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Chapter... what number?

The Life and Death of Tsunako and Meta Lunaros!

"So look, do you get it know? I'm its descendant, not its conatiner..." Tsunako said, slipping his robes back on. "No seal, no chakra, just bloodline." he said. Akatsuki had literally done everything possible to make sure he wasn't the Houkou, short of killing him.

The Leader sat back on his thrown, his fingers folded against each other as he frowned slightly. This swordsman posed a problem. Not only was he an old friend of Kisame, but Diedara seemed to be pleasant around him, Tobi was somehow more sunny then ever, and Itachi and him had come to a mutual understanding (they now played Go with each other constantly and drank tea, talking about certain 'headaches' in their lives). The only ones to retain any animosity was Zetsu, Hidan, and Kakuzu. Saori seemed only slightly annoyed, because Tsunako constantly bugged him for tips on making a certain armor stronger.

But, the swordsman knew of the bases location. Which, in itself, was enough for The Leader to kill anyone. But if he did, they might never find the Houkou. Which would again be a massive problem.

"Look, I'm sure your busy. Trying to take over the world and such. I respect being a villian, I really do. It has perks. Just not my cup of tea, you know?" Tsunako said, folding his hands into his robes.

"You won't leave this palce alive..." The Leader said, propping his head up on his hand.

'Everybody dies someday. The difference is, how many of your men do you want me to kill before you do finally kill me?" Tsunako asked with a smirk.

"Your overconfidence only shows how follish you are to resist us." The Leader said.

''Go into battle ready to die, and you will live. Go in afraid of dying, and it shall be so." Tsunako whispered, shaking his head.

"Leader-sama... I would like to make a wager..." Kakuzu said, appearing from the shadows.

"What is it, Kazukazu?" The Leader said with a sigh.

"Let the Lunaros fight me... if he wins, he may leave... if he loses, his heart his mine..." Kakuzu said, licking his lips.

"That sounds fine by me..." Tsunako said, getting into a stance and reaching for his sword.

"Very well. I could enjoy a good show." The Leader said, with an amused chuckle. This would be interesting. He had no idea of the outcome. "On one condition. If Lunaros-san does win, he must leave something here behind that will be returned to him in three months."

"Sounds fine by me, as long as I get it back. Why three months?" Tsunako asked, taking his eyes off of Kakuzu for a second. He lept back, barely dodging Kakuzu's tendrils as the bounty hunter attacked with full force.

"Why, the Chunin-exams of course. The Leaf village will feel both our Pain, Lunaros-san. I can assure you..."

"Wrath of the Four Winds! Shikaze Dakegi!" Naruto shouted, rushing towards his oppent with full speed. "Hokubu!" Naruto shouted, thrusting his palms foward and catching his opponent in the chest. The air pressure from Naruto's hands forced his opponent back, sending him hurtling towards the wall. Naruto flickered and appeared behind his opponent. "Minami" Naruto swung his arms around and caught his opponent in the side, the air forcing his foe in a new direction. "Azuma" Naruto thrusted his palm out, cushoning his opponent with a gust of wind before moving foward and thrusting his hand through his opponents chest. "Nishi Kamikaze!" The force of the air from Naruto's hands caused his opponent to shoot off of his hands like a rock, crashing into the opposite wall. A clatter of bone shards rained down on him, as well as Meta who held a stop watch in his hands.

"Eight seconds..." Meta said, looking at the watch as Naruto finished pulverizing the hell out of one of Ira's bone clones. "Its... effective to say the least. But the amount of time it took you to pull that off is what worries me. First three strikes seemed to be used for getting your opponent into posistion, then finishing them off with the fourth." Meta said, glancing at the scrolls on a table to confirm his observation. "Lets say hypothetically it was a clone. Thats eight seconds wasted on an attack. Time used for your oppoent to prepare a counter while your working on the clone." he said.

"But he absolutely blew it apart! I wouldn't last a chance against nii-san!" Ira protested and Naruto dusted himself off.

"No, I have to disagree. Take away Naruto's fox, and things swing in your favor." Meta said, jotting something down on the scroll. "Now, as for that Uchiha's Curse Seal. I think its safe to say you can take him on without the Kyuubi helping now..." Meta said, putting down the brush.

"What about the Raikouken?" Naruto asked hopefully. "Will it be enough against Sasuke's Chidori?"

Meta scoffed.

"His Hundred Birds has a snowballs chance in hell. Those puny sparks he's able to make is nothing compared to the Thunder Sword. Trust me, I saw your mother use it." Meta said, rolling up the scroll. "But thats an entirely different league of its own. Your nowhere near ready for the A class jutsu's of your clan. You can barely handle a C level one."

"But what about-" Naruto protested, before Sanjo grabbed him by his collar.

"Just shut the hell up! All of you! Kami-damn it, I can't take it anymore!" Sanjo shouted, as she punched Naruto in the face. He was thrown against the wall, his eye now reminiscent to a plum. "Its 'getting stronger this' and and 'we need to keep on training'. We have been cooped up in this building for the past week!" she shouted at Meta. The sharkgirl practically forced Meta against the wall. "We completed the damn mission! We found out who one of the Sendonei members are, where their stupid Back Market is, and a Hunter-nin is on its way to take care of the situation. Can we please go home!"

Meta paled considerably and put his hands up in defense.

'Woah, woah! Sanjo, I would love to go home as much as you..." Meta said, looking shiftily for some sort of exit. "But uh... we uh... Tamaki would miss us all SO much if we left..." Meta said.

"Get the hell out of my house, you free-loader!" the woman called from in the kitchen. Meta sweat dropped.

Ira cocked his head to the side, looking at Meta confused.

"Sanjo-chan is right, Meta-sensei. Why are we still here?" Ira asked. Meta sighed.

"Okay, I've been caught. The truth is-"

"The truth is Tsunako has been captured by the Akatsuki." Konamo said, stepping out ofthe shadows. Meta gawked at her.

"How did you get in here! There's only one door! And I sealed it!" he shouted, glaring at her. She backhanded his helmet off, where it landed in the corner.

"What! How could the Akatsuki have gotten to him? WHY would they even want him?" Naruto asked, panicking.

"I don't know. And I don't like it. However, the mere fact that you are all still here means that Meta got the Mizukage's orders..." Konamo said, emotionlessly.

"Hell yeah I did. He said to wait here, stay low, and await further orders." Meta said, as he pulled himself back together.

"Why wouldn't you tell us about this!" Ira gasped, his face paling. "Tsunako-sensei needs our help!" he ran to the door, but Naruto grabbed his arm.

"Woah, woah! We can't just go charging in!" Naruto said, still numb though. He couldn't believe it. It seemed impossible that Akatsuki could have gotten anywhere near Tsunako. He was way to strong!

"I didn't tell you for this exact reason." Meta said, rubbing what would have been his forhead.
"The three of you come from prodigous clans. Can you imagine if Sasori or Kakuzu got ahole of your bodies? Naruto is an obvious reason. Do I even have to explain what would happen if Akatsuki got him?"

"That's still no reason to have not told us!" Sanjo shouted.

"Little girl, be quiet." Konamo hissed, her eyes cold. Sanjo looked like she had been slapped in the face.

"We're leaving. Mist sent me to retrieve all of you. Lets go..." Sanjo said to Meta, as she turned to walk out of the room.

"I can't believe this is happening..." Ira murmered, his eyes wide as disks. Meta sighed, and rolled up the scrolls on the table.

"The big guy is okay. Tsunako's been in tight situations before. He'll pull out of this one." Meta said, sticking the scrolls in the pouches at his side.

"How do you know?" Naruto asked. Meta shrugged.

"I just do. I'll explain another time, alright? But we have to get going. NOW." Meta urged. The trio nodded weakly, and Meta herded them into the main room.

"Meta-hakufu, you're not leaving, are you?" Kahen asked, from the table. The little girl looked like she was about to cry.

"Hey-hey, I'll be back." Meta said, giving Kahen a thumbs up. "Tell you what, howabout your granny and you come visit us some time in Mist?"

"Yeah, we'd love to have you guys!" Naruto said, grinning. Tamuki threw a wrench at his head, which connected with a loud thonk.

"So what? You could eat us out of house and home again, kid?" the old woman growled. Meta chuckled and gave her a two-fingered salute.

"I'll see you around sensei." Meta said, with a cocky eye grin. Tamuki huffed in response.

"Yeah, yeah. And don't screw up that armor again. I'm not cleaning it again for you." the old woman said, turning back to the soup she was making. "Now get out of here you big oaf."

Meanwhile, Ira and Kahen were having their own private conversation.

"Thank-you... for helping me..." Kahen whispered, with her hands clasped behind her back.

"It was all Meta-sensei's doing. I hope I get to see you again though." Ira said, with a small innocent smile. Kahen gave a little giggle.

"I have something for you." Ira said, fumbling around in his pack. He pulled out a small, straight whistle made of bone on a string. Ira put it around her neck. Kahen picked it up in her hand, blowing into it. There was no sound.

"Its broken..." she whispered, sadly. Ira only grinned brighter.

"No its not. I can hear it, Kahen-chan." he said, rubbing his ear as though she blew it to loud. "Its just really really high. Thats why you can't hear it. But Tsunako-sensei trained me like his summons to hear lots of different frequencies." Ira clasped her hand. "If your ever in trouble, just blow on it and I'll be there in a second."

"Really, Ira..." Kahen asked, with a blush. Ira could only give an innocent smile.

"I promise. Trust me." he said.

Kahen looked uncertain, then gave Ira a quick pecking kiss on the cheek.

"Will you look at that. Ira-kun seems to have an admirer." Sanjo teased.

"Woot! Go nii-chan!" Naruto shouted, before he was clobbered over the head by Meta. "HEY THAT HURT!"

Kahen ran upstairs embarassed, clutching the whistle to her chest. Ira blushed heavily, throwing his pack over his shoulder.

"Let's just go...

Tsunako panted, clutching his bleeding shoulder. Blood pratically poured down his right side as he clutched where his arm used to be. Tsunako staggered down the road, sucking in fresh air greedly. His blue and white kimono and hakama was soaked in blood. Some of it his, and some of it a dead Akatsuki member's.

He leaned against the tree, fighting against passing out from shere agony. Shouldn't he be in freaking shock right now or something? Was he suppose to feel this much pain? Tsunako could honestly admit this was the second most painful experience he had ever gone through. He was just glad they left him his sleeve. It gave him something to stem the bleeding with. His arm had been cut cleanly off at the shoulder. Hell, they didn't even hit the bone. It was such a perfect cut, it scared him.

It didn't, however, scare him as much as what they promised.

They promised to return his arm. They promised to fix him.

All of him.

"Admit it, you like her!" Naruto taunted, as they jumped through the trees.

"N-No I don't!" Ira retorted, blushing. Why did his nii-san have make such a big deal about this? Naruto grinned ruffled Ira's hair.

"She's a cutie alright." he told the Kaguya. Sanjo sighed, shaking her head.

"Naruto-kun, enough. I think the jokes can wait for later. I'm still worried about Tsunako-sensei. This doesn't seem right." Sanjo whispered. She frowned, landing on the forest floor. "This entire thing feels wrong."

"Meta-sensei, are we there yet?" Naruto asked, to the armor up ahead. Meta was leading the group, with Konamo following closly behind.

"We still have a good few hours ahead of us until we reach Mist. We gotta keep pushing ourselves though..." Meta said. "If the Akatsuki or Sendonei catch us, I don't know what we'll do."

"But what about Tsunako-sensei! We just can't leave him!" Naruto shouted.

"Tsunako will be fine. Besides, he has Kisame to look after him. Right Konamo?" Meta asked. The swordswoman nodded.

"Yeah, Kisame will make sure Lunaros gets out there all right. They're both good fighters..." she said. Meta nodded brightly.

"I thought so..." he 'smiled'. He suddenly whipped out a kunai and stabbed Konamo in the neck. Konamo's eyes grew wide, before suddenly poofing into a log.

"Wha-?" the rest of the team asked, in shock.

"All of you! Form up against each other!" Meta shouted.

"I knew something was wrong!" Sanjo cursed, as she drew Hiuindo. She held it by the handle upsidedown so the edge of the blade was against her outer forearm, with the blade pointing outwards. Ira and Naruto got back to back with her, drawing their blades. A laughter emmenated from the trees.

"What gave it away, metal one?" said an eerily nasily voice. Meta drew a kunai.

"For starters, its when you called Sanjo 'little girl'. Konamo fauns over her apprentice like a mother. And then just now, when you said Kisame's name." Meta said, spinning a kunai with a bomb-tag around on his finger. "The real Konamo would never say his name after he broke her heart like he did, let alone say he was a good fighter." He threw the bomb tag kunai in the general direction of the voice, a large explosion blasting away a tree. He swore, realising his missed, and brought out two more.

Suddenly Meta's eyes grew as big as dinner plates.

"GET DOWN!" he shouted, tackling his students to the ground. Naruto was practicallyy suffocated by the heavy metal waying him down, and almost crushed to death by being pressed up against Ira and Sanjo. As soon as Naruto's back was slammed against the eart though, he saw a fiery explosion rock right above his head, practically singing his eyebrows.

"Oh very nice... you anticipated that attack metal one... I can tell in particular that you'll be... delisciousssss..." the voice said. A figure walked out of the woods, with an eerir clanking sound.

"No way..." Ira said, his face paling.

"Its a genjutsu, it has to be!" Sanjo said, struggling under Meta.

"What! Let me see!" Naruto shouted, trying to struggle out of Meta's hold. THe armor seemed to be dazed by the explosion. Naruto managed to wiggle his way out, so he could see. If he was standing, he would've fallen over.

There, walking towards them, was another Meta, spinning a kunai around on his finger. Same blue armor, eye glows, same cocky aura around him.

"Whats the matter kiddies? Don't wanna play with sensei?" the new Meta asked. The Meta ontop of the three was panting. Something told Naruto that if his sensei had a face, it would be screwed up in unbelievable pain.

"You three... I'm going to let go... as soon as I do, run... run as fast as you can, and don't look back. Look back and your dead, okay? Just keep running. " Meta whispered to them.

"Meta-sensei, You have to come with us! We're not going to leave you! We can get help!" Naruto told him. He gripped Kushina, glaring daggers at the new Meta. His sensei shook his helemt.

"Naruto... don't look at my back... its not a pretty sight..." Meta said, lessening his hold on them. "Look, you guys did great, okay? It'll take more than a copy-cat to take me down.I can promise you that..." Meta grunted. His eyes locked with Ira.



"You know what to do..."

Ira nodded affirmitavely, his face emotionless. The copy Meta kept walking to them.

'You know, I'm getting really sick of all this whispering..." he said, bringing out more kunai. "I need only one of you, so pick amongst yourselves and the rest of you can just DIE!" A barrage of explosive laden kunai shot towards Team Blue Moon, only to be knocked aside by a similar barrage. But the copy-Meta shook his head, smirking to himself. The fools. Even if it wasn't a direct hit, the explosion would've still killed them.

Course, he still needed ONE alive.

"Hello hello hello... is anyone alive over there?" he asked, in a sing song voice. His response was the glint of a kunai being thrown at him.

"I guess so..." the copy-cat said, dodging the kunai with ease. He laughed, seeing that only Meta remained.

"Whats the matter, metal one? Your students abondoned you?"

Meta 'smirked', clenching his gauntlet into a fist numerous times. His joints were stiffening. If the seal could just hold out a little longer...

"A good ninja knows when to run. Then come back and cut his enemy's throat while they sleep..." Meta said. He took a stance, his armor trembling. The exoplosion had cleanly ripped open the back part of his armor body. It was shreds now. "Tell me... what do they call you, shifter of shapes?" Meta asked.

"They call me Mira..." the copy-cat Meta said, drawing a kunai. "But you can call me... Death!" With that, Mira ran shot foward, intent on impaling Meta through the chest.

Just as the blade was about to make contact, Meta spun on his foot, aiming a high kick for Mira's head. The copy-ninja flitted out of existance, only to repeat from behind. Meta landed on his hand, pushing himself into the air. The armor sumersaulted back a few paces. Just as Meta was about to land, somehow a second Mira appeared as if from nowhere and landed a kick into the remnants of Meta's back. Pain, a rare feeling for Meta, exploded throughout his body. Meta fell to the ground, on his hands and knees, screaming. The second Mira stood over him, triumphant.

"You weren't as tough as they said you would be..." the first Mira said, smirking. He dissipated into the air. Meta shouted a stream of his curses inside his head. A genjutsu! He had fallen for a frigging genjutsu!

The second Mira picked Meta up. Meta tried to punch him, but just before his fist met the copy-cat's face, his arm fell off. A wave of pain washed over Meta again. The seal... the seal was weakening... no... not now of all times...

"Look at you. You're pathetic. A joke. Why the Sendonei thought we wanted you is beyond even me?" his own face said, in the nasily voice.
"Ugh... Wanted me?" Meta asked, the waves of pain washing over him. His armor creaked and groaned, the sharp pieces of metal beginning to rub together as the threads of chakra between them began to diminish.

Mira laughed.

"Look at you! A piece of scrap! Here, let me show you my true form. This one tires me. I want you to beg me to spare your miserable life." Mira said, laughing. Mira's body shimmered, his copy of Meta's form melting away. Before Meta stood a man in elegant chinese robes. But instead of a face, all the man had was a mirror. The mirror didn't look like it was imbued into the skin, but rather, the skin just stoped, and relective glass to its place. Meta could see his own reflection. His helmet was battered and singed, and the metal bent. His eyes were becoming duller and less bright every second.

"Why... why do the Sendonei want me... how... how did you get Konamo's form... if you hurt her, I swear to Kami I'll rip your fucking limbs off." Meta swore. Mira was still laughing, like this entire thing was the most hilarious thing he had ever seen.

"Oh don't worry! She's safe, I promise you. I have a nice collection of you and your team. We've been watching you for quite awhile." Mira said, cackling. His glass face morphed into that of Naruto, Ira, Sanjo, Kahen, Tamuki, hell, even Tsunako, before switching back to his original form. Meta's head hung down, his expression almost... defeated.

"I've lost..."

"I know! And here I thought you were powerful!" the copy-cat laughed. "Do you know what we do with powerful people, Meta of the Mist?" Mira asked, bringing his mirror face close to Meta's. "We devour their souls..."

There was a suddenly crack as Meta's armored fist connected with the glass of Mira's face. Meta gave a rusty laugh.

"Soul... now thats a good one. Do a little more research, buddy..." Meta said. He locked his legs around Mira, and grabbed the copy-cat with his remaining hand, bringing him close.

"What are you doing?!" Mira shouted, trying to break free. He whipped out a kunai and stabbed Meta over and over, but Meta held on tight. The armor kept laughing. The joke was on the Sendonei now.

"I'm going out with a bang of course!" Meta said. If he had a mouth, he would have grinned. He could feel the explosive tags inside him begin to burn and activate, and felt his consciousness slipping away.

Master... forgive me for failing you...

"Bakudan Hana: One Thousand Petals!"

The explosion blew away the forest, in a tummult of fire and smoke. There was a sizzling, and then a woosh, as a hundreds of colorful rockets and fireworks screamed into the sky, exploding in bursts of color.

Meta was right.

Art... and Life... had been a bang.

Naruto, Ira and Sanjo landed infront of a large large waterfall, that ran into a tinted pool. The trees around here were all dead, not a single leaf on them. Not even lichen or moss grew on the rocks. Dead leaves crunched around them.

"What is this place?" Naruto asked, glancing about. Ira gave a small shiver, rubbing his arms.

"A hide-out. A place for Mist-Nins to hide and recuperate if they're on the run from enemy forces. As well as figure out what they're going to do." Ira said. He kept a firm grip on his sword. "Which... is what we need to do."

"Guys..." Sanjo said, slowly. She was kneeling on the ground, and pressed her hand against it. It came up bloody. "Somebody is here..."

"And Injured..." Naruto said. He glanced around. Yeah, he could smell it. The metallic scent of blood. Of blood and something else.

Ever since he began talking to Kyuubi more, his senses had begun to improve. He found it easer to hear things, and he could even distinctively smell things. He wasn't a Inuzuka yet, but Kyuubi said he was close enough.

"How do we get in?" Sanjo asked, glancing around. There was nothing here. No base, not anything.

"I've only been here once, and enver inside. I don't know..." Ira said.

Naruto closed his eyes, he could hear it. A drip. Drip. Drip. Echoing inside. There was a cavern. In the rock. It wasn't water dripping. Something thicker. Drip. Drip. Drip. Naruto walked foward, listening to the sound. He hands met the cliffside of the rock, and he moved along it. Drip. Drip. Drip.

"Something... anything... a chakra trace, a misplaced stone, something to give me indication of the secrete passage inside." Naruto begged himself.


He pushed his hand foward on a seemingly blank piece of rock, and the entire cliff side gave a silent rumble. A passageway slid open out of the stone, revealing a dark and open tunnel. Naruto could hear the driping sound echoing against the walls of the tunnel.

"Naruto that was... that was..." Sanjo said, amazed. Ira unsheathed his sword, putting a finger to his lips for quiet. He pointed to the floor of the tunnel. There was a trail of blood, snaking its way into the darkness. Naruto and Sanjo nodded, and fell in behind him and Ira entered the runnel.

It was dark, and Naruto didn't know how Ira was leading them. Naruto smelt the blood more strongly now. They were getting to the source. Suddenly, Ira stopped infront of them.

"Alright, who just touched my butt." Ira whispered quietly. Naruto could only gawk at him.

"Are you for real?!" Naruto whispered back fiercely.

"Whoever it is, I'm gonna find out. And make them pay. Even if its you, nii-san." Ira whispered, before leading them again. They continued in the darkness for a bit more, until Naruto could feel the narrow tunnel suddenly open up into a much larger room.

"You guys, look around for a lantern or something. Without a light, we're just as good as lost..." Naruto said, edging around slowly. He kept his back to the wall, moving carefully. h could smell they blood. Whatever it was, it was definately in this room.

Drip. Drip. Drip. He could hear it now. Closer. Louder. He wasn't sure if the others could hear it too.

Drip. Drip. Drip. Closer. It was so close now. Suddenly, Naruto's foot hit something. The source of the smell. The source of the drip.

"You guys, I found a lantern!" Sanjo said. A small flame suddenly burst into existance and Sanjo lit the latern, illuminating the room. And the bloodied form of Tsunako.

Tobi watched emotionlessly as Zetsu devoured the scrap remains of Kazuku. Watching Tsunako rip the assasin's hearts out with his bare hands was impressive. He was glad that Tsunako served him as loyally as he did. Otherwise Tobi would be rather worried to have the Swordsman as an enemy.

"Eiya, Leader-sama. Was it wise to let Kazuku throw away his life like that? We're now down a member. Wasn't very smart." Tobi said in his kiddish manner. The Leader sank back in his chair.

"Perhaps. But I like to think I have made a more valuable investment. Still... Hidan will need a new partner. Tobi, you've been wanting to join the Akatsuki for some time, yes?" the Leader asked.

Tobi instantly began sweating bullets under his mask. He knew the Akatsuki rule. Two teammates. Kazuku's team mate had been Hidan. Tobi did NOT want Hidan. He wasn't that invincible! The freaking phycopath would dice him with the scythe!

"Y-yes Leader-sama..." Tobi said. "B-but I really think that-"

"Good. As of now, I've decided to make a three-man team out of you, Sasori, and Deidara." The Leader said. Tobi's sigh of relief was audible and he sank to his knees.

"Oh thank-you Kami…" Tobi said, tears running down the hole in his mask.

"Oh, and Tobi?"

"Yes Leader-sama?"

"You can stop hugging my leg now…"

"Sorry Leader-sama…"

"How'd this happen…" Naruto asked, staring down at his sensei. Tsunako's face was as white as a sheet, and whenever they checked for any kind of response, they could only see the whites of his eyes. Thankfully, he was out cold.

"I don't know… just don't know." Sanjo said, shaking her head. She finished tying the knot to the bandage they had wrapped around Tsunako's arm… or what was left of it. She folded her hands in her lap, letting a tear run down her face.

"Hey…" Naruto said, taking her hand in his. She looked at him and Naruto smiled. "We're gonna pull through this, alright? All three of us. Isn't that right Ira?" Naruto said.
Ira glanced up from a stack of scrolls he was reading.

"Huh? What did you say nii-san?"

"Nothing Ira…" Naruto sighed. He rubbed Sanjo's back, holding her close. He had mixed feelings about this place.

For starters, it was a missing nin's wet dream. Enough soliders pills, dry food, rations, weapons, scrolls, and supplies had been stocked here to last… kami, Naruto wasn't sure how long. The place had a bunch of different separate rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, two bedroom, even an armory and living den. There was disguises, fake idea, ninja info cards, spare clothing, and medicine (which the team had gladly helped themselves too).

As well as a lot of junk. Whoever was here last didn't clean up after themselves very much. Naruto and Ira managed to get it all out though.

No. What Naruto didn't like about the place was that other things that were in it. If Ira hadn't told him that this was a Mist base, or if they wasn't a giant Mist village symbol painted in blue on the wall, than Naruto would've assumed that this place belonged to Orochiamru.

Large glass tube-like containers filled with a blue liquid filled one side of a room that Ira and Naruto had discovered. Some sort of sludge was filled at the bottom of them, and Naruto told Ira to stay away from there. There were seals, and writings, written all over the place. Some in ink. Others in dried blood.

There was almost too much medical equipment. Too many scalpels, beakers, and packets and vials of chemicals than any ninja on the run would need. And the scrolls. Dozens of scrolls on the human body and the way it functioned.

And that's why Naruto didn't like this place. Something unspoken had gone on here.

"Ira, you said that you had been here before. What was it for?" Naruto asked. The boy looked up again.

"Tsunako-sensei said he had to get something. I wasn't allowed inside though. He was gone for an hour, and then he came out." Ira said. Naruto frowned. That meant Tsunako had been here before, and knew about the symbols. He could smell it. Nobody had been here for quite sometime, and the air had only been disturbed by Tsunako and Naruto's team.

"Hey… nii-san… come here.." Ira asked, snapping Naruto out of his thoughts.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked, going over to Ira. He knelt down next to the boy as Ira spread a scroll on the floor for Naruto too see.

"Doesn't that look like Tsunako-sensei's hand writing?" Ira asked, pointing to a line of scrawled handwriting. Naruto's eyes squinted as he tried to read it in the dim light. There was an arrow pointing a passage about chakra flow. There was a lot of sections crossed out, along with parts added in.

"Page eight is incorrect. Chakra is not prominent in only living things. Sub-living organisms use cha-" Naruto read, but jerked his head as Sanjo gave a small shriek.
"S-sorry…" Sanjo stammered. "I thought he stopped breathing. He's alright…"

Naruto gave a sigh of relief, giving a worried look to Ira. He didn't know what happened to his sensei. But for his sensei to lose an arm like that…

It scared Naruto so much… and that was his sensei's sword arm.

"I found this too…" Ira said, showing another scroll to Naruto. He pointed a clasp on the scroll. "That's a chakra lock. Only by inserting a charka can it be opened." Ira explained. He looked defeated.

"Whoever made it, must've set it for a high amount. I can't open it." Ira sad.

"Here, let me try." Naruto said, taking the scroll from Ira. He pressed his finger on it, feeling it start to suck away at his charka. He controlled the flow, but he wasn't sure how much he could give safely. Eventually, he let his finger off it. The lock wasn't opening.

"One sec, I'll be right back…" Naruto said, closing his eyes. He knew who he needed to see.

Naruto found himself inside the watery hallways of Kyuubi's prison. He frowned. He was suppose to come right up to the gate of Kyuubi's cell, not this far away. He didn't have long to think, as he had to clasp his ears in pain as a booming voice reverberated through out the halls.


"Lord Kami, please, I know this may seem really bad, but-"


"But he has to learn from somebody!"


"I know."


Naruto heard a whimper, that could only be Kyuubi cowering. Naruto poked his head out from behind a corner to see a figure standing infront of Kyuubi. The figure wasn't humungous or ginormous as the voice sounded. Infact, it was only a bit taller than Naruto. The person wore kage robes with a purple trim, with the kanji for 'sound' written on the hat. Naruto couldn't see his face, but he could see that Kyuubi was scared.


And with that, the figure vanished in a flash of light.

Naruto eased out of the corner to stand infront of Kyuubi's cage. The demon was still whimpering.

"Uhh… Kyuubi-sensei? You can come out now… he's gone." Naruto said, tentively. Kyuubi opened its eyes surprised, then growled as it saw Naruto standing there.

"How long have you been there Kit?"

"Eer… a few minutes?"

Kyuubi slammed a paw down, knocking Naruto on his ass.

"TELL ANYONE, AND I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?" Kyuubi roared. Naruto nodded fearfully. This seemed to placate the might Kitsune, as it settled down on its paws. "Now what do you need."

"Just some help opening this one scroll... would you…"

Kyuubi snorted.

"Consider it opened." The demon said. "Now begone. I have to cross the trans-dimensional time vortex to find you new teachers."

Naruto turned to leave.

"And Kit… stay on your toes."

Naruto's eyes snapped open, and he gasped for air. He had forgotten to breathe during his little session with Kyuubi.

"Nii-san, its open!" Ira said excitely. He almost ripped the scroll trying to get it out of Naruto's hands and his eyes devoured the words. All color drained from Ira's face, becoming almost as white as his sensei's.

"Sanjo… Naruto… this… this is a journal." Ira said, quietly.

"So? Whose is it?" Sanjo asked, as she dabbed Tsunako's brow.

"Its Tsunako-sensei's… and… well… you… you have to hear this…" Ira said. He cleared his throat.

"Day 1. I begin my journal today because…"

"because I have finally found a teacher. Ever since Kushina-sensei told me about my parents, I know what I have to do.

Renkin-sama proves to be a worthy teacher. Watching him turn sand into gold, and then that gold into diamond, and then back into sand, was more than enough for him to prove his skill to me. I… begged… to become his disciple. After much reluctance, he accepted. I begin my training tomorrow.

With his teachings, I hope to achieve my goal.

Day 2

I am about ready to collapse. Training is harder than Kushina-sensei's. Need sleep.

Day 4

I missed a date in this journal. But Renkin-sensei has been working me hard. Last night, all I could do was hit my map. He has yet to teach me anything about Alchemy. Its all just hard work. Alchemy is nothing more than mixing chemicals together! He's having me do chores and train! And then I have to do my usual training regiment ontop of what he gives me! I can't wait here. Every second I wait is another second I am closer to dying. I need to figure this out soon…

Day 7

Renkin taught me stuff today! I now know the fundamentals of Alchemy. I haven't been able to transmute anything yet, but I am learning. Renkin is more clever than I give him credit for. He wanted to see how much I would be able to endure. He said most students left on their sixth day. He's finally accepted me! I really look forward to begin studying with him.

At this point, Ira stopped and looked up.

"In the rest of the journal, there are dates with just numbers and forumals and marks written under them. I'll just read the ones with actually entries, okay?"

Naruto and Sanjo nodded, and Ira continued.

Day 11

Spent last night in Renkin's library, pouring over his scrolls. He says I'll take a month before I have the basics down, and another before I could successfully transmute anything. But I need to learn this faster. I know I only have so much time before its too late. Some of these scrolls are really advanced. It'll take me a few more nights to figure them out.

Day 16

I think I have the basics. While Alchemy IS the process of turning one element into another element by various chemicals and scientific processes, it ALSO uses charka to break down and reform the atoms of the element. This is some tremendous charka control. By practicing by myself, I've been able to break down the atoms of dihydrogen gas into single solitary hydrogen atoms and keep them that way. But I can't reform them. I've been keeping my midnight training sessions from Renkin-sensei. No sure how'd he react…

Day 22

Yes! Success! I've done it! I have succeeded in turning Lithium into Carbon. I know I should've started with something easier, and is left me drained, but I NEED to show Renkin-sensei that I'm serious about this. I need to learn more advanced things faster.

Day 29

Renkin-sensei has agreed to teach me how to transmutate more complex structures, such as Hydrogen and Oxygen mixed together. I'm learning how to transmutate both into separate different gasses, and then turn those gases into the other. So, far, I've been moderately successful. Still a long road ahead.

Day 37

Transmutating simple elements is now behind me. I have begun to work on compounds. My latest challenge is turning Sodium Chloride into Sodium Fluoride and Water as a excess product from the reaction. Perhaps if I spin my charka…

Day 46

Blew up the lab today. Renkin-sensei seemed okay with it though. He was actually laughing, because he found it amusing that I tried to make Sodium plus chloride plus water. Sepperately. The water triggered the explosive properties of Sodium, and the heat released somehow ignited the Chloride. Having no eyebrows is not a good look for me…

Day 56

I've managed to succeed Renkin-sensei's expectations. He said nobody has ever progressed as fast as me. My charka control has improved so much, even jutsu that I found were hard now seem easy. I waste nothing.

Managed to beat the challenge set before me.

Gaseous element to Liquid element and vice versa is easy for me, as well as separating their properties. Non-metals even more so. But now I m working on adapting all I have learned so far for metals. I find it to be a daunting task. Renkin-sensei says I should take a break and return home. Perhaps soon. But only after I have mastered this…

Day 67

Managed to change sandstone into copper today. Having difficulty turning THAT into another metal though. By the way, I never realized how hard it was to transmute a metal into a beaker. Renkin-sensei says that if I break one more, I shall have to start blowing my own.

Day 79

My lips are so sore. I think I've burned them. Is that even possible? I just got back from the glassblowers. They said if I supply my own materials, I'm allowed to use their furnace. It seems I have acquired a new skill. Glass blowing. I actually find it calming after a tough day in the lab, and much more relaxing then training with Tsuki.
PS. I hope Konamo and Zabuza are alright. I really miss them.

Day 92

In my three month stay here, I have learned many things. Not enough though. Renkin-sensei promises to teach me more. His daughter, Tamaki, really does not seem to like me though. She has come to live with him after the Land of Copper was taken over. She is a mechanic, and we truly do not see eye to eye.

In any event, I am heading back home to Mist today. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. I hope Kushina-sensei makes me some tea to celebrate me coming home. I miss her tea. The tea shops here only sell what I find to be hot weed juice.

Mmmm… Jasmine...

Day 106

I just got back from Mist today, and I am not even listening to Renkin-sensei as he drones on about whatever. I just can't stop thinking about her. Stupid stupid stupid! Why didn't I think about this before? How could I have not seen her. How could I have eaten lunch with her everyday, and not notive her beautiful face, her charming smile, her sweet voice. Konamo… such a beautiful butterfly…doesn't it just dance on your tounge? Konamo… Konamo…

Al6 Ca5 O14 C22 plus H24 F N3 O2 plus charka yields C2 H4 Br Cl plus Sn Zr4

Sorry about that. Renkin-sensei almost caught me. Had to scribble something down so it looks like I was taking notes. Ugh.. that formula is terrible! Everything about it is unbalanced. I'll work on it later.

Unfortunately, she and Kisame are going out. I'm torn between crying and shouting for joy. Joy because I think I've found the one meant for me. And crying because she's gone. I guess one does not know what they have until they lose it.

Day 121

I'm working on my hardest project today. One that many alchemists seek, but only few manage to obtain. The transmutation of common lead into gold. I think I should begin by using Ammonium Sulphide ((NH4)2S). Renkin-sensei says he isn't going to give me any hints. If I pass this final test, I'll be that much closer to achieving immortality.

Day 137

Experiment have resulted in complete failure so far. I can't give up though.

Day 154

Snuck into Renkin's library earlier tonight. Found a lot of shortcut formulas, as well as a few things I'd like to try out. Maybe one of them will work.

Cut my hand when a beaker shattered in my grip today. Maybe that's the reason. Perhaps I need a stronger crucible. Renkin-sensei used a stone one, but I don't know what kind of material…

Day 172

Snuck back into the library. Almost got caught by Tamaki. No methods have worked yet. Will continue trying.

Day 191

That's it. There's only two logical options. One, either Renkin-sensei doesn't know, and what he showed me was brass, or two, only he knows the secrete, and didn't record it anywhere. In any event, I gotta figure this out. Whether he did or didn't doesn't matter now. I have to be the one to figure this out. I leave again for Mist in a few days. The Mizukage has been kind enough with my extended stay. Learning the truth about my parents death wasn't as traumatizing as he thinks. I don't care if I have to live with this curse. It holds great potential. Soon, I'll be immortal, and Houkou's curse can't harm me.

Going to try a mixture of Ethylene Chloride, C2H4Cl2 and Horn Silver, AgCl before heading to bed tonight.

Day 211

I can't believe it…

Kushina-sensei is leaving Mist!

She broke the knews to me today, the day before I leave to continue my experiments. She took me out for tea... and then told me...

This can't be happening. I need her! She can't leave me! I'm her son! She's my sensei! She hasn't taught me enough! How am I suppose to lead my Seven? I don't know the first thing! I can't do it by myself! Whose going to keep us together? She's marrying some stupid Leaf-Nin! I don't care if he's their fucking Hokage! I'm her son! They didn't even offer to take me! She adopted me, she has to take care of me! I'm only eleven! What am I suppose to do? I would have gone with her. I would have gladly left the Mist village for her. She's my mom. And I would've even been okay with that guy as my dad… but he said no. I couldn't come. I hate him! I hate all of them! Fine then! If they don't want me, I don't need them. I am no longer Tsunako Uzumaki! I am Tsunako, heir of the Lunaros clan! Son of none! My seven will be stronger than all others, and I will reach immortality!

Day 232

I confronted Rekin-sensei about the gold situation. He laughed, and congratulated me. He said I had passed his final test. When all likely possibilities have been tested and proven wrong, than the unlikely possibility must be true. Meaning, even though I tested every way to make gold, I couldn't. There is no way. He did fake it, but not to hurt me. I am… disappointed. This is a set back. The gold doesn't matter to me. It's the knowledge of turning it that I desired. I said good-bye to Renkin-sensei today. He told me I was his finest pupil and could call myself a 'master' alchemist. A 'unheard of achievement' at my age. Bah! Stupid old man! I'll be even better than he ever was! I took some books from his library. They prove promising. I don't even think he realizes they're missing.

I set up a lab in one of the Mist hide-outs some distance off. Tommorow, I'm going to purchase the necessary materials. With them, plus the chemicals and equipment I managed to bring with me from the lab, my experiments should be operational in a few days.

The road ahead of me just got longer.

Day 244

I have it all mapped out now. The data in the scrolls was flawed in some cases. I learned this the hard way. I managed to acquire some cadavers as well as living test subjects to experiment on. I just have to keep telling myself that they deserve to die. Rapists, murderers, child molesters, thieves. Nobody is going to miss them. But what I have found proves me hypothesis. Living tissue is made up on elements. Those elements can be transmutated. By transmutating the body, I could defeat death. I just need to know how now. The secret to how to transmute it…

Damn, I need a shower. I already have enough blood on my hands, I don't need it to dye my skin.

Day 267

I have found it! The secrete to life and death! Death constantly moves forward. Every second we live, another second we are closer to dying. And the mind ages as well, but it increases in knowledge and wisdom. Old people who are senile, or have Alzheimers, or forgetful aren't like that because of they're mind being old! Its because of their body. The consciousness only grows! It doesn't decay. If I can stop the body from decaying, then I have found immortality!

Day 291

Test subjects 1-5 have all expired after the formula was injected. This is lethal to humans. Do I dare test it on myself? Or is it too much? The needle is in my hands right now. I have to take a risk…

Note: The mere fact that I am writing this means it works! I can feel the energy pumping through my body! The power of the Lunakorgetsu, the moon itself, all at the whim of a needle. I have done what no other man has ever done! I have turned light into a matter! By applying intense pressure throughout a mixture of water and crushed moonstone in the light of a full moon and the chakra I receive from the Lunakorgetsu pumped through the mixture, I have been able to replicate the moon's gift on my body. A out-of-the-box method of alchemy. Sadly, it didn't last for as long as I had hoped for. If this is the way to keep me from dying, its certainly limited. I would need massive quantities and frequent dosages. But still, to have an ace up my sleeve, to use my kekei genkai in daylight, is still a beautiful thing.

I shall begin working on a version I can take by mouth by the next full moon. I shall have to alter the batches.

I need a new batch of test subjects.

Day 316

I have learned from one of my test subjects that someone else is trying to replicate my experiments. Or rather, we're both seeking after the same thing. Apparently, this man has even found the secretes to immortality. His name is Orochimaru. The name only rings a bell, because I have seen the name in the BINGO book, for a good few million yen. Ex-Leaf-nin. I like the sound of this man already. I shall have to slink in and see what Orochimaru is up to.

Next Stop: Village Hidden in the Sound.

Day 342

Just got back from my espionage mission. What I have seen makes me question my goal. Orochimaru-sama (for he deserves no other title. Anything else would belittle him), has indeed found what I have been looking for. He is immortal. Unless he is directly killed, he will not die from old age. I have the files on his experiments infront of me now. I was almost caught trying to get these. According to these, he is actually able to move his soul and consciousness into different bodies, and thus, retain life. As long as he continues to jump, he shall never die.

I managed to hide in the shadows and see his real form today. The man has given up all his humanity for his dream. He is nothing more than a sentient and intelligent monster in human skin. Literally. But his dream… I can understand it… I sympathize. To learn every jutsu there is… to have that knowledge…to even being to learn it would take years! And then to master them would take centuries. And only an immortal could do that. He even knows of a jutsu to bring back the dead. I would give anything to know that. To bring back my parents…

I saw myself inside of him. Perhaps he is what I will one day become. Except I won't become a monster. I might very well become a demon. The mark on my arm is already beginning to grow, just a tiny bit.

In any event, what he has done makes me think. Perhaps making my own flawed body immortal isn't the answer. Perhaps making a perfect body that will never age, and then transferring my mind to it is the answer. Then, I could be immortal, AND escape Houkou's curse. It will take many more tests until I have an answer.

Day 365

Today marks the first year since I began my experimentations with alchemy. I have purchased additional equipment for my lab, and 'acquired' numerous more test subjects. I hate to use children like myself. But I don't have a choice. As mature as my mind is, I cannot deny that I am still… ugh… young. Therefore, but research and tests much be done on subjects as similar as myself.

They're worse than the adults. They cry, they scream, they whimper. Not because they're weak like those scumbags I used in my earlier exeriments, but because they are so young. They're scared of me.

They're in the tubes now, and the different batches of solutions that I have prepared are being pumped through them. I'm just glad they won't regain consciousness, even if this is a sucess. As long as I don't think about it, the horror of what I am doing doesn't trouble me.

Day 389

The test subjects have failed. None of the... bodies survived the infusions. Most died a few days after I even began! I repeated the test with new test subjects, but got the same results. Despite being immersed in the nutrient rich aqueous solution, the bodies just died. The chemicals did nothing to stop or even slow the process. All organs shut down, one by one. I'm just so disgusted. I'm so close! What am I doing wrong? I need fresh air and company. I'm beginning totalk to myself. I just finished packing my bag, I'm paying Mist another visit. I miss my home

Note: Held off on my trip to Mist. The bodies I had immersed in the fluid have completely dissolved, leaving a sludge residue at the bottom of the tank. At first, I thought this was even more of set back than before. But then I analyzed the sludge, and found it to be be composed of a total of 35 liters of water, 20 kilograms of carbon, four liters of ammonia, one-and-a-half kilograms of lime, eight hundred grams of phosphorus, two hundred and fifty grams of salt, one hundred grams of nitre, eighty grams of sulphur, seven-and-a-half grams of fluorine, five grams of iron, three grams of silicon and fifteen other trace elements. I didn't make the connection until I compared the amounts of the elements to each other! Suddenly, everything I had ever learned about the human body click into place! THIS was the chemical formula to creating a human body! Now, I just need to reconstruct the body out of these materials. Shouldn't be too hard.

Day 415

Okay, scratch the idea I had last month. Making a body is much more complicated than I expected. All attempts have been failures, and the closest I have come to making one is an abomination that I was forced to exterminate. I feel like a newborn god. I know I can do this! I know I have the ability too. But I don't know how to make it work.

I'm writing this from Mist. Decided to take that much needed break, and payed my visits to my team. Heh, I had no idea how much I missed Zabuza until we got into one of our fights again. I'll admit, this time it was my fault. I called his sword a 'giant bread knife'. And now, according to Zabuza anyway, Tsuki is a 'toothpick trying to compensate for an even smaller toothpick.' We finally stopped fighting long enough to have a laugh and catch up on old times.

And guess what? I'm going to be a big brother! Kushina-sensei and her husband came to visit us when she heard I was home again. She's really big now! They baby is going to be due any week now. I hope she stays at Mist, or that the Hokage will at least let me stay in Leaf. Kushina-sensei is going to need someone to help take care of her and my new baby brother. I'm so excited! I can tell the Hokage doesn't like me though. He smiles alot, and jokes around, but I can tell he's mocking me under that smile of his. Kushina gave me a letter when he wasn't looking. She said it was forher son, ans thtI'd know if the time was right to give it...

Heh, I'll show him. I rummaged through my clan's district, looking for anything that might help me with my experiments. But I hit the jackpot! I found my father's old armor. I first, I thought it would be cool, to have, you know? But then I thought of all the possibilities. Metal will never age! Sure, it can rust, but that could be easily a metal body, I could continue my experiments for... well, forever! Until I created a better body that is. And there are a ton of scrolls here on the flow of chi and chakra, and how it mixes with the body, mind, and soul. With these, I could make a seal to transplant my soul and mind into this armor. Then, old age, sickness, my curse, NOTHING could kill me! I just need to design a blood seal now...

Day 421

She's dead... my mother died... Kushina-sensei died giving birth. The stress of the Kyuubi attack on the Leaf Village caused her to go into labor early... I can't breathe. Sensei... she didn't do anything wrong! She was going to finally be happy! I was finally going to be happy! I was going to have a family! This isn't fair! THIS ISN'T FAIR! KUNSHINA DIDN'T DESERVE TO DIE! I NEEDED HER! DAMN YOU KAMI! WHY?! WHAT DID I DO WRONG?! IS IT THESE EXPERIMENTS?! IS THAT IT? THEY WERE MY SINS ALONE! WHY DID YOU TAKE HER! HER CHILD NEEDS HER! I NEED HER.

I can bring her back. I'm the only one who can do it. I can bring her back to life. I'll make a trade with Orochimaru-sama. I'll give him the seal, and he'll give me the jutsu. Then I'll bring Kushina back and we an be a family again. This pain... this pain in my heart... it hearts so much. Why... why... Kushina... Mom... why... Don't leave me... I love you... Kushina-sensei...

I need to get rid of this pain! I can't take it anymore! I don't wasn't to feel! I don't want to breathe! I just want to exist! I want this pain to go away! The seal is ready, I know it is! It has to work! I want my soul out of this body! HOUKOU, YOUR CURSE SHALL NOT BE THE DEATH OF ME.

Day 422

Dear kami... what have i done? I'm an abomination... I can't feel the pain of my heart... I can't even cry at Kushina's death. I can't feel angry at that bastard, no matter how hard I try. All my anger, my hate, my sorrow and my pain went into him. No... they made him. I feel so sick... he won't stop staring at me. My soul... I actually feel where I shatteed my soul into pieces. And I feel that gap when I try to put the pieces together. He has that piece now. He has everything. My memories. My voice. It even thinks its me... I can't stop shaking.

I made myself a clan member. Today, I Met another of the Lunaros clan...

Ira stopped reading, his face emotionless. Naruto and Sanjo held each others hands tightly, and Naruto's face was white. He saw his team mates. They looked like they had aged so , much in such a little time. They seemed so tired, so weary.

"I always wondered... who... what Meta-sensei was... but this... I... i can't imagine..." Sanjo said, trembling. Naruto rubbed her back soothingly. He... he didn't know what to think of Tsunako sensei anymore. Part of him pitied him for what he had lost, and how much their mother actually meant to him, part of him detested his sensei for what he did to those people. He just wasn't sure...

Ira closed the scroll.

"No matter what we have read, we must not let it cloud our opinion and feelings for Tsunako-sensei or... or Meta-sensei..." Ira said quietly. "No matter what Tsunako-sensei did... we cannot froget what he and Meta-sensei have done for us. What they've sacraficed for us. I feel... I feel that if Tsunako-sensei had not done these things... none of us would be here right now... we would have never met. Some of us might not have even been alive." Ira said. He bowed his head.

"I think Tsunako-sensei lost alot more than any of us have.." Naruto whispered, holding Sanjo close. She was crying quietly. There was a slight cough from the corner of the room.

"I didn't suceed you know..." a dry, raspy voice said.

"Tsunako-sensei!" Naruto yelped, startled. The swordsman groaned in pain as he shifted on the cot. "H-how... how long have you been awake?" Naruto asked, fearfully.

"Long enough... the seal was a fluke. I only suceeded in sealing part of... part of me into that armor. I was so blind back then... so unbelievably blinded by my ambition..." Tsunako said quietly. "But I don't regret it. In Meta, I found a partner in this play we call life. The only other being who could sympathise and share my emotions. Who would back me up no matter what. That... side of rage that I could never express. That rage saved my life many times in the form of Meta... if it wasn't for Meta, I wouldn't be here." Tsunako said.

"We owe him so much... I can't beleive he's gone..." Sanjo whispered. Tsunako paused for a moment, than shook his head.

"No... not gone... he's still here. You see, some months after I made him, Meta's seal began to weaken. More proof of how wrong I really was..." Tsunako said, with a rueful, and painful smile. "In any event... the seal is more binding than yo think. Meta and I have a certain contract between us... which means..."

Tsunako, raised his hand, and flicked his wrist. A ball of white fire was summoned into his hand.

"Hell yeah, baby! Meta is back in action! I aint going nowhere!" Meta's voice said from the flame. Tsunako grinned, and began to laugh. His broken soul joined in the laughter, as Team Blue Moon stared at the two, unsure if their sensei was a brilliant genius... or a depraved madman...

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