100 - 365 Days

Winry squeaked, the bowl in her hands slipping to splash into the soapy dishwater she had been staring into. She laughed and brought her hands down to press them against the pair pulling at the hem of her shirt. Warm, flesh fingertips and cold steel ones brushed gently across the skin of her navel. "Well, you're pretty affectionate today, aren't you?" She smiled, feeling his lips against her neck as he kissed her. Edward pressed himself against her from behind, causing her to push against the sink and counter. Winry felt a small shiver as he allowed his hands to slide to her hips, one of his fingers slipping in at the waist of her jeans.

"Know what today is, Win?" he purred, earning himself another small shiver.


"Today is exactly..." he paused briefly, pretending to calculate in his head. "Three hundred and sixty five days since I finally got to come home for good."

"Feels like a whole lot longer," she teased, smirking as she glanced over her shoulder at him. Edward pouted back at her.

"I was going to see if you wanted to celebrate with me. I can tell you don't really care, though."

"Ed, you know I do." Winry twisted herself against him, turning so she could face him and weave her fingers into his soft hair. She was glad he hadn't braided it yet, despite it being late afternoon. "I wonder...how is it you're planning on celebrating?"

"You could just let me show you." He didn't wait for an answer, smiling as he kissed her. It was deep, gently probing as a familiar dizziness swept over her. After all the time they'd been together, she loved that he could still make her head spin. Edward released her before pulling her close again and brushing his lips across the line of her jaw. Absently, Winry's fingers continued to tangle into his hair.

"I'm pretty sure I'd love it if you did," she breathed. She freed a hand to let it trail along his neck and shoulder. "You should remember, though, that we won't be the only ones celebrating today." He stiffened against her, leaning away to look her in the face.

"You're right..."

"I'm right."

"We should probably be doing this somewhere else. They'll be home soon." Winry grinned and kissed him lightly on the corner of his mouth. Easily, he lifted her into his arms, leaving the chore she'd been doing forgotten as they climbed the stairway, locked into each other's arms.

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