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"I am the king of the Port Charles underworld!" shouted out Luiz, only to be drowned out by a shouting Sorrell.

"No that is me. You were just a flash in the pan, no one took you seriously."

"Will both of you shut up. I am on charge, this is my territory." said a red in the face Sonny. "None of you held on to this territory, I always took it back. I killed Frank Smith and I am the one in charge."

"To be accurate, Luke Spencer killed me, you were just riding along on his shirttails.. Like you were with Jason Morgan. Until he set you up." with that Frank sat down, continuing to play OLD MAID.. "What has he done with the territory, again?"

"Apartments, shopping centers, an office building or two. I believe there is a community outreach center where your penthouse used to be, Corinthos." drawled out Lorenzo as he tried to jostle the others for another look at the magical mirror.

As Faith slipped away from her husband to slither over to Ric, she whispered in his ear, meet me at the usual spot. He shuddered but knew he had to be there as ordered, if he didn't his punishment would be worse, Sam and Courtney. were waiting as well. They loathed that he was the only one who wanted them, not realizing that he didn't do this out of want.

If he had known what moving to Port Charles would mean he would have given up any idea of revenge. An eternity of sex with Faith, but he knew that if he didn't perform to expectations, the overseer would send in a sane version of Sam. Just the thought of being forced to sleep with his sister made little Ric wither and Courtney was after that.

The overseer had sensed his using memories of sleeping with Elizabeth and Alexis to help him perform so he had removed those from his brain, leaving him with only his fantasies of Carly. That alone should have gotten him moved up from this ring.

Hades smiled slowly as he read the thoughts of the lawyer, the overseer had done his job well. Ric didn't remember that Sam wasn't his sister. The idea that he would ever get up a level was slightly amusing, he sent the thought to the overseer, to promise him just that if he could make it through his punishment without gagging and giving the girls their own little punishments he stood a chance. The shyster would strive and strive but would never make it past this ring.

He sighed, this was the only amusement from Port Charles for the next one hundred years, Morgan had redeemed himself, Carly Jacks was a possibility but getting less likely every day. Slowly floating out of the room,he stopped to listen as Trevor was on his hands in knees barking like a puppy for Anthony Zachara.

"Good doggy, now roll over and beg." said the old man cackling with glee. Then he suddenly started to shake and point, the rest of the room ignoring the old man. He was only seeing his wife standing there holding a gun and shooting him, it happened every day at this time. The next scene would have him watching as his supposed son, put his young daughter to bed after playing the piano to get her to go to sleep early.

Anthony watched as the picture got fuzzy while Johnny and his Georgie made love. The entire time he was making comments to the scene in his head that no one else saw. "Johnny you stupid fool if you let her be on top she will think she is the one in control did you learn nothing from me. Sentimental claptrap, how the hell could you fall in love with a girl like that. She is going to break your heart, just wait-"

Sonny stood up like usual and went over to kick over the wheel chair like the playground bully he was, the others just shook their heads in disgust at the disrespect. Corinthos always thought they were annoyed with the old man, but the truth was the emotions were in response to him.

As he walked away from the only game they were allowed to play besides JACKS, he went into his own personal hell, the one that he only got when he gave into his temper and abused the old man, He walked into the room, seeing his two sons, Morgan and Micheal were calling Jax daddy and planning for the arrival of their newest sibling along with his traitor sister's unwanted brat. The fact that it's father was Ric never seemed to bother his ex-wife, she just loved the little boy.

Moving on to the next tableau, he watched as his daughter Kristina was getting her hair braided by Mac Scorpio and asking Alexis if Molly and her could call him daddy when they got married. Then the little girls would see their brother entering the room with his insipid wife. They would rush of and Mac would play happy family with HIS DAUGHTER.

When he had mentioned it to Ric all the man had said was good, he was glad that they were being treated equally. Unlike what their mother had done. The fact that his son was being raised by Jax and Carly didn't even bother him, thought the fires of hell had burned brightly the night he had learned that Courtney had passed his child off as Nik's.

Sonny hesitated before entering the last room, it was were he saw the Eliasion Fieldsan:Not a spelling error, done on purpose there he would see his mother shaking her head in disappointment. The souls of his dead children with Lily guiding them past while sneering at his through the opening. Reese with her back to him, keeping him away.

As he once again walked through the fires of hell, like the ones that had killed him, Sonny remembered the fleeting seconds when he realized that Jason had tortured him, then had put him in a small box to further that goal, just before the heat came burning what little was left of his soul.

The overseer just stood there watching the delusional nut case. They had given up on punishing the man, he had just gone so far over the edge when he had been forced to watch the wedding. The oversexed nights and days spend with the boys of Jason and Elizabeth's honeymoon in Venice had just ended whatever sanity there had ever been in his little mind. He seemed to think that Helena was still holding him hostage one minute, then he was looking in the river pretending to be Narcissus, saying Aren't you the pretty one, while snapping pictures with an invisible camera. After visiting with his mother he would stop and stare at some blank space on the wall and swear he was watching his family in the magic mirror.

Lucky smirked as he watched the fight on the magic mirror, he knew that Jason and Elizabeth wouldn't make it, the permanent lock was still there, he KNEW SHE STILL LOVED HIM. He watched as Jake told the full color picture of him " I love you daddy." Things back home were they way they should be. With that he walked and skipped away wearing his red dress and heels singing Ring around the Posy. He stopped as he watched his remaining family at his grave site begging his forgiveness. Ah, life was good.

As Ric left the area begging for the shower that wasn't coming, he turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the sounds he left behind.

"I told you I was having Jason's baby. See!" said Courtney as her belly grew. Sam reached over and slapped her across the face saying.

"No, he promised me a baby. I am going to be the only Mother of Jason Morgan's children." with that she reached into the crib saying see. "This is Jason's child. This is Sonny Jr. He was so kind to get me pregnant just so that I could have my dream life with Jason."

"You bitch, that isn't Jason's child. That is your brat with my brother, NOT Jason,. He loves me, he told me so. He loved me more than anyone, more that you and more than that other bitch Elizabeth. She is stuck with Lucky I made sure of THAT."

"No, Lucky left her for me! But Jason took me back, see he just left. We just made the most incredible love. I AM THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE." she said as she continued to rock the child to sleep.

Courtney's eyes grew big when she saw that Sam did have a full belly when she laid Jason's son back down. The poor girl was delusional, didn't Sam recall that was her child. "Sam, we both know that the baby in that crib is my child with Jason, not yours.

Faith tried to think what she had done to deserve an eternity of this, was it the poisoning or was it the pushing of the pregnant girl down the stairs, maybe it was kidnapping the kids. Whatever it was, she had finally had enough. YOUR BOTH NUTS, THAT IS A DOLL, A FUCKING CABBAGE PATCH DOLL, NOT A BABY! Neither of you are pregnant with Jason's kid and you never were. Courtney you raped a guard in an attempt to get a kid, remember Blondie?"

As for you Sam, the kid was Sonny's. Jason took pity on you since he couldn't have the love of his life." Courtney perked up, SEE Faith knew that Jason loved her and her only. Faith stood and screamed in the dumb blonds happy face, she knew it was pointless, tomorrow they would have the same conversation and the same argument but she just did it anyhow.

Mainly because she was cruel but also because she enjoyed the chance to observe the world above just a little bit. Forcing Courtney and Sam's skanky head's close to the magic mirror, she bit out, "Look that is Jason, that is Jason with Elizabeth the love of his life. She didn't have to drug him, emotionally blackmail him, or try to trick him in any way. That is them having hot monkey sex after having to waited six weeks."

Courtney smirked. "He never waited that long between sex with me."

Faith rolled her eyes, saying "You drugged him you stupid bint. The only reason they haven't had sex fully, by that Courtney I mean insert in , is that she just gave birth. To their daughter Emily. SEE!" she stated as blunt and crudely as she could.

With that the cruel blond made the annoying women watch the next scene as Jason and Elizabeth decorated their third Christmas tree together while keeping a close eye on their two young son's who were 'helping' and their three month old daughter.

She just smiled in resignation as they turned on each other blaming the other for losing Jason. She knew that tomorrow would be a repeat of today. At least she had the memory of Sonny who had just made sweet, sweet love to her.

The overseer, thought. the women were all crazy, but at least the older blond made his day enjoyable after Ric had failed to please her. Again.

As Helena listened to Stravros rattled on about how he was the true king of the underworld, she knew her time on this ring was up. She had first spent time with Mikkos, Victor and Tony on the deepest ring. Mikkos' sins against her in the past allowing her to move up.

Then had came spending time with the gangsters of Port Charles, the next ring had involved Conner and Mary Bishop. Finally she was with her beloved son and she could not wait to get AWAY from his grandiose ideas of his own abilities.

One year to the day of her kidnapping Mikkos grandson she was allowed to see the real world. As she took her first exciting look into the magic mirror she saw Luke Spencer looking straight into her eyes. "Hello Darling." with that she screamed and ran away.

As AJ rowed the boat across the river Styx, he took pleasure in the fact that some day he would get to row his golden boy brother across to his deserved resting spot: the deepest circles of hell, he was certain.

As the passenger alighted they tossed him a coin that changed into his preferred beverage. Vodka. Heaving a sigh of relief, he tilted the bottle only to find out it was empty like always. He turned the bottle over and felt the liquor pour into his lap. Glad to find he was mistaken he once again tilted the bottle to his lips for it to be dry again.

"Hey Quartermaine; is sweet little daisy down here. Could you give me directions?" with that Mitchell Coleman walked away from the small rowboat he had just exited with the knife still in his back from his death in dark and dank alleyway.


Lila turned to Alan with a troubled expression as they watched AJ once again blow his chance to be with them for a bottle of Vodka. He would start the cycle all over again. His next chance to join them would not be for several months.

"At least we have a chance to watch Monica and Jason and dear, dear Edward being happy."

"Grandfather is Happy?" stated Emily as she bounced over to join them on the plush cloud, giggling like a child. Alan was always happy to hear her like this, it took a few days after watching over her Nik to regain this happiness and leave isolation.

"Yes, he is getting ready for the Sunday night dinner with the family. Elizabeth and Jason have arrived with the kids, Skye made her usual afternoon phone call."

"Has he told anyone yet?" asked Alan.

"No, I believe the announcement is to be at after dinner. Others were invited"

They all watched as Tracy rolled into the room in her wheelchair. After getting shot by Laura; her leg would sometime give out on her. She had been unhappy about needing the chair during physical therapy but she was now completely healed, she had started to enjoy the power of the chair, after it had allowed her to run down Carly Jax in her own hotel and then the blond had apologized to her. Tracy had lapped it up and would still use the chair every once in a while

Edward joined the corwd his eyes dancing with glee, Jason couldn't help wondering what had the old man this excited. He waited patiently as Audrey and several others joined them. As the crowd got larger in the unused ballroom, Monica could not think what could possibly have him this excited unless. Turning to Jason she whispered "Did you lose your mind and decide to join ELQ or something?"

"No. I know that Ned is still in LA, Dylan is still dating the vapid red head he brought home for Halloween. We know it's not about Matt and Brooklynn. He doesn't want that to happen."

"Are Elizabeth and you pregnant." she asked.

Jason blushed but answered, "We are going to wait another year."

Standing behind him Carly sighed with relief. If Elizabeth got another girl she would have to smack the nurse silly. She could at least wait until Carly had things in her house under her control again. Four boys did not make for a peaceful home. So Elizabeth would just have to wait so she could give her a good smack down.

She smirked as she remembered getting stuck in that elevator with Johnny and her. The mobster had been a little pissed at her once Georgie had finished having their daughter. He had recalled her annoying behaving and had retaliated.

Brenda Barrett's fashion house's headquarters was right next to her new addition onto the hotel. Jason and he had bought the property and rented it out to the former model at a bargain basement price.

Elizabeth had been more understanding, she had known that the blond had been in labor too, so she had forgiven her. However she had gotten a little comment in that still rankled Carly. Hearing it in her head she grimaced.

"Four boys, wow Carly. I hope you know what you are getting into. All that testosterone. Shame it wasn't a girl." She had received an anonymous gift of a bottle of aspirin, a glass vase in bright green and a book of handmade coupons, for her to babysit Emily and/or Natasha in exchange for good behavior. After laughing she had placed one in her memory box, then the others in with her other valuable papers. She could not help wondering how the two women had gotten Jason and Johnny to agree to it.

As she observed Johnny kissing his wife in the hall, she shuddered. She knew how they had done it. Not wanting to recall her visit to Jason in the hospital she turned to Jax and told him to distract her quickly.

Emily observed from above, she needed something to smile about, Nik's recovery was going slow. Regina seemed to be doing an incredible job, the only bad part was that he seemed to be following in Jason's old pattern. He was falling for Robin.

She could have been happy for him if she didn't see the brunette was trying to manipulate him the same way she had done to her brother. So she just did what she could from above. She had tried to send Gia over when his ex-fiancée's marriage had fallen apart. No connection had developed so she was going to step back and let things happen.

Feeling someone next to her, she turned to see Zander there. She would some time's catch him watching over his son. " If it wasn't for my mistake all those years ago, Cam would be his son."

"Emily, Cameron is his son, in all the ways that matter. I am happy for him. Are you going to stay to hear the announcement? Or are you going to watch the Sam and Courtney show?" he asked the man who had joined them.

"I want to be here for this. The Skanks are us show is an everyday event. Edward getting the better of them is a once in a life time show. I am betting on Monica." Johnny O'Brien said as he pulled out his nurges.

"I would place mine on Audrey, my wife is quite the spitfire." Steve said as he joined the crowd. Leaning over he saw his family. His grandson getting teased by his brother about his days old beard. His namesake had moved into an old cabin in the woods.

What nobody knew was that he was trying to paint. He especially didn't want Elizabeth to know. He had seen his sister's works at an Art Gallery showing for the first time. He had been astonished at the passion she put into them.

Damian was being held down by his girlfriend and cousin. Serena was sitting on him while Maxie drew a mustache on him for some reason. Steve shook his head at their crazy antics. He saw Jason and his granddaughter making out in a closet after handing Emily to her grandmother Monica.

"I told you so." Lila smugly said. She had finally given up on Jason remembering and had just violated the rules and sent him the memories she had wished him to remember.

16, before he admitted feelings for Elizabeth, the jade bracelet, 18 before a physical relationship, the single four leaf clover pendant 21 before proposing, the Claddaugh ring for that, finally 25 before children. The ice blue pearls for motherhood.

Jason had presented them to Elizabeth on their honeymoon along with the remelted glass. Jason had arranged for her brother in law to send it to him when giving him the pieces when he had been there. Lila had cried when she watched the two of them on the Island where they glass was made, Jason had arranged for a glass blower to make her a single bud vase in the exact same red.

"How many time are you going to say that?" asked Susan. She had been worried about her son for years but his grandmother had set to give it time, that true love was forever. She had been correct.

Ruby was a little sad watching her family. Bobbie was still single. She was enjoying herself with her boy toy but she still hadn't dealt with her issues with Noah like the time line said she would. The turht about his daughter had thrown everything off. Luke was happy, but even in the worst of times her nephew made the best of what he had been given. As she saw Lulu slipping out of the room to call her latest bad choice, she sent a mental nudge to Carly. That one was finally getting it together, she would look after the lost one.

Jessie was watching over Epiphany. The former head nurse knew that the woman worked too much, her friend Trouissant had asked her to join him in Los Angeles for a couple of weeks but the stubborn woman wouldn't do so. Seeing her scatter the gossiping student nurses she noticed how quiet it was up here. After making sure that the flowers on the hub in honor of Thanksgiving bloomed as Epiphany walked by she smiled then went to join the others waiting for the big announcement below.

Edward took a deep breath and waited until everyone had settled down to begin his speech. First he would deal with the introduction. "I am sure that all of you are wondering why you are here. First of all, because Thanksgiving is this Thursday. I wanted to make sure all of you knew that you are invited to the first of what hopefully will be an annual event. I am going to arrange for an open house at the new community center that my annoying grandson just had to build on prime real estate tax property."

There were a few laughs at that one. Monica however was concerned. With their families luck, the curse that had plagued their family would spread to the entire town. She did smile at the back handed compliment to Jason. Edward was so proud of his and his partners, but at the same time he mourned the loss of such men at ELQ. With Tracy stepping down they were without any kind of succession for the future.

"The last year has definitely been a memorable one. I gained four grandchildren. Thanks to Elizabeth's generosity we gained Cameron, Jake and now their little sister my Emily's namesake. I should be thanking Jason too, but since I heard the labor pains, all credit goes to Elizabeth. The same for Lois. Thank you for another granddaughter. When she is born, I promise to NOT be there."

Lois was grateful for that, she had heard about his impatience in regards to Emily Anne.

"We have also gained Natasha from Georgie and young Christopher from Carly. The recent marriages have also added to our families. As well as the engagements of the eldest Miss Jones, Dr. Julian I sincerely hope you know what you are doing. She is going to give you a long and most assuredly complicated life. That is the best kind though. Just ask Jason, Johnny and most definitely Jax."

"Mac, it's about time you found happiness again, Alexis the same for you as well. Diane and Max, Kate and Jeff, I am sure both couples will be happy. I just have to ask Diane though, did you get pregnant on purpose so that Kate and you could share the designer maternity clothes?"

Diane was wondering if using pregnancy hormones was a legitimate excuse for murder when Georgie leaned over and nudged her saying "You told me, no. That if I killed Johnny it would still be manslaughter."

The lawyer laughed as she remembered the practice labor run and the fact that he hadn't told her why he was speeding towards the hospital, two weeks before she actually went into labor. Georgie had grabbed her cell and abandoning the article she had been writing for Kate to rush to what she had thought was Elizabeth in labor.

Johnny had almost not survived the hormone induced rage, then later the makeup sex. The first Diane had heard from Nadine who had been on duty that day. The blond nurse had told her when Max and Milo had taken them to meet their mother. The second she had seen on Johnny when he had been rather sore at the office the next day.

"Now as I am sure you know I would never had invited this crowd of people for just this announcement. Today the new mayor and I reached a deal, I have agreed to set up a fund to renovate the botanical gardens, as well as build a new Palm Botanical house, in exchange it will be renamed in memory of my beloved late wife Lila Morgan Quartermanine."

At the sound of the clapping and well wishes, his large smile turned slightly mischievous, Elizabeth knew that look, it was the same one Jason got when he was teasing her. She could not figure out what could be causing that look, until she heard him continuing on.

"The annual Christmas display will also be sponsored by ELQ. That is the result of last years rather unseemly attack on Mr and Mrs. Claus. It seems the First Bank of Port Charles, withdrew their funding. Since the Hardy, Spencer and Quartermaine family was responsible for this, I thought it only right we take this over.

Jason, you and your partners. Jax and the others here with deep pockets are going to be volunteering as well. If not volunteering, I do have photos of the various wives and girl friends who participated in last years rather astounding events."

Emily waited until late to watch as Jason and Elizabeth arrived home with their children. After seeing Jason hang up from his secretive call to Brooklynn who was in her room. She knew what was coming and sure enough, Kurt pushed the motorcycle around to the front door.

Jason tucked the boys into bed, reading the promised bedtime story to Cameron. Jake had gone to sleep as soon as he had been laid down in the new toddler bed with the side rails. After turning off the light Jason checked to make sure the night light was on in Jake's room before joining Elizabeth as she rocked Emily to sleep.

He was rather eager for Mommy and Daddy time but his little angel did not want to go to sleep. When she finally fell asleep Jason tucked her into bed and finished their nightly ritual with each of their children then went to join his wife. Finding no one in the bedroom, he looked around and saw his wife on their balcony.

Elizabeth slid back into Jason's arms as he encircled her waist. "I hope she is watching."

"I am sure she is. After the stunt grandfather pulled she's up there laughing at us."

"I think she would be laughing at you. Did you learn how Edward got the photos."

"I'm not mentioning any names. Just that a certain blond we know and love was in on it. Along with Jake at the bar."

"Carly or Lulu?" she asked.

"Lulu. Now I have plans for this evening and they do not involve any blonds. Are you interested?"

"Depends, what are they?"she said turning in his arms, playing dumb, she could see Kurt when he moved the bike.

"A motorcycle ride?"

"Can I drive?" she asked as she eager headed down the stairs and out the door to the gleaming motorcycle in the drive.

"No, you do remember taking it apart last year, don't you?"

The end of Version two.