Chapter 2: Irony, Pain, and Comedy (oh my

Chapter 2: Irony, Pain, and Comedy (oh my!)

Shorty & KG: Hi everybody!

Shorty: We got reviews! I am so happy!

KG: Thanks to all of you who reviewed! You guys made our week!

Shorty: Incase you haven't noticed, with this story, me and KG—

KG: KG and I.

Shorty: Whatever, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted (glares at KG) the two of us will talk before the chapter starts and answer you're questions.

KG: At the end we talk with Percy and co.

Shorty: So, to answer you're questions—

KG: Percy won because he eventually had to wrestle them to break them up.

Shorty: Bet you didn't see that coming!

KG: Karate Girl (a.k.a. KG or me) is Lizzy, and Kris, short for Kristine, is Shorty.

Shorty: Also we didn't mean to ditch the screen names at the end. It's like that because it's the post-chat, where we just talk to the characters. But you can't tell because I forgot to put the xs in (oops!).

Shorty: So without further ado—

KG: We give you—


Shorty: Irony, Pain, and Comedy (oh my!)

KG: On with the story!

Shorty: Don't forget the disclaimer!

KG: Oh yeah! We don't own PJO!

Shorty: But were saving up! So far we have 11.62!


(Shorty has logged on)

Shorty: Hey guys I just emailed you that short story I just left to rite! Read it! U guys r in it!

Wise Girl: Now?

Shorty: No, in 10 years! Yes, now! Just go check your email! It's under RE: Irony.

Seaweed Brain: I'm scared.

Soldier Girl: About what? The fact we're gonna kick ur butt in capture the flag!?

Seaweed Brain: No! About what Kris wrote!

Shorty: Oh, u should b! ((grins evilly))

Wise Girl: Why should he b scared?

Shorty: U'll c… BTW u should b scared 2! Thalia, Lukey, Grover, and Clarisse 2!((still grinning))

Lighting Queen: Tell us why we should b scared!

Shorty: NEVER!

Lightning Queen: I'll zap u!

Shorty: I don't care! Besides u can't zap me, I'm in a different cabin!

Lightning Queen: True, but I can still come over 2 Cabin 11!

Shorty: I'm gonna go lock my door now, so while I do that, READ THE FREAKING STORY!

(Random Doodles as logged on)

Random Doodles: Shorty! Language!

Karate Girl: RD, log off, now!

Shorty: Hi RD!

Random Doodles: Hi Shorty! Hi KG!

Karate Girl: Hi!

Random Doodles: I gotta go now, the cookies r done! YAY!

(Random Doodles has logged off)

Karate Girl: We're doomed! ((goes to write will, again))

Goat Boy: That was random.

Scarface: What isn't in our life?

Shorty: Y r u still here?! Go read the story!

(Seaweed Brain has logged off)

(Wise Girl has logged off)

(Goat Boy has logged off)

(Lightning Queen has logged off)

(Scarface has logged off)

(Soldier Girl has logged)

Karate Girl: Just to clarify things, is this the story based off what happened in homeroom last year?

Shorty: Yep! :)

Karate Girl: They r sooo gonna kill u!

Shorty: I know! :)

Karate Girl: U should run now.

Shorty: Nah, I want 2 c their reactions.

Karate Girl: At least lock ur door.

Shorty: Done.

Karate Girl: Did u barricade it?

Shorty: Yep.

Karate Girl: Windows secure?

Shorty: Check! I used Super Glue!

Karate Girl: Wow! U Thought of everything!

Shorty: Yep!

(A/N: Shorty: Okay, so you can know why they will be very mad, here's the story: "Irony!")


By: Shorty

It was a bright, sunny day at Camp Half-Blood (it almost always is). Annabeth, Thalia, and Clarisse were playing cards at the Zeus Table. While at the Poseidon table, Percy, Grover, and Luke(y) were throwing spitballs at each other and making rude farting noises with their armpits ( I hope!), basically they were acting like the typical, annoying male human.

"Guys are so immature!" Annabeth remarked. "Got any twos, Thalia?"

"Go fish, and your right," Thalia agreed. " That is why I am a hunter!"

"You guys are gonna grow up and die alone!" Clarisse yelled at the boys. "You better get a lonely guy cat!"

"Yeah right!" Percy shot back. "You know you want us!" (A/N: Shorty: Why they were yelling when they were two feet apart, I'll never know.)

"When heck freezes over!" Thalia shouted.

"Heck doesn't exist, remember? The Underworld does!" Luke(y) yelled.

"Then when the Underworld freezes over!"

"That doesn't make any sense." Grover protested, the only one smart enough to not yell at people when they are two feet away.

"Then when Athena and Poseidon become friends!" Thalia countered, knowing full well that that would never happen, right?

xxxxxx Meanwhile on Mount Olympus xxxxxx

"So just sign here, here, and here," Athena instructed as Poseidon signed his signature on the peace/friendship treaty.

"Okay! Glad we can finally become friends!" Poseidon said shaking Athena's hand.

"Oh goody! I spy some fun!" Aphrodite clapped her hands together rather rapidly as she poked her head out the door watching the two grouchy gods become good chums. "Eros (a.k.a. Cupid)! Come here dear! I have a little job for you!" Aphrodite giggled and turned toward her magic TV she used to spy on mortals.

xxxxxx 5 years later xxxxxx

"We are gathered here today," Chiron announced, "to celebrate the marriage of Percy and Annabeth, Thalia and Luke, and Clarisse and Grover…"

:) The End :)

xxxxxx 10 minutes later xxxxxx

(Wise Girl has logged on)

(Seaweed Brain has logged on)

(Goat Boy has logged on)

(Lightning Queen has logged on)

(Scarface gas logged on)

(Soldier Girl has logged on)

(Mytho Magic Master has logged)

Karate Girl: Don't u think it's funny how they all log on at once?

Shorty: Funny-Ha! Ha! or funny-strange?

Kg: Funny-strange, I guess…


Seaweed Brain: Me 2!

Scarface: Me 3!


Soldier Girl: I SHALL DESTROY U!

Goat Boy: GRRRRRRRR! :(

Mytho Magic Master: How come I wasn't in it?

Shorty: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 2 all of you who want to kill me, and ur not important enough to Nico.

(Athena has logged on)

Shorty: Ah crap!

Athena: U R SO DEAD, U #!&!

(Random Doodles has logged on)

Random Doodles: Athena! Language!

Karate Girl: …

Shorty: HAHA!

Random Doodles: is real!

Random Doodles has logged off)

Scarface: Who is that?

Goat Boy: Yeah, she's weird.

Athena: Quite.

Karate Girl: She goes to our old school.

Goat Boy: Oh.

Karate Girl: Ahem. I believe u guys were threatening to kill Shorty over the Internet.

Soldier Girl: Oh yeah! Get her!:(

Shorty: U just had to remind them, didn't u!

Karate Girl: Yep! :)


Shorty: I can live w/ that.




Seaweed Brain: Okay. Wise Girl, ur mom scares me. She has anger management issues.

Athena: I heard that!

Seaweed Brain: Yelp!

(Hermes has logged on)

Scarface: Great.

Hermes: Athena, Dad wants u.

Athena: Fine, but remember this Shorty: U rite 1 more story like that & u will suffer the consequences! Mwahahahahahahahaha!

(Athena has logged off)

Karate Girl: Ur mom scares me 2, Wise Girl.

Wise Girl: Sigh.

Shorty: THX, Dad!

Hermes: No problamo! Oh, check ur bed, I lift u a little present. :)

Shorty: Huh? ((goes to bed))

Hermes: Well I better scram. Remember, Luke, I still care about u!


Goat boy: Gasp!

Soldier Girl: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Etc.

Hermes: Oh well. ((shrugs))

(Hermes has logged off)

Shorty: SO COOL!

Mytho Magic Master: Hey! That's my line!

Lightning Queen: what's "SO COOL!"?

Shorty: The flying shoes Hermes gave me!

Goat Boy: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Keep them away from me! ((assumes beetle position))

Lightning Queen: What do u have against flying shoes?

Seaweed Brain: Oh man! U guys should c this! Grover's all curled up on the floor whimpering to himself! It's hilarious! :)

Mytho Magic Master : Really? I want 2 c! Man, I miss all the good stuff down here! :(

Karate Girl: Where r u?

Mytho Magic Master: The Underworld. Duh!

Wise Girl: 2 answer LG'fd stion: When Percy, Grover, and I went on our 1st quest, someone (coughLukecough) gave Percy a pair of magical flying shoes. Now, Percy couldn't fly because of the whole Zeus and Poseidon conflict, so he gave them 2 Grover. Grover almost got dragged into Tartarus because of those things!

Shorty: Gasp! Bad Lukey! Bad!

Soldier Girl: HAHA! Luke's getting scolded by is little sis!

Scarface: …

Karate Girl: Uh, back 2 biz! U guys were hating on Shorty!

Soldier Girl: Oh yeah! THX 4 reminding us again!

Karate Girl: Don't mention it!

Shorty: I hat u!

Karate Girl: He! He! I'm so evil!

Scarface: Then Join Kronos's Army!

Karate Girl: No!

Scarface: Yes!

Karate Girl: No!

Lightning Queen: Guys! Cut it out!

Karate Girl: Fine! ((pouts))

Wise Girl: Anyway… Back 2 yelling Shorty!

xxxxx End of Chapter 2 xxxxx

Shorty: HA! HA! Cliffy!

Karate Girl: Noooooooooooo! Why?!

Shorty: 'Cause you need to put the rest into your chapter: Signs of Love.

KG: Oh yeah!

Percy: I'm scared!

KG: You should be!

Shorty: Annabeth, Thalia, and Lukey, too!

Annabeth: Why?

KG: You'll see.

Annabeth: I dispise you two and your suspense!

KG and Shorty: We know!

xxxxxx At Night xxxxxx

Shorty: Good night!

All: Good night!

Shorty: Good night, Lukey!

Luke(y): Don't call me, Lukey! … Good night.

xxx 6 minutes later xxx

KG: OMGZ! We forgot to say: "Send Reviews!"

All: Send reviews!

Shorty: Now, good night, Lukey!

Luke(y): Oh, just shut up!

Shorty: He! He! :)