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Chapter two: Too easy of a mission

Getting there was no problem for her. She was a smart girl and could handle anything thrown at her but Konoha was something else. It was crowded and the weather? Sunny and beautiful inviting all to came and stay and listen to the birds sing and the sakura tree's talk to you through the wind showering you with their pink pedals all around.

The people all seemed too friendly and it almost made it awkward for strangers to come and visit. Getting around to a hotel was not a problem either. It was like a country on one side and then a small city state crowded with business people on the other.

When you work as an assassin all the small stuff is taken care of for you by the people that you're working for, and they really want you to feel at home or so it seemed that way when TenTen walked into the lobby of the hotel that she would be staying at.

It was of high class and was designed elegantly with all black and white furniture. It fit something out of a fairy tale book. Huge and beautiful filled with well dressed people who looked happy to be there.

The thing that caught most guest's attention was the green marbled water fountain that was keep inside,layered like a cake and spitting blue crystal clear water out from many different gold watered pipes made to look like arrows. It was nothing like what she ever saw.

It was located in the center of the hotel and was surrounded with statues of gold angels, angels who seemed to be crying. It seemed sad and happy at the same time, almost trapping you in a small world where sadness is all around making you wander almost yearn to know why they were crying with just one good look at them.

She was at a haze almost a transition if you will but it didn't matter because that was when she saw him, even through the running water there he was and he was looking right at her...

Neji Hyuuga who was the target was standing less then thirty yards from her and she for the first time didn't know what to do. It was as if all the people around them weren't even there and the only thing that stood between them was that water fountain.

When he looked into her eye's she felt like she had to look away from him but couldn't bring herself to do it. There was something she felt when she looked into his eye's as if he was trying to lure her in. Just as quick as that moment happened it passed. Both he and TenTen looked away upon hearing his name being called, bringing them back to the filled hotel lobby.

"Neji, hey over here!" waved a pink haired girl. She seemed to be on good terms with him seeing that she came up to him and hugged him.

TenTen watched as they walked away together out of the hotel to the busy streets of outside trying to shake off that feeling she had but seeing them walk away like that made her feel almost lonely for the first time in a long, long, time in her life.

She was anxious and excited at the same time. Even now as she looked at herself in the mirror of the red dressing room. She wasn't sure if she liked the dress. Whether it complimented her body figure or not, or whether or not it would give him, Neji a second look at her. She posed for a few moment in front of the mirror before deciding to go out .

"Well, what do you guy's think?" she asked the small audience sitting before her.

"Let me see….. Turn around.." commanded Ino from the white suede sofa.

At once she slowly spun around. When she saw the expressions on their faces she knew that the dress was a keeper.

" And the open back part of the dress is a classy touch." Ino said analyzing the back of the dress.

"I-It's perfect for the grand ball tonight and just in time too." Hinata squealed.

"Yeah and it's a miracle that for the first time in a long time Neji is finally attending. You better make sure you have security there at the Hyuuga mansion Hinata seeing that how everyone's going to want to be next to him, well girls at least." joked Ino.

Sukura was grateful for the good praises form her friends and she hoped that t hey were right about it.

Maybe she would have paid more attention to what her friends were talking about instead of looking at the girl in the pink shirt who was going through the dress rackets who seemed to be grinning in a pleasing way as if something satisfied her but it wasn't the cloths but at her she was looking at before she picked up a black dress a few accessories for the dress and walked away to the other end.

TenTen was pretty pleased now. This information was more then useful and it was free of price at that.

She quickly made her way to the counter and gave the woman there her items.

"Going to the grand ball tonight too?" smiled the clerk.

"With honor" TenTen smiled back.

"Great choice of dress. This open legged dress was the only one left and you seem to be the lucky one to get it. I'm sure you'll look stunning" complimented the young woman handing over the black shopping bags to TenTen .

"I'm pretty sure Neji's going to die when he sees me" TenTen smirked before dropping the money on the counter and leaving the woman with slight confusion on what she meant.

"So your really going to go this time?" Sasuke asked Neji who was punching a punching back right beside him.

" I think after three years of missing the grand ball it should be….. Interesting. Hundreds of strangers don't exactly grab my interest but I have a feeling that going tonight will not be in vain." Neji answered in huff's as he punched the bag with his gentle fist.

"Whatever you say. I'll see you there then I have to get and get ready" Sasuke announced before leaving the gym.

Neji left not to long before Sasuke and took his normal route in his car to his home. On the way there he saw that girl. She was carrying shopping bags and didn't seem to notice that he was not so far from her. That girl who looked at him with the saddest eye's he'd ever seen. It had told him of the saddest pain and she hadn't looked away that time and seeing her now he wanted to talk with her but didn't.

When entering the huge mansion Andrea a house servant came to him holding a black long bag.

"Master Neji, this came for you today. Your uncle said that it should fit and he'll wait to see you at the ball tonight." Andrea informed the young prince.

"Thanks. I'll take it." was all he said before taking the black bag and heading up to his room. Passing through the halls he saw the party planners decorating the mansion with black and white balloons , and setting other things up as well. He almost felt sad. The place was filled with people but at the same time it was as if no one was in that house except him. The same way he felt when he saw her in the lobby.

At her hotel TenTen smiled upon looking at her newly purchased couture item and thinking about the information she had learned about the Hyuuga. She slipped into the shower and after drying off she started to get ready. The Black dress fit perfectly and had a opening on the right side of her leg exposing a big portion of her right leg. Seeing the opening was great being that she could hide a weapons bag that had knives and kunai knives strapped all around with paper bomb explosions. The halter top was perfect seeing that a necklace was not needed to cover her neck. Usually dresses made her feel uncomfortable but the silk made the dress perfect. Her high heels were not to comfortable but that didn't really come of as a surprise seeing that with the strap it still wasn't really comfortable to walk in them but the long black silk dress did a great job of covering her lower ankles in case they were to get red from irritation. She took another look at herself in her suite and smiled. She would have tons of fun tonight. This was an easy mission. Too much of an easy mission.

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