Chapter 1: Murder!

Lilly's P.O.V.

Lilly woke up for the 2nd official day at Hogwarts (doesn't include day they arrive). She went over to Miley's 4-poster. She was apparantly asleep, so Lilly went over to her own 4-poster and changed into her robes. By this time, Hermione had woken up.

"Hey, Lilly! Miley's still asleep, I take?" she said, glancing at Miley.

"Yeah. I decided to go ahead and change and stuff before I wake her up." Lilly replied.
"I'm gonna wait downstairs, 'k? If she's still asleep after you get chaned, will you wake her?" Lilly continued.

"Sure. See ya downstairs."

Lilly went downstairs.

A couple minutes later, she heard a scream from the girls' dormitory. Several other screams followed. Lilly ran back upstairs.

Hermione and the rest of the girls were standing around Miley's 4-poster.

"What's going on?! I heard screaming!" Lilly said, her voice shaking.

Hermione turned to Lilly, tears all down her face.

"Lilly, Miley's dead." she managed to say, before breaking into tears.

Lilly felt her heart stop.

"No, no..." Lilly muttered.

Lilly's vision burred before she collapsed on the floor.

Ron's P.O.V.

Ron was in the middle of getting dressed when he heard a rather fant and muffled scream, possibly from the girls' dormitory. As Ronn hurriedly finished getting dressed, he heard more screams. He ran out of the boys' dormitory and ran to the girls' dormitory. He found Lilly Truscott on the floor, and the rest of the girls crowded around one of the 4-posters.

"Hermione," he said, stepping around Lilly, "What happened?!"

She had been crying, "M-m-miley's d-dead."

"What?! You're kidding! She can't-" he stopped, looking at Miley's body.
"The Avada Kedavra..." he muttered, looking at her clean(not bruised), but completely motionless body. There was no signs of strangling, or blood, or any cuts/bruises. If he hadn't known better, he would've thought she was sleeping.

"Wh-where's H-harry?" Hermione asked.

"Sleeping, I guess. Strange, though. He's always awake before me." Ron said, staring at Miley, "I didn't really check, though.

"C'mon." Hermione muttered, grabbing Ron and dragging him back to the boys' dormitory.

"Harry! Harry!" Ron shouted as they ran inside.

Seamus, Neville, and Dean sat up, Dean looking at Ron and Hermione curiously, "What's wrong, Ron?" he asked.

"Miley-Dead." Ron found himself saying.

"What?!" Seamus shouted.

"Why the heck is Harry not awake?!" Ron shouted, marching over to Harry's 4-poster, "Harry! Wake up!" he shoved Harry in the shoulder.

He didn't respond. Ron rolled Harry over by shoving him in the shoulder again.

"Oh my-Harry!" Ron said, backing away, his face going pale.

"What?" Hermione asked, walking over to Harry, "Oh my-Not Harry, too!" She fainted.

"Hermione!" Ron said, helping her up. She came to, clutching her head, a little wobbly.

"Harry's dead, too?!" Dean asked, his face also going pale.

Ron and Hermione nodded slowly.