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Chapter 4: Success!

"So, ne, ne, what's your plan?"

"Why would I be telling you?"

She pouted. "I'm your girlfriend for crying out loud."

"So what? Who know if you're not going to steal my plan from me?"

Her eyes started getting teary. "…I would never ever do that."

He got uneasy. "Okay, okay, don't cry! At least…I would let you film this!"

Her eyes lost the mist and it sparkled like an amethyst. "Thank you so much!" She jumped on him and kissed him.

"So let's get this plan in session, shall we, my lady?"

"But I don't know the plan!"

"You get to FILM IT! And that's what you do."

"Okay, as long as kawaii scenes are a part of it…AND that I get to make them costumes!"

He rolled his eyes and sighed. "Yes, you can make their outfit. Of course there is what you call a 'kawaii'. After all, everything they do, no matter if they are together or alone, you always think they're all 'kawaii'."

"Only because they are!"

"Let's just go…"

"Yes, let's."

They walked out from behind a bush, where they had secretly discussed about THE PLAN…

Sakura sat on her favourite tree in the schoolyard after school. She had been yelling at Eriol and Tomoyo a lot for what happened with Syaoran. She needed some relaxing time ALONE…or hiding from Eriol and Tomoyo, who still have evil looks on their faces.

She leaned against the tree trunk and sighed contently as a soft breeze past through. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the excellent weather and the birds singing, carefree.

Suddenly there was a rustle behind her on the ground. Syaoran came into view. He looked up and saw Sakura, peering down at him. She looked as if she was about to escape down the tree and run away. He sighed deeply and sat down on the ground.

"Sakura-chan," he started. "I know you're angry at me for leaving you…and not communicating with you…I couldn't because the elders prohibited it…they said it would distract me."

Sakura leaned against the tree trunk again; knowing that Syaoran is not going to stop if she wants to run away…it was too comfortable a spot to run away from at the moment.

"If we can," he continued. "Can we at least be friends again?"

Somehow, she felt an ache somewhere in her heart hearing the word "friend". Of course, she knew that she still loved him, even for the tiniest bit of attraction and adoration. She is trying to stop these feelings though…it only made her upset and depressed if anything were to happen to them when they are together. Things like the elders not agreeing with her relationship, and Touya trying to kill Syaoran, they're going to absolutely devastate her.

"Sure…" Sakura replied, feeling a bit unsure. Although she did not want to be any closer to him, she was not mean enough to reject a person who wants to be friends with her.

Syaoran grinned, hearing her answer made him want to laugh delightedly. He could work from being her friend to boyfriend. It would be easier than her ignoring and fleeing from him every time he came near. The two friends sat there, relaxing and enjoying the closeness of each other's aura.

"Syaoran!" a female voice screeched loudly. "There you are. I've been looking all over for you."

"What is it?" Syaoran asked tiredly and annoyed, since the time with Sakura being interrupted. Sakura spied on them as Syaoran and Claire talked.

"I want you to come with me to a date! I know you really want it!"

"Uh…are you sure you're not confusing me with another guy?"

"NO, Li Syaoran, how could you say such a thing?" Claire pouted her thickly painted lips, not at all looking inviting to Syaoran, who would only be moved by Sakura's pout. (A.N. Sigh~ So cute! Isn't it?)

"Uh…I don't like you at all!"

"You are such a bad boy!" Claire giggled, quite evilly might I add. "Playing hard to get when it's obvious that you like me? Are you feeling morally wounded because I asked you? If you want, you can ignore my earlier statement and ask me for a date."

"All I want is to ignore your earlier statement and also your existence."

"That was a mean thing to say, Li-kun." Sakura slipped down from the tree, calmly dusting herself off. She really needed to go because Tomoyo needed her for something.

"Oh, Kinomoto." Claire said coldly. "Feeling jealous, are you? That I got a man and a fine one at that, a fine looking butt too." A flirtatious glance was sent at Syaoran and his "fine-looking butt".

"Nope," Sakura smiled composedly. "I just happened to be on the tree before you came. I'll be going now."

"Slut," Claire whispered under her breathe, still making sure that it was loud enough to be heard by everyone there.

"Hey, watch what you're saying." Syaoran warned as Sakura just kept walking elegantly back towards the dorms.

"Why are you defending her?!" Claire screamed hoarsely. "She's nothing."

"No, you're nothing. She's the girl I love." Syaoran declared. 'Shoot, did I just say that out loud and with Sakura here?'

Sakura bolted towards the dorms, right after he said that. Syaoran slapped his own forehead. 'Darn it!'

Claire smirked and purred, "Looks like your girl aren't all that keen…but I am…"

Syaoran gagged and hissed dangerously, "Please go away, so that I never see your thick make-up and plastic surgery face again. I don't care if you mess with someone else, but if you mess with my friends or me, I'll give you hell. Make you wish you were never born."

Claire whimpered at the intimidating look on Syaoran's face and scampered off. 'Guess the elder's training sessions really works…lesson number one hundred and forty-seven, how to intimidate other businessmen and/or annoying people. Ah, the first time I felt thankful for the lessons.' Syaoran thought, smiling wryly. 'Now all I need is a lesson never taught but should be, how to make amends with a female, especially one you love.'

Sakura's mind repeatedly reviewed the scene where Syaoran had declared, "She's the girl I love." She blushed a slight pink and daydreamed once again as Tomoyo fitted another outfit for her. She did not even get why Tomoyo was making an outfit even though there was no major special events going on until the end of the school year.

Tomoyo squealed, "You look so cute!"

Sakura looked down at herself. 'No bad,' she thought. It was a white tank top with a nice big light pink ribbon bow at the top and cherry blossom designs at the hem, which is the bottom. She also wore white tights, down to about six inches below her knee, with a light pink short ruffled skirt with slits at the side. 'Easy to move in, not too revealing and embarrassing,' On her feet, Tomoyo made her wear a light pink and white joggers. Tomoyo tied her long hair up into a ponytail with a light pink and a white ribbon twisted together.

"Why am I all dressed up?" Sakura interrogated her dear old friend. "Are you setting me up for something again?"

"No, no, no." Tomoyo went, "I wanted us to go and do something together and maybe meet a few hot guys." She tried to smile innocently.

"Um…Tomoyo-chan, you have a boyfriend and you love him very much still at the moment I can see…"

"Oh yes, I love him very much," Tomoyo was quite nervous this time around for some reason. "Maybe the three of us could do something together?"

"Not a chance," Sakura shook her head. Suddenly she felt a flare of magic in the air; it was familiar but yet not. It gave her a bad feeling though. She rushed outside to find out what was wrong, leaving Tomoyo behind smiling evilly.

What she saw surprised her; it was a lady. She had deathly silver skin. Her short bob-like hair was silver. Her dress and tights were silver. Her long boots were silver. Even her eyes were a silvery grey colour. She had this frightening silver aura about her. (A.N. XD, So many 'silver's! I create a random evil character! Sorry if I'm too boring! XD I really like using XD too!)

Syaoran ran behind her and he stared gaping at the lady as Sakura did, although he stole a few glances at the cute outfit Sakura was wearing as well...

They were briefly aware that the lady was slowly striding towards them, and starting to pull out a long katana from her sliver belt with a silver sheath. To be sure, she looked like a Clow, or Sakura, card.

Suddenly, the lady jumped towards them. With lightning reflexes, Syaoran called out his sword and blocked the attack. Meanwhile, Sakura summoned her trusty star staff and the sword card. She jabbed it at the lady's back.

With her other hand, the lady pulled out an 8-inches long dagger and defend herself from Sakura's blow. In sync, Sakura and Syaoran swung their swords to the lady's sides. The lady swung both of her blades and Sakura and Syaoran were pushed back by a strong force.

Landing perfectly, they watched the lady with careful eyes. "My, my, card mistress and leader-in-training of the Li clan. What a surprise to see you here, and together!"

"Who are you?" Sakura asked quietly, still on alert.

"Me? My name is Yin." She smiled; it was a hollow smile that sent a chill up Sakura and Syaoran's spines.

"Why are you here?"

"No reason. Even if I did, I would not be telling you."

"Why are you attacking us then?"

"Because I like to." Her hollow smile turned into a lethal smirk, as she jumped towards them bringing her katana down on Syaoran's head.

Syaoran brought his sword up to block her hit, while Yin reinforced her katana by pushing her dagger on the blade. Sakura swung into action, at the sight of Syaoran straining, and tried to slash Yin's unprotected back. Somehow, Yin noticed and flipped away at the last moment.

Syaoran huffed and continued the fight by jabbing his sword in Yin's direction, aiming for her stomach. Meanwhile, Sakura called out, "Woody, constrain her." Syaoran bounced back to Sakura. Vines shot up from the ground and tied Yin down and restrained her for a few moments before they were burn to the ground by Yin's red-hot body.

"Watery, Windy, cool her down for Woody." This time, Yin was hit with a blast of water and wind combined. A veil of stream was created around her, but Sakura and Syaoran could faintly see her slashing the vines down before they can wrap themselves around her.

Abruptly the figure leaped at them again with swords and limbs flying. Sakura and Syaoran blocked them all and tried to strike back.

"Two against one, aw, a little unfair, isn't it?" Yin said in a "boohoo" voice.

"Human against whatever you are. A little unfair?" Syaoran mocked her.

They continued to swap blows, and Sakura used little magic tricks to try and distract Yin as well. Soon after, Sakura and Syaoran were already huffing and tired. Yet Yin seemed to be as calm and full of confidence as she first started. However they kept on fighting.

Yin swept a blow to Sakura which she blocked, although exhausted. All of a sudden, Sakura was thrown backwards into the air by Yin's unexpectedly strong force.

Syaoran looked over at where Sakura land worriedly. Big mistake. Yin took this time to land a hit on Syaoran's chest, since his sword was positioned over his stomach. A large deep red gash appeared. Syaoran's clothes soon became stained with red blood, as he fell down on the grass, still.

Sakura stared at Syaoran, from where she landed, wide-eyed.

"Hmm, he is easily distracted. What an easy kill." Yin bragged.

"You…you…murderer!" Sakura yelled angrily. Yin sighed as if Sakura was a child who was taught something a few times yet never remembered it.

Sakura, fuelled by anger and frustration now, bounded towards Yin and tried to hack at her with the sword. No success however, as Yin parried all her attempts and Sakura's anger only built up.

"What are you anyways?"

"Me? I am a doll. My life was given to me by my creator. I can do a few magic tricks though." Yin told her, but her eyes mocked Sakura as it clearly stated that no matter what Sakura knew about her, she would still be not able to defeat her.

Out of the blue, Sakura's mind clicked, 'Yin, means silver. Maybe she's a doll made from silver!' Slowly, a plan formulated in Sakura's brain.

She flipped back away from Yin and called, "Earthy, trap her." The earth shot up to grab hold of Yin's arms.

"Can't you see? You can't cut me. I am indestructible!" Yin laughed as she thought Sakura was going to kill her with her sword.

"I need not to cut you. Firey and Thunder, strike and burn her!" A bolt of thunder and a burst of flames engulfed Yin, as she slowly but surely started to melt. (A.N. I don't know any other reasonable way of killing indestructible dolls!...maybe I shouldn't have make her indestructible...)

"No! I am impossible to destroy!" Yin tried to call on a water spell, but it was unachievable to overpower two Sakura cards and the card mistress's magic, especially with a simple water spell.

Sakura smiled grimly as she looked at the puddle of molten silver on the grass, burning them. "Erase, get rid of this puddle." The puddle disappeared.

"Syaoran!" Sakura cried as she kneeled down next to Syaoran and rested his head in her lap. "Please don't die!" She whispered a healing spell on Syaoran, but the blood loss was too much, even as the wound closed up, Syaoran remained unconscious.

Sakura started to sob in his chest, "I'm sorry! It was all my fault! I shouldn't have ran away, when you told me I was the girl you loved! I should have fought better and avoided distracting you!" She started to hit him on his arm and wept, "You shouldn't have been worried about me! I'm so useless! You idiot! You can't leave me again! Okay, okay, I'm sorry I ignored when you told me you loved me! I love you too! Please wake up!"

"Ow…" Syaoran murmured and swiftly leaned in to whisper in Sakura's ear. "Hey, I'm not dead yet! But do you mean it?"

Sakura snapped up straight. Syaoran's heart ache seeing the pitiful state Sakura was in; there were trails of tears down her cheeks from her wide emerald eyes. "You mean…you…you…weren't dead! You tricked me! And I was so worried about you! I hate you!" Sakura started to cry again.

Syaoran worriedly and quickly sat up and pulled Sakura into his lap. "I'm sorry! I only woke up when you said "I love you too"! Please don't be angry!" Syaoran wiped away her tears with a finger gently. Sakura kept looking down.

Syaoran raked his poor old mind for a method to make her not ignore him. He lifted her chin with his hand. The method he thought up disappeared as he gazed into her beautiful eyes. He instinctively kissed on her sweet lips.

Sakura's eyes widened in surprise, as Syaoran kissed her. Her eyes slowly closed themselves and she started to enjoy her first kiss.

Syaoran was almost ecstatic when Sakura accepted his kiss and gradually put her arms around his neck. He pulled her into him as he wrapped his strong arms around her small waist.

"Am I forgiven now?" Syaoran asked, after they parted for air. His arms were still keeping Sakura in place; therefore her arms were still around his neck.

"…" Sakura tried to look down to hide her flushed face, but it was hard to do so as Syaoran held her body as close to him as he could.

"I love you." confessed Syaoran quietly, nuzzling his nose into Sakura's neck.

A moment later, "I love you too." was barely heard from the rosy-faced Sakura. As quick as lightning, Syaoran kissed her again.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" was heard from a bush behind them. "I caught their confession and first kiss! You are absolutely the best!"

A chuckle then a, "I know…but I didn't expect Yin to hurt my dear little descendent that much!"

Sakura and Sakura stiffened and slowly separated. "Do you hear that?" she whispered in his ear, quietly, looking as if she was telling Syaoran sweet nothings.

Syaoran squirmed as he felt Sakura's breath on his ear. After he recovered, he asked, "So, what should we do?"

Sakura grinned, sweet, sweet revenge it shall be. "Woody, capture the people in the bush." She murmured inaudibly.

"Shoot!" was the only word before the sound of vines whipping up and tightening on something, or someone in this case.

"So, what did you say just then, Eriol?" Sakura calmly said, as she got up and walked over to the bush with Syaoran in tow.

"Uh…" Eriol was wrapped from neck to toe with vines; luckily Woody was kind enough to avoid his head. On the other hand, Tomoyo, who was besides him, had only vines around her ankles and wrist, video recorder in hand.

Syaoran reached for the video recorder, fighting for it from Tomoyo for a full minute. Taking out the tape, he threw it to the ground and stomped on it.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" Tomoyo screamed as if she was in torture…well actually she is in mental torture…

Sakura reached for Eriol's face, slowly touching it. "Now, now, now, what do we do to you?"

After watching Tomoyo, Eriol shook his head fearfully and hysterically. "No, no, no, no, no!"

"Let me." Syaoran offered gentlemanly to Sakura, bowing. Eriol's eyes widened to an unthinkable size.

"Shoot! No, no, nooooooooooo!" Eriol shouted like a girl, except hoarser.

Syaoran grinned maniacally and said, "Lightning, come forth!" before a zap of lightning struck the immobile reincarnation of Clow Reed. His normally tidy midnight blue hair was shocked into an afro. He was covered in black soot as he fell in shock.

"Nice," Sakura complimented Syaoran and Eriol's new hairstyle before checking Eriol's pulse. "Still alive."

"I didn't expect my lightning to NOT hurt my not so dear reincarnation of an ancestor." Syaoran mocked. He took Sakura's hand and lead them away to somewhere more PRIVATE.

"At least, I got Eriol to use his magic to copy the tape. But the original is always the best quality!" Tomoyo whined, as Eriol, still on the ground, twitched.

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