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"This" means that they're speaking in Tamaran/used for whispering/ or speaking French, you'll know the difference, and this is when they're thinking/their POV.

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To recap:

Blackfire and Wildfire have communicators in their possession. Kori collapsed. Richard is out on a date. Mar'i is missing. Raven and the guys are looking for her.

Your Reason Why

Chapter 12 – Blurry

"What's going on here?" asked a faint voice. It was an unfamiliar voice.

"Nothing." This voice was familiar.

Who was it again? Whoever it is, I don't like him.

"I'm going to have to ask all of you to leave." Richard continued to hear the conversation between the two strangers. The voices were faint, low and his vision was pitched black.

"We were already leaving." said a third voice, a woman. She also sounded familiar.

Elaine? No, this person doesn't have a French accent. Where is Elaine? Where am I?

"Leave the girl, she wasn't with you!" said the first voice, a man.

Girl? What girl?

"She's coming with us." stated the second voice, a man.

"She clearly doesn't want to go with you. I'm going to call the police!"

"Daddy!" screamed a young girl nearby.

Something is happening. I need to go investigate. Why can't I move?

"No, come with us!" yelled the woman.

Mariand'r? That sounds familiar…


"That jerk! Leaving me for some stupid brat! The contract is off! I'll tell daddy and he'll ruin them!"

I know this voice…

"Oh, so his car is still here! Did he really think I vouldn't notice that he left me! Stupide!" Richard heard a loud noise, and then a car alarmed went off, followed by heels stomping away.

Great… Richard forced his eyes to open and saw cars in front of him. Tall heels were disappearing at a distance. His eyes closed again. I have to get out of here…


"Who the hell are you?" asked Richard.

"Heh, rich boy does not have any manners." It was the man with the voice that he hated.

"I'll handle this. We are going to do you a favor and take her. I'm sure you wouldn't want anyone to know that you have a daughter, right? Nothing but what is best for Richard Grayson." said a different voice. It was faint and the image was foggy.

"You don't know anything. I'm not handing her over? Especially to you."

"I could say the exact same thing."

"Daddy, stop!" said third voice.

"Stay behind me."

"Please, do not fight."

"Give her to us!" yelled the first voice.

"Don't think pointing that thing at me will change my mind." said Richard, positioning himself into a fighting stance.

"Even if you get hurt?" asked the first voice.

"No fighting!" yelled the young girl.

"I won't be the one getting hurt." stated Richard.

"Heh, let us see."

A dream? I don't know… It looked real. Richard opened his eyes. Looking around, he saw people make their way to the parking lot. Cars in front of him had already disappeared. Attempting to get up, he collapsed under his arms and groaned as he felt pain all throughout his body. Toward his left, he saw some bushes. He slowly began to crawl toward them. It hurt his body to move; he gritted his teeth and kept the groans in.

It'll be troublesome if somebody finds me… They'll asked questions. Once he reached the bushes, he made sure he was hidden and collapsed once more.

"Daddy! Daddy, no!"

"We have to go."

"I'll get her."

"No, put me down! Why did you do that! Daddy! Don't let them take me!"

Mar'i? Mar'i, no! I have to get her back. Wake up. Wake up!


Koriand'r stood in front of the mirror. She had changed out of her dress and put on her warrior uniform. A metallic-purple, sleeveless shirt, pants, and boots along with metallic bands, gloves, and protective neck brace. Looking at her red, long hair, she took it all into her hand and tied it into a pony tail. Looking back at herself in the mirror, she gave a sigh and walked toward the door.

"I am ready." The door opened from the outside, and Galfore entered the room. Kor'i gave him a weak smile.

"Are you sure you want to go? Can't you wait until we hear some news from Earth?"

"I am going to find her and bring her back home myself."

Galfore nodded in defeat. "Very well. You can leave at once. Calebnr'y will take you there." Kor'i nodded. Walking outside of the room, Galfore stopped her. "Will you be able to face him?"

"I don't know. But if his help becomes necessary, for Mari's sake, I will…"

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