Hey there! This is going to be my first major fic and has actually been sitting on my laptop for a while, but I wanted to make sure I would be able to update it before I started it. After all, it really annoys me when I find a good story that someone has started on a whim with no intention of finishing in the next decade. So I will try not to do the same and update every week or so.

Warning!: This will contain NaruSasuNaru (since I havn't decided who is seme yet). This means it will contain boyxboy relationships. You have been warned! If this isn't your thing then click the back button and I won't hold it against you. Also I apologise in advance for any typo's as I don't have a beta.

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Within a Fairytale

There's no such thing as fairies, right? No goblins or ghosts? No pixies or elves? No dragons or demons? Think again. This is a story that encompasses all of these fantastic beings and more. But don't be fooled dear reader into thinking that this will be some nice, sweet fairy tale. I promise a tale of fearsome battles, terrible pain and some rather idiotic situations for those in need of a light break. I cannot promise a happy ending for who knows where this tale could lead you but I can promise a deep and profound love that changes those who witness it only for the better. In light of this perhaps my story is more of a fairy tale than I give it credit for, so I shall begin it in the only fitting way.

Once upon a time…

Deep within a valley cloaked with signs of winter, a lone figure crept low in the snow. Pausing to sniff the frigid air, blue eyes narrowed as he picked up the scent of his prey. A wide grin spread across the figure's face showing long canines, sharp and deadly.

Crack, the sound of a twig snapping drew the sharp eyes to the left where a lone deer slowly emerged. The previously amused face took on an almost savage look as the afore mentioned body shifted slightly, like a cat preparing to pounce. Suddenly the figure kicked off with a burst of speed leaping towards the unaware creature… but fell short when another bigger, stronger being leapt in from the side to pin down the victim, killing the deer almost instantly. As the taller figure emerged from his victory, vivid red eyes narrowed when a low growl emerged from the younger's lips.

"Kyuubi! That was my prey! I wanted to take it down!" The taller figure just grinned at his young companion as he watched him cross his arms, a pout present on his normally smiling face.

"Don't you think this prey is a little big for you, Naruto? You're still a kit, not even able to shift yet (1). You shouldn't be picking fights with creatures with antlers for at least a few years." Kyuubi replied shaking his head as he rose, shifting into his humanoid form. Naruto frowned at him, giving him a glare despite the almost two foot difference in their height.

"You sound like Mama, Kyuubi! Telling me I'm too young and too small!" Naruto hung his head, those vivid eyes hidden behind blonde bangs, his ears drooping in disappointment. Smiling slightly at the sweetness of the child in front of him, Kyuubi bent down slightly, a mischievous grin on his face.

"I'll tell you what Naruto, if you promise to stick to easier prey for a while, then next year when you're a bit bigger I'll personally teach you how to hunt the toughest of prey." Immediately the blonde perked up, a dazzling grin present as he searched the face of the older for any signs of deceit.

"You really mean that Kyu! You'll teach me how to even take down monsters!" he asked excitedly his bright orange tail swishing from side to side in pleasure. Kyuubi grinned at his barely concealed excitement. Bending down he whispered conspiratorially to the younger, "I'll even teach you how to bring down dragons!"

"Seriously?!" Naruto squealed in pleasure. "Ok, you got a deal!" Still grinning from ear to ear Naruto ran off through the trees mumbling about what a great hunter he was going to be.

On the other side of the Azure Islands, deep in the heart of the Dragons Keep, lay Achamite City, the largest gathering of dragons in the Islands. Surrounded on all sides by the mammoth mountains of the Keep, the city could be entered only by dragon flight and was for this reason was the stronghold and pride of the dragon world. It was also where their ruler, King Fugaku lay peacefully on his bed, his frail body wracked by the slow killing poison that had finally claimed his life.

The entire city was in mourning, the normally bright and shimmering land dulled by the sorrow emanating form the great beasts. In the palace, draped all in black, two males stood in human like imitations overlooking the unusually sombre and quiet valley.

Despite appearances, anyone could tell from a glance that these were no mere mortals. Dragons, despite their profound abilities to shape shift, could never quite rid themselves of their magical lineage. There as always something… off about their appearance. Unusual eyes, far too elegant features, or just an immense presence; they could never quite dim themselves to human standards. After all, they were stunning creatures when in their natural forms, why should any other shape be different? The only reason why they did shift their forms was to communicate with the other creatures of the valley, whether for business or for pleasure.

However the two afore mentioned men were there purely for business, their faces set in frowns as they stood by the window in one of the palaces towers. The younger of the two physically looked no older than eighteen in his human form, although he theoretically could be any age. He stood tall and proud, regal in his long mourning robes, a silver crown sitting on top of his long black hair. His face was impassive but those few with the privilege of been close to him, would recognise his stiff stance and tense face to mean he was contemplating something important. The man at his side looked equally impassive but he had the added help of a face mask to school his features and in his musing, couldn't help but admire the young prince's strength and discipline despite knowing the difficult decision in front of him.

Suddenly the younger of the two shifted slightly and knowing his charge never made any unnecessary movement, the older man knew he had made his choice. What was that choice though?

"The capital is dangerous right now. I think your right Kakashi. It's too dangerous for the both of us here, especially with Sasuke still so young." The young dragon's face took on an almost pained look for a second before his emotions were brought back into check. The prince turned to Kakashi before continuing, "I want you to go with him. I want him safe." His voice had a threatening undercurrent to it, as though promising pain to his older guard if he failed.

"Are you sure Itachi?" he replied a frown marring his face at the thought of leaving his charge to someone else's protection. An amused look crossed the prince's face for a brief moment before he replied.

"Yes, I'm sure. There are others who I would trust with my life- but I trust only you with my brothers." A smile crossed Kakashi's face at the rare complement but the prince had already turned back to the window. "Besides, he needs to be trained in the ways of royalty despite being away from the palace. There's every chance I might also be targeted by father's murderer and Sasuke needs to be ready." He spoke with firm determination, already accepting that he might meet the same fate as the previously pain stricken man only a few floors below.

Kakashi looked on at the young dragon for what he knew would probably be the last time for many years and really couldn't feel anything but pride. Itachi was still young for a dragon but it was already obvious that he would make a good leader for their people, especially now in such a turbulent time.

The older dragon turned and couldn't help the emotion that carried on his words. "Sasuke will be safe with me and the next time you see him, he will be worthy to stand by your side."

(1) The ability to shift basically involves altering your body from its natural form. For creatures like demons, they are born in humanoid like forms but are able to learn how to shift into more powerfu,l animal like forms as they grow older. Dragons on the other hand, are born in dragon form and gain the ability later on to shift into other forms. However due to the fact that dragons are born with such large stores of magical power, they learn to shift very early in life.