Chapter 4: Sai's wrath



Weeks of treatments from the hospital passed, Naruto was now sent back to his room in the Hokage's mansion. Thanks to all of the help the medic-nins, he is now fine and able to do normal activities, but there was still one thing he couldn't do… train. He found himself sitting on his bed, playing with a kunai, sliding his index finger over the blunt side of the blade.

"No training is really boring. Why wouldn't the Hoka— Naruto bit his lip, remembering something that Tsunade said to him.

Flashback 3 days ago

"From now on, you will address me as 'mom', not 'Hokage'. Understand?"

"What for?"

"I adopted you, I should be given some respect as a mother. I also announced to the village if they talk to you, they must refer me as 'mom'. But only when they talk to you."


"No buts Naruto."

"Fine" Naruto shrugged, he didn't even like the whole concept of this conversation with her.

End of Flashback

"Err… I meant 'mom'. Why wouldn't mom let me train? I feel good, no more sores, or bruises. What the hell is wrong with me?"

He looked around his room, thoughts flew through his mind. Naruto remembered everything he had been through since he graduated from the Academy, 'From being called a 'demon vessel' to a respected fire nation shinobi, what an amazing journey I had.

'"Never give up" is what I say, but slowly I think that I really don't have a chance with Sakura, there's still so much guys out there for her. Sasuke may be her adoptive brother, but he still could have a relationship with other if they wanted to. They aren't related by blood, there weren't papers signed by the hokage to prove that he is officially a family member and he still carries his last name. But I doubt it; Sakura wouldn't date him, right? Sai is one of those guys, they didn't really have a good relationship when we were still kids but who knows, maybe they made up for their fights and became close friends. The youthful Lee, is also one. He still hasn't given up on Sakura-chan. Those were just to mention some, I wonder if I still have a shot.'

Naruto forgot about the kunai he was playing with, he carelessly slid his finger onto the very sharp edge of the knife. His right index finger got a small cut; Naruto didn't bother to put some medicine on it. He just washed the blood off with water and concentrated his chakra on the bruised finger, it glowed red-orange and the skin began healing.

"Not too shabby, Naruto—" He heard a familiar voice; he turned to see Sakura standing in front of his door.

"-for a regular shinobi like you," Sakura said with a smile on her face.

"You haven't seen anything yet," bragged Naruto.

"I never thought you'd be cocky."

Naruto had to laugh on what she just said, even if it wasn't true. Hearing Naruto's cheerful laugh once again, made her happy. It was something that always made her giggle, 'Well here's a candidate to win the crown of cockiness from Sasuke.'

When Naruto was fully satisfied with his laughing, the expression his on face changed into a cool and serious look. "So what brings you here?"

Sakura looked at him with annoyance, as if she was waiting for him to say something. "Would it kill to welcome me into your room first?" This statement triggered a sweet smile on his handsome face.

"No, go ahead. Just leave your shoes there at the doorstep,"

When Sakura neared him; Naruto's heart started beat faster and faster, it was like his heart was going to jump out of his chest. Sakura sat beside him and explained why she went to his room.

"The Hoka—

"Um… you might want to rephrase that. Who knows maybe she hired some ANBU members to watch over me."

A group of ANBU members were watching his every move; they got taken aback when they heard what Naruto said.

"How could he know we're here?"

The other members just looked at him and confusedly shrugged.

"I m-meant, your mom sent me to give you your last treatment, and to train with you."

"Finally, an angel from heaven saves me from the evil clutches of boredom. Hurry up and heal me so we could get on our training." Naruto removed his shirt and laid on the bed, excited for what will happen for the whole day.

"Fine," Sakura mumbled, 'Is someone too excited to train, or what? It was just 3 weeks of no training and he makes it look like years without it."

Sakura built her chakra into a hollow ball and pressed it onto his chest. Naruto felt intense pain, like knives were stabbing his chest. He couldn't tolerate the pain, he screamed loudly. "Don't scream Naruto! This will just last for several more seconds so, shut up. 'Kay?" Naruto didn't even bother to answer her, he kept screaming, his face was now red. Several seconds passed, Sakura lifted the ball of chakra from his chest, "I'm done. Put your shirt and pack up your things, we'll be training with Sai and Sasuke."

Naruto looked at her with confusion, 'I thought you just said that you'll train with me, you didn't mention any of those idiots.' He put his shirt on and rummaged through his closet to find his Daisho; these were the swords he always used since he became a jonin.

The training ground was a huge field of grass surrounded with thick foliage, like as Naruto remembered 3 years ago. They looked to their side and saw Sasuke and Sai leaning against a tree, looking bored to death.

"Where the hell were you two? We were supposed to meet here 15 minutes ago," Sasuke's cheeks flushed red from his anger.

"Sorry Sasuke-kun. I kinda got off the office late, there were too many patients."

"It's okay Sakura-chan. Who's that tall blond guy with you?" Sai walked up to Naruto and started to poke his cheek.

"Why you bast—"

Sakura was just in time to stop Naruto from ending his sentence. She tried to punch him in the face, but Naruto was able to hold it off, "Punching me for no reason isn't a good practice for you." He really got on Sakura's nerves. His grip on her fist was tight, she opened her mouth and tried to bite Naruto's arm. Unfortunately, he was able to sense that she was planning something and let go of his grip. "Being rabid isn't a good idea either." They shot death glares at each others, looking like they were preparing to kill each other.

"C'mon guys, you make yourselves look like an old married couple," Sai mocked. Sakura blushed several shades of red, enough to make Sasuke notice it. Naruto was surprised at Sai's comment, 'How dare he call us old? But we will be one old married couple someday, but just not now.'

"The blond is Naruto, you idiot."

Sai's eyes widened, 'That's Naruto-kun?! He looks so different, I can't even believe that he's going to look like as handsome as me or Emo king Sasuke. Crap, I need to tick him off… think Sai!' Finally, a light bulb in Sai's mind 'Lets see if this is going to work.'He walked up to Sakura and put his arm over her shoulders and kissed her on the cheek, "Well less talk, more training. I'll take Sakura as my partner, Naruto and Sasuke you're teamed up together."

"What kind of idiot are you to judge who's going to be teamed up with me?"

"I never thought that a time like this will come up. But, Naruto's right. It isn't your job to get all bossy."

"Yeah Sai, Sasuke-kun and Naruto-kun are right."

"There shall be no teams, we fight for ourselves. No protecting or feeling soft for anybody. But over all of these rules, no one shall kill anyone."

They all nodded in agreement. They split up and hid in the thick forest, trying to minimize the chances of being ambushed.

Naruto found a spot where he could find some cover; he spent a fair amount of time there, trying to think of a plan against the others. Then, he suddenly heard something move to his right. He became defensive and grabbed his Daisho; he walked slowly to the place where something made the leaves rustle. It came to his mind that Sakura was there: crying helplessly on her knees. But something more serious disrupted Naruto's state of being, he saw a Katana pierced through her abdomen, making her scream in pain and worse, loose more blood. The katana looked familiar, it was Sasuke's.

Despite the pain, Sakura still managed to speak some weak words. "N-naruto... p-please help me."

He didn't respond verbally, he just gave out a smirk. He grabbed his swords and in a blink of an eye stabbed them into Sakura's chest. She died, on the spot. It was a direct hit on her heart, causing it to stop pumping blood and make her await her awful death. Naruto looked to his left and spoke, "A simple Genjutsu can get me off guard, try harder Sasuke Uchiha. Sakura's hair isn't as short as you copied, it's longer by an inch. Come out and let's have a real battle." He got his swords, which were caught between stones that Sasuke used for the Genjutsu. Naruto waited for Sasuke to arrive to the spot where he stood.

On Naruto's left, Sasuke was hiding behind some bushes. 'I didn't think that you'll be able to sniff out my Genjutsu, even for that minute mistake. You have really grown into a well-skilled shinobi.'He slid out of his hiding place and grabbed his katana, he and Naruto was now face to face.

"Let's start this already, okay?" Sasuke muttered under his breath.


They ran their chakra onto their weapons, until they glowed blue. Naruto aimed to hit places where they could easily be blocked, as expected Sasuke was avoiding every single one. They fought with their weapons and huge cache of jutsus. Sasuke was getting a little worried, 'Why is he so careless on his aim? His aim is always at the wrong points; he must be up to something." Sasuke managed to break away from the consecutive attacks of Naruto; he activated his Sharingan and scanned the surroundings. He noticed a form containing so much chakra underground, but it wasn't just any kind of chakra. Normal chakra is blue under his Sharingan, but this was red chakra only one person has it, Naruto. He looked at the Naruto he was fighting with; it had the same amount and kind of chakra. Sasuke got very perplexed, 'If the Naruto I'm fighting now is a shadow clone, it should have at least half of Naruto's chakra but this one has his full chakra capacity, so is the one under me. Which is the real one?' He knew that this was a trap with a little hole that you can escape through, but he wasn't able to find it. His chakra was now depleted, if he still entwines his chakra to his katana, his next stop is to the hospital.

Sasuke didn't want to admit it, but he lost to Naruto, 'He isn't the one I knew before, he has gotten stronger and more intellectual. Naruto isn't exactly an "Idiot" anymore. I never imagined that there was someone in this world that can keep up with him and actually make him learn something.' Sasuke knew that he was bound to lose; he is low on his chakra, very tired and caught in a trap.

"I quit," he simply said. Both of the supposed clones vanished, the real Naruto came down from the forest canopy.

"Are you sure?"


Naruto didn't even say good bye, he just leapt through the tree branches finding the others. He saw a certain black haired guy with a Kodachi on his back. He seemed to be alone, as he was leaning on a tree trunk almost half asleep. Naruto thought of the perfect thing to do, he stood with a strong stance, did a hand sign and whispered, "Mass Shadow clone jutsu." 11 clones appeared from nowhere, he instructed on of them to attack Sai from behind and the others to encase him after the first strike.

The clone slowly walked nearer to Sai, a few feet behind him he kicked Sai from behind. Sai wasn't able to notice it, but it hurt. The rest of the clones ganged up on him, every hit sent him higher to the air. When all of them had done fair damage to him, they all vanished; Sai lay on the ground badly beaten up. Naruto was now contented in his friend's condition; he tried to take a step to his right but something was preventing it. He looked to his feet and noticed a puddle of ink under him; it crawled onto his leg, gripping it tight to the ground. 'Damn, I let my guard down. He got me now.'Sai appeared in front of him, with a smirk etched on his face, "Naruto-kun you've got to try better than that." Sai looked at him like he was going to devour him anytime now, the look in eyes were completely evil.

"Hey, remember the rules! No killing?"

"I don't care about the rules. I can kill you anytime I want, whenever I want." Naruto was now as scared as hell, his pupil shrunk and his body started to twitch, 'His gaze, that devilish thing! What did I do to him make him this angry? I know that he could kill me with a single flick of his brush; he's a member of ANBU root for more than a decade for God's sake. This could be my last day on earth, crap. I'm still too young to die.'

Sai walked up to him and grasped his neck, causing his to have difficulties in breathing. His eyes glimmered with the desire to kill as he spoke, "Y-you bastard. After what you did to Sakura, you dared to come back here to Konoha? You left her, you fucking idiot! She tried everything to bear with the pain; food, pills, money… she even tried suicide. Now, you're trying to come back here and try to make her love you again?" His grip tightened this made Naruto's face paled His breaths were short and fast, every second trying to gasp for air. "She deserves more that what you have to offer! I'll kill you if she said so. Naruto, the point is… I love her! I don't want you or anyone else to meddle with 'us'." Sai let Naruto go free and turned his back on his blonde companion. 'You will never have my cherry blossom. That's final.'

Naruto was on his knees, panting wore some well needed oxygen. He looked up to see Sai leaving, "You bastard! Come back here! Let's settle this the right way… the way of the shinobi, a man-to-man fight." He stood up straight, trying to ready himself for what would come next. He brushed of some ink on his clothes and got his katana.

"Well then, let's begin this."


They fought in the middle of the forest, slicing anything that was in their way. Justus of all sorts were eating up all their chakra; they fell down onto the forest floor, exhausted.

Sakura was moving through the forest, finding the other members of Team Seven. She wasn't paying attention to the direction she was heading; she stepped on every branch in her direction, seconds passed and she managed to get afoot on a weak thick branch. In an instant the branch snapped, Sakura was sent to a 50 meter descend. She knew if there was no one that will save her, she'll surely die. Crystals of tears formed at the corner of her green eyes, she knew it was coming her death was near. Since the beginning of the week, Sakura had dreams of her dying in different ways; disease, accidents, murder, and natural death. She now knows what those dreams were telling her; it was messages of her awaiting death. Flashbacks pressed onto her mind. She remembered those times that she felt happiness and sorrow, tears adorned her ivory cheeks as thoughts left her mind, 'At least I saw you again before I die. Naruto, I'm finally over you.'Sakura was now ready to die; she crossed her hands onto her chest and closed her eyes.

She expected to feel a loud thump on the hard ground, but that wasn't what she got, Sakura felt two strong arms carrying her weight. They stopped on a sturdy branch; he set her down and examined her for any injuries. She opened her eyes to see his brother, her childhood sweetheart and her best friend in the whole world. Sakura could never forget those piercing onyx eyes that always get her attention, "Sasuke-kun."

"What the hell did you do to yourself? You were going to die and you didn't do anything about it? You should take care of yourself more! You could have died!"

"Onii chan." The looks on his eyes were different, full of fear and love. For the first time, she saw tears on his eyes.

"You know that you're the only important person in my life, since all of them died. I don't want to lose you. I have suffered from too many deaths, please don't add another one. I'd rather die myself than see another innocent life put into spare." Sasuke hugged her tightly, never wanting to be separated. 'I want all the best for you, all the happiness and love in this world. No one will ever harm you.'



"Sorry to ruin this brotherly-sisterly scene, but I can't breathe."

He blushed a dozen shades of red, "Oh sorry."

They broke from the hug, feeling really awkward. Sasuke lifted Sakura's chin up with his index finger, "Act like you never saw me cry or else I'll humiliate you in front of the whole village."

"As if I'll fall for a puny little act like that," Sakura mocked.

"Trust me, you will be embarrassed. Now get yourself together, we'll look for Naruto and Sai, Who knows they might be killing each other right now."

"I've already given up on Sai, his eyes looked really devilish earlier. Sai has been really pissed off these days; I wonder what's happening between them right now."

Sasuke gave a slight nod and they continued to travel to the direction where the chakra activity was at its peak. They were stunned on what the saw, barren land; the trees and shrubs were shredded and blown down. Blood was splattered onto the eroded land, the sight was just dreadful. Sakura's heart tingled with pain, she didn't know if they were still alive or bruised beyond repair.

They waited for someone to stir up from the blank surroundings, tension entered their bodies. Minutes passed, Sakura couldn't bear with it anymore, 'Are they still alive?' She wailed as loud as she can, letting all her emotions go loose and for her to relax.

"Shut up Sakura," Sasuke annoyingly said.

To their relief Naruto emerged from their left and Sai was on their far right.

Naruto was still panting heavily from all the exhaustion, 'This is really stressing me out, I just came from the hospital several weeks ago and they give me this kind of training?! Shame on them, they don't have any pity for me. I need to finish this… soon.'

They prepared themselves for the last strike, they ran all their chakra on their weapons and charged at each other. Someone was bound to get heavily injured or even die.


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