Disclaimer- I do not own Zatch Bell

Disclaimer- I do not own Zatch Bell

On That Day



That day changed my life.

For it was on that day that I received a great gift.

A gift that I shall treasure forever.

On that day He came.

He came to help me.

At first I didn't I want him.

I wished for him to go away, but he stayed.

No matter what he would always be there, for me.

Though I didn't tell him at first, I was grateful.

Then I was told of an event that he had to take place in.

He needed me.

Just as I needed him.

We did the event together.

It was long and hard.

The longer it went on, the stronger we became.

In the end we won.

We won it together.

After that we had to part ways.

I didn't want to say goodbye, but we had to.

I shall never forget him.

I shall never forget all that we've been through.

I shall never forget that day.

For it was on that day I received that greatest gift that I could ask for.

A friend.

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