I'm updating again! Yay! ^o^

AMA will show up on your alerts quite shortly. :D

Cookies and Kisses is going well, I think, and might be posted this month. The title is extremely indicative of the content. It WILL be AH, and takes place during college years. I know, that's been done hundreds of times, but it also allows lots of room for individuality, so I'm going for it.

Sunset is taking longer than expected, so cross your fingers for me!

I'm TRYING to get back to Butter!, but I really should update Sunset first...maybe by next Thursday...

Hope you aren't too impatient! check my favorites if you're bored.



I'm SOOO sorry that it took so ridiculously long to update. Really. Various computer issues contributed, but it was basically pure laziness.

I've begun a new story, 'Sunset', and am considering a total re-write of 'Moments'. That's why the summary says 'Now on temporary hiatus' or whatever I put there. i've also been considering the use of Moments as an eventual sequel to Sunset...if any of you have thoughts on that, I would LOVE to hear them.

I just updated 'Awake, My Angel', so be sure to R&R if you've the time and inclination to do so!

Oh! 'Cookies and Kisses', my AU AH fic, is currently in progress, and the first chapter should be up soon-ish! Thanks to all who have participated in the poll-it's still open, actually...so...yeah.

Love you all!


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I have decided to take on four stories for the next couple of weeks (Yay for Thanksgiving break!):

-My Angel

-Edward Moments


-a new, All Human fic! (Yay!) which I may call 'Cookies and Kisses'

Not necessarily in that order, but those are the ones I'll be working on, so if you have any opinions or requests regarding one of the stories or the decision, contact me through a review for that story or via PM.

I actually prefer that you send a review, because the number of reviews I have helps attract new readers.


"What did Bella do now?" I asked with elated animation.

Alice snickered mirthfully.

"I'll show you," she replied with a mysterious, pleasantly wicked light in her eyes.

Bella shivered minutely, but cuddled closer to me and smiled faintly, so I made no move to leave. I was probably being incredibly selfish in subjecting her to my cold proximity, but I couldn't tear myself away just yet.

"Edward..." she whispered.

And there it is! The chapter in its entirety will be up around 4:00 pm my time.

It is now 3:00 pm in Idaho, USA.

The next part of the sequel, AMA(Awake, My Angel) will be posted promptly thirty minutes hence.

I am quite craftily posting this announcement on WUC just before updating AMA so that more people will read it, and, hopefully, go on to read AMA as well.

This will always contain relatively interesting announcements, however, as well as SNEAK PEEKS for those of you who are already on the computer and have nothing more absorbing to read, so please read this when it shows up n your alerts!

Sneak Peek at AMA:

There was a gleam in her eyes that told me she knew something I'd want to know, but somehow I figured that I'd find out soon anyway.

I just hoped she wouldn't tell anybody.

"Oh, but I missed you," he breathed, placing a cool palm on my cheek.

I know that was short, but I was feeling nice and gave you three little previews, so be happy.


I have a poll on my profile asking WHICH STORIES YOU WISH FOR ME TO UPDATE NEXT...This pretty much determines what I'll be working on.

So far, AMA and 'Edward Moments' are in the lead. However, I did receive a request via review for more of 'Butter!', so, unless I get a lot of votes for other things, I want to work on that as well.

Oh, and you may now select up to four story options on the poll.

'Edward Moments' may take a little longer than previously anticipated to update, but I still think it should be up sometime next week.