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Angelus Schola Dies

Danny followed Sam as she walked down hallways of Casper High. All around were the insistent whispers of students, pointing and gossiping at them when they were not looking.

She stopped, trying to ignore his penetrating yet carefree stare that bore into the back of her head as well as the murmurs of her peers. She twirled her lock, straining to open it and grumbling when it refused to comply.

"Stupid locker!" she screeched at it, pounding a fist on the rusting metal door, "Why won't you open!"

Danny watched from behind, lifting an eyebrow in amusement before coming to her rescue.

"Maybe I can be of some assistance, Miss Samantha," his hand glowed a luminous blue as he pressed it over the stagnant lock. At once the device came to life, twirling out its code by itself and opening with a barely audible click.

"Thanks," Sam mumbled under her breath, "And stop calling me Miss Samantha. People are going to get the wrong idea."

As she pulled out her books, the bell rang signaling first period. The swarm of students, grumbling and barely awake, rushed to their classes leaving the two in the hallway.

She walked calmly to her class, still feeling that Danny was behind her, trailing after her. She turned to face him, glowering at his dopey smile.

"Don't you have a class to get to?" Sam snapped at him. He turned bright red, both flustered and embarrassed to be caught.

"Err... right!" he nodded fiercely, "English. Umm... Miss Samantha?"

"Yes?" she asked, her temper getting the best of her.

"Where may I find the classroom?" Danny questioned sheepishly.

"Down the corridor, first door to the left," she pointed, waiting impatiently for him to leave.

"Thank you!" he smiled, grabbing her into a quick hug. "Good bye! Stay out of trouble!"

He immediately ran down the path that Sam had directed, waving at her.

"I'm not a child," she griped under her breath, before entering her class where she would most likely be punished for being tardy.

Danny was, of course, late to his first day of school. His nerves were screaming with elation to be in a class again, albeit one much more advanced than the one he had gone to when he was alive.

A middle-aged, overweight man looked at him expectantly. He looked slightly annoyed that his teaching had been disturbed by Danny's entrance.

"My apologies," Danny spoke to the teacher, "I had some trouble as to finding my classes."

"Aah, the transfer student," he gave the new pupil a small smile, contrary to his expression before. "My name is Mr. Lancer and I will be your English teacher. Would you like to introduce yourself to the class?"

Danny stood in front of the crowd of peering faces. He turned pink when he saw the many suggestive looks he was receiving from the majority of females in the class.

"My name is Daniel Fenton," he used the name he had when he was a human. The reminder of being a human flitted across his face as a look of pain crossed his face, making him all the more delectable to the girls in the room. Quickly, though, the thought passed and was replaced by a grin. "But you may call me Danny. It is nice to meet you all!"

"Thank you," Mr. Lancer then motioned to the back of the class where an African-American boy wearing a red beret sat. "Please sit in the seat next to Mr. Foley and we'll resume the lesson."

"Yes, professor," Danny nodded before heading to his designated seat.

"Professor?" Mr. Lancer thought, his eyebrows reaching his hairline (or lack thereof) in confusement, "Where is this boy from?"

But he shrugged if off, thinking it as foreign talk.

"So," the boy in the red beret whispered as he took his seat, "Is it true? That you're Sam's fiancé?"

"No," he whispered back, "Who was the one whom gave you such a ludicrous notion?"

Tucker raised his eyebrow much like Mr. Lancer had done a few minutes ago.

"Dude, you talk funny," he pointed out before answering his question, "Everyone, of course."

"What!" Danny jumped out of his seat, attracting the attention of all his peers and Mr. Lancer. They stared at him with a puzzled look, the whispering and murmurs becoming more fervent.

"Mr. Fenton, is there anything wrong?" Mr. Lancer watched him, chalk posed in mid-air.

"Nothing," he replied quickly, sitting back down with inhuman speed. He commensed scribbling all the notes down from the board, covering his red face.

As it turned out, Sam was tardy and she recieved Sunday detention for it. She sat down in her seat, groaning in her arms as math droned on and on.

She couldn't help but drift between all the formulas and trigonometry. And she was surprised to see that all her thoughts seem to end in Danny. Did he find all his classes? What if the jocks were shoving him in a long locker? What if he was being tormented mercilessly right this second?

She nearly smacked herself. Why was she worrying for him? It was unheard of.

"Miss Manson," the Ms. Matthews, the aging math teacher called on her, "Since you seem so engrossed in your work, would you please answer this question?"

She stared at the long and complicated problem on the board.

"Oh shit," she cursed, staring at her empty paper as if willing it to have the answer.

Sadly, she was not that lucky.

Danny sighed tiredly as he closed his locker. Lunch period. His salvation.

English had been so tiring and boring to him. He had forgotten what it was like to be in school.

"Hey," the boy in the red beret waved, "Danny, isn't it?"

"Yes," he nodded, glad to see a familiar face, "Hello-?"

"Tucker Foley," he opened the locker next to Danny's, "I'm a friend of Sam's."

"Oh. Miss Samantha must be very fortunate to have such a kind companion." Danny glowed, praising the African-American boy.

"Umm... sure?" Tucker glanced at him oddly. "You don't seem to be from around here. Where are you from?"

"Err...," he paled. He never considered that obstacle. Quickly, he thought of the first place he could think of, "Samantha's house!"

"What?" he blinked at him, thoroughly confused.

"I mean, Somalia?" Danny corrected himself, weakly.

"Okay," Tucker drawled out the word, not believing him in the slightest, "You are one freaky dude."

Danny laughed sheepishly as if he didn't know what he was talking about.

"Oh, Danny," a girl's voice called to him before he felt someone latch on to his arm. It was the extraordinarily pretty Latino girl, Paulina.

Danny narrowed his eyes.

He did not see people based on beauty but on the level of purity of the heart. He saw auras. And the one he saw right now was a sickly dark grey covering her like a dense cloud.

"You must know who I am by now," she smiled sweetly at him, "I'm Paulina, Queen of Casper High."

"I've noticed," his voice was neither soft nor hard. Paulina ignored this as playing 'hard-to-get'.

"So I was wondering if you wanted to study at my house after school. You know, to get to know each other," she eyed him hungrily.

"Danny," another girl's voice called him. Thankfully, it was the one he needed to hear the most.

"Miss Samantha!" Danny cried detaching himself from the Latino girl and grabbing Sam's waist.

Everyone in the room seemed to stop and watch the drama fold out.

"Am I glad to see you! English is positively dreadful," he whined, "And you have to bear through it everyday. How do you manage such a feat?"

"Get off me!" Sam screeched, trying to pry off his iron grip, "And for the last time, stop calling me Miss Samantha!"

"Oh," he let go of her, "Was I constricting your breathing? My humblest apologies!"

"Ahem," Paulina coughed loudly, trying to shift the attention back to her. She had never been fully ignored before and here this impudent boy was overlooking her for the gothic freak! "What about our study date?"

Danny's eyes steeled over to cold azure that glared at her icily.

"I'm sorry," he said with no ounce of regret in whatsoever, "But I tend to favor girls much more beautiful and purer than the likes of you."

"You prefer that loser over me?" she gestured wildly at Sam who let out an indignant scoff.

"Yes," Danny gently held Sam's hand near his lips, almost kissing it, "That is what I am implying. But you are wrong. Miss Samantha is no loser or freak. She is the most beautiful lady I have ever laid eyes on."

Paulina let out a shriek of frustration before stomping away, furious.

"You will regret turning down the Queen, Danny Fenton!" she hissed, before giving a toss of her wavy black hair and heading down to the cafeteria.

Every student looked upon Danny and Sam, shocked.

"Whew, I am glad that is over," Danny sighed, all traces of the steely cold self gone. On his face was the aloof grin.

"You bastard!" Sam smacked his head, her face a deep crimson. "You could have told me what you were doing!"

"Ow!" he cried in pain. "Miss Samantha, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"We're going to pay for this, aren't we?" Tucker finally spoke, trying not to snicker as Sam continued to bash Danny's head. They headed to the cafeteria, bickering and laughing at each others jokes and taunts.

On entering, Danny nearly screamed in horror. Everywhere, plant and animal carcasses were being devoured by humans. He knew that it was there food source but he couldn't fathom how devastating it was to watch them devour the poor things with not a care in world.

"What is up with your friend?" Tucker hid behind Sam, watching him twitch.

"He's err..." Sam blanched for an explantion, "He's not used to seeing lettuce slaughtered?"

"So he's a meat eater?" Tucker brightened.

"No!" Sam dragged Danny to the lunch line.

As Danny got his tray, he couldn't help but let out a shudder of revulsion. Chicken and tomatoes. They were crying and laying limp like the dead. He gazed at them with such care that he didn't notice a foot stick out.

"Ah!" he cried before hitting the floor, "Oof!"

Above him was laughter. Paulina was sitting at the head of the table. She came to him and crouched down to his eye level.

"Mess with me," she whispered, her lips parted in a not-so-pretty sneer. "And I will make your school life a living hell."

Danny whimpered, fearing for his mundane body.

"School is so much fun!" Danny positively glowed with joy, "There were so many children and the playground was so much fun!"

"You did a triple front flip off of the jungle gym and nearly gave the school principal a heart attack," Sam clung onto his neck as they flew over the traffic and the buildings.

All through the trip back to her house, she couldn't help but keep blushing. Had he really meant all the things he said? She hesitated asking him.

"Miss Samantha?" Danny's face hovered over hers. She looked up in amazement as she examined his features before letting out a tiny yelp and squirming out of his hands.

As they entered the house, Sam felt Danny tense.

His fingers crushed hers in a binding hold.

"Hey, you okay?" she let go of his hand when he refused to move.

"Y-Yes," he stuttered, "Why don't you go into the kitchen and make something to eat?"

"Sure," Sam eyed him suspiciously before leaving for the kitchen. "Do you want anything?"

"No," he replied firmly, "Go, please."

Sam left, still feeling a bit unnerved with his strange command.

Danny watched the shadows warily. He could've sworn he had felt a disturbance. He ignored it though, hurrying to the kitchen where Sam was. Out of his pocket, he produced a satchet that contained white powder which he sprinkled into a cup of water, turning the clear liquid into a shade of soymilk.

"Samantha," he smiled, handing her the cup. "Something to swallow down with the fruit."

He urged her to drink it, pushing the cup toward her.

"Umm... Danny," she looked from the soymilk to him, "Are you okay? You don't seem well."

"Oh!" a sheen of sweat coated the back of his neck, "It is just the school. I must have been more fatigued than I had expected."

He laughed nervously, pushing the cup into her hand.

She took it into her hands and was about to tip the drink into her mouth when she stopped.

"This isn't any of your special mixes, is it?" Sam asked.

"No, just some soymilk," he took the cup for himself and drank half the contents. "See? Harmless."

He handed back the container, motioning to her.

Sam knew her angel would not try to hurt her but she still felt uneasy as she downed the soymilk in the cup.

Instantly, she slumped into Danny's hands, fast asleep.

"Sweet dreams, my lovely little soul," he whispered. And he began to transform. His eyes turned from azure to red. His hair, from raven black to snowy white.

"Miss Samantha!" a voice screamed that only he could hear. "Don't listen to him! Don't drink it!"

He carried her out into the living room where Danny the Angel was trapped in a seal bind.

"You're too late," he chuckled darkly, holding Sam's limp body like a trophy for him to see, "Her soul belongs to Hell now."

"No!" Danny screeched, pounding against the walls of his containment.

A door formed, its frame covered with images of humans screaming in horror and pain. Claws belonging to demons seemed to be dragging these people down, pulling scalps and any other body part that was in reach. The door opened, revealing a swirling red mass. The demon entered, laughing in triumph.

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