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Creature and the maiden ch 33.

Now the real travel began.

They gathered up the few clothes Esther had brought with them, some knives to protect themselves and the little food they had and stashed it all in a pack.

They were ready but the pace which John and Laura travelled was unpredictable.

Some days, Laura and John could travel very fast, other days John had to rest for his injuries and they had to walk slower. Sometimes the forest could be very dark and haunting, like goblins or trolls would hide behind the trees. More often the forest would show it's brighter side by beautiful clearings, small pods, and trees big and so old that it they seemed to be there at the beginning of the world. Those trees were untouched by human hands and with the power not to be easily cut down without any force. It was no denial that the high trees and the thick bushes around them could be a little bit suffocating and scary. When there was no telling what they might find if they took a closer look, so the thickness of the woods thickness could be sometimes unbearable for them.

The days were long, tiresome, but fortunately, it was spring and the weather was getting better and better each day. It were no problem to sleep with the sky totally open to them.

But one day the weather took a sudden turn. John and Laura woke one morning to heavy rainfall. They groaned to think of travelling in such weather but they had to move.

For days, both John and Laura's` hair was plastered all over their white faces as they walked. Clothes hung on them like a second skin, drenched and weighed down with the water. Never before have they encountered such a storm and for the first time in their journey. They tried to find a cave, an old cottage or a barn- anything that it could give them a dry shelter but they weren't so lucky this time. Never so much they wanted to be somewhere warm, cozy and absolutely dry. Otherwise, the risk form pneumonia would be inescapable and their travel, especially for Laura would end.

One day and to their sharing relief, a small Inn came into view some hours later as they finally decided to walk on the bigger road instead of through the dark forest. It was late in the evening and their wet and cold bodies screamed for warmth from a fire, but Laura sensed that John was nervous about whether or not they should really enter the Inn.

"We can't stay out here any longer," Laura said shivering. "We need rest and I got some money we can use. They will think I'm a boy and I can ask them to either let us stay in their stable or perhaps one of the smaller rooms."

"But they might guess who we are," John said.

"We haven't seen one single person the whole journey and I don't think the rumours of our escape haven't reached this far…but I will go in first and look around just in case."

"Be careful Laura," John said warningly even he was tempted of the just brief seconds of warming his cold hands over a warm fire.

Laura walked in and to her relief, the inn didn't look like it received many visitors. There was a long, grimy dining table placed in the centre of the room with a low burning fire at the fireplace, and it was almost empty except for a old man with a long, grey beard who was dozing at a small table. Laura went up and gave a loud cough. Instantly, the man jerked awake and said something sleepily until he saw Laura's small form.

"Looking for a room," He asked said groggily, giving her a large jaw before he took a dirty towel and began automatically scrubbing the table.

"Yes, please. Me and my companion outside need one to rest for the night- the storm is too heavy to travel this hour."

"Yes, indeed but do you have any money?" The old man grunted.

"Yes, we have but we got a dog with us."

"The dog stays in the barn. No pets is allowed in the rooms."

She nodded and had to dig very deep in her pocket until she could give the few coins she had. One moment later, after they put poor Milton in the barn together with some water, food and a warm, dry blanket, she received the key in her hand and a small instruction which door was theirs. Discretely she guided the heavy soaked and cloaked John up to the stairs. With a raised eyebrow from the Inn-keeper as he looked John's very tall frame and perhaps a probable going to make a comment, Laura quickly guided John up, entered in to the room and shut the door behind them.

The room was small and dirty. The paint on the wall was peeling off and only a few scraps was left. Both Laura and John looked with disbelief at the one big bed that was doubtable it would fit half of John's body.

Carefully, Laura looked under the bed sheets to check if there was anything dead or alive. And she made a small sigh of relief when she found nothing and sat gently down on one of the beds.

"It's better than staying outside and catch a cold," Laura said. "I will go down and ask for some dinner. At least they can give us some bread considering how much I paid."

With hesitation, John sat down as Laura went down to get some food. The very sight of the bed had made John remember something very important and very frightening.

Laura loved John and he loved Laura but how far did their love reached?

Was this relationship only platonic or was there as possibility for something... more? John was ugly and even Laura have seen his scars, would she ever want to be near him? More than just touching and kissing? He wasn't sure.

During this awful, cold and wet journey together, Laura tried to be cheerful and talked to John about her life, the forest they were travelling through and what to do when arrived at the Frankenstein manor. John didn't say so much considering the Frankenstein family. All except for his father, who he have seen only for brief seconds but had given him a huge and memorial impact. He had no idea of Victor's other family members so he let Laura just continue with her monologue and just nod or say "Yes, of course," which Laura soon had started to notice too.

Of course, he wished that her wishes and promises of future hope might be true, but his mind wasn't sure.

And now in this Inn, in a small, dirty but warm room with a decent double bed, he wondered when it would be the next time they had a roof under their heads.

Their dinner, which was only warm soup and dry bread went swiftly but awkward as both of sat on each side of the bed. Laura couldn't quite understand why John was being so silent. After changing her clothes to dry ones behind John's back, Laura turned towards John and noticed he still wasn't even looking at her.

"John? Are you alright," Laura asked as she moved forward to him, gently grasped his hand and tried lifting his face to hers. "You haven been so silent and so distant." Slowly, John made eye contact with her and saw her genuine concern.

"I just… d-do you really want… You're really sure you know what you're doing?"

Laura stared at him confused. "I'm sure of what?"

John sighed, "I follow you whatever you wish to go. If you wish to go to Marseille we go there, if you wish to go to your father's family we do it but...I have no good illusions of what might come."

After what he have been treated at the prison, he feared that it might happen again if they ever reached Geneva. He thanked that the town still was very far away and hard to reach- a road only him and Laura traveled together. Being together and even he would never admit openly to Laura: he enjoyed the dark, cold days because it meant she had to be close to him during the cold nights, using their own bodies for warmth. In Laura's mind it was only practical and platonic, but for John, it was much more and he really didn't wish to end it. And every day, he started to dread the ending of their journey. Will their future even be a roof over their heads or just travelling? Always travelling with no destination or home? Would Laura really want that?

They were silent for another moment, Laura now staring down at their clasped hands and he followed her gaze. For a moment he marveled at how perfectly her hands was compared to his ugly, big ones.

Then Laura embraced John and hugged him tightly. "Everything is going to be alright, I'm sure of it. Don't be afraid of the Frankenstein's family. They might give us the protection we need and perhaps have a clue where to find my father. What happened back there will never happen again. I wont allow it."

John smiled sadly and spoke, "And if they won't help us? That my "father" won't like to meet his "returning son"? He would deny everything considering what he have done. Creating life from a dead corpse."

"If he refused to tell them who you are, we won't tell them either," Laura said with a determined tone. "I don't know how we should explain about your appearance but he won't get away with this."

"We would tell them that my face was destroyed by accident and it was Victor's fault. That he won't pay for his crimes for what he did to me," John said bitterly, without thinking fingering his scar over his chest.

Laura leaned against John's shoulder and sighed, "A white lie?"

"Easier to swallow until we can tell them the true story," John said. "Bringing life back to the death is a little bit too much don't you think? They will put me in a madhouse and then a circus."

"You will not end there," she said in a soft but stern voice. "Except Victor, I know them to be both sweet and caring, we might, just at the beginning, tell them a 'white lie' until they are ready. Not for Victor but for all of us until the time is ready."

John looked at her, his eyes so beautifully blue and so full of emotions, "Your optimism is like a cold," he said, almost helplessly. "So easily to catch but we shall do it."

Suddenly, they heard several men burst into the Inn, and the innkeeper hailed them. There was an exchange of greetings and some laughter went around that was easily heard from their room.

They were silent for a moment then corners of Laura's lips stretched into a half-smile. "To brighten this gloomy mood a little bit I will sing you a song. In exchange, you tell me a story. Any story of your choosing, I think the least we deserve is something to remind us of the goodness of the world."

John's face brightened up a bit but then his face turned sad. "I don't know any stories but do I get to pick the song?"

"Yes, of course."

"I would like to hear the song you sang at the river."

Laura gave him a confused look.

"When was that?"

"During last autumn and it sounded like this," John hummed the song and Laura recognized it and smiled cheerfully at him. "It's been a while but I will happily sing it again, but remember keep in mind that my voice is a little bit rusty."

When she finally started to sing with a low tone, John dared not to look at her. His eyes were closed, and his lips curled into a smile as her voice lifted their spirits and the atmosphere.

When the song ended John opened up his eyes again and smiled at her.

"It's a song that has always meant a lot to me." Laura crossed her arms and sighed. She paused a moment, gathering her courage. "I suppose it's a little bit... improper to ask if this was the song that lured you to the river? Like a Siren in a folktale."

"What's a Siren?"

Blushing, she didn't answer his question. She seemed very intrigued by the floor as she lowered her gaze to it. "Do you wish to hear another song?"

John smiled tenderly at her. "I would love that."

Laura began again with a new song. This time it's was a romantic one about a couple who has been departed for a long time with the sea keeping them apart but their love for each other still keep them alive and yearning. This song was a little bit different from the other one: that was sweet but sad. The way she sang it was low, yearning and longing. She had been standing on the centre on the room as she sang the other song. Doing some playful swirling and dancing to brighten the mood before. For this one song, however, she had her eyes on John, her stare intense and filled with more love she had ever given him before. John, still sitting on the bed, blushed of the theme of the song and Laura's intense stare, but he keep his eyes on hers. She was, at the moment, the very centre of his world. Her voice was sweet, lovely, and so intimate that, without he noticing it, Laura moved closer and closer to him that for one second of back to the reality he was shocked to find Laura suddenly far too close to him, their faces mere inches apart.

"Upstairs, the first room to your left," the owner of the Inn drawled as he gave a old, greasy key to his two new guests, a old man and his much younger companion, and resumed his odd habit to take another sip from his bottle.

"How thoughtful," The young man at the front of the desk muttered.

"You can't get through the forest at this time of hour. It's too dangerous," The Innkeeper said as he took another sip, "But do whatever you like. People disappear there often enough. Wouldn't be any questions if you did."

"A room for the night sounds perfect," The older man said and gave the Innkeeper the money. "One without any lice please and it's alright for us. What do you say, Victor?"

"Prepare a hot meal for us so we can warm our cold bones." The name who called himself Victor Frankenstein said as he removed his wet coat and hat.

"Right away, sir. I already warmed up some soup for my other guests," The Innkeeper said as he nodded towards a bunch of men sitting around the chair in the corner of the Inn. "Rough night and sour people."

"I really hope there aren't a bunch of unmarked graves somewhere in the garden," Victor said. "I don't believe in fairytales about trolls, fairies, or ogres running around the forest to kill travellers and eat them."

"I believe more in robbers and wild animals and this is not a weather to camp. Let us rest and go away early," James said and walked towards the fire to get some warmth through his body.

"This Inn is the worst so far. It would probably have no clean sheets and tons of bugs in the beds," Victor said sourly.

"Maybe it looks better upstairs," James said with a sigh. "As long we get warms sheets and beds, I'm happy and it just a few hours."

"Just let us hope it will be very fast hours," Victor muttered as he took their packages before and they headed up to the second floor. "The faster we reach our destination the better- so we might finally end it."

His body froze. He couldn't move as Laura suddenly moved her body and then strangled her legs over his lower body and clasped her arms around his neck.

"Laura-," he tried to whisper, only to be cut off as Laura leaned forward, closing the space between them, and pressed her lips to his. Her lips warm, her tongue wet and it felt his heart was going to fly away from his chest.

Then Laura pulled back, eyelids heavy as she looked at him. John's cheeks bore a heady flush and his breath was ragged with both trembling and desire.

It had been a short kiss, that lasted only couple of seconds but it was fantastic and John wanted more.

"Do you want me to stop," Laura asked in a husky voice, clearly in the same hot, wild emotions like him "If you only wish-"

"No...," John whispered breathlessly. "I want to but I was more afraid that you didn't."

"But I do. Really do. Don't ever doubt it." Laura said breathlessly.

And reading his thoughts, Laura took his hand she slowly moved it under her white shirt, guiding it and let his big palm cup one of her breasts. He didn't go unnoticed of her red cheeks and her green eyes that now had a shy but desired look. She was not used to make this imitated affection but the instincts guided her. Johns` hand felt the roundness of her breast- it was warm and so soft and fingers could fell her stiff nipple. He couldn't help but to make a small groan and feeling his pant's to be a little bit to tight right now.

Then John didn't even think. His body moved of it's own accord, this time moving Laura's body down to the bed. With her back on the bed and her legs almost encircling his hips, he surged forward and pressing his lips to hers again. He saw her eyes widen with surprise, before snapping shut as she reached up and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. John could feel his heart beat vibrating throughout her entire body. While still kissing he felt how Laura started to tug and remove and along with his help, layer after layer of his worn-out coat, shawl and a old brown shirt to give extra warmth and tossed them to the floor, leaving only his white shirt and black pants on. Letting him feel more like a man than a rugged animal.

Then it was Lauras`s turn. John pulled away and yanked her shirt up over her head, showing her pale breasts and belly to him beforetossing the cloth across the room. He then lowered her onto her back, straddling her body wearing nothing but his shirt and pants and he began to kiss a trail down her neck and down to her breasts.

Feeling his black hair locks and warm lips touching her skin, Laura couldn't help but to make a small groan and starting to tremble as his mouth kissed her lower belly, between the hills of her breasts, her nipples then up her throat. Making Lauras`s toes curled and her spine arched towards him in shameless abandon.

The shame was at long gone. It was so wonderful and beautiful- none of them never thought anything this physical could feel this amazing! Laura couldn't felt a burst of smugness and affection for John at that moment; knowing she was directly responsible for his shaken condition.

She belonged to him now, and he belonged to her. In the eyes of whatever God, Goddess or whatever being who wished to rule this earth, they were as good as married. None will ever keep them apart.

Carefully, Laura placed her arms around John and tugged and was rewarded with his immediate attention and another inch or two pressing them further them together. Then with a big, lazy smile, she laid passively on the bed, allowing him to explore her as much she explored his. She tracing her fingers over his large scar that covering his grey chest and throat, moving up to kiss the very centre of his throat. Getting a low moaning response from John before he grabbed her buttocks, positioned her legs to wrap around his waist, then started to unbuttoning the last pieces of their clothes.

"This is the beginning."