Chapter 1: Meet Shorty and KG(Kris(tine) and Lizzy)

Chapter 1: Meet Shorty and KG (Kris(tine) and Lizzy)

Shorty: At last! We finally have our account up and running!

KG: Remind me again why we got a Fan Fiction account.

Shorty: Because we are year-rounders at Camp Half-Blood and get bored during the school year.

KG: But it's summer.

Shorty: Your point? So anyway, as you can see we're new so please don't kill us it's our first fanfic.

KG: So without further ado, we give you…


Shorty: On with the story!

KG: I wanted to say it!

Shorty: Too bad!

Disclaimer: SADLY, WE DON'T OWN PJO!

(Shorty has logged on)

(Karate Girl has logged on)

Shorty: Dun dun dida dun dun dun dun dun…

Karate Girl: U just watched a Star Wars marathon, didn't u?

Shorty: 16 straight hours of Star Wars!

Karate Girl: U know what Sci-fi does to u! Why did u do it?

Shorty: 'Cause I felt like it!

Karate Girl: Oh. Wait! U can't stay awake that long watching Star Wars! Did u have caffeine?

Shorty: Maybe. (( eyes dart side to side suspiciously))

Karate Girl: The world as we know it is about 2 end!(( goes to write will))

Shorty: He! He! He! He!

(Scarface has logged on)

Scarface: Hi! U guys must b new campers, rite? Well the gods r stupid! Leave this stupid camp and join the mighty army of Kronos! I mean after all, what have the Olympians done for u?

Karate Girl: Save it Luke, our parents claimed us.

Scarface: Oh. :( Wait! How do u know my name?

Shorty: It's pretty obvious, Lukey.

Scarface: Oh. Wait! Lukey?

Karate Girl: I guess u should tell him now.

Shorty: O.K.

Scarface: Tell me what?

Shorty: (( in Darth Vader voice)) Lukey, I am ur sister!

Scarface: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Karate Girl: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Scarface: Was it really that funny?

Shorty: Yes, Lukey, yes it was.

Scarface: Sooo, who's ur Olympian parent, KG?

(Seaweed Brain has logged on)

(Wise Girl has logged on)

(Lightning Queen has logged on)

(Goat Boy has logged on)

(Soldier Girl has logged on)

Scarface: Great. All of my arch-enemies, plus a new enemy, plus my little sister, all on one chat room. Just peachy! :(

Seaweed Brain: What do you mean?

Scarface: Scroll down.

Lightning Queen: (( scrolling up))

Scarface: I repeat: Who's ur Olympian parent, KG?

Karate Girl: KG?

Scarface: I'm 2 lazy 2 type "Karate Girl," so that's ur new nickname.

Karate Girl: Like urs is "Lukey."

Scarface: Oh, touché.

Karate Girl: Guess!

Wise Girl: Lukey. He he.

Lightning Queen: So cute! Lukey's little sis gave her big bro a pet name! Ha! Ha!


Seaweed Brain: So, KG, who is ur Olympian parent?

Scarface: I just asked that!

Soldier Girl: Shut it, Lukey.


Karate Girl: Guess!

Seaweed Brain: Hermes?

Karate Girl: No, but close. I can be very mischievous at times.

Shorty: Remember the food-fight fiasco?

Karate Girl: Oh yeah. That was fun! :)

Wise Girl: Anyway, how about Athena.

Karate Girl: No.

Soldier Girl: Ares?

Karate Girl: Nope!

Lightning Queen: Hephaestus? Aphrodite?

Karate Girl: No and no.

Scarface: Demeter?

Karate Girl: Nada.

Goat Boy: Dionysus?

Karate Girl: Heck no!

(The Wine Dude Has logged on)

The Wine Dude: Honestly, how can you think she's my daughter?

(The Wine Dude has logged off)

Lightning Queen: That was random.

Shorty: ((in sing-song voice)) I know who it is!

Seaweed Brain: Who?

Wise Girl: Yeah, tell us!

Shorty: Can I? Pretty, pretty please with cherries on top?((puppy-dog pout))

Karate Girl: Yeah, sure.((Rolls eyes))

Shorty: Apollo!

Karate Girl: YES!

Goat Boy: Ha! Ha! Thalia had a crush on KG's dad!

Wise Girl: She's blushing! I can c her!

Lightning Queen: I am not!

Seaweed Brain: Oh, yeah. That's what u meant by saying he's out!

Scarface: U had a crush on Apollo?

Lightning queen: Noooo!

Wise Girl: Ur smiling, and blushing, and LYING!

Lightning Queen: U r so DEAD!

Wise Girl: Oh uh! :(

(Wise Girl has logged off)

(Lightning Queen has logged off)

Karate Girl: Shorty, go check on WG and LQ.

Shorty: No! Lukey, go check on Annabeth and ur girlfriend.

Scarface: Hey!

Shorty: He! He!

Scarface: Soldier Girl, go check on the girls.

Soldier Girl: Prissy, go check on LQ and ur girlfriend.


Karate Girl: Sure, what ever u say. ;)

Seaweed Brain: Goat Boy, go check on the girls.

Goat Boy: U! She's ur girlfriend!

Seaweed Brain: Fine! But u can't have my soda can!:(

Karate Girl: That's okay Goat Boy, u can have mine!

Goat Boy: THX! :)

(Seaweed Brain has logged off)

Shorty: Goat Boy, u have an empathy link w/ SB, rite?

Goat Boy: Yeah, but what good does that do?

Karate Girl: U can read his thoughts and emotions, duh!

Goat Boy: Yeah, but I still… oh I c what u mean. :)

Shorty: Mwahahahahahahahaha!

Scarface: I'm so proud! U have an evil laugh!

Karate Girl: Quick! What's he thinking?

Goat Boy: He's aggravated.

Soldier Girl: Don't use words I can't understand!

Shorty: Hahahahahahaha! :)

Soldier Girl: Shut up!

Karate Girl: It means he's annoyed and/or mad.

Soldier Girl: Oh. I knew that!

Shorty: Sure ya did.

Soldier Girl: I said shut the trap door! :(

Shorty: No. U said " Shut up!". Difference.

Scarface: Cut it out!

Karate Girl: Well, Goat Boy?

Goat Boy: I'm trying… he's in the cabin breaking them up.

Soldier Girl: Who's winning?

Goat Boy: Thalia… I think.

Shorty: Back on topic!

Goat Boy: He's contemplating it, it's really hard to read his emotions, there all mixed up.

Soldier Girl: What did I say about using words I can't understand!?:(

Shorty: :)

Karate Girl: Which word?

Soldier Girl: Contemplating.

Karate Girl: Thinking about it.

Soldier Girl: I knew that!

Shorty: Rite!

Goat Boy: Oh crap! He's coming back! Act natural!

Scarface: So, who wants to join Kronos's Army? We have health benefits!

Karate Girl: Forget it, Luke!

Scarface: grumble

(Seaweed Brain has logged on)

(Wise Girl has logged on)

(Lightning Queen has logged on)

Soldier Girl: Who won?

Lightning Queen: Me!

Wise Girl: No way! I kicked your butt!

Lightning Queen: No I won!

Wise Girl: No, Me!

Lightning Queen: ME!

Wise Girl: ME!

Shorty: SHUT UP!

Soldier Girl:…

Karate Girl: HAHAHA!

Shorty: Bye I have to go now, but I'll c u l8ter!

(Shorty has logged off)

Grover: Where'd she go?

KG: I know!

Thalia: Tell us!

KG: 5,4,3,2,1,0! Cue Shorty!

Shorty: I'm back!

Luke(y): Where did you go?

Shorty: I wrote a short story!

Percy: Why?

Shorty: 'Cause I felt like it!

Annabeth: Can I read it?

Shorty: In the next chapter.

Annabeth: I despise you and your suspense!

Shorty: You'll despise me mor4e in the next chapter!

Annabeth: I hate cliffies!

Clarisse: Me, too!

KG: Send Reviews!