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There had always been many separate social groups and stereotypes at Tokyo High School. There always had and there always would be, just as it was at any high school. There were the jocks your average group of football players, soccer player, athletic catergories. This group also included the cheerleaders, pep squad, high steppers. Basically the social circle consisted of anything that had to deal with the sports teams or support of the sports teams. This group tended to have confidence, popularity, often looking down and treating their peers unfairly. Although this does not personify some of the group, it did personify most of that social group. They always did well in school, never got suspended, it often seemed unfair to the rest of the school that they were allotted special privileges. But with the popular group, came their parent's money which very often bought the preferential treatment they received.

And of course there were the quiet ones, who were considered losers by the popular group. Although some of them held a standing with the popular group, some were nerds and geeks. The technologically inclined often fell into this group, as well as the Role Players. For the most part they chose to remain silent, wallflowers shall was say, choosing to disappear, hiding from the social ineptitude the popular group claimed they possessed .

You can't forget the gothic students, "freaks" as they were often referred to as. Taunted for wearing all black, metal, spikes, baggy clothing, things not seen as the norm. They listened to music that had angry vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and booming bass and drums. Music that the popular group, would never associate themselves with. They had attitudes that matched their looks, often a hint of anger lingering in their voices. Teachers and faculty considered them "lost souls". Never realizing that the outcome of these teens had been determined by factors throughout their lives. Whether it was a hard childhood upbringing, abuse, or just plain lingering problems that no one cared to look hard enough for. These teens existed. A long time grudge between the social groups, withstanding the years of middle school, stretching into high school.

This was Tokyo High School.

Kakarot Badakku was the most popular guy in the entire school. He held the position of Captain on the Varsity Football Team, he was seen as the pride of the school, the one who kept their team on a winning streak. He had a dark black mass of hair that went every which way, dark eyes that anyone could get lost in, never giving any clue as to the mysteries his mind held. A body that rivaled that of Hercules, perfectly sculpted and proportioned. All the girls loved him, practically drooling when he walked down the hallways. Most of the girls considered him the hottest guy in the school , all the teachers let him off with tests and homework, giving him exception when it came to deadlines.. Everyone loved him, everyone except the "freaks". They saw him as a puppet, just like the rest of them, following conformity, style and everything that everyone felt the need to be. All the cheerleaders wanted him desperately, but he had his eye on someone already, intention fully on getting this girl. That someone was out of reach, was forbidden territory to his social circle, she saw him as an enemy, leaving his chances slim, or so everyone thought. His one major flaw was his love for this girl, he saw her as perfect, possessing a beauty that none of the other girls had, a mystery about her that drew him in more. He wanted to know her, to have her; he wanted her to want him back. In all his glory, she was his only goal.

Chichi Vegeta Horushi was considered to be a freak, never given more than a second glance. She chose to remain silent much of the time, only speaking in class when she was spoken to, only giving responses of the utmost intelligence. Underneath her silence sat at temper that had become known through the school, although she was quiet, she was dangerous; a force to be reckoned with. Her raven black hair was always tame and neat, falling pin straight over her shoulders and down her back. Her dark chocolate eyes bordered on black, holding all the emotion in the world, secret from everyone. All the cheerleaders gave her hell, taking great enjoyment in teasing her, never relenting to give her a break from their verbal assaults. The football players had grown fond of harassing her, they had all tried to get her in bed at least once all had failed miserably, her temper had become infamous her freshman year. After a senior Varsity player attempted to grope her she had turned around, punching him square in the jaw, she brought him down in one hit, but had continued to pound on him until she broke his nose and his cheek bone. Despite all the drama only two of the Varity players hadn't tried to get the raven haired beauty to bed. One of those two Varsity players was her brother, the other had been Kakarot. Maybe he still held an innocence, or maybe he had decided that being raised with morals and treating a woman respectfully, was still the way to go.

Chichi had had a very rough childhood, barely ever discussing it with anyone. The only person who knew her inside and out was her brother, the one person who had cared for her all along. Chichi never really cared for any of the guys in her school, except for one, but she knew it was impossible goal, that it would always be a goal just outside her reach. To her he was only a dream. It was possible to imagine but that's all she thought she could do, that nothing would ever come of her inner most desires and hopes.

To Kakarot she seemed only a dream, she was something that he couldn't have, something that he wanted so bad it hurt him. She was a glorious dream at that, something that kept him going, often the only reason he found himself getting up for school.
He knew his friends would mock him if he were to date her, somehow that prospect didn't phase him in the least. The only thing he wanted was to see her happy... to see the other girls and guys leave her alone, to not treat her so badly, but that also was close to impossible. No correction, the only thing he wanted was… to see her happy….. with him.

There were very few times during the year that these social groups came into contact with each other outside of the walls of the school. When the ones who felt something for someone in the other group could see that person, hold them all they wanted and no one would be able to say anything. It would be blamed on alcohol-induced delusions and soon forgotten by everyone. Many fights would start, many hearts would be broken, many rumors would be started, and many alliances shattered. The parties.