A/N: 1/21/2017

This is my final revision of Standing with the Reckless. I had so much fun rereading and editing this story these past few months. I posted my first draft of the final chapter almost 8 years ago, when I was a junior in high school, and I still remember how excited and proud I felt, because...well, I'd finished a project! Even now I look back on this piece and feel a great sense of accomplishment. Is it flawed? Absolutely. Juvenile? Yep. Poorly formatted? You bet. (I clearly don't know the first thing about screenwriting!) Far-fetched? Oh hell yes. But you know what? I don't care. I still like it, and I hope that you have found it enjoyable as well.

Thanks for reading!

Scene 28


We see a brief exterior image of the SSX headquarters before switching to the interior of the building, where DJ ATOMIKA is standing behind a desk, handing a stack of papers to a girl with short, crimson red hair.

ATOMIKA: And that should be everything you need, Miss Simms. Good luck, and welcome to the SSX Tour!

SKYE: Thanks a bunch, mate. 'Preciate it!

ATOMIKA: No problem. (He winks.) Any questions, just give me a call.

SKYE smiles somewhat suggestively before turning to go. Once outside, she catches sight of ALLEGRA and ZOE, who are both standing near the building, arguing.

ZOE: Would you quit being so mopey? It's your fault he left, you know.

ALLEGRA: My fault? How in the hell is it my fault?

ZOE: Well, it certainly isn't mine...

ALLEGRA: For your information, he left because he couldn't stand the thought of breaking your heart.

ZOE: You're full of shit.

ALLEGRA: I'm not. He told me.

ZOE: When?

ALLEGRA: Right before he left.

ZOE: Yeah. Sure.

ALLEGRA: I'm serious. He told me that he couldn't be with me because he didn't want to wreck your friendship.

ZOE: You're a fucking liar.

SKYE raises an eyebrow, then slowly approaches them.

SKYE: Apologies for the interruption, but...aren't you Zoe Payne and Allegra Sauvagess?

ALLEGRA: (eye roll) Yeah, that's us. You a newbie?

SKYE: I prefer the term "rookie," thank you very much. Anyways...wow. It's good to finally meet some veterans!

ALLEGRA: (muttering) Can't say the feeling is entirely mutual...

ZOE: Yeah, good to meet you too, new girl. Say, what's your name?

SKYE: Skye Simms.

ZOE: You need a roommate, Skye?

SKYE: (frowns) We have roommates?

ZOE: Don't have to, but most of us opt to room with at least one other competitor every season. Makes things a bit more organized. For everyone.

SKYE: I can see how that would be the case.

ZOE: So you up for it?

SKYE: (She grins.) Sure. Why not?

ZOE: Perfect! Because there's no way in hell I'm rooming with her again. (She shoots ALLEGRA an icy glare.)

ALLEGRA: Yeah? It's no fun rooming with you either, Zoe. But I think you should at least do Skye the courtesy of warning her about Psymon first. Wouldn't want her getting herself into a situation she's not comfortable with.

ZOE: I hate to admit it, Sauvages, but you may have a point. (She turns to SKYE.) So Psymon and me are pretty tight. He'll be hanging around a lot. He's a little...err, nutty. So-

SKYE: No worries. I know all about Psymon. He's actually one of the people I'm most excited to meet.

ZOE: Yeah. (She chuckles.) Well I hate to disappoint, but you're gonna have to wait a little while longer. He's still on house arrest.

SKYE: Still? (She arches an eyebrow.) This happens often, I take?

ZOE: (She laughs again.) You don't even know the half of it.


The setting shifts to one of the BIG Mountain lodges, where we see ELISE and NATE are sitting together on a comfortable sofa.

ELISE: Are you serious? The tour hasn't even started yet and there's already problems with the newbies?

NATE: Yep. That's what I heard, anyway.

ELISE: Let me guess. Allegra is involved.

NATE: Of course. Isn't she almost always the instigator?

ELISE: (She groans.) What happened?

NATE: She and Skye Simms, one of the newbies, have been at each other's throats almost non-stop ever since yesterday.


NATE: Atomika thinks Allegra's upset because Zoe is going to room with Skye this year instead of her.

ELISE: Well we know that can't be the real reason. Zoe and Allegra have hated each other ever since Moby left.

NATE: I'm pretty sure they hated each other even before all that happened.

ELISE: True.

NATE: Want to know what I think? I think Allegra doesn't like Skye because she's Australian.

ELISE: Uh…so? (She sputters a laugh.) Did I just hear you call Allegra a racist?

NATE: (He smiles.) No. But Skye's Australian accent is very similar to Moby's. Moby's accent isn't really what I would call..err, proper. If you get my meaning.

ELISE: Of course I do. He talks like a hick. Well, the British version of a hick...

NATE: I think Skye's accent puts Allegra in a bad mood because it reminds her of Moby.

ELISE: Possibly. I think that might be a bit of a stretch, though.

NATE: I don't. She still isn't over him.

ELISE: How do you know that?

NATE: Just last month Kaori told me she caught Allegra dialing a number on her phone. But the odd part was that she never pressed "send." She just...stared down at her phone. For several minutes straight. Kaori said she's seen her do this a few times.

ELISE: Look at you, you little gossip monger! Who are you and what have you done with Nate Logan?

NATE: (He shrugs.) I've got a lot of time on my hands now, as you very well know.

She is about to reply when suddenly GRIFF approaches with a snowboard in his hand.

GRIFF: Nate's spreading gossip? Oh, no! I hope you didn't say anything bad about me...

ELISE: (eye roll) Where'd you come from, runt?

NATE: I didn't say anything bad about you, Griff. Now what's up?

GRIFF: Just thought I'd let you all know that it's officially been announced to the public that Moby is retiring from SSX.

ELISE: [snorts] What do we care? We already knew it was coming-

NATE: Interesting. Was it in the morning paper?

GRIFF: Yeah. And it was on the news.

NATE: I didn't get a chance to check either this morning. Thanks for telling us, Griff. It's good to know that it's finally official.

GRIFF: Yeah. Hopefully with him gone, Allegra and Zoe will get along a little bit better.

ELISE: Are you kidding? Those two will always be at each other's throats now. And I get the sneaking feeling that the Allegra and Skye situation is going to be a constant problem as well.

NATE: (He sighs, shaking his head.) It's going to be an interesting season for you guys…

ELISE: Hell yeah it is! And the best part is that it hasn't even started yet. Plenty of time for a new look. I think I'm going to cut my hair short again.

GRIFF: Say, Nate, do you think you could help me with some new tricks I've been trying to master? I've got my board right here, ready to go.

NATE: Sure thing, buddy. I'm game. In fact, why don't we head out right now?

GRIFF: (Hepumps his fists.) Sweet action!

NATE: I'll call you when we're done, Elise. We should probably only be about an hour or so.

ELISE: (She picks up a hair magazine and starts flipping through the pages.) Okay. Later, babe.

NATE: Oh, and uh, please don't cut your hair. I like it better long. (He turns to leave with GRIFF.)

ELISE: Hey! Just because we're engaged now doesn't mean I have to do what you say. Nate? NATE! I am cutting my hair! Nate…!