Russian: "blah blah"

English: "chatter chatter"

Why is it always me?

It was lunch time at the hotel and Kai and Tala were sitting at a on their own waiting for the rest of the Demolition Boyz, Tala at the moment was trying to teach Kai accessorize by shoving the latest addition of the fashion-magazine, Cheek-Bone, in his face and pointing out all the cute outfits.

"Tala, where did you get that magazine? I thought it was one of those you had to get delivered, how did you get it so fast? We've been girls for less then 24 hours! And it's made in England! we're in Africa!" Kai asked suspiciously. Tala just grin's widely "Kai, just because I was a boy doesn't mean I had no fashion-sense, I mean this is the most up to date fashion-magazine there is! There's a new addition every 3 hours and it has to be delivered by ninja's! (scene from Mighty Boosh, first episode of the second season!)" she said happily, flicking through the magazine "OH look! The mirror-ball suit is back in fashion!" she yelled showing Kai the page.

By the time the rest of the Demolition Boyz got there Kai was banging her head on the table and Tala was on her sell-phone ordering a mirror-ball suit. Bryan and Ian looked at the scene and just shrugged while Spencer shook his head.

"Kai, do you want me to order you a mirror-ball suit? And then we can mach- Oh. Your. God! They have them in ORANGE!" Tala screamed in excitement looking back at the magazine. Kai stopped banging her head on the table and looked up at the red-head wide-eyed and mouth open "what's wrong with you!? Orange looks horrible on gingers! You're the fashion nutter! You should know that!" Kai yelled in shock.

Tala's smile disappeared in an instant and her face turned into an evil glare "First! Orange is my favourite colour! Second! I'm Not ginger! I have RED hair!" she screeched so loud that everyone in the Dinning room had to cover their ears. Tala's face went as red as her hair when she noticed everyone was looking at her "sorry" she muttered before hiding her red face in her magazine while the other Russians sniggered at her.

After a while a waitress came up to their table "what came I get you this evening?" she asked, looking very focused making shore her English was right. "we don't want anything to eat, we'll just have drinks" Spencer stated knowing full well that non of them liked eating in front of people "I'll have a whisky" he stated pacing the drinks menu on to Bryan "make it two". "three" Ian said looking very bored. Tala looked at the drinks list and frowned "don't you serve flirt-tini?" she asked the confused looking waitress who shook her head, Tala gave depressed sigh "I'll have whit wine, then" she said in an upset way.

"Russian vodka and lots of it" Kai muttered as she eyed Tala's pouty face, knowing she was going to need a stiff drink.

After the waitress left to get their drinks Spencer turned to the two girls "okay, so we don't know how you became girls and we don't know how long until you change back, if at all. So, what do we do?" he asked but only got was cute shrugs off he's leader and old team-mate. "I guess, we'll have to phone Mr. Dickenson and see what he can do for you".

Tala smile and shrugged once again "I don't mind if I'm stuck like this; I'm hot even as a chick! And plus" she said, putting her arm over the two toned haired girls slender shoulder "Kai's cuter then EVER!" she squealed, pulling the shorter into a tight hug.

"um...Kai?" Tyson asked, coming up to the table with the other BladeBreakers behind him, blushing at the sight before them.

"yes?" Kai asked, struggling to get out of the older girls bear-hug. "you wanna hang out with us at the beach before it gets late?" Max asked, trying not to look at his leaders chest unlike Tyson who wasn't even trying to look away. "We're gonna do some swimming, blading, etc" Rei added. "okay, whatever" the phoenix muttered

"ask them if I can come along. I wanna see you in a your new swimsuit" Tala whispered to the smaller, smirking evilly as Kai blushed. "no, Tala" the crimson eyed teen growled, giving the other one of her famous death-glares and a harsh shove, both of which had no effect on the red-head. "please! I'll let you see me in mine!"

"No, Tala!" the other yelled, her face as red as her crimson eyes.



"I hate you…" Kai grumbled as she and Tala made their way to the beach in nothing but their swimsuits. Tala's was a light blue bikini that showed off, to Kai opinion ,more cleavage then necessary and Sunglasses perched on her nicely curved nose. Kai's and her towels rolled-up and tucked under one arm. She was wearing slight high-heeled sandals which were a dark blue with light blue straps.

Kai was wearing a dark-red one-peace swimsuit that covered the right amount of her pale skin and had a light red sarong tied tightly around her curved waist, a bag in her hand which was full of sun-block, water bottles, sunglasses, etc.

It was about 3 in the after noon and was still pretty light and hot out. Most of the people were still at the beach at this time. As they made their way down the beach to find the others Kai noticed that Tala was swaying her hips more then necessary and waving at the hot guys. "your enjoying this more then any self-respecting male should" she stated, glaring at the taller. Tala turned to the other with a smirk on her face "come on, Kai-chan! Haven't you ever wondered what its like to be a girl before you became one?"

"no. because I enjoyed my manhood and I know they get more problems them us. Such as Boobs which bounce and make it hard to train, periods which I'm not even going to go into detail about and being more physically weak, in most cases"

"oh, stop being so moody…maybe you are PMSing" Tala said, mumbling the last bit to herself. But the other heard and gave the taller a swift 'whack' around the head. "OW!"

"Kai! Over here!" a yell came from down the beach. Turning to the sound, the two girls saw Tyson not too far away, in the water with Max. Max was wearing green shorts that had the paten of a turtle all over them and he also had a neon green, blow-up ring around his waist and Tyson had a pair of light blue swimming-trunks on which had dark blue strips down the side of either leg. They came running up to Kai when they saw the red-head next to her.

"hay, Kai. Why didn't you tell us you were bringing Tala?" asked Max

"because I told hi-her.. Not to come, but she followed be anyway"


Kai sighed and looked around "where are the others?" she asked, which made Tyson snap out of his trance and look away from Tala's tits. "Oh! Umm…Daichi went to get ice-cream, Hilary and Rei's sunbathing over there and Kenny's…well, I don't know where he is" he admitted. "you berried him up to his neck in sand and left him, remember?" Max asked, pulling the rubber-ring higher on his waist.

"oh okay…umm, volleyball anyone?!"

CC92: sorry it took so long but i ...ummm

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CC92: nope!

Tala: -sigh- and to think my fate is in your hands..


Tala: well?

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CC92: I AM! I AM! ..i'm just waiting for the movie to come out...

Tala: you lazy twat


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