Summary: Hinata starts to take charge of her own life… with some help

Summary: Hinata starts to take charge of her own life… with some help. Hit him out of the park Hinata! Please read and review!

An Unexpected Homerun

By. 723

"If you miss seven balls out of ten, you're batting three hundred, and that's good enough for the Hall of Fame. You can't score if you keep the bat on your shoulder."—Walter B. Wriston

Chapter 1

"Hinata! Be candid with him! Naruto is so slow he won't get the hint! You need to be alluring, sexy, womanly…basically everything you're not! How do you expect anyone to notice you in that baggy jacket anyways?!"

Normally, these words would have been painful to hear and I'd be close to tears, but I know that Tenten means well. Despite the harsh exterior, she's a real softie, like Neji. I can only hope that one day I'll have a strong, loving, marriage with Naruto like Tenten has with Neji.

"Hinata." I snap my attention to Kurenai who is staring off into her yard at her six-year-old son, Akito. "Tenten has a point. You can't leave Naruto to conjecture. Although, I don't agree with Tenten's didactic ways." She gestures to Tenten who is still quite lost in her harangue about my incapability at capturing "the hearts of the stronger sex", and I couldn't help but giggle.

Kurenai always had a way to make me laugh. Actually, not just me, she could also coax Shino, the ever stoic, calm, and collected Aburame, into chuckling. That's probably the reason why Asuma was so enamored with Kurenai. My heart reaches out to Akito who never had the chance to meet his father before he kicked the bucket…or should I say "passed away". After all, Hyuuga need to be constantly politically correct (even in their minds), and it's always safer to use euphemisms.

Sensing a demonic glare, I look up at the source and realize Tenten has extrapolated and came to the conclusion that I have been tuning out most of her tirade. Despite the fact I'm 22 and a jounin, Tenten will always be at the top of my "Most Frightening People I've Ever Met" list. Feeling guilty, I try my best to pay attention to what Tenten has to say next, but all I hear as I look at Tenten (She's starting to get into her latest lecture: Hinata's Memory Span—Comparable to a Goldfish) is incoherent blah. Coming to the conclusion that I can't concentrate anymore without going crazy, I stupidly suggest—"Let's go shopping!"

Oh, God help me! I look up and see the excited feral look on Tenten face and the look of amusement of Kurenai's. Instantaneously, I wish I could take back my suggestion.

"I'll just tell Neji where I'm going!" cries an excited Tenten as she runs off to the branch section of the Hyuuga compound, where Tenten now lives with Neji. "You won't regret this!" shouts Tenten, and I shudder due to the foreboding feeling caused by the confusion as to what Tenten was insinuating by that exclamation. I shook off the foreboding feeling. After all…it's just shopping—right?

Interrupting my thoughts once again, which is not necessarily a bad thing, Kurenai tells me—"I guess I should go now. Thanks for having me over Hinata." I smile indicating it was my pleasure. "No matter what Tenten says you've made great improvement and grew so much in so many ways since you were a genin." She pats my head fondly. "After all, you don't have that stutter anymore, and when you speak, your words are lucid. It's about time you snag that special member of the 'stronger sex'…" I giggle at the reference to Tenten's speech. "…wheter it be with Naruto or another man." I look at her with shock. Doesn't she know Naruto is the only man for me?

Seeing the emotions running across Hinata's face, Kurenai sighs inwardly. "One day, you'll see Naruto isn't the only big fish in the sea. Keep that in mind while you're shopping with Tenten, and she gives you a makeover."

Through my daze of shock at Kurenai's words that I'll ever look at anyone like I look at Naruto, my mind unconsciously registers the fact that Kurenai is gathering Akito and is preparing to leave. Like a good hostess should, I walk her to the gates. As we exchange goodbyes, I tell Kurenai to make sure she visits the Hyuuga compound again soon.

Before Kurenai leaves throught the gate, she calls back to me, "Keep in mind what I said, and don't run away. You deserve this. Don't you agree?"

I keep smiling and waving as she leaves. When she was completely gone, I still was not sure if that question was rhetoric or not so was glad I decided not to answer it. I try to process all the information Kurenai just told me. First, I feel proud that Kurenai acknowledges that I changed and have improved since my genin days. Then, I feel confused about her advice on men. Doesn't she know I won't need it? Naruto will be the only man in my life—all we need to do is get together…

Wait! Did she just say makeover?!

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