Hey Everyone! Tonight I'm posting this new story, and tomorrow I'm posting another new story.

I absolutely HEART Colin. I have for a long while now. Ask the girls...they can't believe it either.

I realize this is really short, but it's absolutely needed for this fic's intro. I have most of the next chapter written, so you may get two posts from me tomorrow! This story isn't going to have super long chapters I don't think, but they will definately be longer than this!

Colin POV

I've spent months getting my ass handed to me in the ring. The only time people cheer for me is when I fight a heel three times my size. The only reason they even give me that much is because they can't stand the other guy. None of the fans think I actually have the ability to win. I trained for three years for this shit.

That outfit they make me wear is even horrible. Wardrobe refuses to let me go out there looking like me. I have to look like some dweeb: greasy hair (and not like HHH), bizarre spandex outfit with suspenders I don't even use…do people even really believe that my character would wrestle?! Seriously, I look like I should be playing chess with coke-bottle glasses or something. They took my look and turned it completely upside down. Girls would never believe I don't look that bad in real life.

I wanted to be part of this company about as much as I wanted to keep breathing. I thought everyone would get sick of this bogus storyline quickly, but I was totally wrong. I really can fight. I'm not like the Divas they bring on just because they're hot. Hell, no one has ever found me attractive. I just want to prove myself.

Maggie POV

I've spent months watching him get his ass handed to him in the ring. Every week I cheer him on, hoping beyond hope he'll actually win. There have been one or two times he's pulled a Hardy-like move out of nowhere and thought they'd finally give it to him—no such like.

I wonder what he dresses like (and acts like) when he's not in character. I have this image of him in geek-rocker outfits. You know: fitted yet baggy jeans, retro looking shirt that evokes deep thought, and Converse/Chuck Taylor's all the time. He certainly can't have hair like on TV. Loads of guys have nasty hair in character. Mark Calloway doesn't walk around looking like he hasn't bathed in weeks. At least I hope Colin doesn't…

I hate the writers. How long has he been her now? I think it's time they let him show the world what he's really capable of. I'm actually going to the Smackdown/ECW house show this weekend before the live RAW on Monday. I made him a sign and everything. I realize I'm probably the only one who cares…but what can a girl do?