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"This" means that they're speaking in Tamaran and is used for whispering; you'll know the difference, and this is when they're thinking.

Your Reason Why

Chapter 1 - Both Worlds


"Master Richard."

dreadful hangover

"Master Richard, wake up."


"Master Richard, get up!"

Ugh. "I'm up!"

"Mater Bruce wants you down for breakfast in five minutes." said Alfred, his butler already irritated. "Master Richard did you heard me?"

"Yeah Alfred, thanks…" Stupid club, stupid alcohol side effects, stupid headache, stupid dream, stupid dancing peanut. Ugh. Stupid meeting at two o'clock.

25 year old Richard "Dick" Grayson got up from bed with a headache, in a bad mood, and thirty or more dollars less than the night before that he had spend on drinks…once again. He was not feeling good and didn't care.

Whenever he could, that is, when Bruce wasn't around or crime was slow, he and his friends would go to a club, and get drunk. Usually gold diggers were trying to get him drunk and he would try to forget about work…and her.

That's how it used to be, but now it was different he forgot about her a long time ago. Now he would just go to have fun, get drunk, and if he was in a good mood, he would try to get lucky…but he didn't need luck or to try.

He would just hook up with some woman, that wasn't easy with men, would work his charm on her and spend the night with her, then leave the next morning without saying a word. He didn't like how he used woman like that, but then again…he didn't care. He didn't do this often but when he did he was a real jerk…and he knew that.

Wearing his usual attire for work: a suit, but with no jacket, no tie, and a half way button up white long sleeve shirt, with black shoes, and spiked up hair; he went down for breakfast.

"Good Morning Richard." said an indignant Bruce.

"Ugh, morning."

"I assume you haven't looked at the paper tod–"

"Not so loud, Bruce"


"Let me guess, you saw the paper, front page: 'PLAYBOY RICHARD DICK GRAYSON SCORES AGAIN!' Heh, haven't we been through this before?"

"Richard, I'm serious. How do you expect me to believe you're ready to run my company? You're 25! So start acting like it!"

"Here we go again…"

"It has been six years. Get over it! Ko–"

"This has nothing to do with her!"

"You're acting like it is!" Bruce said standing up, "Look, just make sure you're there for the meeting at two, and don't be late this time!" He said heading towards the door.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll be there…" Richard stood up to see if Bruce was gone, "…but…I never said I'll be there on time." A smirk formed upon Richard's face.


Just outside a brownish-yellowish steel tall door, a strong build old man stood waiting. He, not looking old at all, had red-orange hair and on his eye there was his greatest battle scar. He was wearing a silver crown, so anyone who saw him could tell he was the king of Tamaran. As he stood there waiting, you could tell he was inpatient with whatever or whoever was at the other side of the door.

"Emperor Galfore?"

"Doctor, is she alright?" said the now anxious old man.

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that Princess Koriand'r is in a deep rare coma. Not many of our kind have awakened from it…" said the royal family's trusted doctor.

"X'hal" That was all he could say.

"Tell me, did her injuries happen during the war? Thank X'hal it's over now."

"I'm afraid so. I should've kept her away from it all, but she wanted to fight…she wanted to…protect her daughter.

"Then it would probably be best to inform her husband right away."

"Yes, I suppose. Poor Mariand'r."

"By the way, where is he? I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him. I'm sorry it has to be on such a terrible occasion. Is he with his daughter?"

"I'm afraid not .Koriand'r is not marry. The girl's father is human, from Earth. He's not with them."

"Human? Who would leave the princess!? No wonder the girl is…a little strange."

"She's the Princess' daughter!"

"Right, my apologize your majesty!"

"I don't blame you, the girl is wonderful, but the father is just…a shame, a disgrace. But tell me is there the slightest chance that Koriand'r will awaken?"

"I'm afraid not…"


"Uncle Ryan, when will I see my mommy again?" said a little six girl old girl to his 20 year old uncle. He looked strong, enraged, and yet he was very compassionate with the girl in front of him. He had red-orange hair, which went down to his shoulders; he was wearing a Tamaran purple and silver-like sleeveless outfit. He bent down to meet his niece's height.

"Mommy will be ok, don't worry." He said holding her in a tight embrace as the little girl quietly cried. She was short and had dark black hair that went up to her shoulders, it was in a half pony tail and it was curled. Her green emerald eyes were cover in tears, and she was wearing a Tamaran purple puffy 'royal' dress.

"Ryand'r…" said Galfore as he came in from the door. "Oh, how is she doing?" he said referring to Mari, for he knew she hardly neither spoke nor understood that much Tamaran.

"She's starting to ask questions again…about her mother." Ryand'r said as he picked up Mariand'r who was now wiping her tears. "How is Koriand'r?" He heard a sigh from Galfore. "Mari, why don't you look for your aunt, she's probably up stairs. Tell her it's almost time to eat, ok?"

"Ok, excuse me Grandpa Galfore, excuse me Uncle Ryan." Mariand'r said excusing herself. She ran-flew to the door and went looking for her aunt.

"Is she badly hurt? Will she be okay?" said the now concerned Ryand'r for his sister.

"She's in a coma…Jerflirx Coma."

"But lots of people wake up from that co–"

"Not from Tamaran and when they do, it's only a miracle."

"But if she doesn't wake up soon…she'll…"

"Die. I know." A sadder expression formed on Galfore's face.

"I knew I should've stopped her from fighting…but she was being stubborn…and I just…"

"Don't blame yourself. All we can do is hope she'll wake up soon…for Mari's sake."

"How do we tell her? Should we tell her? What if she's left without her mother?"

"I don't think we should tell her, she's only six…"

"What about her father?"

"Koriand'r didn't want him to know…and I think it should stay that way. He is a stranger to Mariand'r anyway."

"Can I see her?"

"Of course…"


"Aunt Koma, do you know where my mommy is? I haven't seen her since the war?" Mariand'r said to her aunt.

"That was a year ago, huh?" Komand'r said picking up Mariand'r into her lap; everyone seems to do that a lot. Her black long hair was now shorter. She had cut it when her planet had been invaded, she didn't want her hair to get in the way during battle. 27 year old Komand'r was married and had a five year old son. "So when's dinner?"

"I thought the war was over. I miss my mommy. Where is she?" She said crying again, she seemed to do that a lot too.

"That's exactly what I was trying to avoid…"

"Huh?" Mariand'r said confused at what her aunt had just said.

"Sorry baby, I forgot you don't speak Tamaran." She lied. "Mommy just has to finish some stuff, but don't worry, she'll be back." She lied again. Lying to Mariand'r is also one of the things they seemed to be doing a lot.

"Oh, ok. We'll you teach me Tamaran then? Mommy said she was going to teach me after the war." Mariand'r said hopefully.

"You said it was time to eat, right? Why don't we go? You look like you're hungry." Komand'r put Mariand'r on the ground and led her to the dining room.



"Only forty seven minutes late, that's a new record." said Richard sarcastically as he entered the Wayne Enterprises' conference room. There were other eight people in the room. Five were old business men, in their late forties, and three business women in their late thirties. Richard was the youngest.

"…and so by making these sales we can raise the company's income by 98 and–"

"Sorry I'm late everyone, I got stuck on traffic." He said interrupting the presenter.

"Take your seat Richard." said Bruce trying to hide his annoyance. "Continue." He signaled the presenter to go on. Richard walked towards his seat, next to Bruce.

"I told you not to be late." whispered Bruce over to Richard.

"I didn't mean to be late…" Bruce gave him a look. "Ok, so I did, but it wasn't because I wanted to. Some idiot wanted to set off a bomb at a bank and Nightwing took care of it."

"And getting 'stuck on traffic' was all you could've come up with?"

"What did you wanted me to tell them? 'Sorry I'm late, I was out savin–"

"So, what do you think, Bruce, Richard?" One of the business men said interrupting their whispering conversation, and was now waiting on Bruce's answer.

"I'll review the report tonight and I'll let you know my decision tomorrow."

"What about you, Richard?"

"I'll do the same thing." Great, more work for tonight. Stupid bomb guy in tights.


"So, will she get better?" asked Komand'r as she entered where Ryand'r was: the medical room.

"Where's Marian–"

"Don't worry I left her eating in the dining room. Where's Galfore?"

"She must feel lonely… He's seeing how many of our people were affected…you know, because of the war."

"Right…so basically everyone…" They smiled at each other, and for the first time Komand'r force herself to look at her sister lifeless-like body. There sadness returned to their faces once more. Kori's body was lying lifeless-like on the bed. Her hair was also short now, but not as short as Koma's. She was pale, and she looked weak, fragile, and had cuts all over her face.

"I can't believe I was with her when they attacked her. I could've done somethin –" She began to shed tears.

"There was nothing that you could've done. They got both of you by surprise. ."

"I know but still, I just…"


Mariand'r was sitting in the huge and beautiful dining room of the palace and she didn't like it. It was lonely. She remembered when all her family would fill the table: her mom Kori, her Aunt Koma, her Aunt Koma's husband, which was her uncle whose name was really hard to pronounce, her Uncle Ryan, her Grandpa Galfore, she knew he wasn't her real grandfather but she still called him that, her little cousin, and Ryan's fiancé, her future aunt.

Then when the war came, she and her cousin were sent to this underground palace with some of the servants. Her mom and aunt were coming with them too, but they didn't want to go.

My mommy told me she wanted to fight the war. My mom said she was going to come and see me. She was going to teach me Tamaran…

Mariand'r thought, cried, and ate her dinner in silence. She ate her meals alone, and sometimes her aunt, or uncle, or her grandpa ate with her, but that was very rare when she had gone underground.

Why won't they teach me Tamaran? Mommy has always talked to me in English. Why won't they let me see mommy?

It wasn't that she didn't know Tamaran; she understood it a little bit after all she did grow up listening to the language. It's just that her mom spoke to her in English since the day she was born. She never really grasped Tamaran as easily as English.

Why can't this war person just leave so mommy can come home?

She thought as she took another bite of her now hard Tamaran version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

"Princess Mariand'r, why are you crying?" asked one of the servants that works in the palace.


"Princess Mariand'r, why don't you go and clean your face and I'll bring you a new sandwich?"

"Ok, I'll go. Excuse me servant lady." She got up from her seat and headed out the door.

She passed by her mother's room and stopped. She wasn't allowed to go in there.

But what if mommy is in there?

She opened the door…it was dark and empty. Disappointed that her mother wasn't there she stepped inside. The room was dark and afraid of getting caught Mari left them off; she lit the room with her small green starbolt.

The room was huge and fit for a princess. There was a huge doorway that led to a gigantic balcony. A full-view mirror was located by an elegant dresser; and there was a huge closet big enough to fit half the furniture in the room inside it. And of course, her mother's queen size bed and other expensive and princess like things like more furniture and other fancy possessions. Her mother's bed was unmade, but it looked liked no one had slept on it in ages. Some old clothes was on the ground and you could tell furniture and other things were moved because of the dust. On a top shelf she noticed there was a small dusty box; she had seen it before once and she wasn't allowed to touch it.

Mommy's box…

"I don't understand why they put it up there so high? Aunt Koma said so I won't reach it. Why do they always forget I can fly?" She flew to the top shelf and took down the small box covered in dust.

She opened the box with care and for a moment stood still in the dark room, afraid of getting caught.

"These are mommy's things." She was about to close it and put it back when something caught her eye; It was small, velvety, brown, dusty, old teddy bear.

He was dress in what her mom called Christmas and stoplight colors. It had a cute tiny black and yellow cape, and on his shirt there was a black circle with a yellow 'R' on it. A black and white mask covered his eyes.

"It's so cute!" she hugged it with delight to the point where the bear's eyes almost popped out. She set it down next to her and looked through the box. Some documents, other little trinkets, pictures of her mom when she was younger…she stopped to look at them again.

"That's mommy, but that's not Tamaran. A giant T? That mister is wearing the same thing as this bear!" She turned the picture around and read what was on the back.

"Te–Teen…Ti–Titans?" What's that? "J…ump City?" What's Jump City?

She picked up another picture.

"It's that mister again." She read the back of that picture too. "Rob– Robin, Gotham?" She picked up the bear and held it up. "I bet your name is Robin Gotham! Just like that mister."

She went through the box again and found a letter; she began to read the old letter with great difficulty.


"Ryand'r, have you seen Mariand'r?" asked a frantic Koma. They had left Kori's room moments ago and she had gone to join Mariand'r, only to find out she wasn't there.

"No, I thought she was eating? Why?"

"Princess Komand'r, she's neither in her room nor her mother's!" said the worried servant barged in; for she feared she was going to be blame for the little girl's disappearance.

"I can't find her anywhere!" said an even more anxious Koma.

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