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Hilary returned with Mariah and Emily following behind her. They were all carrying large bundles of clothes in their arms. Mariah had a huge grin on her face as they sew Tala who was now a girl standing there. "Kai come you of there!" Hilary yells banning on the bathroom door, "not with the boys there!" came a scream from the other side of the door. All the girls turned to the boys and Hilary pointed to the front door too the BladeBreakers hotel room "out!" they all yell at the now scared boys. The boys scarped as fast as they could out the room but they stayed just outside the now closed door so could hear what was going on. "their gone so get out here now!" Hilary yelled banging on the bathroom door. After a moment the door hesitantly opens to reveal a cutely blushing Kai.

All of a sudden Mariah pulled Tala and Kai by their wrist over to the bed and made them site down. Mariah, Emily and Hilary all stud in front of them looking them up and down. "I think Kai would look good in red and pink" Mariah says, "and Tala would look good in white and baby blue" Emily stats, Hilary nods in agreement. Tala and Kai suddenly got a bad feeling about this.

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It has been about an hour since the BladeBreakers and the Demolition Boyz had been kicked out the BladeBreakers room and some of the other teams had joined them waiting out side the door after Daichi and Tyson had blurted out that Kai and Tala had become girls.

All of a sudden the door opened and Emily walked out "everyone go wait in the lobby, they'll be out after Mariah and Hilary finish their make-up" she stats before going back into the room. They all do as she said mainly because the hallway was too small too have them all waiting there.

About ten minuets later Hilary, Emily and Mariah walked into the lobby full of waiting bladers "I'd like to introduce to you the new Tala!" Hilary yells as they step away from the door revealing a female Tala who was wearing a white crop-top that emphasized her breasts and a pair of tight light blue jeans that reached just below her knees. Around her waist was a black studded belt and she also wore a pair of dark blue stilettos. She had baby blue nail-varnish and eye-shadow.

All the guys in the room put their hands over noses trying too stop the bleeding. Mariah thought this was a good time to hit them with another bombshell so she yells "it's also a pleasure to introduce the new Kai!". Kai walks through the door. Kai stud there dressed in a light pink summer skirt that had a red ribbon tied around the waist. She wore a loose sleeveless red top that showed a inch of her stomach, along with pink and red high-heeled sandals. She had pink nail-varnish ,lip-gloss and eye-shadow. She looked so innocent and fragile!

Kai hide behind Tala and blushed like mad when she sew the looks on all the guys faces. Tala however couldn't help but smirk: some of the guys even fainted after seeing the two now very hot girls (who used too be guys.)

"oh my god! You look so good!" Mathilda yelled as she ran up to them "how come you didn't let me help!?" she wined to Hilary looking upset and about to cry. Seeing this Kai felt like she should comfort the younger girl. Kai bent down a little to look Mathilda in the eye "please don't get up-set Mathilda" Kai said her not knowing what to do 'why the hell do I want to make her feel better!?' she thought to herself 'maybe it's a girl thing'.

Hilary stud next to her and nodded "yeah, if it'll make you feel better you can come shopping with us" once Hilary said this Mathilda smiled like there was no tomorrow "yeah! I want to go! What are we going to buy!?" she yells jumping up and down in excitement. "weir going clothes shopping for Kai and Tala!" Mariah cheers throwing her arms in the air meanwhile the guys were all staring at Kai and Tala with their eyes the size of dinner plaits, mouths-open and drooling.

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Hilary ,Emily and Mariah had decided that they couldn't be bothered too carry their shopping bags so they decided they would take the boys with them. So now Max, Rei and Lee were carrying the girls bags as they were led into another shoe shop. Emily stopped and looked around "where's Tyson ,Michael, Rick and Eddy?" she asked sounding pissed-off.

Tala and Kai smirk evilly "we left them in the lingerie section of the last shop we were in" Tala stats with amusement clear in her voice. "why?" Hilary asks calmly, Kai and Tala shrug their shoulders "they were bugging us" Kai stats coldly. Rei ,Max and Lee shudder, hearing where the other were left, a place full of girls pants and bra's! and they had just been left there! People must think their perverts!

Hilary smirks "now that is something a girl would do" she says too Mariah who nods also smirking but suddenly stops walking and grins widely "look! A sale on stilettos!" she yells running to the sale pulling a scared Kai along with her.

"Tala! Help!" Kai yells over her shoulder to Tala who what checking out a pair of combat boots. Tala looks over at Kai and started laughing "sorry Kai, cant help you! But just think! This might be a good thing! It'll help your height problem!" she yells back at Kai who glares and screams back at her "I'm not short!".(I know, I know! That is something Edward Elric would say! But get over it! Kai's short in this story and he doesn't like it!)

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The bladers were on the bus back to the hotel. Mathilda had convinced the others that they should go back to the lingerie section in Primark where they had left Tyson ,Michael, Rick and Eddy, and take them back with them, once they had gotten there they fond the guys still standing in the same spot as where Kai and Tala had left them, their faces were pale but somehow they were blushing at the same time.

At the moment Lee, Max and Rei were trying to get the still ghost-white teens to talk or at least blink! Hilary, Mathilda, Emily and Mariah were talking about the cute clothes and guys that were at the market.

Tala turned to Kai and was about to say something when Kai butted in "before you say something, I want you to know I'm still angry at you" she said in a emotionless voice. Tala pouted playfully "Oh come on, Koi (1)don't be mad"she said in a seductive voice, leaning closer to Kai who upon hearing the 'Koi' choked on the own spike and turned red, "w-what did you just call me?!" Kai asked, thinking she'd misheard what Tala had said. "Oh nothing!" Tala said in a sing-song voice, leaning back in her seat and put her arm around Kai's shoulders who was still blushing, and staring at her feet; refusing to look at Tala.

"Tala, Kai! Please! You used to be guys, Help us!" Rei whined, loudly, from the back of the bus, he was getting frustrated that Tyson, Michael, Rick and Eddy were not showing any signs of snapping out of their shock. Mariah quickly turned around in her seat and gave Rei a swift whack on the back of his head, "don't say 'you used to be guys'! what if someone heard!?" she hissed at him, bearing her fangs.

"who's going to hear!? Weir the only ones on the Bus! and so what if someone heard?!" he hissed back, his pupils becoming slits, "1) their reputation would be in danger! 2) what if Voltaire found out?! And 3) how will they get boy friends if the word gets around that they used to be boys!" she yelled at him, Hilary, Mathilda and Emily nodded in agreement allowing Mariah know she'd won the argument(as usual). Kai and Tala both shuck their heads, starting to feel a little sorry for the boys. Tala stud-up and grabbed Kai's hand, then turned to the bickering group "Guys this is our stop!" she yelled grabbing her shopping bags and pulled Kai off the Bus towards the hotel not caring if the others heard her.

(1) Koi means 'love' or sweetheart in Japanese

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