Chapter Two:

Reaching Out from the Grave

Metrocourt Banquet Room

7:30 Staff Meeting

"Good Morning, we need to set this room up and the Audio/Visual Room for Miss Davis. As all of you know she is very particular in her requests, those of you that remain must agree to sign a confidentiality statement for you this meeting. Miss Davis will be here at 8:00 this morning to let you know who she has chosen to work for the party. Any questions, if not then let's get this setup."

The catering staff scurried to finish getting things done before their client arrived.


"Sir, Miss Davis requested no sharp implements, how do we handle that situation?"

"Prep anything that needs to cut before hand."

"Sir, Miss Davis requested chairs with arms for the Audio/Visual room."

"Remove the theater seats, replace with chairs from here."

Sir, Miss Davis arranged for outside armed security, where should we set them up?"

"At the entrance to the meeting room, not the Audio/Visual Room."

"Sir? Miss Davis has arrived."


"Thank you for your assistance, I will need two servers. Preferably these two."

Alexis gave the Banquet Captain her acceptable employee list. When he sent the two over, she gave them the legal paperwork and explained that there was a 1000 bonus for keeping silent about what they saw and heard if they chose to work the meeting.

Looking at Alexis and then each other the two women grabbed the pen and signed the agreement, thinking with Christmas coming up the money would be handy, after all, what could possibly go wrong at a breakfast meeting.


Jasper Jacks walked into the room that Alexis had requested wondering what his friend and lawyer was up to. The banquet captain had come to him the night before and told him all of her rather unusual requests. He told him to give her whatever she wanted, however, he was curious as to whether he should stick around this morning. He wanted to make sure his ex-wife was okay and his hotel remained standing. Especially since Carly was in a good mood lately and he really wanted to keep her that way.

"Alexis, how's my favorite ex-wife?"

Smiling over her shoulder she said "Fine, do you have a couple of minutes? I need to talk to you and also to go up to my office, so let's combine those two, shall we?"

Jax smiled at her and they headed to the elevators, as his wife walked in the entrance to their hotel.

"Jax, I need to speak to you." she called out.

"Be right back down, a private breakfast in the office maybe?" Carly nodded in agreement as she went to the front desk to check her morning messages, wondering what was going on. Deciding that as long as what ever Alexis was up to didn't create any problems and that she was actually paying for using the two busiest rooms in the hotel she would keep the peace with Jax.


Carly and Jax's Office

As Carly finished her breakfast consisting of Belgian Waffles covered with syrup and confectionery sugar, she turned her nose up at her husband's healthy breakfast of wheat germ pancakes.

Deciding she needed a distraction she asked: "What is Alexis up to this morning?" Not really caring but needing to butter him up she acted concerned.

"Carly, what are you up to?"

"I can't be concerned what is going on in our hotel?" she replied archly.

Leaning over to kiss her Jax responded: "She has a meeting regarding Emily's Will."

"She needed a banquet hall for this?"

"Emily had something very specific in mind. When she almost died from cancer a few years ago she started plotting out what would happen afterward. All Alexis would tell me is that this was according to her will. She actually gave me some letters Emily had written for us and the boys.

Emily planned for an indoor picnic at the house for 6:00 PM when we are supposed to read the notes, I had to practically sign in blood and promise our first born to be able to leave the office with these letters, so no Carly you can't read them until later, so behave.

I can't help wondering about the security guards, why they are needed. Perhaps Edward will have to be hauled away maybe Emily gave her ELQ stock to Greenpeace, or something." joked the Aussie.

"Emily planned the meeting for her Will, that's a little creepy, even for a Quartermaine. No matter who the stock goes to Edward will have a meltdown. This is just freaking me out, I'm going to check with the staff and see how everything is going this morning." Carly informed Jax chuckling as she headed out.

"Oh Carly," Jax got up from behind the desk, "Be sure and let me know what the catering staff is up to." as he bent down to kiss her knowing that her curiosity would have her checking out the situation in the banquet room.

Meanwhile in the Banquet Room

The two servers started pouring coffee and juice for the people arriving in the room, amazed at some of the people they were seeing, it was virtually a who's who of the PC gossip columns.

Now they understood why they weren't allowed to tell anyone what they heard or saw as the security guards checked the names against the approved list.

In came three young female doctors from GH, Dr. Scorpio who was a regular when the handsome Dr. Drake had been staying there was the first to enter.

"Why are there guards at the door? I can't believe they searched me," she stated.

"Wow, that's the most a mans hands have been on me in weeks." chimed in Dr. Lee glancing back at the handsome guard who had searched her.

Lainey Winters just raised her eyebrows as she headed over to the waitresses to get some much-needed coffee. Grabbing a plate of fresh fruit on the way back, she joined her friends who had already hit the buffet table for some food and juice.

Lulu Spencer stood outside the door hoping that someone she was close to would arrive soon because she couldn't walk in there alone. Glancing up as she heard her name, she saw her cousin Carly heading towards her.

"Are you looking for me?" the tall blond asked.

"Maybe" replied Lulu, "Are you going to the reading of Emily's Will?"

"No, but I could wait with you for awhile" Carly replied.


They stood there talking about Carly's plans for a baby and discussing the boys as Lucky Spencer and Sam McCall headed their way.

As Lucky and Sam started into the room the guard stopped them and requested their names. "Spencer, Lucky, okay you're on the list, you need to leave your gun outside, there is a gun safe here for you to place it in. McCall, nope no McCall on the list you can't go in."

"Excuse me, do you know who my mother is? I assure you Alexis would allow me to be there for my friend."

"Sorry, I have very specific orders, ONLY the people on this list enter that room until Miss Davis tells me differently you don't go in."

Sam took a deep breath and smiled at the guard and said: "My cousin Nicolas was Miss Quartermaine's fiancée and she was a friend of mine, so I assure you, you are making a mistake."

"Like I said until Miss Davis tells me so, you're not going in."

Turning to the woman coming down the hall he asked for her name.

"Epiphany Johnson" she answered.

"Okay you are on the list, we need to do a quick pat down search then you may enter."

Staring the man down as he checked her for lord know what, Epiphany chuckled as she heard Sam complain about the guard to Elizabeth's worthless ex. She was surprised to see Lulu and Carly standing off to the side enjoying the show as well, Carly and her eyes meet they couldn't resist rolling their eyes at each other.

Shocked to be agreeing with Carly Jacks on anything, Epiphany shook her head as she entered the room, heading straight for the coffee cups.

In the Lobby

Elizabeth Webber was entering the hotel at the same time as her attorney, they stopped and talked for a couple of minutes.

"Hello Miss Webber, how is everything?" she asked her client. "Is everything well with your sons?"

Elizabeth talked to the smartly dressed mob attorney before heading up to the meeting she was dreading with everything in her.

Diane watched her head toward the Banquet Room, thinking that she hoped everything works out for her, but knowing she needed to keep abreast of what Lucky Spencer was up to. She knew that he was going to be trouble, she really wished Elizabeth had let her deal with him during the divorce because she didn't trust the little shit.

Smiling she watched as another one of her clients was also keeping track of Miss Webber.

She really wished she knew their story, something told her that it was a real page turner of a story. Morgan looked at the young woman like she was the only person on this planet, and she had the same look on her face when she saw him, there was pain as well, she had the feeling her client and his ex-wife had something to do with that mess. Her only chance of finding out what happened laid with a man so selfish, he thought that the world revolved around him.

Elizabeth hurried toward the elevator after she saw Patrick getting on it.

"Patrick wait," she called, after getting on with she said "We need to talk. I owe you an apology. I am so sorry, I took my personal problems out on you, that was wrong. While I don't agree with your decision, it is YOUR decision. I truly can't believe I said that to you, especially considering how helpful you were during my problems with Lucky."

"Elizabeth, I understand that Robin is your friend, I just thought that I was as well. My reasoning about this isn't as simple as everyone is making it out to be, and I feel like I'm being manipulated into a decision before I have figure out things in my own mind.

If Robin is ready to be a parent that's great, however; I don't think I am. My role model wasn't the best and there are emotional issues I have to deal with before thinking about bringing a child into this world.

Robin is aware of this, I have asked for some time to deal with the issues before making any radical changes but she doesn't want to wait. That's her decision, I am trying to respect that but she needs to respect mine as well, instead of making it about immaturity and selfishness on my part.

As for what happened with Lucky, no thanks are needed, that's what friends do, they are there for one another. Can we agree to disagree and go back to me flirting and you turning me down, you know, business as usual." Patrick suggested.

Hallway outside Banquet Room

Edward, Monica, and Tracy arrived at the door, were checked off the list and told they could go ahead and enter.

Sam steamed as they walked by without even acknowledging her not even with an insult or a glare. Waiting for her mother made her furious.

Lulu said goodbye to Carly and headed in, wanting to check with Tracy about her father.

Scott Baldwin got off the elevator and headed towards the meeting stopped to say hello to Lucky.

Nik followed behind him, still upset that Alexis had gone ahead with this, but Emily had sent him, telling him that he should go, that was why she had arranged this. Wondering if she would follow, he was scared that he would let on to the others that he was seeing her.

Elizabeth laughed as they exited the elevator, noticing Jason getting off the one to the right of them. They headed down the hall together just in time to see Sam and Lucky arguing with Alexis about Sam staying. Jason tensed when he saw Lucky and his ex acting up in front of them.

Can't Sam ever not make everything about her he thought. Shaking his head he walked around the trio and stopped in front of the guards, he just raised his eyebrows when they told him he had to leave his gun outside. He turned to interrupt Alexis' family bonding time.

"I keep it or I leave."

Alexis shook her head resigned, "Emily said that would happen."

Turning to the guards she said "He's okay, but he's the ONLY one allowed to be armed, this is according to Miss Quartermaines wished.

Lucky couldn't believe what he was hearing, he was a cop and he was required to leave his gun outside. Mac had called this morning warning him about this, telling him Alexis had called and explained about the reading of the will, but now the town thug got to keep his.

It really wasn't fair. I can't believe Emily didn't want Sam there, I thought they were friends, though he had thought the same about her and him and she still sided with Elizabeth about the divorce and helped her find that ridiculous house.

She should have stayed at his family's house, it would have been more convenient for everyone concerned, but no Emily and she found a house that was close to the hospital but an extra couple of miles for him.

He couldn't help wondering if she knew about Jake, it figures she would, her brother probably couldn't wait to tell her. Why didn't she tell me, I'm her oldest friend her loyalty should have been to me first.

The elevator doors opened up again and Sonny Corinthos got off wondering if Jason would kill Spinelli if ordered or would he try and change his mind. After the longest elevator ride of his life, Sonny knew that that wasn't likely to happen. Between the kid yapping and Audrey Hardy glaring at him, he wasn't sure if he was frostbitten or deaf.

Audrey stopped the young man who had made her day during the elevator ride, she had seen that expression on Sonny Corinthos face before, but he usually had a gunshot wound and was bleeding.

She sighed as she saw her ex-grandson-in-law, how could her granddaughter have let such a charming and safe man get away for a One Night Stand with Jason Morgan, really there was just no comparison. What a shame, now he's with Miss McCall(what is it with the trailer trash in this town), well he'll get bored with her rather obvious charms and Liz and he will be right back where they belong.

Turning back to Mr. Spinelli she asked him the question she had been curious about before. "Mr. Spinelli, if you have a few minutes tomorrow could you please stop by my office at GH there is something I need to talk to you about."

"Spinelli." he said, she glanced at him confused. "My name is just Spinelli, and I would be glad to stop in and see you most Matriarchal one."

Audrey thanked him then headed over to the security guard, then entered the room followed by Spinelli who was wondering what he was doing there.

Slowly the rest of the attendees entered Alice, Georgie Jones, Skye Quartermaine, and lastly a couple of people who hadn't been seen in Port Charles in a long time: Lucy Coe and Marcus Taggert.

Stiffening when he saw Taggert, Jason wondered what he was doing at his sisters will reading, glancing around he realized there were a few people there that it didn't make sense for to be there, also a few missing who should have been there.

The final grouping entered Reginald, Bobby Spencer and Lois, Ned, Brooklyn and Dylan.

Finally Alexis Davis entered calling out to Lucky, "You need to be in here now!"

Hallway Outside with the Doors Closed

Carly couldn't resist snarking at Sam "Left out in the cold again skank."

Harassing Sam would take her mind off why that particular group was in there, why she wasn't and hoping that Jason kept Taggert away from Sonny.

"Let's review. Emily's family, which you tried so hard to be a part of, you're not a member and never will be they didn't even look at you. Jason who can't stand to be in the same room as you, employees of the family, friends of the family, once again not you.

Elizabeth Webber, I warned you, you didn't listen. Robin, she betrayed him, he still talks to her and so does his family. Mrs. Hardy, I guarantee she looks down her nose at you, Spinelli who used to think so highly of you, right on by, not even a smile.

And where is poor pathetic Sam McCall, with her mother, she told you no. Your cousin Nik, I think he didn't even see you, your bed buddy Lucky he abandoned you to see what Emily left him.

Face it Sam no one wants you there, and I don't want you here, so please exit my hotel before I have security throw you out on your loser ass."

"Well I don't see you in there."

"Alexis gave me a letter from Emily this morning or rather she gave it to Jax, another man who tossed you out, when she gave him his. We are supposed to read them with the boys tonight. Emily didn't want to put the boys through this so she arranged for a little picnic, where we will read our letters. Alexis told Jax that we are the only ones who received letters apart from those who received invitations to this little soiree. Once again, no letter for Sam, all that sucking up did you no good, sorry Emily just wasn't that into you. Now leave, you have 5 minutes. Bye!"

Carly turned to check on the spa renovations eager to get home and read the letters, damn Jax for being honorable, looking at her watch she saw it was 9:00AM, only nine more hours to go, and she wasn't a patient person.

What could have Emily written to her, more importantly what had she written in the letters to the people in that room. Why do they get to know now, but not her?

Meanwhile in the Banquet Room

"Good Morning everyone, please enjoy the breakfast. Everything up there is just how Emily chose it, Elizabeth the catering staff has a special carafe of hot chocolate just for you.

Please help yourself before we get to the reading of the will. The security guards will be passing out a list of rules. These will be strictly enforced, anyone breaking them will be regretfully punished with the spilling of a secret.

I should tell you that Emily was apparently a repository of a lot of secrets because I have sealed envelopes with each of your names on it. Break the rules and each time an envelope inside will be opened.

At the funeral Elizabeth described Emily as an iron glove, well the gloves just came off folks, so sit down, enjoy the breakfast, read the rules, memorize the rules because at 9:30 on the dot the rules start being enforced.







Now Thank You for attending my last party, sorry you were forced to come. Wait no I'm not otherwise I wouldn't of required you to be here. Enjoy the meal and please be nice to one another."

Alexis stood at the front of the room holding her breath, wishing she knew what was in the letters and on the DVD that Emily had made for this.

When she had came to her one day before the ball to update her will like she had every 3 months, did she have a fear of death, did she know what would happen?

Alexis had the feeling things would never be the same, because when she had visited Alexis, Emily had been in an odd mood, she told her that it was time to start repairing the damage, the attorney wondered exactly what damage the young resident had been talking about because this was Port Charles, New York and there was a lot of damage, too much for one person to repair not matter how well intended.