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chapter 3: how it wrong...

Getting in ...? No problem for her at all. There were so many guests waiting outside by the time she got there that they were just letting everyone who was dressed right inside to the now public affair. When she got inside the castle sized mansion she was catered in by a waiter offering her multiple things at once.

"No thanks. I was just wondering if you can show me to where the garden is." she smiled.

"Uhhhh sure..." came the uneasy answer from the waiter who looked confused.

Upon getting the directions that she need TenTen gladly followed them as she headed toward the back of the mansion.

From high above the grand stair case he watched her. He was wondering what she was doing here as he watched her walk toward the back of the mansion away from the rest of the guests. He already knew where she was going but he wasn't sure why she was going there. He raised an eyebrow before turning around walking away from the ball and heading the same direction as her.

Just what she had expected. A huge garden at the back of the mansion decorated like a maze with it's high dark green bushes and gardens of different flowers all around.

She smiled and walked down the flight of side concrete stairs slowly pacing herself. She was enjoying the moons lighting of the garden and the way the fire flies lit the air with their green lights and felt it almost a shame that it would be gone n less then two hours. She walked through the maze looking for the perfect spot as if she knew the maze's path by heart. Within a couple of minutes she found her spot.

She bent down on the green soft grass and opened her black rhinestone clutch bag. She took out a piece of string and tied it around the opened of two kunai knives. She stabbed the knives into the dirt with a foot of space between them. She then took out seven paper bombs and hid them inside the bush wall arranged in a circle. In the center she placed an explosive bomb that had the power of eighteen bombs put together.

Under the sting of the knives she put a small bomb and set the timing to forty-five minutes to self explode. (The sting was set in case anyone stepped on the bomb it would automatically be set off).

Once she was done TenTen took out her cell phone and dialed Temari.

"Where are you?" came the questioning calm confident voice through the phone.

"I'm standing out side in the garden right now. It's all set to take place in forty-four minutes" TenTen explained.

"Good...come back once it's all cleared off. Got it?" Temari instructed.

"Right" TenTen nodded.

"One more thing..."

"Did anyone see you go to the garden or did you speak to anyone about going to the garden?" Temari questioned after a brief silence.

"Crap! Only one person. It was a waiter. She's the only one that knows I'm here."

"hurry up and kill her too after. There cant be any witnesses of ANY sort." Temari ordered.

"You don't have to tell me that.." TenTen said in a know-it-all tone before hanging up the phone.

"right..." she said to herself before walking back inside the mansion to look for the girl.

She was halfway to the stairs before she quickly took out a kunai and flung it behind her. It hit the roof of the mansion and she didn't see anyone there but wasn't 100 percent sure that someone had been there at all. She shook the feeling of unease off and continued on her way.

From the dark corner high up on the roof of the mansion came Neji with a glare at the back of the girl.

She was good. He thought that he wouldn't be sensed and yet she had aimed perfectly without even turning around. She was a serious enemy not to be taken lightly.

He looked two inches to his side where the kunai was stabbed into the wall hard. It seemed that she had a secret department of weapons strapped onto her leg from the inside of her dress. He smirked to himself before jumping down to where she had planted whatever she had planted.

He took a good look around the area a few inches away from her exact couldn't detect any chakra from anywhere and proceeded cautiously squinting his eyes to make sure he wasn't missing something small and dangerous.

He took a step between two kunai's but quickly noticed a small string going across both of them. He drew back his foot and bent down beside it. He saw a red light and quickly noticed the time read on it. Thirty eight minutes left until it detonated.

Neji carefully picked up the bomb and jumped from branch to branch all the way deep into the pitch black forest looking for some sort of disposal area. He seemed to run forever in the darkness before he found a river.

He quickly threw the bomb as hard and far away as he could before turning back.

"Now to look for her..." he thought to himself ...


TenTen walked back into the mansion. It seemed that everyone was enjoying themselves at this ball. She ignored the harp music player and walked around to look for the waiter which looked like it would take some time seeing that there were many guests at this ball.

Sakura loosened her eyebrows the way she always did when she was worried about something.

"Sakura... are you alright?" asked Hinata.

"yeah. I'm alright. It's just that I thought Neji might finally come to his own families ball." Sakura quickly changed the expression on her face and her tone.

She didnt want to admit that she was upset that Neji wasn't there especially not to his cousin.

"I'm sure he'll come" Hinata tried to reassure her friend.

"yeah" sakura fake laughed to reassure Hinata it was really nothing.

She continued to look around the people at the ball. They all seemed to be having fun and enjoying other's companies.

She stopped short when she saw her.

The same girl that she had seen at the hotel and at the couture shop, but what was she doing here? Had Neji invited her?

Sakura didn't know what to think. Should she feel threatened? Should she not even care? What was she to Neji? Did he even know her at all?

All kinds of questions raced through her mind at the sight of that girl. She felt herself freeze when she realized that she was looking right back at her almost mockingly and then it felt like a cold slap to her face when she saw her smirk as if making fun of her.

Sakura didn't know what to do and quickly looked away to the other direction.

Hinata seemed to notice the weird reaction of her friend and was staring to worry.

"Are you alright? What's the matter?" she asked concerned but Sakura quickly walked away.

"So there she is..." TenTen thought to herself upon seeing the same female waitress who had given her the directions.

She started to make her way to her when she felt a hand pull her back by the arm.

"Please be seated now. The Hyuuga's will make a speech and all guests are to be seated." came the voice of a male waiter smiling at her politely.

"How many to be seated?" he asked.

"Just one" TenTen hesitated to answer.

"Please follow me then miss." he instructed letting her arm go.

Tenten walked through a huge crowd of guests and some seemed to also be led to a table.

The table that she was taken to was meant to be seated for two not one.

"I said a table for one." TenTen corrected the waiter with a questioning look on her face.

"The note on this card says otherwise." the waiter informed her taking out a small white folded paper.

TenTen didn't bother to protest and took her seat after thanking the waiter.

There was a white candle placed in the middle of the white clothed table and red rose pedals scattered all around. There were no utencils or plate settings and she assumed that there food would be brought to them.

She was snapped out of her food thoughts when the chandelier lights dimmed and a white bright light came from the top of the stair case. It seemed to be the head family seeing that everyone started clapping for him once they saw him.

She decided to follow along and clapped with a bored expression.

"Good evening and welcome to the Hyuuga annual grand all black ball" started the head man after the applause died down. He was wearing a black and white tuxedo and holding a cane but it didn't seem like he needed to at all. At his two sides there were two younger girls wearing black dresses. They seemed to be his daughters.

"As you all may have heard by now, my nephew Neji Hyuuga will finally be making his grand appearance for the first time in about three years." he continued looking all around the mansion dinning hall.

"We are very grateful to see so many of our acquaintances here tonight."

"and we wish that everyone enjoys them selves here tonight" both daughters took turns to say and bowed at the same time.

"And we wish to reintroduce our dearest cousin for those off you that haven't met him yet." the said in union and held out there hands to point to the other side of the stairs.

A light came on and there appeared Neji barely smiling wearing his tuxedo.

"Thank you all and it is an honor to be here tonight for the first time in three years." he lied trying to sound sincere.

Upon seeing him TenTen felt a little shock go through her especially when she realized that he was looking right at her.

She wanted to move away from his eyes but he had that look that kept you trapt in his eyes.

After the small introduction and speech was done with Neji stepped down and was stormed with guests all being female wanting to greet and meet him.

Those that were done with meeting him continued on to eat while they watched the dance floor which quickly filled up couples. Some even invited Neji to dance with them but he politely refused them.

TenTen made sure to keep her eyes on him incase anything went wrong with the bomb explosion.

After some time he seemed to have left with his uncle. TenTen didnt know what to do. She was alone at the party and with nothing to do but that changed when the pink headed girl came over to her. She seemed pissed off too.

"What are you doing here?" she quickly lashed out at TenTen slapping her hands down on the white table opposite side from where TenTen was sitting.

She only smiled to her self. Finally, she could fight a bitch without being blamed for it.

TenTen rested her head on her right palm and picked up a rose pedal with the other and examined it.

"Either way, what does it matter to you?" TenTen answered bored and flung the pedal towards Sakura and looked up at her with a small know-it-all smile.

"Don't give me that. I said what are you doing here? Who actually invited you?" Sakura was getting louder this time and she seemed really pissed off now.

"Why don't you leave? Go away shoo. And just like Neji I really don't want to see you in my face like this. Leave now or else bitch" TenTen warned slowly sitting up.

"At once hearing that come from her mouth Sakura instantly reacted and drew her hand back and swung it forward.

"Sakura. I really wish you wouldn't." came the voice of non other then Neji Hyuuga who was holding Sakura's arm in his hand mid air shaking his head disapprovingly.

"Neji..." was all Sakura said in a sorry sad voice. She couldnt bring herself to look at him. She felt bad for letting a girl get on her bad side. She couldn't help but feel angry seeing that she was so good looking and that Neji might be more then a friend to her.

"If it's alright with you would you please leave this guest alone?" was all replied looking from TenTen back to Sakura.

She didn't say anything except turn to leave fast to her own table.

"There really was no need for that." TenTen fake smiled

"Cut the acting." Neji said harshly.

That took TenTen back for a minute but then smirked. It seemed that he had caught on but she didn't want to blow up her own spot so she went along with it.

"Your friend needs to be careful. She doesn't know who she's getting involved with." TenTen warned with a serious tone. She got up and walked passed by him but he stopped her short with a hard pull on her wrist and turned her to face him.

"come." he stated

"Where going to dance."

"I don't think so" she said pulling her arm back but it was no use he had a strong grip on it.

"I didn't ask if you wanted to." he pulled her closer to him.

TenTen smirked. She liked the way he was in such demand.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her along the way to the dance floor where she got many dirty and surprised looks from all sorts of fan girls.

Neji quickly let her hand go when they arrived at the spot and turned to face her.

"wair here" he told her before heading over to the orchestra band and whispering something to the leader.

TenTen started to slowly move away but bumped into a wall with a mirror on it. Before she knew it there came the palm of Neji slamming right next to her shoulder almost as if he had cornered her.

He forcefully grabbed her arm and then held her close to him.

A new song came on and they were soon dancing chest to chest arm in arm.

"Nice song. What is it?" was all she could say.

"Assassin's tango. Doesn't it remind you of someone?" he answered.

TenTen thought someone slapped her upon hearing that.

"So how did you find out?" she smirked lowering her head.

"Seeing you around for the first time and not knowing who you were arose some suspicion but after following you to the garden it seemed perfectly clear to me what you were up to." Neji explained slowly dancing with her.

"I see..."

"Now tell me, what do you want here? Who is your target?"

"I'm an assassin, that's all you need to know"

With that Neji turned and dipped her quickly. When she was back up he slammed her hard against the wall with the mirror. She could feel under the pressure that it broke but couldn't do anything. He had a strong hold on her.

"Do you plan to beat the truth out of me?"

"Who knows."

She laughed to herself and sighed. She quickly pressed a button the was hidden in her hair. It would set off the bomb ahead of time but when she heard no explosion she froze. She could feel as his hands move from her waist to her open leg. Soon she felt a small pressure loosen on her leg.

"Ive got to go to the bathroom." she lied as he finally released her.

TenTen quickly left slipping her hand out of his now soft hold on her and ran up the stairs.

She ran inside the bathroom and started breathing hard.

She couldn't believe that she might actually fail this time.

She saw a window and made sure no one saw her when she climbed out of it. It led her to the garden.

She quickly found her way to where the bomb was hidden.

She examined carefully but found that her explosive device was no longer there.

"Perfect" she told her self out of shock.

"What your looking for isn't there." came the voice of Neji.

TenTen looked up angrily. He seemed please with himself.

He quickly picked his foot up and kicked her in the face. She quickly blocked her face but was sent about ten feet into mid air.

She stood up and wiped her mouth with a smirk and reached for her leg but felt nothing.

She looked up at him and he threw her weapons bag on the floor as if it were trash to him.

She only smiled more.

"Are you going to fight me now?" she asked.

He ran up to her and it began.

His palm seemed to glow blue but that didn't stop them from fighting.

He threw a punch and she quickly blocked. A kick and he grabbed her foot and he turned it into slamming her to the floor.

The fight went on for several minutes. She started to notice that every time he hit her it seemed to numb her body.

Several minutes went on with bodies hitting the floor, punches, kicks, blocks and blows to the arms or legs.

TenTen was on the floor breathing hard and bleeding from the side of her lip. She rested her body weight on her small shoulder since she couldn't get up fully. Her legs felt useless now.

He seemed perfectly fine only a few scratches she had managed to get in. He walked up to her and she didn't know what he was going to do next. Probably finish her off permanently.

Almost as if to welcome her to death thunder struck and heavy rain came from the sky wetting them both to no end.

She continued to breath hard and sighed to herself, was this how she was going to die? she wondered to herself.

He bent down next to her and it seemed that he was about to snap her neck or knock her out but that wasn't it, it wasn't it at all.

What he did and why he did it would never be explained but when he gently took her face in his arms she tightly closed her eyes and felt as he brought her face next to his and started to kiss her in the rain.

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