Ch.8:What are They up to?Es x Ca

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Edward came to where we were all standing in the front entryway, and promptly scooped his Bella up, winding in carefully slow, yet also carefree, circles. I touched a hand to Carlisle's arm gently as a subtle hint that we should let them be. with a look of loving acknowledgement to me, and a more serious glance towards rose and Emmett, we took to the stairs to allow them some little privacy.

As soon as we reached his office, Carlisle held me close, murmuring, "I'm so happy for them."

"As am I," came my whispered return.

Carlisle brought a hand to my cheek, looking tenderly into my eyes as he spoke.


I smiled.

"Yes, my love?"

He sighed, resting his forehead against mine. I couldn't help beaming even more widely to match his glorious smile, and the exquisitely golden orbs smoldering into mine sparkled and burned with such intensity that my breathing hastened unnecessarily. If my heart could beat, I knew exactlywhat it would be doing now. But the most excited palpitations were no match for my own, excited emotions, and I was glad that I was no longer hindered by the ineptness of human faculties as to the expressing of my feelings.

"I am so glad to have found you, my dearest, most precious love," Carlisle all but crooned, his saccharine breath assaulting my heightened senses.

He kissed me.

Our kisses were always so sweet, so full of love, that we rarely shared any in public for fear of desensitizing the innocent bliss that ensued each one. That was one of the many things I loved in my husband; we were always of such a singleness of mind in matters of privacy and romance that we needn't ever argue over them, and that kept our marriage essentially devoid of petty squabbles concerning those things which were so sacred.

When we parted, I ran my fingers affectionately through his hair, smiling nostalgically.

"Edward and Bella so remind me of the time of our first marriage," I told him softly, lost in the memory of those early years we spent together. I could tell tht Carlisle was lost with me, for his expression took on the kind of softness that invariably accompanies fond recollection.

"I was so excited, I hardly knew what to do with myself, at first, as I waited for you to walk down the aisle."

I laughed softly. "At first?"

A grin swept across his face.

"Edward eventually suggested fidgeting; I think he was a little exasperated."

I set a narrow gaze on him.

"You never told me that," I accused lightly.

He shrugged, chuckling, "Until now, it never came up."

I sighed and rested my head upon his chest, murmuring, "I thought I'd heard everything about that day...this new detail was a nice surprise. Was Edward terribly vexed with you?"

Carlisle shifted his hold to bring me nearer.

"I think not; he seemed mostly unnerved at being a source of calm to his surrogate father on his wedding day."

I nodded minutely, absently. "He did say something of that to me made me think how very alone he was. I'm glad he found his match at last."

He kissed the top of my head.


I sighed again in utter contentment, and then turned my face up for another, perfect kiss.

If Isabella could make Edward even half so happy as Carlisle made me, she will have brought to pass the fulfillment of my greatest wish. Our family was eternally indebted to her.

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