Chapter 7: Wonders of the Universe

Shorty: Okay so we are finally updating more.

KG: Woot!

Shorty: And yeah this takes place after BOTL.

KG: On with the story!

Dislaimer: We don't own anything


(Shorty has logged on)

(KG has longed on)

(Seaweed Brain has logged on)

(Wise Girl has logged on)

(Lightning Queen has logged on)

(Scarface has logged on)

(Goat Boy has logged on)

(Red Head has logged on)

Shorty: Hello people of the world!

KG: Ello!

Goat Boy: Hey! U changed ur name.

KG: Well, no 1 calls me Karate Girl. They all call me KG.

Wise Girl: Makes sense.

Seaweed Brain: Who's "they"?

KG: Um, you Kelp Face.

Seaweed Brain: Right.

Wise Girl: What's the mortal doing here.

Red Head: I can hear you, well, not really hear, but you know what I mean.

Seaweed Brain: I gave her the password.

Wise Girl: Why?

Seaweed Brain: Idk.

Shorty: Hey Annabeth, do u have a belly button?

Wise Girl: What?!

Shorty: U heard me! Well, not really herad me, but you know what I mean.

Goat Boy: Déjà vu.

Lightning Queen: Y would Annabeth not have a belly button?

KG: Well, think about it. Children of Athena aren't born the normal way, so she wouldn't have had an umbilical cord.

Shorty: Which means no belly button.

Scarface: That makes sense.

Red Head:Wait! Wat do u mean by not born the normal way?

Seaweed Brain: Do we really have to revisit this?

Wise Girl: Children of Athena are born from the divine thoughts of our mother and the mortal ingenuity of our father. I was literally a brain child.

Red Head: Oh…

Seaweed Brain: I had the same reaction.

Shorty: So do u have a belly button or not?!

Wise Girl: I have a belly button.

Goat Boy: So how does that work?

Wise Girl:…I'm not entirely sure.

Lightning Queen: Uber weird.

Scarface: Yeah.

(Random Doodles has logged on)

Random Doodles: Athena turned Medusa into a monster because she was jealous that Poseidon was dating Medusa and not her.

Wise Girl: WHAT?!

Red Head: I think Mr. Blofis said something about that, 2.

KG: This explains so much.


Lightning Queen: Really?

Scarface: Yeah, I never took Athena for the jealous type.

Seaweed Brain:… My dad is the bomb!

Lightning Queen: ?

Seaweed Brain: If he could get Athena to act like that, then he's good.

Lightning Queen: Zeus pwns and u know it.

Wise Girl: Where did you that?!

Lightning Queen: Well, he's the king of the gods and he could blast you with lightning.

Wise Girl: I was talking to RD.

Random Doodles: My English teacher.

Wise Girl: What does they know about mythology?!

KG: Some consider mythology to be a form of literature.

(Athena has logged on)

Shorty: Is that really the best you could come up with, Athena?

Athena: You knew it was me.

Shorty: Of course I knew it was you! Athena is your name!

Random Doodles: I think I'll be leaving now.

(Random Doodles has logged off)

Athena: Get back here! I haven't lectured you yet!

Wise Girl: Mother, is this true? You liking Poseidon?

Wisdom Goddess: Of course not! Why would I love a Barnacle Beard like Poseidon?!

KG: Well, Annabeth likes Seaweed Brain over there.

Wise Girl: I DO NOT!

Lighting Queen: Annabeth, I am sitting next 2 u and u r redder than a tomato.

Shorty: HAHAHA!

Scarface: I knew it!

Athena: ((Death Glare)) Is this true, Annabeth?

Annabeth: Percy and I just friends!

KG: Percy and Annabeth sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage!

(Aphrodite has logged on)

Shorty: Can't you gods come up with better screen names!

Aphrodite: So if you don't like Percy, why did you kiss him at Mount St. Helens?


KG: HA! U owe me 10 bucks, Shorty!

Shorty: Crap! I guess I underestimated the cluelessness of Percy Jackson.

Scarface: Annabeth kissed Percy?

Goat Boy: I knew it!

Red Head: And he still didn't get the hint? He's pretty thick.

Lightning Queen: Good for you, Annabeth!

Athena: You are an immortal hunter! An eternal maiden! You are supposed to oppose romance!

Lighting Queen: What can I say I'm a rebel.

Aphrodite: See Athena! Percabeth is loved by all!

Goat Boy: Except Perachel shippers.



Shorty: GOT IT, GOAT BOY!?

Goat Boy: Yeah, Yeah, whatever u say!

KG: Good.

Red Head:…

Wise Girl: I know I'm gonna regret asking this, but what's Percabeth.

Aphrodite: See, it's the name of the relationship, or ship, of you and Percy. Percabeth is a combo of your names. So bascically Percabeth is you and Percy getting together.

Wise Girl: But I don't like Percy like that! We r just friends!

KG: So y did u get extremely angry and jealous when u found out that he was at Calypso's island when u thought he was dead.

Shorty: I mean if Percy's just your friend, y would u get angry if he had been spending time with Calypso.

KG: I mean sure Calypso falls in love with any guy that lands on her shores, but so what?

Shorty: Ur just his friend.

Wise Girl: I hate you, two!

Shorty: A feeling u share with ur mother!

KG: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Scarface: Seeing as u both r extremely jealous over other girls that might have a chance at certain sea god types.

Athena: Do u want 2 die?

Scarface: I am a Titan! I share a body with Kronos! I am immortal!

Athena: Allow me 2 rephrase: Do u want 2 be chopped into a million pieces? Again.

Scarface: No, not really.

Athena: Then shut it.

Lightning Queen: So if u r Kronos, how r on this chatroom?

Scarface: That's none of ur business, thank u very much!

Goat Boy: Touchy.

Scarface: I am not touchy!

Shorty: Hey. Where's Percy?

KG: He's been pretty quiet.

Lightning Queen: Grover?

Goat Boy: Idk. I don't think he's a camp.

Lightning Queen: Luke/Kronos?

Scarface: As much as wish he was in the brig of the Princess Andromeda, being slowly tortured to death. He's not. :(

Shorty: Cruise ships have brigs?

Scarface: Mine does! :)

KG: Of course.

Wise Girl: So where is Percy?


Scarface: Hey!

Lightning Queen: I would like to take a whack.

KG: Whack-A-Luke! Awesome!

Seaweed Brain: Hey guys!

Wise Girl: Where have u been?!

Seaweed Brain: Um, I went fishing with my dad and forgot 2 log out.

Wise Girl: Oh.

Seaweed Brain: So what did I miss?

Wise Girl: Nothing!

Aphrodite: Well, I better get going. I'm supposed t meet Ares in Paris. And Percy, good luck!

(Aphrodite has logged off)

Athena: I'll be off now, too. Percy, stay away from my daughter.

Seaweed Brain: …

(Athena has logged off)

Lightning Queen: Ur blushing again, Annabeth!

Wise Girl: Shut up!

(Wise Girl has logged off)

Seaweed Brain: I feel out of the loop.

Lightning Queen: That's because u r.

(Lightning Queen has logged off)

Scarface: Well, I'll get going. See ya on ur 16th Percy!

(Scarface has logged off)

Goat Boy: I'm hungry, so I'm gonna go find c if the Hephaestus Cabin has any scrap metal.

(Goat Boy has logged off)

Shorty: Well, I have gtg. Pranks don't do themselves u know!

(Shorty has logged off)

KG: If ur smart Percy u won't go 2 the arena at around…4:32 p.m.

Seaweed Brain: Y?

KG: Well, I guess you'll find out at 4:33 p.m. when u hear the Ares cabin swearing at the top of their lungs.

(KG has logged off)

Red Head: Demigod Chatrooms r fun!

Seaweed Brain: What do u mean?

Red Head: U had 2 have been there. Now go find Ananbeth.

Seaweed Brain: Y?

Red Head: Just do it.

(Random Doodles has logged on)

Random Doodles: That's what she said!

(Random Doodles has logged off)

Seaweed Brain: ...

Red Head: Remember what I said, hero.

(Red Head has logged off)

Seaweed Brain: Seriously! What did I miss!?

(Seaweed Brain has logged off)


Shorty: Poor clueless Percy.

Annabeth: If you tell anyone about this I will kill you!

KG: Don't worry! This info will only be available to everyone on the internet!

Shorty: Ah, the internet. Hermes's best idea ever!

KG: I think the lyre was the best idea ever.

Shorty: That's because your are a daughter of Apollo.

KG: Very true.

Rachel: Send Reviews!

Shorty: That's my line, mortal!