Title: Nothing Gold Can Stay

Author Name: TrueLoveFan

Rating: PG-13

Warnings for: None (for this chapter)


- The title "Nothing Gold Can Stay" comes from the poem by Robert Frost.


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Alex's POV

It had started out as a normal day. I woke up, brushed my teeth and hair, got dressed, pranked Justin with Max, had breakfast, and went to school. Simple, nice, normal. Well, as normal as my life can be. I didn't even use magic that day. It had been a good day. Until dinner that is.

Normal POV

"Alex! Justin! Max! Jerry! Dinner!" Theresa yelled as she threw her oven mitts down on the counter. Max came running in through the main door of the sub shop, Jerry came in from the living room, Justin and Alex came down the stairs from their rooms. Theresa had to smile. If there was one word that brought her family together dinner was it. Alex and Justin automatically went to grab plates and silverware. Justin set the plates down on the table and Alex followed him placing the silverware down on the appropriate sides of the plates.

"So what's for dinner, Mom?" Max asked his mother as he sat down in his seat in between his parents. Alex sat down between her mother and Justin. Theresa patted Max's arm in gesture to tell him to be patience and got up to grab dinner. She quickly returned with the carefully balanced casserole dish.

"UGHHH! Casserole! Theresa!" Jerry complained loudly. Alex and Justin shared a look. They knew how much their dad hated casserole. Theresa opened her mouth to respond, but the doorbell rang saving Jerry from a long winded speech. Jerry voluntarily jumped up and got the door.

"Theresa!" He shouted from the door. Their mother sighed and joined him at the door. Wanting to know what was happening at the door that made her dad sound like that, Alex jumped up and stood at the edge of the dining room hiding at the edge of the doorway. Max followed her as he always did and Justin grasped Alex's forearm to try and pull the girl back to her seat. The voices picked up just enough so that the eavesdropping trio could just barely hear them.

"You can't just come here and…" Theresa's voice hit low volume shrieking level.

"He's our son!" An unknown obviously female voice cut Theresa off.

"No, he's our son!" Theresa whisper-shouted at the unknown person; her words were making Alex cold and shivery. "You left him at a human adoption agency! You knew the chances were slim that he'd be adopted! Young wizards can't control their powers and that scares off the humans. You left him there to rot!"

"It can't be true! It can't be!" Alex thought in a daze. "One of my brothers isn't my brother!" Her thoughts were frantic, spinning, confusing.

Having heard enough, Max stumbled back into his seat. Alex stood there staring a spot in the pattern on the wall. Footsteps were coming toward the room, but Alex couldn't move. Frozen to the spot. Justin stepped in the small amount of space between Alex and the wall. He placed both of his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back into her seat.

"We have to act normal, guys." Justin, the voice of constant reason, stated. He could act as cool and calm as he wanted, but Alex knew that what they just learned was freaking him out too. Alex nodded. She reached out absentmindedly and grasped Justin's left hand and Max's right hand. Her tension and worry must have been pliable because Justin began rubbing small, soft circles on the back of her hand slowly. It relaxed her to know he was there.

Theresa and Jerry returned to the table with two people following close behind. Panic filled Alex. The woman was about 5 feet 10 inches tall with long dark hair down her back and bright green eyes. The man was about 6 feet 01 inches tall with dark brunet hair closely cropped and bright blue eyes. They were a well matched pair looks-wise.

"Their children must be really beautiful." Alex thought and as soon as it registered she knew. She knew which of her brothers wasn't her brother.

Theresa knew, by the devastated and confused looks on her children's faces, that they had over heard enough from the conversation in the hall to know that one of her little boys wasn't actually hers. It pained her to think that. He was just as much as her child as the other two. Except that he wasn't. They'd known he wasn't meant to remain theirs forever from the start. Taking a deep shaky breath she opened her mouth to say something, but Jerry placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Why don't we all go into the living room?" Jerry suggested. "There's something that really needs to be said." The trio of young wizards nodded. The three had to break their hold on each other for a second so they could stand from their seats. Just as soon as they were up their hands were reconnected and the group started toward the living room together. Once in the living room Alex, Max, and Justin sat next to each other on the couch.

Justin's head was reeling. He knew the second he laid eyes on those two they were here for him. They looked so much like him. He took a good look at Theresa and Jerry. They sort-of looked like him too. That's why he'd never questioned his biology. The only kids who questioned their biology were kids who didn't look like their parents. His parents weren't his parents which in turn meant Max wasn't his brother and Alex….Alex wasn't his sister. If he hadn't heard them talking in the hall he'd never believed it. Anger at Alex bubbled up. If she hadn't been so nosey this wouldn't be happening. That feeling quickly disappeared though because weather Alex had been nosey or not this would still be happening. The big question in his mind was what does this mean?

"Maybe it's better if we just talked to… Justin, is it?" The man questioned as the adults sat down across from the three young wizards. Justin shook his head.

"No!" He snapped at the stranger. "Anything you need to say to me you can talk about in front of Max and Alex." He couldn't handle this alone. Beside he doubt if he could get Alex to let go of his hand at this point. Not that he wanted her to, mind you. Holding her hand was keeping him grounded. Her worry, anxiety, and whatever else she was going through right now were giving him something to focus on besides his own feelings. She was a welcome distraction that he needed in this single moment.

The stranger threw his hands up in defeat and sighed. He'd known this would hard, but this was really, really, really hard. His wife placed a hand on his shoulder in support. He turned to look at her.

Even after all these years, she was still the single most important person in his life. He patted her hand and smiled lightly before turning to the group of teenagers.

"Justin!" Theresa hissed at him for being rude, but he gave her this disbelieving look and she decided it wasn't the time to argue about this. She stood up and began telling the story that had been kept so hush hush for so very long. "Justin, Max, Alex, this is Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Lauren Michaels." She took a deep breath and spoke the secret that they hidden so well. "They are Justin's real parents."

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