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Thank God. The plot has arrived.

"Sasuke!" yelled the #1 hyper active ninja of the Leaf Village, as he leapt through the tree line. The raven haired boy didn't even glance back at him. Naruto gritted his teeth, urging his body to move faster. He had already left behind the others to Orochimaru's henchmen. He wasn't going to let Sasuke get to the snake bastard, no matter what.

"Please Naruto… you have to bring him back."

Naruto clenched his fist, landing on another branch. He promised Sakura...

He wasn't going to break his word.

"See that kid? The one in the orange? That's our target."

"Him? He doesn't look like much."

"Take another glance. All our files say he's the container for the Kyuubi. Plus, he's also the one who fought Zabuza."

"Really sensei? I was expecting someone… a little more… stronger. Are you sure it wasn't that Uchiha?"

A dull thonk could be heard, as if someone had been hit over the head with a heavy piece of metal.

"Respect your sensei, kid. If he says its him, THEN GODDAMMIT, ITS HIM!"

"Calm down, there's no point in getting upset."

"That hurt, Meta-sensei…"

"You know that it sure as hell didn't. You're fine."

"Will both of you knock it off and focus on the mission? It looks like those other Leaf nins are in a tight fix. And it seems that Leaf has hired a team from Sand, but. I say we get there before they do, and show them some humble courtesy. You three go take care of who you can, I'll follow the target."

"Hai." Came three responses, and then in a rustle of leaves, they were gone. The voice sighed, his eyes gazing over the blonde's chase from a cliff side. The Uchiha was getting away quickly, but the Kyuubi container was catching up. This would be interesting…

"I'll need some tea after this. Just by looking at these kids, I can tell they're going to be headaches…"

Two demonlike creatures with metal opposite limbs, were glaring about at the bottom of a gorge. Each was wearing a Sound forhead protector, and had a large horn on their heads.

"Where are those mutts?" Sakon growled to his brother. The two had been fighting with the Inuzaka brat in a gorge, and had to go to their second Curse Seal level. And he was hiding somewhere among the rocks.

Ukon glanced out of the corner of his eye, noticing the hem of a jacket behind a large boulder. He silently nodded to his brother, and they were on the other side of the boulder in a flash.

"Aha!" Ukon cried, grabbing the jacket. But he was sorely irritated for that was all he got. Kiba had left his jacket to distract them.

"I swear I'm going to kill that brat and his mangy mutt!" Ukon yelled, as he ripped Kiba's jacket in half. Said Inuzaka was hiding behind a faraway boulder, with his faithful canine in his arms.

"Well that didn't last long. Hang in there, Akumaru" Kiba whispered, glancing out from beside the boulder. The dog had suffered serious injury when he had blinded Sakon. Kiba glanced around frantically, he had suddenly lost sight of Sakon and Ukon.

"Looks like you could use some help. Red guys are in the water over there." came a gentle voice. Kiba turned around in shock, stumbling to his feet. A lady in a light blue kimono was crouching next to him, staring at him curiously with sapphire blue eyes. Her long dark hair was tied up in a ponytail. A slim katana like blade was strapped to her back.

"Can you swim?" she asked quietly?

"What? Just who in the hell are you?" Kiba asked, holding Akumaru closer.

"Konamo Kocho of Mist. Now can you swim?" she asked a again, pulling two scrolls out a scroll out her of kimono. She glanced at at the ends of the gorge, noticing how they were blocked with boulders. Perfect…

"Yeah, but…" Kiba said, but winced as Konamo launched a kick next to his face. A red demonic like creature was sent hurtling against the stone cliffside. It looked like the brothers were making their move. Konamo quickly drew her sword, knocking Ukon under the chin as he leapt out of the water at her.

"To the river, now!" she shouted to Kiba. With that she turned right and ran to the wall. She got there she began to run up it. When she got to the half way point, she grabbed one of the scrolls, opened it, and placed it on the wall and it began to glow blue as it stuck there. Konamo began to run around the edge of the cliff, and with a leap, landed on the opposite side side. Sakon leapt up to punch her, but a strike from her sword sent him spinning back down. She repeated the same process on the cliff she was on.

"What is she up to?" Sakon growled to his brother. She was just standing there, watching her two opponents. She noted that Kiba was currently hiding in the river, while Sakon and Ukon attention was on her. But the two brothers were at unease. There were two possibilities on what those scrolls did. One was they would launch weapons at them. If that was the case, they could easily deflect them. The other was that they were explosives. That would be a problem.

When Konamo was done, she sheathed her sword, and ran down the wall and headed for the brothers. Seeing this, Sakon threw a kunai, which scratched her face causing a line of blood to run down her cheek.

"I was hoping that I could hit you with that speed," said Konamo, sending a kick into Sakon's face and forcing him away from his brother. "But those combo techniques of yours look like they are a pain. I guess I'll have to take care of that. Ocean Funeral!" With that, the two scrolls began to shoot out water with the same amount and ferocity as opening the flood gates to a large dam. Kiba was swept away, keeping afloat with Akumaru on his head and grasped a jutting boulder for support. There was no where for the water to go except into the bottom of the gorge. The ends of the gorge were blocked with and were keeping the water in. Within seconds, the water was up to their necks.

"What are you doing," cried Sakon, struggling.

"Cutting off your air," replied Konamo as the water raised over her mouth. Konamo began to transfor. Her skin became covered in dark blue scales. Her dark blue hair seemed to come together and became scaly as well. Her hands and feet became webbed and a dorsal fin appeared from the back of her head. The water was now deep enough to swim in and Sakon and Ukon was trying to get to the top. Konamo swam at them at an unthinkable speed and was on them in seconds. She grabbed the Sound brothers by their feet and began to drag her down. As long as they were in the water, she would win.

Sakon and Ukon tried to kick their feet., but to no available. This girl had them. The both thought that morphing tohether would take to much time, but now they saw that their extra strength and limbs might have held back the fish woman. They struggled for another minute , before greats burst of bubbles issued forth from their mouths.

Kiba saw a few minutes later, that the strange woman, Konamo, was the only one to resurface…

Shikamaru and Tayuya were facing off against each other. Shikamaru was using his shadow neck bind while Tayuya was trying to over power him. Suddenly, there was a powerful explosion nearby that knocked the swearing red head away.

"Whoops… I missed…" came a metallic voice. Shikamaru looked up and saw a figure standing on a branh. It wore dark blue samurai armor, and its eyes seemed to glow white.

"Where the hell do all you pieces of shit come from," Tayuya demanded.

"Bite me, bitch." The figure shouted, leaping down next to Shikamaru. "This whore bothering you, kid?"

"Yeah, but just who the heck are you." Shikamaru asked, forming a handseal. Great, this was just great. Another person to deal with.

"Meta of the Mist, and I-" the man said, but suddenly was knocked back as Tayuya kicked him in the head. His helmet flew off, clattering against the trunk of the tree.

"Get out of here, fucktard, before I kill you." She cursed, spitting at him. But both her and Shikamaru's eyes grew wide in disbelief as the armored man sat back up. Only… it was without his head…

They could both clearly see that the armor was completely empty.

"What the heck is this, a puppet?" Tayuya cursed, punching Shikamaru in the jaw. She pressed her flute to her lips again. This final genjutsu would take care of this shadow brat…

A loud explosion just infront of her face knocked her back, and utterly destroying her flute in the process and burning her face. The remnants of the instrument had the burnt paper of what had once been a paper bomb.

"Here's the first fucking rule, bitch. NEVER knock off my head…" the voice said, as the armor got up and picked up its helmet. It replaced the helmet back on its shoulders, and two glows where the eyes should have been appeared in the empty space.

"And two, don't ever fuck with me. I'll kill you in one move," said Meta with an angry look on his 'face'. This seemed to piss off the red head.

"I'd like to see…," she began but she was cut off as a foot used the back of her head as a spring, knocking her out into the forest below. The owner of the foot was a man in blue robes who was just noticing he stepped on someone.

"Sorry," the man yelled as he continued to run. "I'm in a hurry!"


"Well that was troublesome," said Shikamaru. He looked over to Meta and saw that he was cursing under his breathe. "What's wrong?"

"I wanted to have a fight scene," he cursed, punching a tree. Shikamaru rapped his knuckles against the armor's outside, hearing the hollow sound that came from it.

"Just where in the world did you come from?" the lazy shinobi asked.

"Well you see," began Meta with an evil look. "When a man and a women love each other very much…"

Rock Lee cried out as Kimamaro's attack took his toll on him, making a successful hit. The spandex wearing ninja fell against the grass, panting. He struggled to his feet, ignoring the waves of pain that washed through his back, and entered the Lotus position.

"Why do you continue? You are too weak to continue fighting." Kimamaro replied dully.

"I will not let Gai-sensei or my comrades down! I fight for them!" Lee cried out, somehow managing to give the nice guy pose.

"On your own head be it…" Kimamaro said, as the bones in his forearms retracted. He pulled out a bone sword, and began to advance.

"Digital shrapnel!" came a young voice, as several white objects shot through the air. Kimamaro saw them coming and leapt to the side as the objects crashed against a nearby tree. He glared as the tree exploded into bits of wood, and one of the objects caught his eyes. It was a finger bone.

"I know not who you are, Leaf nin, but you have a friend in Ira Kaguya," came the voice. A figure began to walk out of the tree line, squinting as the bright sunlight hit his eyes. "However, please do not go on with the Flames of Youth stuff again."

"How dare you say that! You must surely know the joys of youth, being so young!" Lee cried out, over dramatically. It was true, the figure was young. He looked like he was about ten, and as scary as it was, looked like a younger version of Kimamaro. White hair, blue eyes, the red dots, everything.

However, Ira wore dark purple ronin robes, and had his white hair tied into a short braid that hung at the end of his neck. He also had what looked like a white katana strapped to his back.

"Yes, but it gets annoying to be reminded so frequently of it. Now please step back, Leaf nin." Ira said his voice cold and calculated for one so young.

"Who are you?" asked Kimimaro.

"Ira of the Kaguya clan," said Ira with no emotion as he took a step in front of Lee. "I will be your opponent now."

"Hey wait a minute!" yelled Lee. "I had everything under control! So exit young one! Youth is still on my side." Ira turned his head to look at Lee and looked at all his cuts.

"You have a weird definition of under control," Ira said. "Just let me handle this."

"He is my opponent and I shall-" Lee began, but was cut off as Ira gave him a look.

"Tell us where Sasuke Uchiha is, and step aside," said Ira as he folded his hands in the sleeves of his robes.

"I will not do that," said Kimimaro in a cold and uncaring voice. "He is needed to be Orochimaru-sama's next vessel."

"What are you talking about?" asked Ira, with a raised eyebrow.

"Orochimaru-sama has a great vision," said Kimimaro. "In order to achieve this, he needs to switch bodies every three years. It is his will that Sasuke becomes his next vessel." He paused for a moment and looked at Ira closely. "I see. My master will be interested in you as well. There will come a time when he will seek you out to become his next vessel or create one for him."

"Why would I do that?" demanded Ira, calmly. It was creepy to see a mere ten year old acting this way…

"Because," said Kimimaro as a bone blade rose out of his shoulder. "We are of the same clan. Orochimaru-sama wanted my body, however due to my illness that is not possible." Ira stared at him as drew the katana from behind his back. Lee could see that it was made of bone, and looked ridiculously sharp.

"I'll help him over my dead body," said Ira as he readied himself. "I serve only my sensei…"

"As you wish," said Kimimaro as he closed his eyes. "I suppose that it's time to take out the trash."

"Bone Clone Jutsu" Ira said calmly. He then arched his back as something began to pull itself from his body. It looked like another him, though much whiter. He finally pulled free, and stood next to him, and then two more began to grow, each with bone blades in their hands. Kimimaro looked at this with little interest.

"Trash? I have been called that many times. I grew up with that name, and I swore no one would call me that again. You made you final mistake, kinsman," Ira and the clones said, their voice murderous.

All at once, the four Ira's began to charge at Kimimaro, ready to slash their katanas. The white haired teen just sighed as he closed his eyes. Ira and his clones then attacked from directions. One attacking from the front, one at his left and right sides, and the last one was attacking him from above. Kimimaro opened his eyes, ready to strike. He spread out his arms and called out, "Dance of Pines!" Immediately long bone spikes shot out of his palms right at the Ira's on his sides. He then gracefully bent his arms in an L formation and spun around at the clones and cutting Ira across his chest. However, the clones didn't disappear in a puff of smoke. They got back on their feet, looking severely pissed. And Ira's cut was quickly closed up by a layer of bone.

"That was original but ineffective," said Kimimaro. "There is something special about your clones…"

"Like them?" Ira asked, cracking a bone in his neck, "Each of them made of solid bone, stronger than steel. You're fighting four opponents at once, gaki." Ira said, sheathing his bone sword. His clones did the same.

"What are you doing?" Kimamaro asked, blinking.

"Why, our dances of course. You are the first of my clan I have ever fought, and I am truly honored." Ira said, as bone spiked formed out of his and his clones hands.

"It will be a shame that one of us has to die today. You show promise and Lord Orochimaru would gladly accept you. Please reconsider my offer…" Kimamaro said, dully.

"Never. I serve only my sensei. Without him, I am nothing. Your goal is to help your master's goal it seems, and mine to help my sensei's. And afterwards, I will take his place. Just as you would lay your life down, so would I." Ira said.

"So you love him enough to trade your life for his," said Kimimaro who had an interested look on his face. "I would do the same for Orochimaru-sama. There is no greater expression of love than to give up one's body for the person you love."

At this, Ira's eye began to twitch vividly.

"Okay, that sounded so wrong. You love that sick bastard?!" yelled Ira. "I bet he tried to stick his kunai in your holder!"

"No," said Kimimaro with a blush. "He never had to try. I gave myself willingly to him every time."

The next moment, Kimamaro found himself on the ground unconscious from a punch from the young boy.

"Ewww, eww, eww! That is so disgusting! I can't believe I touched you, you freak!" Ira complain, his voice hysterical as he repeatedly wiped his hands off on the grass. Lee blinked, genuinely confused for the first time in his life as Ira began to act his age.

"SASUKE!" was the shout echoing through the valley standing on top of the statue of the first Hokage stood the range clad youth, Naruto.

On the head of Madara Uchiha stood another boy with raven black hair, whose goal was to become powerful enough to kill his brother even willing to betray his home and friends to do so.

"You can't stop me Naruto. I'm going to Orochimaru, he is the only one who can give me the power kill my bother!" Sasuke said, not even glancing at Naruto.

"I promised Sakura I would bring you back, baka!. Even if I need to kick your ass to do so." Naruto yelled at him, his eyes full of anger.

"You're the dead-last Naruto, you will not even be able to lay a single scratch on me." Sasuke said, with a small huff.

"Will the two of you shut up. I'm trying to enjoy my tea here." Came an annoyed voice. Both boys look over to the center of the water all where a man was sitting on the water, sipping a cut of tea. The man wore dark blue ronin robes, and wore a straw travelers hat which shielded his face. A katana with a small crescent moon inscribed on the hilt was strapped to his waist, the bottom end of it dipping into the raging waters beneath him.

"Who the hell are you, baka?" Sasuke retorted arrogantly. The man sighed and put down his cup of tea.

"See, I knew it. I knew you two were going to be headaches. And now, I can't even enjoy my tea. Its jasmine too…" the man sighed, standing up on the water. He gently took off his hat, revealing a head of dark brown hair that was tied into a small braid.

"My name is Tsunako Lunaros of the Mist. And I've come for the one that fought Zabuza Momochi…" the man said, as his silver eyes locked onto Naruto.

"And I believe that would be you, demon."