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Angelus Lacrima

Cold was the despair etched on Samantha Manson's face. Her eyes reflected years of solitude and loneliness. She sat alone in her room, the lights turned off and the darkness engulfing her. A distant tinkling sound reached her ears; it was coming from a music box next to her, high up on her wardrobe. It was a gift, an old antique from her grandmother. It was her most treasured gift from her.

She clutched the satin hem of her mourning dress, having run away from the funeral service just as they were lowering the coffin. Her parents were not present at the ceremony. They were on a carefree trip to Paris. It only hurt her more to see that she was the only one present and gave her the will to run away like a coward. She had locked herself in her room and wept bitterly, ashamed and agonized. She felt so horrid, having failed her grandmother and contempt for her parents.

Sam couldn't believe it. Her only true family member had died. Her most precious and beloved grandmother. The only family she really ever had.

Her mother and father were never home and never cared for their daughter. Sam was surprised they knew she even existed. But her grandmother had given her a kind hand and cared for her even when her parents ignored her existence. She had loved Sam and nurtured her to be a fine individual young woman. In turn, Sam viewed her as her most precious person. Her only anchor to the world and her happiness at home.

The melody caressed her in a soothing way. It was the song her grandmother would hum to her as a small child whenever Sam had a nightmare. It always made her calmer but this time, it only invoked tears to her eyes. She clutched the music box in her hands. Her fingers traced the swirls and designs of the box. Carvings of flowers and angels were covered by her quivering fingertips.

She had asked where the box came from; such exquisiteness did not go unnoticed.

"It's a music box from Heaven," her grandmother had said a mysterious smile. "When I am not here, you can use it to call an angel and it will protect you and love you when I cannot."

"That's silly, Grandma," Sam had laughed, "You'll be with me forever and ever!"

"If only," she had whispered. "If only, my little Sammy." And she would give Sam a soft smile before playing the music box's lullaby and humming along with it.

On the underside was the inscription 'To my little Sammy. May my love transcend time to you for eternity.' engraved in gold paint. Her arms latched onto the box tighter and she hugged herself into a ball.

"Grandma," she whispered, burying her face in her arms and sobbing quietly to herself.

Danny smiled lightly, his arms holding something glowing dimly. It seemed like a small ball of light and he cradled it in his arms gently, coaxing it. Next to him was a body of an elderly female, rapidly decaying now that the soul was separated from it. Ignoring the blood tinting his pale white robes a scarlet red, he had extracted the soul as painlessly as he could. The soul held fast onto the body though, and the result was a weak little thing, which was too tired to move, and on the verge of being turned to nothingness. Danny tried to coax it to go with him after attempting to heal it.

"Come now," he whispered softly, "Heaven is a wonderful place. But you must heal first. You are weak from the separation. "

A tinkling that only he could understand reached his ears.

"I know," he smiled, "I know you want to see your family but we must depart or you will die, again. In Heaven, you will be able to watch your family from there. So please come with me."

A sudden burst of light made Danny shield his eyes. As the light receded, he grinned. In front of him was the female with white angel wings. An ethereal glow seemed to surround her.

She yearned for his touch, her arms reaching out to him like a child to a parent. He grabbed onto her with a firm, reassuring grip.

"Do you promise to let me see my family in Heaven?" her voice echoed across, filled with worry and doubt.

"Yes," Danny latched his hands to hers. "Now, let's take you home. You will be in eternal peace."

"Daniel!" a voice called to him as he entered the realm of Heaven. He beamed at his mother, Madeline. "I take it, you're leading a new soul to peace?"

"Yes," he nodded, motioning to the female, "I'll meet you later, okay? Come now."

A large gate adorned with large sculptures of angel feathers and angels themselves was their destination. Each feather was carved with the utmost care and seemed to vibrate as if excited for the new soul. Pillars that held up the gate were painted a magnificent gold and white that shone with such dazzling purity that it blinded like the sun.

"Go now," Danny gave her a small smile, "This is your new home. I can only escort you in though. From there, you will find happiness."

The new angel hovered at the entrance for a bit before plunging in. The gate glowed a brilliant pale yellow as she looked at him in amazement. Her body turned to dozens of tiny sparkles. She smiled before laughing and dancing around, in euphoric joy.

"Thank you," her voice resounded through him and the sparkles left for the tranquil realms.

"You're very welcome," he whispered back even though she had already departed.

He turned back and headed for the center of the messenger angels. His mother, the High Priest, was already there.

Being High Priest, Maddie could see into the future. That was her duty. She would have a vision and then alert a messenger angel to collect a soul or a guardian angel to aid a lost soul through his/her life.

"Danny!" Maddie called to him, pointing to a large fountain that glittered with a whole spectrum of color, "You're about to get your next assignment. My! Only 114 years old and getting his 100th assignment! My little boy is growing to be such a mature angel!"

Danny smiled lightly as he was hugged and kissed by his mother. Danny bore through it all with unnatural calm and maturity. After she had fussed over him and tried again to tame his unruly hair, she turned to the fountain and motioned for him to do the same.

The fountain shimmered slightly before rippling like someone had dropped a stone in. Shortly after, an image shone in its depths. It was dark and barely a noise came through except for the faint tinkling of a music box.

"Such a lovely melody," Danny found himself whispering as he stared at the lonely figure holding the music box. Her hands held it in an iron grip like it was her lifeline. As Danny looked more into the figure, he saw that she was quite beautiful. Her petite frame seemed angel-like and fragile. Her facial features were was stunned him the most though. In his 114 years of living as an angel, he had never seen such a torn yet determined look. Her dress was ruffled but if given the chance, she would look lovely in such a vibrant shade of black.

A choked sob reached their ears and a shuffling could be heard. She was going into what seemed to be a kitchen.

"This is Samantha Manson," Maddie whispered quietly, "She is the only daughter of the Manson family. Her grandmother died a few days ago. Her mother and father neglect her."

"Samantha Manson," he spoke the name as if in a trance, watching the fountain with intent eyes.

"In a few minutes," Maddie explained with a very serious and pitying look in her eyes, "She will attempt suicide. You must stop her. She is destined to die at a much later time. Your assignment is to stop her and keep herself from killing herself for the next few years. You will be given the ability to turn human so that you may watch over her."

"I'm going to be a guardian angel," Danny simplified her words. He had never been a guardian angel before. He was deemed to klutzy and too attached to the souls he nurtured. This would be his first job as one and he knew nothing but of the severity of the case.

"Yes," Maddie's words rang into him.

"And how, pray tell me, did I land such a job?" Danny asked.

"Because you're the most caring and dutiful angel in Heaven thus far!" Maddie squealed, clutching her son's head in her arms, "I am so proud of my little boy!"

Something silver glinted in the pool. A kitchen knife. And behind Samantha, Danny could see a familiar shape.

"Is that..." Danny scrutinized the scene, before his eyes widened, "A demon from Hell!"

He could see her eyes clouding over. The purple irises that seemed to have such emotion were now dull as the foul creature lay its hand on her shoulder and whispered words into her ear.

"May I reveal that I am an angel?" Danny asked, biting his lip.

"Yes, due to the circumstances, you must," she nodded, watching the scene tersely. "You must send the demon back to its place."

The knife blade raised ever so slowly. The demon stroked her shoulder, coating her ears with sugary sweet lies.

"Oh no," Maddie covered her mouth in shock, "It's starting! Go, Danny! Save her!"

A familiar feeling of being pulled by a rope to Earth reached Danny and he found himself speeding like a bullet to the house of one Samantha Manson.

Sam held the knife in her hand. It quivered but a certain appeal had drawn her to it. The cold knife would feel good on her hot, tear-stained skin.

"One cut, and it'll all be over," a voice seemed to whisper in her ear, "All your troubles will dissolve. You will be at peace." It was a sickly, dark yet velvety voice.

Some part of her mind in the back of her head was screaming at her that this was insane. That she was going to die painfully; that she should stop. But it was too quiet and she barely had enough sense to grab onto the voice.

The music box was still clutched in her hand limply, its melody barely penetrating her ears. And it stopped, abruptly as if something had pulled a plug. A light glow seemed to surround the wooden box.

"All my troubles will be over," she whispered to herself, "All over."

"No!" another voice screamed at her this time, much louder and firm. Sam turned around, cutting herself slightly on the raised blade. A small trail of red blood oozed out of her open neck. What she saw would send her into a dead faint later on. A dark shadow seemed to hover over her, raising her hand to her neck. Glowing red eyes and a row of sharp crooked teeth parted back in a sneer were the only facial features she saw on the creature.

She gasped when she saw another figure. Beside the shadowy creature was a white figure, coughing and sputtering surrounded by the remnants of her ceiling.

"Aww..." Danny brushed the dust out of his robes, "I have got to work on my landings."

"Damn," the velvety voice swore, "I'll have to do this the hard way." Sam found herself raising the knife to her neck.

"W-What's going o-on?" Sam used all her strength, pushing the knife slightly down but to no avail.

"Demon from whilst thou came, return to thy Hell!" Danny chanted, his mind concentrating on the pure holiness of banishment. It had been ages since he had attempted one.

A great beam of white light formed where the demon stood; then it was gone, screaming and writhing in pain.

Sam's arm fell and she found herself falling to the floor in relief. She took in some long, deep shuddering breathes and stared at the floor in horror. She looked at the knife in her hand in repulsion before throwing it away from her.

"I can't believe I almost did that," her voice cracked and she found herself sobbing freely in front of the stranger, "I'm so stupid!"

Tears poured down her face freely that she barely registered the sound of footsteps, the jingling of jewelry, and a comforting hand being placed on her shoulder. Only when she found herself pushed to the being's chest was she aware of him.

"There, there," he whispered, softly cooing the words. "It's all right. You were just on the verge of a breakdown. That was all it was. You'll be all right."

And despite all her fears and sadness, she believed the stranger and gripped the material of his shirt and cried, shouting and sobbing without restraint.

Danny gave her a comforting smile, rubbing his hands on her back in a soothing manner. He whispered calming words here and there, reassuring her.

"I will protect you, little one," Danny whispered, "From now and on."

When the tears and emotions were calmed, Sam looked at her savior.

It was a boy her age with hair as black as a raven's wing and eyes as blue as the heavens above. He was donned in a folding robe that draped over him. On it was a silver cross inlaid with sapphires or some type of other blue jewel. On his ear was an ear cuff with a long chain attached to a cross, similar to the one on his clothing. He was handsome in a kind, boyish yet mature way. But what made Sam gasp were his white wings.

They glowed with an ethereal light and shimmered with the afternoon sunlight. His face had a calm yet childish baby look about it. His smile seemed lopsided in a way but his eyes betrayed the child-like look. They looked as if they had... age? Undeterring wisdom? Years of experience?

Sam could not put her finger on the word that described his eyes.

"You're an..." she stuttered, instantly turning red, "You're an..."

"Angel?" Danny completed for her. "Why yes. Yes, I am."

"Grandma was right," her eyes strayed to the music box, "This is Heaven's music box."

And with that Sam fainted. Danny held her body close to his own, with an odd look on his face.

"Err...," Danny shook her slightly, but she was still as unmoving. He blanched when a revelation came to him. His eyes turned wide and he started sweating slightly. "Oh no! I killed her! Oh no! Oh no!"

He dropped her on the ground with a loud thud and sank to the floor.

"I'm sorry!" he put his head to the ground, "I'm sorry! I repent! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shock her to death!"

From the fountain, Maddie found herself in a giggling fit.

Being a retriever of souls, Danny had never seen a person faint before. He had only seen death and thought her condition to be what he could only infer to.

Her eyes strayed from her klutzy son to the girl lying on the floor next to him in a daze. Her breathing was still there and her pulse was alive and strong.

In a few minutes, her son would find out, with relief, that she was still alive but then fret over where to put her. And then, how to explain his presence.

Her son was so adorable.

"How naive he is." She found herself staring at the girl fondly. "You will change him, little one. For the better."

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