Chapter 1: The Memories



'Thoughts' are like this

"Dialogues" are like this

Sakura was having a stroll around the village, taking advantage of the spare time she has on her hands, which was rarely available to the head medic-nin. She enjoyed walking around the village, until she came across the academy. 'This was where we first met. Those smiles always brightened up my day. –B-but were done, nothing more,' she looked down, trying to redeem herself. 'It's already in the past, Sakura. It's already written in history, you can't change it, whatever you may do.'

She gave out a sigh before starting to explore the village some more, she soon reached a place with a vast field of flowers, surrounded with cherry blossom trees. Sakura looked around, admiring the beauty of nature. 'This was where we had our first date.' Cherry blossoms were once her favorite, but a certain event in her life changed it.

Flashback 6 years ago

They sat there, together as they watched the stars glimmering above them. They had set up a picnic place near the field, where they enjoyed each other's company.

"Sakura-chan, thanks for letting me spend some 'quality time' with you," Naruto said with one of his sweetest smiles.

"No worries, Naruto-kun. I had fun spending this day with you too. I love you Naruto," Sakura said leaning in for a short kiss. Naruto's cheeks flushed 4 shades of red, he didn't expect this from her.

The wind blew hard, carrying cherry blossoms everywhere. Naruto managed to catch one with his cupped hands, and handed it to Sakura.

"What's this for?"

"That shows how long my love lasts for you. As long as there are cherry blossoms here in Konoha, my love for you still lingers in my heart."

Flashback Ended

'I can't believe that I let my self fall in to that lie.' She stood there clenching her fist, and her heart being filled with hate, 'I need to get away from here or this place might be gone in several minutes.'

She ran back to the main road back to the hospital. Sakura soon realized that there was a road block, she needed to take a detour, 'I have a bad feeling for this.'Her thoughts turned out to be right, while running to the hospital she came across the place she hated the most, Earth street. Now, Sakura couldn't stop the tears falling down from her emerald eyes. She wiped the tears from her face and ran faster to the hospital where she could have privacy.

She slammed the door to her office, and sat on her office chair. Her hands were now glowing bright blue-green from the enormous amount of chakra entwined on it. 'Damn, I need to get this anger out of my system.'Sakura heard the radio on top of her table, 'What the hell is wrong with this world? Even the radio makes me remember him.' She was very pissed, she slammed her hand on top of the radio. Surprisingly, the radio was cut into half, and even more the table was smashed into two pieces.

"Yes! Now my anger is already gone, what am I going to do with my depression?"

She stood there in front of her halved table, crying. "W-why… why did you leave me? I thought you loved me?"

Flashback 3 years ago

"Sakura, I hate to tell you this but, we need to end this relationship, here and now. Trust me, it will hurt less."

"What! Are you leaving me after our three years of relationship? Are you insane? Are you trying to get me emotionally killed?"

"Sadly, I am leaving you after those 3 years. And no, I'll never do anything that can harm nor hurt you."

"Do you think that I'm not hurt on what you're saying to me? You freak! You think that a break-up can't hurt me emotionally, how harsh of you."

"If I don't break-up with you now, the hurt you feel now will be a million times sharper if I die in this mission and leave you unloved."

"Why do you insist that you'll die? You're not the Naruto I know, the Naruto I know never gives up and never goes back on his word. Who the hell are you? Why won't you just leave that stupid S-ranked mission?"

"People change! They can't live like what they used to be for their whole life, they change," his tone slightly higher. "Damn you, Sakura! You're telling me to leave the mission, Are you going berserk? M-my dream to be Hokage is nearing me, this is one of those obstacles I need to go through to get to success. So don't ever, ever tell me such a stupid thing!"

Naruto raised his hand and slapped Sakura. She looked at him with confusion, more tears started to fall from her emerald eyes. Naruto looked at her, regretting what he had just done.

"S-sorry, Sakura, I didn't mean to—

"You've changed, a lot."

- hurt you."

Sakura reached for a kunai from her pocket and handed it to Naruto.

"Well then, if you want to me to be happy with this, kill me now. I'll be happier to know that I die in the hands of the man that I love."

He didn't reply, he just dropped the kunai and hugged Sakura. Tears fell from his sapphire eyes as they broke from their hug.

"This will be your last kiss from me," he kissed her. It didn't last long, but it was a kiss to remember for a lifetime.

They parted. Naruto left, running into the dark woods, 'I love you Sakura. I wish you find someone that will earn and deserve you, someone who'll love you for their whole life. A scum like me doesn't deserve to be loved by an amazing person like you.'

"N-naruto." She stood there, crying in the rain looking like a child being abandoned by her parents. She didn't move, she stayed there until she collapsed from the coldness of her body. At dawn she was found by a villager and rushed to the hospital where she was treated.

Flashback ended

"N-naruto... why did you leave me?"

'How much more idiotic could you get? You left me for that mission, who knows maybe you already dead,' she shook her head.

"No! He cant be-

She was interrupted when someone barged in the room.

"Ma'am there's a patient in critical state, we need you to help in his treatment," a medic-nin reported.

"Where is he?"

"He's currently in the emergency room, he just arrived several minutes ago."

"Who is he?"

"He is..."


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