Toby sat on the ground, tears running silently down his cheeks.

Mrs Lovett sighed contently as she lay against him, her head resting in his lap as she slept.

She seemed a lot better now, though Mr Todd had warned Toby about some sort of damage inside her head from when she fell.

Toby didn't understand much of what that was supposed to mean, though he knew it didn't sound good.

He glanced down at Mrs Lovett guiltily, wanting to touch her, but feeling as if he didn't have the right to anymore.

Toby couldn't believe it. How could he have been so stupid?

He should've seen her about to fall... He should've caught her!

"Let her rest." Sweeney told the boy, standing over them observantly. "But if she stops breathing, you must call me at once. Understood?"

Toby nodded obediently. He wouldn't dare disobey Mr Todd ever again.

Sweeney then limped himself over to Anthony, who was watching from a respectable distance, not wanting to intrude on what was happening.

The young sailor took one last curious glance down at Mrs Lovett before following his friend down the docks, off to help get the ship ready to leave.

"Is everything alright, Mr Todd?" He asked cautiously, only to be ignored completely.

Toby stayed with Mrs Lovett, wrapping his small arms around her and resting his head against hers.

He listened carefully to her weak breathing, ready to run to Mr Todd if ever it were to stop.

If only he hadn't of called the law... He just wished things would go back to the way they were. He wanted her to be alright again...

Toby stayed with her for some time, beginning to worry she'd never wake up again.

"I'm sorry, mum..." He whispered softly to her, stroking a hand across her cheek. "I'm so sorry..."

Then finally, Mrs Lovett moved again at his touch.

She frowned, groaning softly to herself as she shifted against Toby.

Toby quickly sat back up, moving back from her and watching anxiously as finally she began to wake up.

Slowly opening her eyes, Mrs Lovett found herself lying on the ground someplace she'd never been before, with no memory of how she'd gotten there.

She weakly raised her head, looking around in confusion.

Had she passed out? She had no recollection at all of what'd happened the night before.

Cor, must've drank quite the bit last night... She thought to herself, rubbing her eyes sleepily.

Mrs Lovett then attempted to get up, but was surprised to find herself unable to lift herself without hurting all over. She collapsed back down. Her whole body was weak and aching for some reason, and she had a splitting headache.

What happened? She wondered, feeling panic begin to set in.

She was hurt... Really hurt... Had she been robbed?

Mrs Lovett put a hand to her dress to find it ripped slightly, her corset gone... Oh god... What had they done to her?

Bloody bastards... She thought bitterly to herself, slowly forcing herself to sit up. Fancy attacking a poor woman alone... Probably only got a penny from me, anyways...

Toby watched intently as Mrs Lovett sat up, glancing around at her surroundings. She seemed confused and upset about something, but other than that looked perfectly fine.

He hadn't expected her to wake up so easily... She didn't seem sick at all. He wondered if maybe, by some sort of miracle, she had gotten better again?

"Do you feel alright?" Toby asked hopefully.

Mrs Lovett turned quickly, as if startled by his voice, but as their eyes met her frightened expression soon softened to one of relief.

"Oh... I'm fine, thank you love." She then said with a weak smile, though still glancing around uneasily. "Don't you worry about me."

Toby beamed back excitedly. Never had he felt so happy in his entire life.

She was alright! Everything was going to be alright again!

Toby turned, still smiling, to call over Mr Todd, when suddenly Mrs Lovett spoke up again.

"You know, you seem awfully familiar, love... Have I seen you around my shop?" She asked politely, not seeming to notice the look of absolute horror forming across the young boy's face as he turned back to face her.

"You don't think you could help me to get home, now would you love?" She asked hopefully. "Mrs Lovett's, on Fleet Street it is..."

Toby didn't know what to say.

Mrs Lovett watched him intently, mistaking his concern as one for his own safety.

"Nothing to be afraid of, I don't bite." She smiled reassuringly. "What's your name then, darling... Are you lost too?"

Why was she saying all this? Couldn't Mrs Lovett see it was him? She was looking right at him!

Maybe she was just a bit tired... Maybe her eyes was just bleary from the fall...

"It's me, mum." He said, staring back up at Mrs Lovett with a hopeful smile. "It's Toby."

Of course she still recognised him... She loved him didn't she?

Mrs Lovett continued to watch him curiously, though her eyes showed no sign of recognition at all.

Toby felt his heart sink. No... This was all wrong!

"It's Toby!" He insisted again, looking her hard in the eyes, as if pleading desperately for her to recognise him, to love him again. "Please, don't you remember me?"

Mrs Lovett didn't reply. She frowned, as if deep in concentration, before finally shaking her head in defeat.

"Sorry, love..." She then said apologetically. "Can't say I do."

Toby blinked back the tears that threatened his eyes. He felt strangely sick in his stomach.

Why could his mum not recognise him anymore?

"Now love... You wouldn't happen to know where me pie shop is then, would you?" Mrs Lovett finally asked with a sigh, looking around vaguely. "Seems I'm quite the bit lost at the moment..."

Toby shook his head, struggling to keep himself from crying.

"Well, that's no good..." She frowned to herself, before finally smiling kindly at him again. "Tell you what, love... Why don't you help me find me way home? And when we get back I'll give you a nice, juicy meat pie."

It was all too much. Toby stared down at the ground, unable to hold back his tears any longer.

Hiding his face in his hands, Toby sobbed to himself in despair.

What'd he done to her?! She didn't even know who he was anymore!

"Poor little thing... Come here." Mrs Lovett said softly, pulling him gently into her arms. "Getting yourself all worked up over nothing, you is... Where's your mum, anyway?"

Toby stared up at her in disbelief, feeling as if his heart was about to break.

"You're my mum." He then whispered, hugging tighter onto her.

He wondered if somehow, if he just showed her how much he loved her, maybe she would remember him... She would want him again...

"Now, love... What's all this foolishness?" She smiled, gently pushing the boy away again. "I can't be your mum, now can I? I got me own baby on the way, after all..."

Toby watched as Mrs Lovett then put a hand to her stomach, quickly looking down in confusion as she suddenly discovered it to be flat as ever, the lack of food causing it to have a sunken, starved feel to it.

It'd been fifteen years since Mrs Lovett had last been pregnant.

"What... Where did..." She stared up at Toby in disbelief, then back down at her empty stomach, unable to understand what was happening.

She then tried getting up, but the strange pain in her ribs just caused her to fall back down again. She winced and put a hand to her side, gasping in shock as she suddenly discovered her ribs to be broken.

Mrs Lovett's heart suddenly began to race, she felt panic rush over her.

What was happening?

She scrambled over to the edge of the dock, looking desperately down into the dark water below.

She stared down at her reflection with wide, disbelieving eyes, slowly tracing the dark bruises across her face with trembling fingers.

Oh my god...

Mrs Lovett turned back to face Toby. She felt herself shaking, but couldn't stop.

"What happened?" She demanded, her big eyes now swimming with tears. "Where's my baby? Please, you said you know me! Tell me what they did to me!"

Toby didn't know what to say. He simply stared back down at her, not daring to speak a word.

Soon realising she wasn't going to get any help from this boy, Mrs Lovett quickly turned away again.

Something terrible had happened to her... She had to get help! The Beadle, friends, anyone!

Mrs Lovett tried forcing herself to her feet again, not yet knowing her body's new limitations.

Surely enough, she soon collapsed back to the ground with a sharp cry of pain.

Toby tried to help her back up, but she wanted nothing of it.

Stubbornly pushing him away, Mrs Lovett tried forcing herself up again, pushing her body even harder this time.

It was no use. The pain was nearly unbearable and she quickly fell back over, collapsing against the ground again.

Terrified and in pain, Mrs Lovett didn't know what else she could do. Feeling defeated, she began to cry.

Toby watched as tears began to trickle down his mum's cheeks as she sat back up. Her bottom lip quivered as she struggled to hold back sobs, her hand running longingly across her empty stomach as she gazed down at it in despair.

He wanted to comfort her, but was afraid she wouldn't want him to anymore... It was obvious she no longer loved him.

Mrs Lovett hid her face in her hands and began to sob to herself.

She was all alone.

Toby carefully put a hand to her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her, but Mrs Lovett quickly shook him off, scrambling away again.

He grabbed a hold of her, trying to keep her still. She struggled and kicked against him, but Toby didn't give up.

"Get away from me!" She shrieked, trying to fight the boy off of her, but he was surprisingly strong.

"Mum, please..." Toby managed to hold her steady, wincing as her fists continued to hit into his chest as she attempted to get away.

"Get off or I'll get the law!" She cried desperately.

She didn't know who this boy was, but he was scaring her. Why wouldn't he let her go?

"You can't go to the law! You already killed the Beadle, anyways!" Toby insisted. "Why can't you remember, mum? You killed lots of people and baked em into your pies, you and Mr T did! Please, you have to stay here so we can leave London to be safe and-"

It was all too much.

"Stop it! Let me go!"

Mrs Lovett struggled harder than ever, tears of disbelief running down her face. Why did everything he say sound so true, so familiar? She didn't want to believe him! He was lying!

Breaking free of the boy's grip, Mrs Lovett forced herself away. The pain in her ribs caused her vision to blur and her breathing to become strained and painful, but she didn't care. She pushed herself on.

"Help!" She screamed out to no one, trying to get up and run, but falling down again. "Help me, Please!"

"Mum, wait!"

"Get away!" She then cried, turning in terror to the strange boy following her. "I'm not your mother! Leave me alone!"

These words cut into Toby.

He stopped dead in his tracks, staring down at the ground with a broken heart as Mrs Lovett continued to scramble away from him.

"She doesn't mean it, boy." He then heard Mr Todd's voice from behind him, feeling his reassuring hand on his shoulder.

"Mrs Lovett." Sweeney then called after her. "Stop being stupid and come here."

Mrs Lovett turned at the sound of Mr Todd's voice, her face suddenly lighting up with a sudden relief as she saw him.

Toby frowned to himself, feeling a bitter sense of betrayal at this.

"Are you alright?" Mr Todd then asked calmly, slowly approaching the trembling baker.

She looked up at him with big, watery eyes. She shook her head, taking his hand in hers and slowly getting up to her feet.

Sweeney held her steady, wincing slightly at the extra weight she put down on his broken leg.

Mrs Lovett hugged onto him tightly, sobbing softly to herself.

Her baby was dead... Someone had beaten it out of her... And she couldn't even remember a thing of how it'd happened.

"Take me home, Benjamin..." She whispered, burying her face against his chest. "Please... Just take me home."

Sweeney cringed slightly at the use of his old name, though he said nothing to correct her on it.

Toby watched sadly as Mr Todd held his mum steady, walking her back down the docks and carefully explaining that they had to go away for a while, that it was no longer safe for them here.

Toby remained, standing alone and feeling more unloved and rejected than ever before.

After all he'd done for her, Mrs Lovett didn't even recognise him now... She hated him. He doubted she'd ever love him again.

Watching the two of them together, Toby suddenly felt something cold and bitter growing within him, something in which he'd never felt before...


He told himself he didn't mind that she had recognised Mr Todd, that it was good for her to have someone she could trust...

But even after everything they'd been through, Toby couldn't help but feel slightly betrayed by them both.

Mrs Lovett was still in love with Mr Todd.

And she hadn't even known that Toby existed.