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Chapter 1

I watched as she laughed and joked with the guys. Her long, black hair rippled when she threw her head back as she laughed. I couldn't help but grumble to myself. Seeing her acting as if nothing was wrong... Well of course she would, she didn't know that there was anything wrong. I only showed my distaste behind her back. How could I tell her what I really thought of Cena? She wouldn't want to talk to me anymore.

She looked round at me and smiled, I managed to force a smile. I must have looked like I was chewing on a wasp. I looked away and decided that going back to my dressing room would be the best thing for me to do. That way, I didn't have to see her and Cena hugging and kissing. I slammed the door behind me and sat down on the couch, with my head in my hands.

The door opened again and closed quietly behind whoever it was. I didn't look up, I couldn't be bothered. I cringed when I heard the voice.

"Are you going to tell me what's wrong?" Her voice was quiet.

"Just leave me alone, go back to your boyfriend," I said coldly as I got up off of the couch. I turned away from her, not wanting to look at her.

"You've been distant with me for a few weeks," she said again. "I just want to know what's going on with you."

"As I said, Rachel, leave me alone!" I shouted at her. It was the first time I had ever raised my voice at her. But she just wouldn't get the message.

"What the fuck is your problem, Chris?" Rachel had stormed over to me and made me look at her. "What have I done to make you be like this with me?"

I didn't answer; in fact I wasn't even looking at her anymore. I stared at the wall behind her. I knew that if I did look at her, I'd pour my heart out to her. And right now I didn't want her to know anything about me.

"Look at me!" Rachel shouted at me, I knew she was getting upset as I could hear her voice wavering.

I turned away from her and picked up my jacket. I knew I shouldn't have left Rachel standing there, but I couldn't face her. I felt sick to my stomach just looking at her. I walked out of the dressing room and headed towards the car park. I looked around at the other cars; no body seemed to be leaving just yet, so that would give me a chance to get to my hotel room without being bothered by anyone. I hopped into my rental car and started the ignition, pulling out of my parking space I saw Rachel come out of the building, she ran over to my car and successfully pulled the door open.

"Don't leave me in the dark, Chris!" She said hurriedly. "I don't want us to fight."

"Close the damn door then," I said, still not looking at her.

"What have I done?"

I reached over and pulled the door closed, I locked it knowing that she would try to open it again. She pounded on the window, tears running down her cheeks. I finally looked at her, and wished that I hadn't. I felt heartbroken, I had hurt her in ways that I didn't think I could and all because I couldn't be honest with her.

I sped away, leaving Rachel behind. I wanted to tell her so much, but I just couldn't. Why did she love Cena and not me? What does Cena have that I don't? I looked in my rear view mirror and saw her crying freely now, she looked up just as I was about to turn on onto the road. I saw her waving her arms around frantically. I pulled away.

The last thing I heard was the sound of metal colliding with metal mixed with Rachel's screams. My head hit the steering wheel hard and I began to feel dizzy. I felt the metal crush around my legs, the window shattering, showering me with glass. My vision blurred in and out of focus before I finally let darkness wash over me.

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