Summary: Chaos ensues when Psymon's plan to take Mac out with a hit-man goes entirely wrong. While the other SSX competitors are not the least bit surprised to hear of Psymon's latest stunt, they are thoroughly shocked when they learn that Moby may have been involved in the incident as well. With detective-in-training Nate Logan hot on the case, though, they can assuredly expect a swift resolution. Or can they?

A/N: This is just another SSX fanfic that I felt compelled to share with the world. I hope you all enjoy!

Pointless Disclaimer: I don't own jack. So don't sue me, EA Sports. Not that I actually think you would...

Scene 1

Blue Station Lodge, Peak One, 11:59 PM

Twelve-year-old SSX competitor GRIFF SIMMONS has just broken his riding partner, NATE LOGAN'S new ski goggles. GRIFF is trying desperately to fix the glass that he cracked on the mask, smoothing it out over and over again with the elbow of his sleeve. He is quickly becoming frantic.

GRIFF: (mumbling to himself) Oh man, this is bad. This is really, really bad... (His hands are trembling.) I can't fix them! Oh my God. Nate's gonna kill me when he finds out!

(enter ZOE, clad in her snowboarding gear)

ZOE: Hey there, blockhead! Isn't it past your bedtime? Like, wa-ay past?

GRIFF: (He shrieks, quickly hiding the goggles behind his back.)

ZOE: (laughs) Whoa. I was only kidding. Jeez. The hell you always gotta take me so seriously for?

GRIFF: Oh. H-hey, Zo. What're you doing here?

ZOE: Don't "hey, Zo, what're you doing here" me, you little brat. You know that that shit won't work.

GRIFF: I-I don't think I get what you mean.

ZOE: The hell you don't get what I mean. Now out with it already.

GRIFF: O-out with what?

ZOE: Oh come on. Do you think I'm stupid or something?

GRIFF: I dunno...maybe.

ZOE: (Her eyes narrow into a stony stare.) Well. It appears as though last week's beating wasn't enough to teach you not to mess with the Payne Train. (She takes a small, but threatening step toward him.)

GRIFF: (He quickly jumps back.) Calm down, Zo! I'm not messing with you, I swear!

ZOE: Oh, really? Then how come you won't show me what you've got there behind your back? (She takes another step toward him.)

GRIFF: (He takes another step back in retreat.)

ZOE: By the way, Griff? You should seriously consider investing in some ProActive. Or a dermatologist. Or, you know, something that'll help you get rid of that nasty pizza face of yours.


ZOE: I get that you're going through puberty and all, but in case you didn't know, you've got about five big ugly zits on your face right now. (She grins broadly.) Sharing is caring.

GRIFF: (He winces, looking somewhat hurt.) Why do you always have to be so mean to me, Zoe?

ZOE: 'Cause I'm a mean person. I won't even try to deny it. Now I'm going to ask you one more time: What's behind your back?

GRIFF: N-nothing! I don't know why you think I have-

ZOE: Griffin, I am losing my patience.

GRIFF: Well is that my fault?

ZOE: (Without warning she lunges forward and grabs both of his arms.)

GRIFF: (He shrieks and kicks her in the shins.)

ZOE: All right, that's it! I've had it! (She tries to reach behind his back, but he darts away before she can reach him.) Give it to me, you damn kid!


ZOE: Griff! Give it to me-

GRIFF: (He charges ZOE and kicks her in the stomach. Then, running as fast as he can, he throws open the lodge door and runs outside into the cold.)

ZOE: Hey! Get back here, you little runt! (She jumps agilely out the open lodge window and races after him.)