Oh Ohhhhh

Chapter 5

Sunday – 7:45am - July 2

The General down shifted the rental car and turned onto the drive that led to the Kent's farmhouse. His companion leaned forward, eager to return home.

When he came to a stop she was out the door in a flash. She turned, leaned back into the car and grabbed her briefcase. "…Are you sure you don't want to come in for a cup of coffee?"

"Thanks, Martha, but I want to get into town and surprise Lois. If I know my Little Lo, she'll want to talk over a pot of coffee."

"Don't forget, you're both expected for lunch; I'm fixing pot roast."

"I'm not one to pas up a home cooked meal. We would be honored."

As soon as she shut the door he put the car in gear and sped away as they exchanged waves.

The house was quiet as she stood in the kitchen; something seemed off. Usually there would be at least a half a pot of cold coffee left over from Clark's breakfast. A plate or bowl would be in the sink awaiting washing. Even the greeting that Shelby had given her on the porch had seemed odd; usually he would have followed Clark out to do chores.

Her shoes made quiet clicks as she walked into the den and sat her briefcase beside the writing desk. As she looked around she was pleased that the place was neat and tidy, unlike the way Clark generally kept his room.

She set the coffee maker to brew and went upstairs to change…

Clark's bedroom door was ajar, so she poked her head in to see if he was in. What she saw shocked her! Her son… …was laying face down on the near side of the bed… …as naked as the day she and Jonathan had found him in the corn field.

It was strange. Clark was too modest to sleep in the nude!

What surprised her even more was the identity of the young woman sleeping in one of his shirts on the other side of his bed – Lois Lane!

Several emotions flew through threw her mind: embarrassment, joy, anger, disappointment, pride. The emotion she ended with was fear; the last time Lois and Clark were 'romantic', red kryptonite had been involved.

Seconds ticked by as Martha Kent stood there staring. Quietly, she disappeared into her room only to return with a small lead box. Cautiously, she approached Lois and studied the young woman's face; there appeared to be no evidence of the red-k laced lip stick.

She leaned close to Lois and spoke, "Lois."

There was no response. But she could see from the movements of Lois' closed eyes that she was in a dream state.

"Lois." She tried again.

And again, "Lois, honey, wake up…"

Her eyes opened - wide, and she half sat up. "Senator Kent?"

"Lois," her hand gently moved a few stray hairs from Lois' face, "its Martha… Are you OK?"

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"You're here at the farm."

She lay back then half rose up and smiled at Martha Kent. "My car is at the dealership this weekend, the steering column was recalled."

Martha was confused by the sudden statement. Lois must have recognized her confusion and added more of an explanation. "Chloe is in Metropolis with Jimmy this weekend so I asked Clark to drive me back to Smallville from the dealership."

"How did you end up here?"

"Smallville insisted, but to be honest Smallville would have been boring without a car so coming to the farm where I could try and correct Smallville's fashion sense seemed like it at least wouldn't be boring."

A half –smile crossed her face; only Lois Lane could make such a confusing statement sound reasonable. "So you came here just to bug Clark?"

"Of course… Are you OK, Senator? You seem a little out of it this morning."

"I'll be fine, Lois. Just as soon as you explain…" and she glanced at her sleeping son.

She saw Lois look at Clark, a little too long, and take a deep breath before facing her with a look of fear.

"Come on Lois, let's talk in the hall."

As soon as the door had closed, Martha grabbed Lois by the back of the neck and ran the thumb of her other hand across Lois' lips. She tried to struggle but the muscles developed over decades of farm life overwhelmed the younger toned muscles long enough for Martha to be satisfied that there was no lipstick on Lois' mouth. And she released the younger woman.

"What the…?"

"I'm sorry, Lois. I had to make sure you weren't under the influence of the magical lipstick."

"You could have asked!"

Martha Kent crossed her arms and stepped back, surveying the nearly naked young woman that she thought of as almost a daughter. "If you were under its influence you wouldn't have known. Do you know if he has been near any red meteor rock?"

"He was in control of himself, if that's what you mean." She smiled broadly, "Or at least as in control as I let him be."

The look in Lois' eyes told her more than her words did. "I don't want details, but could you explain… what I saw in there?"

She looked down for a moment, but Lois Lane was a fighter; she squared her shoulders and looked the older woman in the eyes. "Yesterday a tractor fell on Clark, only it didn't even leave a scratch. As I was checking him for any sign of injury, everything about Clark suddenly made sense; the hero complex, the rescues, the overblown feelings of responsibility, how he could be on the scene for rescues… I kissed him in relief and it felt like something exploded inside of me."

"And…" Martha prompted after a few seconds.

"I jumped him."

Martha felt… loss, but forged ahead, "Lois, we need to have a talk, a long talk. But now is not the time. Your father is on his way to the Talon apartment, when he doesn't find you I imaging that he will return here."

"The General's here?"

"I persuaded him to come as a surprise for you. I'm just glad that he dropped me off instead of coming in for a cup of coffee."

Lois looked a little pale.

"Get Clark up and both of you get dressed and downstairs for breakfast. Remember, you slept in my bed last night." With that alibi made, Martha hurried downstairs.

Lois entered Clark's room and saw that he had rolled over in his sleep. She looked at him wistfully and leaned over to shake his shoulder. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her down for a passionate kiss.

All she could think of was, "Oh, ohhhhh."