreakers all jumped out of their beds and ran to the bathroom door, Kenny quickly pulled the door open only to be hit in the face by a bare of soap.

The others looked inside to see Kai standing there his feet had an elegant arch in them; his legs were slim and smooth. No hair covered even an inch of them! His thighs and hips had widened slightly, His stomach, which had been slightly muscled was now flat and his frame delicate and fragile. His neck was straight and smooth, His Adam's apple was no longer there. His lips were fuller and rosier, as was his cheeks. He was only in a baggy black tank-top that he was pulling down to hid 'his' privet parts, the straps to the tank-top were stretched down over his chest only hiding his nipples. His chest was no longer muscled but soft and stuck out(if your that thick, he has boobs).

'He' was female…

Kai glared at them "GET OUT!" she shrieks throwing a bottle of shampoo at them but they shut the door before it could hit them. A moment latter Tala came running in glared at them "where is Kai?" he growled, he voice sounder different more high pitched, that's when they noticed he had two small lumps on his chest, widened hips and fuller lips and cheeks. His new figure could be easily missed because he was wear a large and baggy T-shirt that went to 'his' thighs and a pair of baggy sweatpants.

Tala glared at them "what in the seven hells is going on in here!?" 'he' yelled at them, the other Bladers all cowered behind Hilary who would normally cowering too but seeing as she never backed down from a fight with another girl and as Tala was a girl now…

"the same thing that happened in your room, I suppose" Hilary stated calmly, Tala raises an eyebrow "what?" she asked confusedly not knowing what the other was talking about. Hilary walked up to Tala so they were eye to…nose? Whatever! The were face to face then Hilary's hands shot out and grabbed Tala's chest making the other Blades in the room noses bleed at the sight of a girl feeling the other up.

Tala looked down and was stunned 'he' had breasts! Jumping back away from Hilary, Tala stretched the neckline for her own shirt and looked inside, she froze "w-why do I-I have t-tits?" she managed to stutter out looking back up at Hilary who just shrugged and said "I don't know but same-thinks happened to Kai" she pointed to the bathroom door as she said this.

Tala looked to the door "I gota see this" she said walked calmly up to the door and knocked, seeing this the BladeBreakers paled; they knew what happened last time one of them tried to go in there, they all turned to a unconscious Kenny with bare of soap laying next to him.

Tala knocked again seeing as on one answered "piss off!" was the only reply she got this time. Tala smirked and leaned against the door "Kai is it true you turned into a girl?" she asked in a mocking tone but Tala's eyes narrowed hearing his voice was a little higher then normal. "its Tala if your wondering" she stated after not getting a reply; she knew Kai would let her 'Tala' in so she just thought Kai didn't know who it was by voice.

All of a sudden the door swung open making Tala (who was still leaning on it) nearly fall flat on her face if it wasn't for Kai grabbing her T-shirt and pulling her into the bathroom before slamming the door shut. Tala looked at Kai who was locking the door and her eyes widened (by this time kai had her boxers back on) "wow" was all she could say ,Kai's body was better then her's ;it was much more curvier and feminine.

Kai turned to Tala and her mouth dropped open "Tala why are you a girl?!" she asked pointing at her, Tala sweat-dropped and smacked herself on the forehead "I cold ask you the same thing ,kai" she pulling her hand away seeing Kai from the front (kai had her back to her when locking the door) ,Tala started blushing like mad: kai looked so cute! And her breasts were like a size D! whereas Tala's were like a size C. Kai's eyes were always big but now they had a innocent look to them and had longer eyelashes(didn't kai already have long eyelashes?),her face was more rounder now and without the face paint she didn't look so untouchable.

Noticing Tala was checking her out Kai blushed and started stuttering "T-Tala maybe w-we should make H-Hilary borrow u-us some clothes" she managed to say gesturing to there sleeping clothes and then her face turned the same red as her eyes seeing Tala look her up and down, Tala then smirked at her "why? I like what your wearing already" she said looking at Kai who's clothes were nearly falling off her small frame with out the muscles there her tank top was nearly showing her nipples.

"Tala!" Kai screeched after seeing where Tala was looking, turning around so Tala couldn't see her tits and glared over her shoulder "Tala you have three seconds too get out of this bathroom and get me some clothes before I…damn! I cant say I'll take away your manhood!" she said making Tala laugh as she walked out the room.

Hearing giggling the BladeBreakers and the Demolition Boyz(Hilary and Kenny too, Kenny's awake now) look up too see a female Tala walking through the bathroom door while cackling like made. This make them very scared; when Tala or Kai cackles something bad is about to happen.

Tala head snapped towards them and smirked(they all gulp at that moment) "Hilary, could you go get us some clothes?" she asks walking up to her. Hilary nods and starts walking towards the door but stops and looks over her shoulder at Tala "wait, I need to know what sizes you and Kai are" she says turning completely to Tala.

Tala looked at the floor in thought then she snapped her fingers looking back up to Hilary "Kai has a size 7 waist, a size D chest and 5 foot 3 inches tall(5.3) ,I have a size 10 waist, a size C chest and 5 foot 8 inches tall(5.8)" she said with a big grin on her face, everyone was looking at her wide eyed. Hilary raised a eyebrow "how do you know what size Kai is?" she asked making every one look at Tala suspiciously, Tala put her hands up, shacking them and laughed nervously "it's not like that! I can just tell by looking" she then smirks at them "I can tell by looking because I get around a lot".

The BladeBreakers didn't get it(Hilary did) so Bryan stepped in "Tala was like a male whore; he slept with a new girl every night" he explained with a scold on his face. The BladeBreakers heads snapped to Tala with their mouths open in shock, Tala just shrugged her shoulders "what? Its not like I've done it in like…2 - 3 months?" she said looking at Spencer to see if that was right, seeing him nod she smirks proud of herself. Hilary shrugs and leaves the room too get Kai and Tala some clothes.

Tyson raises a eyebrow "Tala how did you become a…well chick?" he asks trying not to think of Tala's night events. Tala gives them a serious look "well…I haven't a clue!" she says the last bit with a sweet/creepy smile and in a cheery voice making everyone fall in a anime style.

CC92: before you ask i still haven't got to a good part of the HP book so i still wont update 'son of the dark' until i get to a part were i can put kai in.

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CC92: you dont care about anything

kai: yep

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