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First Publish: 4/25/2008.

Second publish and reworked: 11/25/2012.

The story is based on the novel and the Hallmark version of Frankenstein, with the actors Luke Goss and Alec Newman as The Creature and Victor Frankenstein.

I don't own The Creature or Victor Frankenstein; they belong to Hallmark and Mary Shelley. But the rest of the characters are mine.



Sometimes, the word "destiny" sounds too weird or good to be true. Some people say that it was destiny that brought his or her partner together or it was destiny that shaped them into the people they are today.

But how did destiny change two people's lives so completely? Two different people who never knew each other and perhaps never would have. The woman was born into a wealthy and loving family; her childhood was everything a happy girl could ever dream of, but her destiny was to become a poor peasant girl, and learn how to survive on her own. The man was born in the most unnatural way you can ever think of. A terrible accident by an ambitious but self-centered scientist—a modern Prometheus who didn't knew what he was doing until it was too late. Out of fear and sickness the father abandoned his creation. With no one to care for his welfare and comfort him, the man had to learn to live on his own. Slowly he understood that not only was he terribly ugly and people feared him because of this, there was no one like him in the entire world, nor in the universe! From his father's journal he managed to grab before he ran away, he learned how and why he was the way he was; ugly, deformed and utterly lonely.

For the woman, she would have probably continued struggling with poverty but eventually she would have married a farmer and became a wife and carried many children, been one of the many normal, invisible people.

Fate and Destiny; are all living things bonded by these threads? In another world, the fate of the man would be despair, hate and revenge. He'd destroy everything his father held dear, kill his family one by one and in the end, his father and then himself, all because he never got the chance to love and be loved.

A tragic story but a story with an important message that must be carried on!

Not every successful experiment or discovery made by science or adventurers will be great in the end; neither for nature or human kind. This story must continue to be symbol and a warning for every scientist, adventurer, and ordinary citizen to be aware of the consequences of their actions if they cross something they are not prepared for or trying to see more than just your human eyes behold over another person or creature. It might be something more you never dreamed of!

But what would happen if someone decided to change this course of fate in this particular world, in this particular story? Force this man and this woman to take a different road that would perhaps lead to another destiny no one ever thought would be possible, but still continue to carry this important message in the end.

Because the most important thing the monster or man hasn't understood yet, his father made him what he is, but he never made him who he is!

Creature and the Maiden chapter 1.

The river had flooded his heart.

The river had taken him.

Unable to fight the water's terrible power any longer, the Creature's blue eyes closed as his body sank down, letting the stream carry him away wherever it was going. Memories of his short life appeared in his mind as he let the river take him away; memories from his journey, how up he ended up in the river and why.

It began several weeks earlier, on an early day in the autumn in the southeast side of Germany, not so far from Ingolstadt. The sky was clear and the sun was warm, but everything was completely ignored by a strange odd looking man running through the yellow-red forest. He was very tall and most of his body was covered in rags and worn-out clothes, his dark hair was too long and too tangled to get a glimpse of his grey skin and tear-filled eyes and wet cheeks.

He had run as fast as he could but his heart still ached.

It felt like just a couple a minutes, but it had been several hours ago when he felt the great joy of dancing playfully with the blind man's granddaughter, Eva, while the blind man played his violin. He felt accepted as a human and an equal. Those hours were the happiest hours in his miserable life, those hours he felt hope. First he was too scared and shy when he approached Eva, afraid he would scare her away by his appearance.

Instead she simply had said "Hello" and then "Do you like baby ducklings?" The first kind words he ever received by a human being. And the grandfather…could he ever be more lucky than with this old man who was blind and didn't see his face, only the kind spirit that was inside in this ugly façade, and accepted him as an equal.

But that was washed away like the sea, when the old man's son Felix and daughter in law Agatha saw him and had chased him away with a stick. Screaming with fear and hate! Of course he had tried to explain that he was the one who had collected the wood for them and they did not need to be afraid of him. But Agatha's fear for her daughter's sake and Felix's horror that he spied over them washed away all the chances and possibilities to be a part of the family…to be his family!

What did he do wrong?

After that he kept running and running, letting his tears fall over his cheeks, making him blind to where he was going. He finally stopped to catch some breath. Tired and exhausted, he moved down to sip some water from the river. But the water was clear and bright and the Creature looked away to not see his poor reflection in the water. He splashed it away with his hand so he could move his face down to drink without seeing it.

The first time he saw his own reflection, he thought it was a terrible monster come to kill him. He turned around to see but there was nobody behind him, he had placed his hands on his grey cheeks and looked at the water reflection. He froze as he stared in horror!

The skin was pale and slightly grey, scarcely covering the work of muscles and horrible scars. One at his temple and another encircled around his neck and down his chest. He had shoulder-length black hair, pale blue eyes and grey lips.

The truth came to him and he had angrily splashed his reflection out of existence and ran away. Tears ran down his face and he whimpered, "Damn you, DAMN you!"

Now he was not naïve anymore, he understood why everyone feared him. Just a small look of him was enough to fill every human with fear and hate. If they didn't run away or faint, they tried to hurt or kill him.

While he sat on the ground, letting his body rest, he cleaned away the dried salt on his face. He had made his decision.

There was only one thing he needed to do, he needed to find his father; Victor Frankenstein. He was the first human being the Creature saw when he had opened his eyes for the first time. He needed to find him and force him to explain everything. He knew how he was made but not why. He was a wretch, a monster, a freak! With no family, no friends, no companions or even creatures like him. Why did his father create such an ugly beast that even he ran away in fear from him!?

It wasn`t fair!

When moving up to look around his surroundings, he discovered he didn't know where he was or how long he had been running, only that he had moved west by following the river. He remembered Felix had called it Donau and its water moved west, towards Switzerland. The Creature knew that Genève laid in the west so he decided simply to follow Donau. He had no idea how far it was and how long he needed to travel, but no matter how many days, pain and hardships, this was his final destination.

He was going to make his way toward Genève.

For days and weeks he traveled. Covered by the darkness of the night and with the moon as his sun, he followed the river and the stars. He avoided any signs of human civilization; roads, villages, small cottages etc. He lived on what nature gave him and nothing else.

It was correct to use the river Donau as his guideline, but he didn't know that at the end of Donau, he needed to move more south and reach another river named Rhen and cross it before he could ever enter Switzlerland! He believed that he only needed to follow Donau, and he would find either the Lake Genève or the town with the same name.

Instead he came closer and closer to "Schwarzwald".

"Schwarzwald" or "The Black Forest" is a wooded mountain range in Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany.A country that`s one of the most beautiful places on the earth; high mountains, lush green forests and big waterfalls. This almost isolated world was mostly untouched with only a few small towns outspread.

He was unaware that he was moving closer and closer to a part of the country he had never set his foot in before. One sunny day came the moment that interrupted the whole course of his planned destiny.

The Creature had heard the sound of voices while walking near the river. A young girl had come running along the side of the river not so far from him. Suddenly her foot slipped, and she fell into the rapid stream. Watching in fear for this small human's life, he jumped down into the cold, hard stream and swam after her. With great force and strength he managed to grab the girl and drag her to the shore. He placed her carefully on the hard ground. With shaky hands he tried to animate the girl, but when the father who wasn't far away heard his daughter scream, he noticed the horrible stranger with his unconscious daughter laying on the ground. Suspecting him of having attacked her, the father aimed his gun at the Creature and shot. Luckily for the Creature he backed away just in time to not get the bullet right in his heart, but unfortunately his feet slipped on the wet stones under him and fell back into the river again, and was carried away by the hard stream.

The Creature had felt a surge of panic run through his body as he tried to keep his head over the icy cold stream. The river was uncontrollably strong and his clothes dragged him down like stones. Losing his strength bit by bit, the Creature felt his mind slipping into an endless darkness.

"No not yet, hold on, you can't die like this!"

He had just saved a girl from drowning, a girl the same age as his little Eva; he couldn't stand to watch her lifeless body sink into the dark cold water. So he rescued her. He still wanted to show that he was no monster, but the father saw differently and this was his reward.

Now floating here in the cold water, with his face and chest up he could sometimes watch the clear blue sky, and sometimes the blue brown bottom of the river, floating like a piece of old wood. He had tried to fight and swim towards the river bank, tried to grab stones or fallen branches, but he failed. The river was too strong and sometimes a small waterfall came and he had no choice than to meet the hard sharp rocks at the bottoms of them.

He tried to call out for help but remembered there was no one who would help him. He gave up. Getting farther and farther in the water it became harder to breathe. Thoughts of committing suicide passed his mind; let his life end here. But he remembered his last desperate hope and the beginning hate filling his heart, and he continued to live.

"If I can't inspire love, I will inspire fear and hate; I will kill every person who screams, faints or tries to hurt me because of my face. What`s the use of trying when no one sees me, the real me! I`m going to make my father's life as miserable as my own. Make him feel what I feel... I SWEAR BY MY NAMELESS SOUL A HATRED TO ALL MANKIND!"

He kept repeating these hated thoughts until his mind passed out from the lack of air and tiredness, letting his body be carried by the river, heading west towards an unknown destiny.

Hours later he left Donau and moved to one of the smaller rivers which were calmer and not so deep. It carried him now, slowly in a soft rhythm like he was a baby.

Until something suddenly awoke from his deep sleep.

Despite the water he heard a soft melody far away. His mind and body was pulled towards the surface by an unknown source. He didn't see the strange light around him as he moved nearer to the shores but it felt like the melody was a couple of invisible hands, dragging him towards safety and regaining his last amount of energy so he could drag his body up from this temporary coma .

With his last strength he managed to crawl his up from the river and crash down on the wet cold stones. The Creature stared at some of the dark spots on his dark brown wet coat while he lay on his side, taking long deep breaths. He was tired, and confused by this small miracle.

The entrancing sound met his ears again. It was entreating and beautiful. He laid his body stretched upon the ground, turned his eyes up towards the sky and watched the moving green and yellow leafs on the trees as he listened. Sometimes a leaf came floating down and he watched as it flew, until it dropped down on the ground not far away from him.

The sound was soft and warm and he liked the tone of it. The hate he felt and all the agony he had disappeared and his mind came into a strange kind of serenity.

But he didn't realize until moments later that it wasn't from the sound of the water, the wind or the birds.

It was the sound of a woman's voice!

Slowly he moved his head towards where the sound was coming from. It seemed to come from not so far away behind some bushes and trees. In a trance, the Creature slowly moved his body up and began to walk or actually crawl towards the sound.

The river floated in some kind of a valley because the sound came from farther away than he expected, but around the next corner, after the river turned more to the left, he finally spotted the source.

Behind some bushes he finally saw her…

A redheaded girl was kneeled down at the edge of the riverbank, washing linen and clothes as she sang the enchanting melody.

She had red, long soft curly hair, pale freckled skin and beautiful green eyes! It was the most pleasant sound he had ever heard. He should have moved away, he shouldn't have cared because this voice belonged to a woman he never could show his face to, or even talk to.

But enchanted by her song and beauty he moved closer and closer.

Suddenly the girl felt that someone was watching, she stopped singing and turned her face to the woods and saw...nothing.

Creature made sure to stay well hidden behind the bushes. He held his breath and made sure to stay completely still. The only things they could hear were the water and the singing birds around them.

Then the girl simply shrugged and moved down to continue with her work. "Silly girl," she said to herself. "You've been staying all by yourself here in the woods for so long, you're beginning to imagine things." She returned to her laundry again and hummed the little song she was making up while she did the washing.

After a little bit she stopped again and listened. This time her shoulders and eyes were more tensed and she scanned carefully around the area. It was just a feeling in her stomach, but she was sure that something or someone was watching her. However, all she could hear was a Robin singing its song, and so she continued with her laundry. But she made sure to keep her eyes up while washing more often.

Creature had walked closer to her, still hidden behind the trees and bushes. It was insane, totally insane! Why was he doing this?

When the girl was done, she put her old worn-out shawl around her shoulders, took her basket with her linen and started to walk back to her cottage.

She began to sing again. Her voice was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. It was warm and soft, filling his heart with something... It was the same feeling he had when he listened to the old man's violin, how it warmed him, but this was something more. He couldn't explain it, he didn't know the word!

The girl was happily singing her song and had already forgotten about the feeling of being observed, until a strange, deep, and hoarse humming sound mixed in with her voice. She immediately stopped - and so did the humming. The creature had been so wrapped up in her singing, that he unconsciously started humming along, while he had followed her hiding behind bushes and trees along the path.

He saw her looking around, then shaking her head again. As she proceeded on her way back home, a quiet sigh passed through his lips.

He didn't intend to reveal himself to her but her song was almost like magic.

Her cottage was in the middle of an open glade. There was a wood fence around the small wood-cottage and a small garden with vegetables and herbs. Two goats standing behind the fence welcomed her by bleating.

She scratched them gently on their ears and smiled softly. She walked to a line hanging between two trees and started to hang up her clothes. Smiling while she continued to hum. He would have given anything, almost anything, to see her smile like that to him, like she did for the goats. But he knew exactly how she would react if she saw him.

The memories of the little girl's parents' reactions when they saw him playing with their daughter came back to him; Felix's hateful face and how he had beaten him with the stick. "Stay away from my family, you MONSTER", still haunted him.

When all the clothes were hanging on the line, she took the empty basket and went inside the cottage to prepare for dinner.

He waited a little while before he approached her little cottage. It was already beginning to darken outside. Night seemed to fall fast in the woods. He knew she wouldn't leave her home in the dark, so stepped over the fence and wandered around in her yard, not being so careful anymore.

The darkness would cover him, he thought, but the coldness started too sweep through his damp clothes and he began to freeze. All of a sudden he felt a touch at the back of his legs. One of the goats had come over to him, curiously smelling at him. He went down on his knees and looked at the goat.

The hint of a smile appeared on his lips and his hands reached for the animal. He wanted to touch the fur that she had laid her hands on just a little while ago. The other goat came up to him too, bleating. Panic rose in his eyes. What if she came back out to see what was going on?

Instantly he grabbed the bleating goat and pressed his huge hands on its mouth to make it stop...

The goat struggled and tried to bit him, but the Creature held the goat's mouth hard. The other goat fled to a small shed beside the cottage, too afraid to make any sound. He turned his head to the window and moved closer, still holding the goats' mouth tightly.

He looked inside carefully. The room was small but comfortable; it had a table with two chairs in the middle, a small bed in the corner of the room, with a canopy hanging over it. Next to the bed was a desk with books, papers and dried herbs in boxes. Dried bouquets in bunches were hanging over the window and there were jars and bottles on ledges around the room.

The girl had just hacked some vegetables and put them in a cauldron over the fire. Waiting for the dinner to be ready, she took the brush from the table and started to brush her red hair, while sitting comfortable beside the fire.

Her hair was thick and very long, almost to her waist and it glowed from the flames. She had her back towards the Creature so she did not see him.

He watched, staring at her. He'd never seen anything as beautiful, watching the brush melt through those shiny strands of beautiful red hair. The Creature's hands reached out, he wanted to touch the glowing softness. But his hands couldn't reach beyond the glass of the window.

The coolness of the glass that his fingers touched lowered the temperature of the fire that was burning inside of him - and brought his mind back to reason.

Why did he torture himself like this?!

The goat, now finally released from the firm, inescapable grip of his hand, took a deep relieving breath and let out a loud bleating sound, before it ran away to hide in the dark. The creature moved away from the window in panic, while his fingerprints stayed on the glass.

She must have heard it, he thought. Well hidden in the shadows, he waited and recognized the sound of a chair being moved over the wooden floor. He heard footsteps approaching the window and crouched. The girl's face appeared behind the glass.

For a second he stopped breathing, but she only closed the curtains and went back to check on her dinner. Again, a big sigh of relief left his chest. She didn't see him. But now that the curtains were closed, he couldn't see her either. But he had to - the fire inside his body was still burning.

He had never felt anything like this before. This longing, this excitement or obsession was completely new to him. He couldn't get the vision of her long, floating red hair out of his mind. Something drove him towards the door of her house.

He didn't want to frighten her, and he was fearful himself, all he knew was he had to have another look at her. Without making the slightest sound, he pushed the door handle down...

He opened the door slightly, very carefully. Scared to make any sound, he watched her behind the door, breathless. The girl having just put her vegetables on her plate, was sitting at the table eating. With her vegetables she had a piece of bread and milk.

She closed her eyes and took a big breath of sighing relief. Relief at being filled with food after a hard day of work. The food looked delicious from the Creature's point of view but it was very little.

It seems she doesn't have much to eat, he thought. He looked around the garden, he didn't see much because of the darkness. But he saw potatoes, carrots, beans and herbs. He looks back at the girl. She was a little bit thin, not like a skeleton, her muscles on her arms were strong and slender, but she looked like she needed some extra food.

This was insane!

Why did he think such impossible and forbidden thoughts? Hadn't he learned anything from his previous attempt of human contact? Delacey had hated him despite his efforts, the man with the gun tried to shoot him because he had saved the girl's life, and the man whom he called "father" didn't want to be near him despite it was he who gave him life!

Spying over an unprotected woman who would scream if she ever saw him. She would never be his friend or companion. If he walked in while she was eating she would try to harm him with her knife or fork. She would scream, yell, and run away to fetch her people, all because of his hideous appearance which would never disappear, no matter how many clothes and dirt he covered himself with.

Though the longing was still strong, he refrained from going any further. As quiet as he entered her private space, he left it in melancholic silence.

This beautiful peaceful moment was over and he had to leave. He had to find his road again towards Switzerland, towards Genève…and towards his father: Victor Frankenstein.

The creator who owed him so much must pay for what he had done.

He had created a monster no one could or would love because they couldn't see "him" inside his sad, tortured, blue eyes.

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