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Maggie POV

Tonight I went to RAW. I wasn't expected anything spectacular. Don't get me wrong: RAW is my favorite brand. Here's the thing: Colin isn't on RAW. Hell, I wasn't even going to see Jeff tonight now that he's suspended. Damn my luck!

I can't believe JBL is wrestling again. Who allowed that to happen? The second I heard his entrance music I groaned. I saw that ugly limo pull into the arena and sat down, not really caring what he had to say. Hornswoggle still wasn't back either. Just great—it's Saint Patrick's Day and not a single Irish wrestler is here. I was expecting something grand to happen. That's when something amazing DID happen.

JBL might just be on my good list now. Colin is Irish. They brought Colin to RAW this week. I fully realize the poor guy is going to get his ass handed to him by JBL—not the point. He walks out, and the stupid fans do nothing. I flew out of my seat and screamed like never before. Where was my damn sign when I could actually use it?! It didn't even matter at that moment. I was the only person cheering. The only person. The whole arena could probably here me, and the guys behind me started laughing hysterically. I didn't care.

Colin climbed between the ropes and spent maybe a full minute before JBL pinned him. I cheered him on the whole time while some of the fans booed JBL. He walked from the ring like he'd done something worthwhile while some referees helped the 'hurt' Colin out of the ring. By then the fans didn't care anymore. All except for me. I was screaming louder than before.

I almost died. I honestly almost did. Colin turned around to search out the person cheering for him. Seeing as I was the only person doing anything, it wasn't hard to find me. He actually smiled at me. Colin Delaney smiled at me. I never got to see the rest of the show. Ten minutes after Colin went behind the curtain a security guard came to get me, claiming I needed to go with him immediately.

Colin POV

I can't believe I actually get to appear on RAW tonight. Sure, it's not the greatest thing in the world having to job to JBL, but it didn't matter. I waited nervously behind the curtain for my time to come. Several guys talked to me, and a couple of the Divas hung out for a bit. I was too nervous to really realize any of it was happening.

Right before we went out, JBL told me not to worry. Either way the fans would have to like me because no one looked bad compared to him. When he put it that way, I wasn't too nervous anymore. He went out to the ring and spoke for a few minutes before it was time for me to join him.

I could hear someone actually cheering for me. I take that back. I could hear a girl screaming for me like you normally hear for Orton or Cena. I spotted her behind the ring, a few rows back. I was suddenly nervous again. No one had every cheered for me before. No one. Why was this girl excited anyway? Has she not realized that I haven't won a single match yet? Maybe she's confused about who I am. It wouldn't be the first crazy wrestling fan I've seen.

I don't think I've ever made it a whole five minutes in the ring before. This match lasted about a minute. I was 'assisted' out of the ring and heard her voice again. That girl was still yelling for me. If she was embarrassed about being the only person with any reaction, she certainly didn't show it.

I turned around to look at her again. I smiled at her and knew she saw it. What I really wanted to do was run over to her and ask her what she was thinking cheering for me. Unfortunately, the refs had a hold of me, and I was supposed to be injured. I let them lead me backstage and realized I couldn't leave Louisiana without talking to her. I found one of the security guards and begged him to go get her. Whether he felt bad for me or thought I was trying to find a ring rat, I don't know, but he went out to get her.