A/N: After posting this chapter I started making revisions to the story that I hadn't expected; the result is I hope more interesting than I had originally envisioned. The only change to this chapter is the time stamp at the top of the story; the year is not stated or important.

Oh Ohhhhh

Sunday - 8:00am - July 2


Her name didn't wake her up. In fact her name made the same sound in her dream as a leaf makes when it falls. She couldn't hear it – she was flying in the arms of a man wearing a red cape.

Between the edifices of Metropolis they flew, dipping and looping throughout the massive grid. Over buildings they flew, under bridges and through tunnels. There was nowhere they could not go.

The night air was cool and the night gown she had been wearing when he arrived on her balcony did little to discourage the chill. But when he felt her shiver, he pulled her close and she felt warm and safe. Even his scent, hay and sweat, gave her a feeling of familiarity and family.

In spite of the speed and height they flew she felt safe. Despite the fact that they were in no flying machine she felt safe. Because she was in his arms, she knew she was safe.

They floated above the clouds looking at the earth slowly spin beneath them when she heard…


Her name came from all around her, and sounded familiar.

"Lois, honey, wake up…"

The world around her began to spin and she held onto him as hard as she could…

Her eyes opened to very concerned eyes - very concerned loving eyes – very concerned loving eyes that belonged to the woman that she considered a mother. "Senator Kent?"

"Lois," her hand gently moved a few stray hairs from Lois' face, "It's Martha… Are you OK?"

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"You're here at the farm."

Lois lay back and felt the collar of one of Clark's flannel shirts rub her neck. She half rose up and smiled at Martha Kent.

"My car is at the dealership this weekend, the steering column was recalled."

She could tell by the half smile and eyebrow that Mrs. Kent raised that she needed to say more. "Chloe is in Metropolis with Jimmy this weekend so I asked Clark to drive me back to Smallville from the dealership."

"How did you end up here?"

"Smallville insisted, but to be honest Smallville would have been boring without a car so coming to the farm where I could try and correct Smallville's fashion sense seemed like it at least wouldn't be boring."

"So you came here just to bug Clark?"

"Of course… Are you OK, Senator? You seem a little out of it this morning."

A look of concern enveloped the woman's face as she looked at the young woman. "I'll be fine, Lois. Just as soon as you explain…"

Lois was confused and tried to read in the older woman's eyes what she wanted. Then she saw Martha's gaze flick past her, she turned her head…

In true Lois lane fashion, she had hogged all of the covers last night leaving Clark fully uncovered. Luckily, he was sleeping face down, so his nudity was less embarrassing.

She gulped a mouth full of air before she turned to his mother…

"Oh, Ohhhhh!"