A/N: This was the very first story I ever published on any site. I decided to start to clean up my stories by doing some editing of this story, which I was shocked to realize that I wrote over ten years ago.

Chapter One

Repairing the Damage Fixing GH and Liason (the way I would write it)

Prologue: The Last Will and Testament of Emily Bowen Quartermaine Smith Cassidine

Alexis handed all the envelopes to the courier stating "Be sure to deliver these in the order they are on the list. It's important that they are delivered this afternoon. Please call me immediately if you cannot locate any of these individuals before you go on to the next name on the list."

"Yes, Miss Davis, I understand." The courier answered, while thinking man this woman needs to get laid, what a control freak, how many times is she going to go over this?

Glad to hear someone at the door so that he can escape, he all but ran from the office and out the door at the Metrocourt. Wow, she is even worse than the blond-nut job that owns this place; he thought as he looked at his list.

I'm going to be all over town with this, at least I get to see the Quartermaine mansion, Corinthos, and Morgan, I have to go out to Spoon Island, didn't someone die out there last month. General Hospital, Charles Street, the docks, Kelly's at least I'll get to eat sometime today!

Meanwhile back at the MC:

Alexis opened the door to her waiting area, "Hello Diane, please come in. There is something we need to discuss. Nice suit, Nicole Farhi, London I would guess."

"Thank you, it was just expressed from London, lovely city, so many nice sho-err stores!" Diane corrected herself. Get a grip; it's bad enough Max knows about your shoe fetish.

"This is in regards to Emily Quartermaine's will, she requests that I have both Scott Baldwin and you present for a portion of the proceedings, I have no idea what it is in regards to. You can figure out later which of your illustrious clients to bill. Though Jason Morgan or Elizabeth Spencer would be my guess, though it could be Sonny since he is mentioned." Alexis informed her.

"Webber" snarked Diane.

"Excuse me, that's correct, Elizabeth Webber."

"Though I guess you would be billing Jason either way" retorted Alexis, "The meeting is set for 9:00 AM tomorrow, the portion that requires your presence is the third part, so with everything else, I would estimate about 10:30 would be a good time to arrive."

"What a long reading of a will. Going to talk everyone to death, negating the need for a reading or was your client just that long winded? Either way, I'll be at the Metrocourt most of the day, I have a breakfast meeting with an old sorority sister, just give me a call when I'm needed to come up to your office. If Baldwin is going to be here, I'll be sure to bring an extra suit, that man is just hell on my wardrobe." Diane replied as she waltzed out the door.

Alexis chuckled; something we actually agree on. "Emily just what were you up to and why do I think that all of this has disaster written all over it."

Quartermaine Mansion:

"Alice the door, drat where is that woman?" Edward continued grumbling as he walked to the door. Pulling it opened he glared at the uniformed courier standing there.


"Uhhhh!" Replied the stunned young man when he realized it was old-man Quartermaine, he had never heard anything good about this cold-hearted SOB. He remembered when his company had tried to put a waste station down the street from his house, and then he heard that he had gotten his friend Timmy fired for ringing the doorbell too long.

"Well, what is it? Look I don't have all day, is there a reason you are on my doorstep or did you just come to gawk at me, speak up boy, what do you want?"

Edwards bellowed exasperated with the slack jawed youth, this is what today's youth has been reduced to, complete stupidity. Edward started to close the door when the courier finally found the courage to speak up.

"Delivery from Alexis Davis' office for you sir."

"Well hand it here," Edward stated.

"Sir I am also supposed to see if Dr. Monica Quartermaine is here or at GH, w-w-would you be able to tell me, sir?" Stammered the courier.

Edward bowed his head in sorrow when he heard the question. Oh, Lila, this must be about Emily's will, he swallowed the lump in his throat and straightening his shoulders he said: "Leave it with me I'll see that she gets the package."

"Sorry sir, Miss Davis stated that I was required to hand it to each person directly." He answered.

"Edward, who's at the door?" Monica inquired as she came down the stairs.

"Courier for Alexis, he needs to see you as well."

Monica's eyes closed in pain and then put out her hand to the young man after he handed her the envelope. She whispered, "Thank you." She closed the door and slowly sank down on the steps that she had sat and talked to her children on over the years.

Memories going through her head of each and every time, she sobbed as she realized that she would never again have that closeness with her children. Emily was gone, Jason Quartermaine was gone, A.J. gone, Dawn was gone.

Dammit, Monica, you disowned the only child you have left. Why not it's easier to push the blame on Jason Morgan, let's face it, if I had done the right thing years ago, none of this would have happened, god I have no family left. Just the shell of my son, Jason changed again a few years ago, at least then he was his own man, before becoming Sonny Corinthos' puppet. I miss that Jason Morgan, I miss that man I thought he was becoming, hell even more than that I miss Jason Quartermaine.

What happened, one minute he was searching all over town for Jeff's daughter, then he's marrying Brenda to protect Sonny's marriage, sleeping with and marrying AJ's stripper Barbie of an ex and Sonny's sister, then getting involved with someone even worse; Sonny's ex-mistress. What happened to the Jason Morgan he was becoming?

C&M Coffee Shoppe:

"I-I-I need to deliver these directly to Mr. Corinthos and Mr. Morgan, I can't just give them to you sir." The courier started sweating thinking fifteen dollars an hour plus tips sounded so much better before he had started this assignment. Hoping that the muscular guard in front of him didn't decide to snap his neck for not backing down, or shoot him noticing the bulge on his right side.

Milo Giambetti walked out of the back offices eyed the courier, patting him down, he took his phone, his iPod and his computer tracking device stating "Follow me."

Gulping the nervous courier walked behind the large man down the hall, wondering if he should have listened to his mother's advice and joined the Navy. It probably would have been safer. As they headed toward the door, a swarthy skinned man was on his way out.

"Mr. C, this man needs to see you." The courier handed over the envelope with shaky hands to the Godfather of PC.

After Diane had called earlier, Sonny recognized the letter for what it was. Thanking the courier, Sonny continued out the door to his limo and lunch hopefully with Kate.

Breathing easier but not that much easier the young man continued on into the room that held the man he was terrified to see.

"Sir I have an envelope for you from Miss Davis." He choked out. The man on the phone raised his hand as if to say one minute and went back to his conversation. "Spinelli, meet me at the office, now, not after visiting Lulu, or stopping for lunch now."

Closing the phone Jason looked over at the courier, seeing the envelope and taking a deep breath he put out his hand for it. "Thanks."

Milo escorted the relieved young man out the door slipping him a tip, he realized that the courier looked much happier coming out of the office than he had going it, he shook his head chuckling.

Glancing back towards the office he wondered if his brooding boss was okay. Morgan was a complicated man but Milo realized he had never actually seen his younger boss happy, his brother had told him that when he had started working for him that Jason was different. Man, I have got to stop thinking like this before I end up visiting with Alcazar, all those psych classes before I quit college are starting to get to me.

Charles Street:

Nice house, the courier thought as he rang the doorbell. Lucky, who names their kid Lucky talk about unfortunate. Looking up as the door opened he asked "Lucky Spencer?"

Nodding yes, the cop looked at the envelope the courier handed him, as someone came up behind him.

"From Miss Davis, sir." The courier stated."

Turning to head back to his car he ran into the brunette visiting the detective. Wow, I thought that guy was a cop, having a hooker come to the door, wow that's brave. No wonder the criminals are running the show, with cops like that. He watched him pull the woman into the house.

"What did my mom send to you?" Queried Sam. Looking up when Lucky didn't answer her, she saw him still reading the letter. She repeated her question.

"It's a note requesting my presence at the reading of Emily's will."

General Hospital:

"May I help you?" Asked the large intimidating nurse wearing the pink scrubs.

Shaking in his shoes the courier wondered if this woman trained Sonny Corinthos' guards or if she used to be one of them, either way, she was scarier than facing Jason Morgan. Here I thought the hospital would be the easiest part of my day.

"Yes, I'm looking for a Nurse Elizabeth Webber; Dr.'s Scorpio, Lee, Winters P. Drake and another Nurse. E. Johnson."

"Well, I'm Epiphany Johnson how may I help you?" Asked the scary nurse.

"I have a letter for you, is it possible to ask where to locate the others."

"Yes, it's possible." Waiting Nurse Johnson scowled at the young man in front of her. Staring at her, as she just stood there, Epiphany sighed, then asked exasperated "Would you like me to page them?"

Confused as to why she was asking again and still not doing so the courier nodded yes too scared to answer verbally.

Epiphany paged the various doctors as Elizabeth came up behind her at the hub.

"Nurse Webber this gentleman needs to see you."

Elizabeth smiled at the young man causing him to stammer and blush as he stated: "I have a letter for you from Miss Davis."

Wondering why Lucky's lawyer would be sending her papers she took the envelope and thanked the courier. Watching him walk over to the Doctors at the other end of the hub, she sat down in the privacy of the waiting area wondering what he was up to until she opened the letter and realized what it was about.

Choking up Liz stiffened her spine, wiped her tears and went back to work, filing the folders with shaking hands as she once again realized that Emily wasn't going to come up behind her and suggest going to Kelly's on their breaks for a cup of hot chocolate ever again.

As Kate slipped back into the hospital for her community service she saw the beautiful young nurse she had met at Jason Morgan's trial looked ready to cry, remembering hospital gossip she sighed knowing that she was thinking of her late best friend. Feeling for the young nurse she wondered if she could do anything for her.

The Docks:

The courier walked down the docks towards Bannister Wharf looking for the shuttle boat that Miss Davis stated would be there to take him to Spoon Island and the Prince. Seeing the commuter craft boat, he buttoned his coat and pulled on his gloves not thrilled to be on a boat in the cold November weather.

Facing the pilot he asked how long the trip would be, sighing when told it would take about 20 minutes, he sat down and relaxed until they arrived at the dock in front of Wyndamere.

The House on Spoon Island

Following the cadaverous butler further into the dark and scary house, the courier wondered if he needed to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find his way out.

Alfred knocked on a large mahogany door, calling out for his young master. Nik told Alfred to go away, the butler replied that Alexis had sent him a letter by courier. The door opened with a jerk, and the broken and bruised face of the Prince appeared at the door and put his hand out for the letter.

After handing it over the courier turned to follow the butler out not wanting to spend another minute on the island.

As they reached the boat, the Prince showed up furious with Alexis, out-of-control he grabbed the courier and screamed at him to tell Alexis that he wouldn't be there.

Nik stormed back to the study and grabbed the telephone to call Alexis.

HOW DARE SHE, HOW DARE SHE DO THIS WITHOUT TALKING TO ME, HOW DARE SHE! Finally reaching Alexis' assistant Nik demanded to speak to his Aunt. Told she had left for the day he slammed the phone down, turning to see who was entering his study without knocking he grimaced as he saw his target's daughter walking in.

"Have you seen your mother today?" Nik asked.

"No that was what I was going to ask you, she sent Lucky a letter about Emily's Will tomorrow, he told me I couldn't go that it is by invitation only and I need my own to enter." Sam pouted.


After sitting down to eat some of Kelly's chili and a grilled cheese, the courier decided to look for his next letter recipient, finding out that Lulu Spencer was at GH. Thanking the waitress and heading back to the hospital hoped to avoid the intimidating nurse from earlier, he instead ran into another one of the people on his list.

Tracy Quartermaine now Spencer who after ordering me to stay outside her husband's room sent out the young blond woman from within.

Lulu Spencer was visibly upset to read that she was requested at the reading, but knew that she needed to get her act together before returning to her father's room.

With the dragon lady being next on his list he requested Lulu send Tracy out.

Mrs. Spencer let him know that he was wasting her time, then she opened the letter, pulled her anger back a notch and returned to Luke. Great where is Alan when I need him, he haunts me when I don't need his advice when I do he is nowhere to be found.

I wonder why Emily wanted me there, I wish I could see the will, Luke you better get well soon, I need you, I miss scheming with you. Alan you had better stay out of my mind, I just know that you're going to be in my head tomorrow.

I wonder who else will be there Monica, Father, definitely, Jason probably invited, won't show, Nik, Lucky, Elizabeth Webber, I wonder who else she would have wanted there, her ELQ stock had better stay in the family, oh lord what if she left it to Jason.

I hope he never finds out what we did, not that he would even want it but if he finds out. He will stay away, doesn't like being in the same room as Father.

"You know you really should help change her mind about that."

Tracy jumped as she saw her dead brother dressed in scrubs sitting on the bed next to her husband.

"Leave it alone Alan, Monica isn't going to want to hear that from me."

"It wasn't Jason's fault any more than my death was."

Monica needs someone to blame, Alan, she needs time to grieve, she will change her mind about Jason after that, she never stays mad at him for long."

"Wait until she finds out what you did."

"Alan go away, my mind needs to be on Luke, not the past."

"Tracy the past has a way of coming back to bite you on the butt."

What are you babbling on about now?"

"How about this, you withhold father's heart medicine; he has a heart attack, the same pills could save Luke's life. Tracy, your changing my will is going to have the same effect, everyone eventually pays for their sins, no matter how much money they have life comes full circle.

If our father hadn't forgiven you, you wouldn't have had the nitroglycerin pills. Monica will forgive you now, but if she finds out on her own, you are going to be living someplace other than the mansion, Jason might not, but now is the time to straighten this out, listen to me Tracy, and deal with this, NOW!


After delivering all the letters the courier, headed back to Alexis' office, to give his client the information and to get paid before heading to the bar. He checked in with the office, only to find out Mrs. Jacks had need of him, after the day he had had he quit, rather than deal with the insane owner of the hotel.

Stopping at Jake's on the waterfront he ordered his beer and sat down to enjoy the show, some crazy girl with a British accent was dancing on a pool table when the beautiful nurse from earlier walked into the bar with the other women he seen earlier that day.

As he got up to leave he found the crumpled letter that the Prince had thrown at him earlier, he decided to read it.

Dear _ The reading of the last will and testament of Emily Quartermaine is to take place on December 6 at AM. If anyone doesn't show this is to be postponed until such a date as everyone is available.

As such this is a subpoena requiring your presence if you don't show you will be arrested and fined for contempt of court charges. Thank You for your cooperation, breakfast will be served in the Banquet Hall at the Metrocourt for your convenience.

Alexis Davis Attorney-At Law