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Dizzy up the Girl

Chap I: Dizzy

The first party of her sophomore year was approaching quickly, although she had no intentions of attending. Everything was going well so far this year, she had settled in after transferring from the rival high school in the middle of the second semester. She had been deathly angry at the news of transferring, being uprooted from her routine, was not her idea of a change for the better. She quickly adjusted to the idea deciding that a new start was just the thing she needed. Chichi and her brother had previously attended the private school across town, but that had changed. Tokyo High had received their second best Varsity Football player Vegeta, his transfer was a Kami-send to the school. His sister Chichi came along with the package, she never fit in with the popular kids at the other school, but at least they had respected her, her image was not one that was easily forgotten by anyone who met her. Chichi was always quiet until it came to her fighting class and when she was with her brother. Being around him allowed her to open up, let her personality shine through so to speak.

"Hey bitch!" A few of the girls from the cheerleading team ran up to Chichi, the captain Narissa slammed her palm into Chichi's back sending her skidding down the hallway into Vegeta. His sister landed in a pile at his feet, he looked down at her, offering her a friendly hand up, allowing her back onto her feet. 'Why can't she just leave me alone, nothing is ever simple here, what the hell.'

"You OK Chi?" He turned around to looked at Narissa and her little crew. "Narissa stop fucking with my sister, you stupid cunt!"

He hugged Chichi, pulling away, making sure she was steady on her feet again. He gently placed his hand on her back, guiding her down the hallway toward her next class. As they made their way around the corner, he looked to his sister, a rare softness written on his face.

"Listen Chi if you have problems with them tell me or tell Kakarot and he'll tell me. I want to be able to look after you. If you don't tell me then I don't know, and I can't kick anyone's ass." He wiped a stray tear from her face. "No crying now." He hugged his sister to his chest one more time, patting her back gently as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Bye Vegi-kun, meet me after class, please. I don't feel like sitting alone in lunch again."

Chichi turned her back to her brother, walking into her fighting class she dropped her binders and purse down on the bench, letting gravity pull them down. All the guys from the team entered the room, staying at the other side of the gym, congregating in their small group together. She sat on the bench in her mini skirt and black tank top, she had a black sweatshirt to match it but it was tied around her waist, her hands fiddling with the sleeves, tugging on the thick fabric slightly.

" Hey baby, wanna come to my place tonight? I'll show you what a real man is."

Chichi just ignored the comments thrown her way, looked across the room. The captain of the football team catching her gaze momentarily, she blinked a few times before quickly averting her eyes to the glossy floor beneath her feet. She could have sworn that he was staring at her…almost as if he was checking her out, no she was just imagining things again, letting her head run away with her logic. 'I'm so stupid, so childish.'

Kakarot looked over at her again ' Damn she is gorgeous. Vegeta's one lucky guy, he gets to share a home with her, let alone memories.' He couldn't take his eyes off her, he found himself addicted to her. Her ebony hair flowed over her shoulders, her skirt showed off her curvy legs and thighs, the pale skin creamy and perfect, looking blissfully smooth to the touch. But what caught his attention was the tight black tank top that was low cut showing off more than enough cleavage, hugging her bust and well toned stomach. Her clothing showed her off beautifully, but still kept her tastefully modest 'Perfect'. Kakarot managed to shake himself from his reverie just as Vegeta entered the large gymnasium. Vegeta made a beeline straight over to his sister, crouching in front of her.

"Chichi go get changed for class if any of the girls pull any shit... this is fighting class punch her in the face." She grinned from ear to ear, grabbing her backpack before running to the locker room to change into something more suitable.

Chichi walked back out of the locker room to stand with her brother and his group of football goons, 'Hmm that word is much more suitable for the whole lot of em' . Meanwhile the coach was pairing people up for the sparring matches. She was wearing blue weighted pants and the matching blue one strap shirt, both hanging off her form perfectly, allowing her movements to be free flowing. had begun calling out the pairs now. "Kakarot and Chichi." Both of their eyes lit up, they both approached the center of the gym, they bowed to each other. Both of the teens assumed their fighting stances in the middle of the gym. "GO!" They both lurched forward at each other throwing a barrage of punches and kicks. After a few minutes of intense fighting Kakarot flew toward the floor, hitting the floor face down. He went to get up, finding that Chichi had placed her foot on the small of his back; she brought her knee down to his back keeping him pinned before straddling him. She quickly flipped him over, pinning his arms above his head, immediately question why she had chosen that course of action when she had already had him pinned.. Their eyes locked together for a few moments, neither putting any power into the previous match they had been fighting. Both sat in silence staring into each other's eyes for what seemed like an eternity. The count of ten ended and neither moved.

'Oh My GOD! Oh My GOD! Chichi moved, awkward, come on. MOVE!'

Chichi shook herself out of her momentary daze, quickly pushing herself to her feet, still standing over him, she offered a petite slender a hand to assist in helping Kakarot up from his spot on the floor. He took her hand, easily pulling himself to his feet; he stood dead in front of her. One of his hands rising slightly toward her face. She hadn't even noticed the slight trickle of blood dripping slowly from the corner of her mouth until he reached out and wiped it off "Looks like I got a hit in on you." He smirked down at her, showing her the trace of blood on his thumb. She smirked back at him, looking over the visible bruises she had left on his flesh.

"Yea looks like I got a few on you too." They both turned their backs to each other, heading to the locker rooms to get changed back into their school clothing while another pair began their sparring session.

The rest of the day seemed to fly by so quickly, everyone more concerned with the party tonight than anything else. As soon as the bell rung at 2pm, the doors to the school were thrown open as everyone rushed to get home.

Chichi couldn't believe it; despite all her protests her brother had managed to convince her to attend the party tonight. Promises of fun, freedom, lingered in her head, her brother had agreed that he would keep an eye on her all night. She wasn't all that big of a party person, but now she was actually looking forward to it.

'Hell maybe I'll have fun tonight.'

Chichi bounced down the staircase that night, precisely on time, and all set for the party.

"Hey Daddy! Hey Vegi ready to go?" she looked like an angel... in black. She had her hair down with two small strands on the side of her face curled into mini pipe curls, she was wearing the same black skirt from before but her top had changed from the one she was wearing earlier. She had changed into a low cut three quarter length shirt, it was black as midnight, hugging her slim form like the rest of her wardrobe did. It had small blue monkeys lining the sleeved and one above her right breast, with it she was wearing 6 inch high heels boots, three buckles ending just below her knee. They caused her stand much taller than her normal petite stance, adding more curves to her already beautiful figure, causing her posture to be more proper in order to keep her balance. The proper posture caused her look even more glamorous than previously.

"Come on!" She took her brother's arm, as he escorted her out of the front door of the house before hopping into her car, putting her seat belt on immediately. She was actually giggling. Vegeta smiled she was smiling for once, she wasn't happy a good percent of the time due to everything that she had gone through in the past, but for once she was happy, she was really smiling, giggling like a school girl. 'I wish she was always this happy, this is how she should be.'

"Hold on Vegi I'm going to get us there in like record time." She shifted the car into reverse, stepped on the gas, and quickly shifted into drive, the car screeching out of the driveway. She got more confident once they got on the main road; she slowed down slightly, caution setting in. Five minutes later the car came to an abrupt stop in from of the large mansion like house where the party was being held, she finally realized she still had no clue as to who was hosting the party. Shrugging it off, Chichi climbed out of the sleek car, walking around it carefully. She stopped to inspect it; yes this was her pride and joy, her baby. It had been her 14th birthday present from her father, she loved it with every ounce of her being, her black porche boxter 2000 model. It was the only thing that people bothered to compliment her on, with the exception of her unique fighting skills.

Chichi gently licked her finger and rubbed a tiny spot of dirt of the perfect paint job, her father had initially bought it for himself, but after watching his daughter's obsession with the car, he decided to give it to her for her birthday, along with getting her license. "All better." She stood back up, turning around to head into the house. Momentary shock took hold as she realized Kakarot had been standing over her looking at her car. His proximity had had their hips fairly close together to the point where they were almost touching. "Uh... hey ... I-I like your car." She pouted slightly that hadn't been the compliment that she had been hoping to hear from the older guy. "Oh and your outfit's awesome too, it looks great on you." She smiled sweetly up at him, a genuine smile. "Thanks Kakarot but to you tell you the truth these shoes kill me." They both laughed, staring at each other in silence for a moment, the silence was broken when they heard Vegeta and Narissa swearing vehemently at each other. "LISTEN BITCH! LEAVE MY SISTER THE FUCK ALONE!" Vegeta stopped when he heard a light yet polite cough from behind him, realizing that his sisters hand was now on his shoulder.

"Narissa cut the shit leave Vegi alone. And do me a favor and leave me alone I could kick your ass but I haven't. I've been pretty nice up until now. But my patience is beginning to wear thin." Narissa slowly took a few steps toward Chichi, a venomous look in her eyes. Narissa was now just making Kakarot feel awkward. The next thing he new he had his arm placed around Chichi's slender waist protectively

"Narissa she kicked my ass in fighting class with no problem, she could snap your neck." Narissa gave Kakarot a hurt puppy look, her hand raising to place itself on his sculpted chest.

" Oh. I though you loved me...Baby you know I care about you." He growled lightly in his throat, his irritation becoming evident as he smacked her hand away from him.

"Get the hell out of here." Narissa threw her hair over her shoulder, hmphing slightly before storming off in a hissy fit. Chichi caught herself as she felt a warm blush spreading across her cheeks, looking down at the arm that was around her, only served to intensify her blush.

"I'll leave you and Vegi-kun to talk, I'm going to go inside to find Bulma." She pulled her body away from him, making her break for it and heading toward the stairs that lead into the house. Her heart was pounding in her chest, in an attempt to calm herself she took a deep breath. 'Why does he make me so nervous?'

As she reached the top of the stairs, she reached her hand out grasping the doorknob, slowly turning the doorknob to the house, she could already hear the loud music, yet she could already hear Bulma's big mouth above all the other noise. Chichi opened the door, suddenly feeling as if everything stopped in that moment, that everyone turned to face her. As she entered she heard numerous catcalls and whistles from the boys of the football team. Chichi just shook her head in disgust, heading over to the blue haired loud mouth that was her best friend and companion. "YO CHI!"

She waved back at Bulma as she approached. She reached her and leaned in giving the other girl a tight hug. "Someone dented my car at school today, tell you I'm rippin pissed." Bulma laughed lightly and smiled at her. "Haha that sucks, but hey don't worry I almost totaled my car." They both giggled, continuing their conversation, until Mike sauntered over to them

"Hey baby you look even better than you did in school today, I'm telling you I'll show you what you want tonight." Chichi turned around, her makeup was all-dark. She had black eyeliner on with black eye shadow that had a slight sparkle to it she also had on a dark silver almost black lipstick on that also had sparkles in it. "Mike sorry I already know what I want but it isn't you, but thanks for the compliment. Oh and maybe you'll get a piece of me…. someday." She winked at him seductively as he smacked her ass, his attention quickly diverted as he headed back over to the rest of the team. "What a jerk."

The door slammed open and Kakarot and Vegeta came in laughing hysterically.

"Truth or Dare NOW!" everyone gathered in the middle of the room including the cheerleaders. "I'll start!" Vegeta shouted.

Everyone grabbed a bottle of beer before sitting back down in the circle. Kakarot sat down directly across from Chichi in the extra large circle; he just kept looking up at her watching her friend cheer her on while she slammed down shot after shot of Jagermeister. She had managed 5 shots and two 40oz bottles of Smirnoff Ice. He couldn't take his eyes off of her, he wasn't sure if it was just her beauty, or if the alcohol was causing him to be more distracted by her.

You're cynical and beautiful
you always make a scene
You're monochrome delirious
you're nothing that you seem

Chichi had gone from the quiet little fighter she always was, to a drunk loud girl who demanded the attention of her peers, and for the first time, she was getting that attention. Kakarot could only smirk for some reason; he liked her when she chose to come out of her shell. It appealed to him, her personality outshining most of the people there; in his opinion. Her thin shirt was low enough that if someone were to tug on it, there was no guarantee that the fabric would not indeed tear. She smiled over at him, motioning with her fingers beckoning him to come to her, the smirk on her face lit by the dim lights of the den made her seem like a angel of darkness. Kakarot smiled at the cheesy thoughts running through his head

'She's an angel of darkness sent here to steal my heart.' But she couldn't do that for she already had the first day he had seen her. He damn well knew it himself.

The game of Truth or Dare had been going on around them for some time now. His attention was solely on her, and it had been since she had arrived. He never noticed the happenings going on around him, or the sheer luck that neither of them had been picked yet. He felt the alcohol taking hold of his body, not fully, just enough to hinder his inhibitions.

I'm drowning in your vanity
Your laugh is a disease
you're dirty and you're sweet

You know you're everything I need

"OK Kakarot Truth or Dare?" Vegeta finally decided to ask him after 20 minutes. Everyone was not intoxicated in some form, Vegeta made his move. "Dare." Kakarot smiled, sipping from the vodka bottle in his hand again. "I dare you to get in the middle of the circle with my sister and make out with her in front of everyone." Chichi smiled slyly at Kakarot then at Vegeta. "Oh Vegi-kun is that the best you could come up with?" She giggled, standing woozily from her seat on the floor, she made her way to the center of the circle meeting Kakarot there.

Everything you are
Falls from the sky like a star
Everything you are
Whatever ever you want

The boys cheered Kakarot on, shouting idea's and orders at him. All going unheard in his head. All the girls except for Narissa cheered Chichi on, including the girls that normally gave her trouble, tonight was a drama free night for most.

"I gave up all my dreams when my mother remarried some jackass... I never got what I want... Maybe I will get something I want...You." She circled him looking him up and down, Chichi looked like a cat about to pounce on her prey. She felt the alcohol-induced warmth pooling in her stomach, grow to something else, something foreign and much stronger.

I want to kick at the machine
that made you piss away your dreams
And tear at your defenses
Till there's nothing left but me

Kakarot grabbed her by her wrist in an abrupt motion, pulling her petite body against him, just as it had been earlier that day. He kissed her full on the lips, urgency evident in the kiss, his lips pressing to hers in an almost bruising desperation. Chichi just responded, wrapping her arms around his neck. His tongue roamed over her bottom lip giving her a hint, she parted her lips allowing him to slip his tongue in, tasting more of her than he ever thought possible. His hand went straight to her ass letting her wrap her legs around his waist. His hands supporting her weight, held by his body, his hands ensuring that no one saw what was beneath her skirt. Chichi's hands entwined within his thick hair pulling him into the kiss and holding his lips to hers.

You're angry when your beautiful
Your love is such a tease
I'm drowning in your dizzy noise
I wanna feel you scream

Kakarot bit down on her tongue lightly telling her to take it easy, the warning causing her, the strokes of her tongue became softer and more gentle. His arms wrapped all the way around her waist playing with the hem of her skirt. They pulled away for a breath of much needed air, Chichi brought her face back down to his, nipping at his bottom lip, passion now coursing through her entire body.

Everything you are
Falls from the sky like a star
Everything you are
Whatever ever you want

Chichi let one leg down off of his waist at a time, making sure to catch her balance before letting go of him all together. He managed to whisper something to her before she went to sit back down, his quite, husky voice playing over in her head.

"After the game meet me in the back room." Chichi nodded her head in compliance moving to sit back down where she had previously been seated, her lips bruised from the urgency of the kiss. She took another shot from Bulma and gulped it down, knowing the feelings within her were not going to dissipate anytime soon.