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CHAPTER 72 Rated R for lang.

Traditional EPILOGUE.


"So help me, if you say one more word Carly I am going to rip your hair out of your head!" said Elizabeth as she panted through the labor pains.

"Hey this isn't my fault, Jason and you did this all by yourselves." she smugly replied, then moved as far back as the elevator would allow her to when Elizabeth lunged at her. Only for a freaked out Johnny to tell both of them to cut it out.

Johnny should have known better, first he should have not stayed in the elevator with the two women, then he should have learned from Georgie's mood swings to keep his mouth shut. As he once again tried the emergency phone, he just prayed he got out of here alive.

"Hello?" hearing the maintenance man on the other end of the line gave him a small sense of relief, "How much longer is this going to take. I have TWO women in here with me, one is in labor and the other is due any day now. So please get us the hell out of here!"

Carly looked at Elizabeth as they both realized that Johnny was having a fit, the father to be seemed to be fine with his impending fatherhood, then he would get nervous driving all around him insane. It had bounded Alexis and Georgie, they had been the ones who had dealt with most of it.

At one point he had wanted to move into the Metrocourt since it was closer to the hospital. The couple had compromised, while they were house hunting they stayed at the cottage, but would buy a house closer to the hospital. Finally deciding on the old Harrington Estate where Helena had held them.

Carly sat down on top of one the shopping bags she had with her and reached out awkwardly to help Elizabeth settle on top of the other one. She wasn't real happy that they were stuck in the ELQ elevator but it could have been worse. Johnny hung up the phone and joined them.

"At least this time when I am stuck in an elevator it isn't in an building on fire, with Alexis confessing that Kristina is Sonny's daughter. Unless? Is there anything you want to confess Elizabeth?"

"Only to a priest when I get out of here, that way Johnny doesn't have to testify at my trial." she retorted sweetly.

"What you don't think they would call me as a witness." she asked confused as to why she specifically mentioned the rather nervous man sitting with them.

"No, I highly doubt you would be called to testify, but I am sure autopsy photos of you would be exhibit A." she answered as she recalled the last time she was stuck in an elevator, it had been the Metrocourt when she had so badly misconstrued what Jason had been trying to say to her.

Carly shut up then watched as Johnny got up to answer the phone. "Jason? Okay! Did they say how much longer. No, she seems calmer. They are about three minutes apart." Johnny glanced over then said " Elizabeth, Jason wants to know if you want to talk to him?"

"Tell him to just get us out of here. That when we do I am going to make his year and murder his grandfather for calling this meeting." with that she grabbed the mobsters hand and squeezed while she panted through another labor pain.

"Edward did this on purpose, maybe he wanted you to give birth here." with that provoking comment Carly smiled as Johnny turned three shades whiter, whether from the pain of Elizabeth's grip or from the idea she had stated before that the muffin would give birth in the elevator.

"Carly if you don't want me to help her kill you, find another way to distract her." Johnny sat back down, flexing his hand wondering if he was going to ever be able to play the piano again, which would be a shame since mixing that with Georgie's hormones had been his favorite way to spend an evening the last eight and a half months.

"Okay how about we talk about the rumors regarding Kate and Dr. Webber?" Carly chuckled evilly, the man had been rather shocked to learn he was about to become a father again. The news had been making the rounds at the hospital, Bobbie had used the information to distract her daughter from the news that she was dating the new head of immunology, a man fifteen years younger and almost her daughter's age.

"Let's not, my children are going to be older than their newest aunt or uncle."

Johnny was laughing, he had been rather stunned when his own mother had informed him that she was marrying the police commissioner. So the rumors about the good doctor hadn't even shocked him.

"Johnny, aren't you the same person what was all over the place when Alexis decided to propose to Mac?" Carly tossed out.

"The news she was marrying him, no. Their rather strange mating rituals which seem to revolve around flirting at the station, and using the law to do so, yes. At least I know he will make a good stepfather." he laughed recalling Kristina's reaction, all she had asked was did that mean that Mac would be cooking for them all the time, Alexis had been rather upset at the question.

The ceiling above them started to make the sound of metal pushing against metal, Elizabeth prayed they got out of there soon, her pains were now about two minutes apart. Seeing her husband dropping through the opening she started to cry. "Why does this always happen to us? Why can't we have a normal anything?"

Jason just pulled her into his arms, handing to Johnny the crow bars. "I'm sorry." he said as he winced when she grabbed his bicep while in the throes of another labor pain.

"It's not you fault, this is all Carly's. She just had to call out for us to hold the elevator, I should have just let the doors close, like she would." The pregnant blond wanted to protest, but then thought about it and had to admit, that a year ago she probably would have.

Now she would let her get into the elevator, if only to see or hear something about Jason. Things had never really recovered between them, while it had helped her appreciate her husband more, she did miss her former best friend.

"Jason what is going on out there?" asked Johnny.

"We are going to pry the door open when they get the elevator to move about two feet, we're stuck between the third and four floors, so they will move us up, when the fireman call, we need to open the doors. They have a medical team on standby."

"Oh, god!" hearing that all three looked with alarm at the in labor brunette, who said forlornly "Now everyone at General Hospital is going to know. Epiphany, your mother, my dad, and grams will all be waiting when we arrive there. SO much for low key."

Jason debated not telling her that they were all outside the elevator, but decided he couldn't pretend ignorance, especially there were news crews outside. Mac had sent over some officers to keep them away.

Since the article that Jackie Templeton had written for the New York Times and then the whole series for Couture Magazine , their lives had become fair game for the local press. For the most part they stayed away, but when something big happened or they were at a public event the press showed up in droves.

"Elizabeth they are here. Along with Kelly. She arrived just a few minutes before I came down the shaft." As they felt the elevator inch up, Jason embraced Elizabeth again. Watching how attentive he was to Elizabeth, made Carly want to laugh, at one time seeing him with her like that would have driven her straight out of her mind. Wait a minute where was Jax?

"Jason where is my husband?" she asked getting loud. He had been there for the first twenty minutes of this drama, waiting with the maintenance staff, it had been awhile since she heard his voice.

"Outside, getting medical treatment, he hit a reporter who got into the building, broke his hand."

"WHY?" was the general response.

The elevator came to a halt before he could answer. Then there was pounding on the outside of the doors, the two men took the crowbars, easing the inner doors apart enough so that the fireman could stabilize the opening with a sideways hydraulic jack, then they quickly lifted Elizabeth over the doorway and onto the waiting gurney.


Jason walked in next to Elizabeth who was furious that Epiphany hadn't let her walk. As they continued towards Maternity, Elizabeth saw the crowd of people waiting, she had held her breath the entire elevator ride up.

Kelly quickly had Cassius and Nadine wheel her into the delivery room, meanwhile she looked at the gathering crowd, eying her other two pregnant patients who were in the waiting room. She had the nagging suspicion she was going to be busy before long.

As Johnny greeted his wife, he saw her grimace while trying to sit down. He knew that she felt unattractive, but he liked the baby bump she had been carrying around, as well as the other items that had grown in size. As the bump continued to drop sharply he started to get scared. It seemed like every time they were apart it was inching lower. He only hoped he remained as calm as Jason was.

Looking on as Carly berated Jax for giving into temptation in hitting the reporter, the former mobster winced in sympathy.


"Jason, you need to relax this could take a while." with that Kelly exited the room, telling Nadine to keep an eye on Elizabeth's diameter measurements and let her know when her water broke.

"Elizabeth is there anything I can get for you?" asked the blond. She winced as her coworker fought her way though another labor pain, Elizabeth had turned down an epidural, wanting a local only.

"No, wait, could you see where my boys are?" Elizabeth had seen her Gram's out in the waiting room and the boys had been with her for the day.

"I was told to tell you both when you asked that Brooklynn took them back to the house, and that unfortunately that long haired annoying wastrel of a boyfriend went with her."

"Tell Edward to leave my cousin alone. Matt has a good job, and he is a very caring and kind young man." Elizabeth shook her head, her grams hadn't managed to talk her son Tom into returning from Africa but they had gotten a surprising visit from a woman he had dated years ago..

Her son hadn't believed it until the blood tests, his mother had told him for most of his life that he had been created by artificial insemination, until she had learned she was dying. Then she had confessed, she had waited until the last minute to tell them worried they would be unforgiving about the lie. Matt had taken in hard but after her death in May, had come to Port Charles to stay like she had requested.

He was now close with his cousin Damien, they were currently living together in one of the new apartments that had been built on the docks. Thanks to Damien's inheritance from Emily and his pay from his new jobs, he made more than enough to buy the apartment and decorate it with absolutely nothing pink allowed. He hadn't even needed to touch his trust fund.

Serena and Brooklynn were frequent visitors despite Edward's complaints. Scott had absconded for parts unknown when his part in the Clarkston debacle had came out. He had been the one to give the attorney Laura's name in hopes of taking Luke.

Which had lead to the snowball effect they had dealt with at the end of the year then again in February, Laura had returned to consciousness, telling all; before trying to shoot Tracy over Luke. They had learned that Robin was pregnant but that Lucky had pulled a fast one, the impending child was some random sperm donation. Not his.

Robin had tried to use her pregnancy to get Jason's attention. She had fled in humiliation from their reception when she had crashed it at five minutes to midnight. She hadn't even gotten close to the couple, she had been caught sneaking in by a wandering Jax and Carly who had quickly corralled Alexis and Mac. They had taken the doctor back to his house, but only after the blond had given into her natural instincts and reigned the terror of a thousand Carly's on her head while telling her what they had learned only moments before from Dr. Lee and a friend at the clinic.

Sarah and her husband had taken her back to Paris where they had tried to help her with her pregnancy, the doctor had given up on Jason and was finally getting some help as well as helping Nik on the Greek Island where he had been since his surgery.

While he had cognitive abilities, he only knew who people were, he could put names with faces but didn't remember histories, or the emotions connected to them. Johnny and Alexis had grown closer as they teamed up to keep Cassidine enterprises running at the same time as his new venture.

Alexis had been voted out of office along with Mayor Floyd during a special referendum in early April. She had turned down the chance offered to run for the top office in the city, instead deciding her family needed her more.

Mayor Floyd was now serving time for embezzlement and misappropriation of city equipment , when Serena and Brooklynn had been caught molesting his gnomes, he had wanted to make it go away for one reason only. City workers had been on the city payroll when they put in the new pool, the ionic columns on the front porch as well as the personal putting green, and lovely gardens in front of the house, Jackie had done some rather thorough research when writing her articles.


Edward was driving everyone crazy, he kept asking how much longer until Audrey had finally snapped that if he thought he could do it faster, get pregnant and try, but since that was impossible for him to sit down and shut up.

Jeff watched from the sidelines, he knew from experience that kids took as long as they wanted. As the mother of his newest child entered along with Diane and Max he saw she was wearing the agreed upon one inch heels, Kelly had been after her to take it easy on her feet but both Kate and Diane acted like she was before forced to wear fuzzy house slippers.

"How is she and what happened?" asked Diane as she joined the group on the settee.

Georgie looked up glad for a distraction from the pain. "About four diameters, but her water still hasn't broke."

"In English please." asked the attorney.

"She is close to delivering, as to what happened; Edward called an emergency board meeting in regards to the Tracy situation. The elevator got stuck and we were rescued." stated Carly. She was timing Georgie who seemed to be holding the pain in, when she saw her wince again, she knew that the younger woman was having contractions about eight minutes apart.

She turned to ask Johnny to help Jax get some bottled water and coffee for the group, unsure why, he did as she asked. Calling the boys as they walked down the hall, Jax told Micheal that Elizabeth still hadn't had the baby then checked on Morgan and Spencer.

Carly waited until they were far enough down the hall the turned to Georgie and asked "Why haven't you said anything?"

Knowing that the gig was up she admitted "Johnny is going to insist I go to a delivery room, I should be fine, this has been going on all morning."

'How is it even possible that he missed this, that man practically measures every breath you take and worries every second of the day?"

"I have been very carefully avoiding him all day. I went to visit Maxie at Couture and then had lunch with Serena and Damien. Carly at this rate I won't deliver until dinner time at the earliest." They both looked up to hear a thud as her husband heard the conversation and dropped the water bottles.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked as he hurried over, shocked that he had missed this. He had been making sure that everything was okay since the visit for false labor and now he had missed a part of this. "Wait you aren't due for a couple of weeks? Are you sure, could they be braxton hicks again."

Georgie leaned over and kissed him on the check, then smiling at him said "I didn't tell you because I wasn't sure until I got here earlier. Sometimes babies have their own schedules and no they are not braxton hicks and yes I am sure. Positive actually."

Johnny went over to the hub and literally grabbed Epiphany hand "Help I am having a baby." to the amusement of the others in the room, Francis wished he had a video camera but Elizabeth had banned even the idea of one,

"Congratulations , who should I call Guinness or Dr Lee?"

"We need Kelly, now!"

Kelly was standing behind the rather frantic father, she had slipped out to see Francis, only to hear the request for help. She had seen Georgie wince when she had been through earlier and had known that an early delivery was possible since Tuesday,. The baby was in the correct position in the birth canal and seemed to be waiting for just the right moment to announce it's presence.

"Kelly, Elizabeth's water broke!" announced Nadine gleefully, then said "She is fully dilated and is already threatening Jason so I would say we are ready."

"What about Georgie?"asked Johnny.

"Epiphany will get her set up, why don't you call Mac and her sister."


Elizabeth was just about ready to take a nap, her work was done for now. Baby girl Morgan was born, 7 pounds even, at 27 inches, and a full head of hair with a healthy set of lungs. Jason was holding their daughter, then Nadine was going to go with her to make sure she was healthy.

Elizabeth had known when she held their little girl that Emily Anne Morgan was going to be just fine, pink and healthy. She slipped off to sleep watching Jason holding their daughter and counting fingers and toes. She knew she was going to need sleep, something told her their little girl was going to be a handful, just like her namesake.

Jason waited until Elizabeth was back into her regular room, with their daughter sleeping in the crib next to her then stepping out the door, told Kurt to shoot anyone who disturbed their sleep he finally headed out to tell their family the news..

As they saw Jason coming down the hall in scrubs a serious expression on his face, Jeff and Audrey held their breath.

"Emily Anne Morgan, seven pounds 27 inches. Mommy and little one are doing fine." Jason finally smiled, they had kept the sex a secret. Spinelli had been threatened with broken fingers if he tried to access the information.

"Oh, Jason. That is wonderful. A full set, two boys and a little girl." Monica was thrilled. "Your sister would be so glad."

"Thanks, I want to get back. Could someone call Anne and Nate, as well as Sarah. I already called the boys, Cameron is a little upset, he wanted a boy as well."

Audrey laughed at that, for some reason, Cam had been convinced by Edward that he could order his siblings like they were pizzas, He had told his mom he wanted both a boy and a girl, one for grandpa and one for him.

"Where are Georgie and Johnny? I need to see her real quick? Carly as well?"

"Apparently they didn't want to feel left out, so they just had to go into labor as well. Or rather Georgie did. Carly went into the delivery room with her after Johnny started to drive her insane, something about ice chips." offered Kate. "Congratulations daddy."


As Georgie reached out for Johnny she was swearing she would never do this again under her breath, even with the drugs it hurt like hell. Carly had came in with her for a few minutes after she had yelled at her husband, then started crying. As she looked up at the clock she could not help wondering where her birthing coach was, Alexis had promised to be here with her.

Johnny never thought he would be grateful for the abrasive blond, but Carly seemed to be soothing the savage beast that his wife had turned into. Georgie had threatened to remove his privates with a spoon, then when he asked why a spoon, he had gotten something about because it is dull and will hurt more.

Georgie had sighed when he had flinched, she didn't mean to be such a bitch, but this had sounded so much simpler when she had read about it. She had thought raising a child would be the hard part, if labor was this bad, why did women do this.

Johnny looked up at the commotion at the door and breathed a sigh of relief when his mother squeezed his arm as she joined him at the side of the bed, then watched as Carly slipped out of the room and down the hall.

"I am so sorry, I was in Manhattan taking a deposition. Why didn't you let me know this morning when we talked I could have postponed until next week."

Georgie waited until the pain had passed then said "I wanted our favorite Homeland Security Agent in jail, besides, this could take hours. Kelly said that first babies usually do." she gripped Johnny's hand as she felt her water break, then a need to bear down.

"Well this one seems to be in a bit of a hurry." Epiphany said. "You are ready, I just need to go and get Dr. Lee. Johnny I need to see you outside real quick."

He followed the head nurse out the door, then was handed a pair of scrubs. Understanding, he rushed off to the locker room and changed, he had forgotten the need to change into the scrubs.

Kelly had been worried about the damage that had been done that night at Jake's and wanted to be prepared if they had to operate, she had done the same thing with Jason after what had happened during Jake's birth.


As Jeff got off the phone with Annie, he asked Jax if he could arrange for someone at the hotel to pick up the British couple when they arrived in the morning. When he had called Sarah she had sent her best wishes.

"Did she have the baby yet?" asked Brenda as she arrived breathless.

"Which one, Georgie is still in labor and Elizabeth had a little girl about forty five minutes ago. Mommy and baby girl Emily are just fine. Both fathers are still standing at this point. Oh and Carly was just rushed off." announced Francis.

The annoying model had tried to seduce him earlier in the year, but he had no interest in getting in the middle of her dramas. He had no idea, why but for some reason, Brenda had decided he was the man for her.

He had turned to Audrey who had played matchmaker and the former model and new fashion designer was now engaged to Patrick Drake. The news had been passed on by Carly to Robin, needless to say she had not taken that well. Robin had pulled out Sonny's old chestnut using the "b" word.

As Mac arrived he looked around for his daughter, then followed Epiphany who had sighed with relief when he arrived. "Could you please get that stubborn annoying child out of my hallway. She has been pacing up and down, disturbing the other patients."

Nodding at the head nurse, he joined Leo who seemed to be having no success at getting Maxie to go back to the waiting room. "I am staying right here, until my future niece or nephew is born. Little Francesca Frankie for short or Dominic is going to need my help, with Alexis and those two he will be dressing in nerd baby clothes and reading music before the age of four. It is my duty to keep him or her from being beat up in kindergarten."

Leo dryly observed "I really don't think that the first few minutes of this kids life is going to decided that, why don't we go down to the cafeteria and get some coffee?"

"No!" she stomped her foot. Seeing that Maxie was about to throw one of her fits, he just picked her up, waving goodbye to Mac, then carried her off to the staff room, he knew what he needed to do, the best way of distracting her.

Stopping to grab one of the inevitable fashion magazines in the staff lounge he handed it to her. "We are staying in here until Mac calls. Do you want a water?"

Maxie sighed, when Leo picked her up she had realized she had lost it, but she wanted to be in with her sister not in the hall as an onlooker. She flipped through the magazine looking for the ad that Brenda and her had decided would be the feature for the fall line, finding it she grabbed a pen from her purse and started to critic it like Kate had taught her.

She had been rather surprised when Georgie had returned from Italy to quit working for Kate as an assistant and start working for her as a feature writer, even more shocked when the fashionesta had offered her the job as her personal assistant. Clarice had taken a job at Titan Publishing as the editor in chief of a fashion magazine directed towards teens.


As she awoke from her nap, Elizabeth could hear Jason talking to their daughter, when she heard what he was saying, she considered protesting on their families behalves but she had to admit it was funny to hear his version.

"Okay Emily, the funny looking man with white hair is Luke, never trust him with so much as a dime, the woman standing next to him is your Great Aunt Tracy. She's not so bad." Jason would never understand the woman, but when Laura had showed up at the Mansion, Tracy had pushed Elizabeth out of the way and taken a bullet for the younger woman. While he would never trust her, he would forever be grateful.

"The man making silly faces is your great-grandfather, be glad you were a girl or he would have tried to send you back. He is going to try and tell you about his company, using bedtime stories, don't let him fool you. Demand the real thing. The woman with the tears is your grandmother Monica, she wanted to be in here but she has to run this whole great big hospital.

It's in your blood, your great grandfather started this place, your great grandmother just retired. She is the one holding onto to the crazy acting young man. That is your uncle Damien, he is going to require lots of explanation, so we will leave that one for now.

Your grandfather Alan worked here along with your grandfather Jeff. At one time so did your other grandmother Anne. She just doesn't really remember it. At one time I planned on working here. I am grateful I don't. Working for my mommy would have been strange.

The blond man who stopped in earlier was your Uncle Steven he pretends to work here but spends most of his time playing caveman in the woods. Your mommy works here as well. She won't be for while, at least for a couple of months, then she will be back. The scary lady sending them all scattering is Epiphany, she likes to sneak your big brothers treats, that is someone you want to know."

At that point, Elizabeth started laughing, getting Jason's attention. "How about I move over a little and you and Emily join me."

"Sounds like a plan." he said as he handed over their daughter then joined them on the bed.

"What did I miss?" she asked as they settled down.

"Georgie gave birth a few minutes ago. Natasha Maria, five pounds 9 ounces. Healthy and pink, Johnny did fine, he even cut the umbilical cord. Maxie is upset over the name choice. Alexis on the other hand started crying in a rather undignified manor according to Diane. She is threatening to sue us for ruining her engagement dinner."

"What about Carly, was I correct?"

"Yes, she was in labor. She was upset we got a girl. I would think that having four boys and Jax will be keeping her occupied for a while. Your Mom is on the way. Nate as well. Something about a christening gown."

"The boys?" she asked.

"At home in bed, Brooklynn was singing to them according to Reginald. Who by the way is arranging for some food for us."

"So business as usual?" she said with a large yawn.

"Yes, I forgot to say something earlier." he whispered as he leaned in to kiss her.

"What?" she said.

"Thank you for our daughter, our sons and never truly giving up on us. I love you."

"I would say we did those things together. So thank you as well. I love you too. Now let's try and get some sleep since Emily is sleeping."