"Oh- that cannot possibly be right."

"What's going on, elf?" Bobby heard Logan ask. Curious, he followed their voices into the briefing room.

"What's up, guys?" He asked.

"Bobby, this- you were making a joke, ja?" Kurt pleaded, gesturing with his tail to the screen behind him.

Bobby grimaced at the sight of his last mission debriefing. "Uh, Kurt-" he began.

"Tell me you didn't, Bobby."

Logan spoke up, bemused. "Damn, Drake. I knew you had shit taste in women, but hell."

"It-" Bobby tried, "I, uh-"

"Bobby, you-" Kurt searched for the right words. "You- you-"

"Motherfucker?" Logan supplied.

"GAH!" With a yell and a burst a sulfurous smoke, Kurt teleported from the room.

Bobby sat down heavily and dropped his head onto the table. "Not funny, Wolverine."