Well, here I am! My other little group of drabbles, These Five Senses, was doing really well, so I thought I'd give these themes a try. I plan to upload one drabble a day, and if I miss any, it'll be made up the next time that I update. Also, I don't have a set length I'm going for, so some of these will be longer and some of these will be shorter.

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001 - Savings Box

Alphonse always returned from his nightly walk to find that his brother had been up in the night. The lights would be on, forgotten as the elder Elric dozed on the bed. At his side, a small wooden box lay open, several folded papers carefully tucked away inside with still more scattered around it. Edward's left arm had worked its way beneath his shirt, leaving several inches of his abdomen exposed. His automail hand was draped across his chest, one of the papers clutched between the metal fingers.

Alphonse knew the letters well enough, each one was graced with small, curvy handwriting that was so familiar. They all held an I miss you or a Don't do something stupid, I want you to come home again. Silently, he folded the letters, gently replacing them in the box. Setting it aside, he tugged the last one from his brother's grasp.

Edward always fell asleep with the same letter. It wasn't really any different than the others, it held just a few short lines of worry and concern. The only noticeable difference was the way it had been signed: Love, Winry.

Alphonse knew why he always found his brother this way, why he refused to talk about it, even after he awoke to find his mess cleared away. It was because it hurt being away and he couldn't wait to go home again, because there's nothing in the world like knowing someone is waiting for you.