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Meet Naruto

The wind was nice this high up; rushing through his hair; slipping through his fingers almost fluidly, as though the air had become liquefied. He was falling again. He could see the land below him, war torn and broken; wounded eternally. He felt sorrow at the sight but had come to accept what he was seeing. It had shocked him the first time but now, he barely acknowledged the scared land as he continued to drop from the sky. However the young male currently plummeting through the air seemed wholly unconcerned about the situation. His face was set in grim determination as he searched the surrounding skies for any clues as to why he was in his current position.

The dream had been plaguing him for a week now, always leaving him disturbed and restless the next morning. He knew what it was, after all his clan had been famous for accurate foresight, his mother having been one of the demon worlds most blessed prophets, but that didn't make the meaning any clearer. He could do nothing in the dream, just observe with unbiased eyes in the hopes that something new would be forth coming. Perhaps this was the night.

He'd been falling for longer than usual, a detached look on his tanned face. He never felt like he was in any danger and perhaps that was the most surprising thing. Surly if he was falling to his death he should be a little more panicked? Yet he wasn't. He felt safe and secure, as though the wind clutching at his clothes were a loving embrace. Then as sudden as this realisation was, Uzumaki Naruto awoke, vivid blue eyes full of alarm. For he realised in that moment, he wasn't falling. He was flying…

Hatake Kakashi was no fool. In fact he prided himself on his great intellect. Cunning and cleaver, as well as infuriatingly good at avoiding directly answering questions, the man was an enigma to be sure. However for the first time in 50 years, he was at a loss.

"What exactly do you mean, 'The prince is gone!'" he asked, voice low enough to almost come out as a growl. The human in front of him, a large warrior from the near by town, swallowed hard at the tone his captain used. His reply was understandably a little broken in places.

"I-I mean, sir… He's… well simply not there anymore! But-But he was…he just… isn't anymore?" he finished feebly. Not bothering to reply Kakashi turned, heading to the nearby living quarters where the prince was supposed to be resting. However a quick scan of the large tent that they had been using as a home for the last year, proved the guard right. The prince was nowhere to be found. Letting out a loud roar of anger, the older dragon spun around, his call having summoned the nearby men and women.

"I want him found! It's possible that he may have chosen to wander off himself but I want it assumed he's been kidnapped. Find him an bring him back as unharmed as possible!" While the humans rushed to their weapons, the dragons took to the sky and Kakashi prayed that his prince was safe.

Hunting was seriously overrated in Naruto's opinion. It had been fun when he was a kit playing around but at the end of the day it didn't matter if he caught anything because the rest of his family would share their spoils. Now however, if he didn't catch anything, he didn't eat and that really wasn't so good especially with his current lack of sleep. He was in need of as much energy as possible but tiredness was what was making him such a poor hunter this day. It was a vicious cycle. He was currently walking through the nearby woods, straining his ears for any prey that had escaped his earlier notice, but none were forthcoming.

Pausing briefly to scan the area, he let out a sigh. Perhaps I should just give up for the day…I don't think there's another living soul in this forest. Sighing again in exasperation, he turned to head back when a new scent washed over him. Demons? I didn't think there were any others left in this area. Curious as to what would draw others to a forest as desolate as the one Naruto inhabited, he changed direction to follow the faint smell.

Rich, rich, we're gonna be rich! Kiba Inuzuka continued his internal chant as he finished securing their prize. His partner stared at him disdainfully, as though disapproving of the immaturity the other was expressing.

"Don't let your guard down yet," Shino supplied monotonously. Pushing his glasses further up his nose he continued to observe the wolf demon who was still bouncing around like an idiot. "Kiba, did you hear what I said? You shouldn't celebrate until we have our bounty."

"Yeah, yeah, Shino, I hear ya. But come on, that thing is unconscious. All we have to do is drag him to the nearest town and people will swarm to get a piece of him! Kind of a weird colour though, don'cha think?" Kiba stood up scratching his cheek absentmindedly, as though pondering the implication of the black creature they had trapped and tethered to the ground for the moment. Suddenly his face split into another wide grin. "God, we are going to be soooooo RICH!"

As the wolf continued to jump and holler in excitement, Shino merely sighed at the trials he had to bear.

Crouching low to the ground, Naruto approached the demons whose scent he had picked up. Once he was going in the right direction, it wasn't hard to track them, mostly because they were making so much noise. He recognised the scent of a wolf straight away, hence the reason he was hiding out a short distance from the clearing the mutt was in. He was actually rather surprised the wolf hadn't already noticed him, with their supposed superior sense of smell. The other demon he couldn't identify but he was naturally wary anyway. Whatever the mutt was happy about, Naruto had a feeling he wasn't going to like and he had a sneaking suspicion it was whatever the third scent in the clearing was.

It wasn't a demon, yet the scent came from a very powerful creature, he was sure of that. An elf perhaps? Suddenly Naruto was filled with anger at the thought. The few friends Naruto had made were elves and his heart wrenched at the thought of one of the stunning creatures captured to be sold off, or worse. Yet in saying that, it didn't smell like any of the elves he knew. They had mostly woody scents, ancient in the sense the trees were. This felt more like a rock, hard and unyielding(1).

He began moving forwards in an attempt to find out more when suddenly there was a sharp cry from the wolf and an angered roar followed. Close enough to see the demons but not able to observe third, Naruto watched as they jumped back narrowly avoiding a sweeping black tail.

"Shit!" he herd the wolf cry as he continued to move away from his previously 'prized capture'. "I though you said it would be knocked out for at least a day?!"

"I told you not to let your guard down." The taller of the two replied calmly. "Come on, he's causing too much noise. We need to get out of here before we get caught."

"But the bounty-"

"Not now Kiba! We can try again later." With one last look at their prize Kiba shifted and dashed off into the woods, his partner following close behind as a swarm of bugs.

Well, I guess that answers the question of what demon glasses-boy is, Naruto thought dryly. So now, to this bounty of theirs. Approaching the clearing even more cautiously now that he knew whatever was there was big and made a lot of noise, Naruto paused to listen, his ears twitching and revolving to pick up the sound. He could hear the creature growling low in its throat; the swish of its large tail along the ground; the clank of chains that had obviously been used to restrain the animal: and the ring of tooth against metal as the creature obviously tried to knaw its way out.

Satisfied the creature was suitably secure and he wouldn't be in too much danger (provided he watched out for the tail), Naruto stepped out into the clearing with every intention of helping whatever animal was trapped… only to have the breath knocked out of him at the sight of just what was crouched under a rock face at the end of the clearing.

There, chained and injured was a dragon…

(1) Demons can often pick up a creatures normal surrounding through smell and through that, a sense of personality can sometimes be obtained.