The group now found themselves on the edge of the swamp, to their left lay what seemed to be some sort of forest but the group was far more interested in what lay ahead. The swamp was many things but one thing it was not was quiet, birds could be heard chirping, tropical birds with peculiar almost sore throated calls. The rumbles, groans and calls of various lizards, reptiles and tropical frogs could also be heard and hardly a moment went by without something rustling in the bushes. Most of the plants here seemed over sized, massive shrubs with huge leaves, gargantuan blossoms sticking out from tall grasses of a million shades and colours. The water it self looked dark and murky with various algae like substances growing all over it and dark moving shapes bellow of some truly sinister predators. The main flow, if that word could be used, seemed to go into some sort of tunnel and there was no obvious way of getting there. You would have to be mad to swim the journey, a boat would be needed, and an oarsman who knew both his business and the way. A cursorary glance around revealed what seemed to be a small house upon sticks standing some short few meters ahead of them, accessible only by ladder. But a closer inspection showed that there was a row boat suspended by chains from this building, hung well away from the water. Sankt thought of simply stealing the boat but what would he do with it? He neither knew how to work it or how to go to the Deku settlement. So he, followed by Link and Nusstai climbed the ladder whilst Midna just appeared at the top looking down at the other three with a slight coy smile teasing them.

"Come come now slow pokes."

She was still looking at them cheekily when the three finally reached the top. Sankt just groaned slightly to himself before walking forward and opening the unlocked door, he had correctly assumed this was some sort of business but had incorrectly guessed what type of business it would be. He would have thought it some tour boat operator's reception area selling trips around the swamp and various swamp and Deku knickknacks and memorabilia. He was surprised to find a café instead. Bamboo tables strapped together with what looked like glass were surrounded by similar chairs. On the wall hung the heads of local game, a giant tortoise head, what looked like alligator heads as well though in fact they belonged to lizalfos, Octorok snouts were also present. At the tables sat a few falorne, sweaty looking characters. Most had some sort of spear or harpoon, clearly intending to hunt game in the swamp but were at the moment taking a rest and enjoying peculiar looking drinks that seemed to twist and turn as if possessing a life of their own, even the food here seemed not entirely dead yet but perhaps that was part of the attraction.

Sankt and the team were of course in no way interested in the food, indeed Sankt was quite keen to get out of this place as quickly as possible, he hated the smell, both of the café and the swamp. Advancing to what appeared to be the counter he rang a bell only to be greeted with a strange, nasal and yet feminine voice saying.

"Hang on, I'll be with you in a minute love."

This was followed by a few clangs and rattles until eventually a short, dark haired young woman in overalls and a greasy apron emerged, she seemed flustered with some sort of illness and wide eyed. However, breaking the look of a somewhat dodgy purveyor off food was a cutlass hanging at one side and on the wall behind her a loaded harpoon gun. She pulled a note pad out from her apron front pocket, gave a sniff and said.

"Right then my dears what can I get you?"

Midna had a raised eyebrow at all of this, she was not used to people throwing around terms like love and dear in such a casual manner, Link was however, put in mind of Telma, only slightly mind this woman was far slighter in stature. Nusstai just let it all wash over him, she seemed a perfectly normal character whilst Sankt could not care less, all he was interested in was the boat and he said as much.

"We are not interested in food, only the boat. We want to get the Deku palace and that boat of yours seems the only way."

Flipping her note book closed the woman shot up a quick glance and held it on Sankt's helmet. There was silence for a while before she shook her head saying.

"No no, sorry love. I would gladly give you the boat but you would never reach the palace. Only I know the way, used to hunt out there a lot, hence the trophies. But I am retried now, my café sees me right."

Sankt looked around, the woman only had a few desperate looking trophy hunters as clients but out here you never needed much money. Grabbing a menu he picked a mid const meal and multiplied that by the number of guests coming to a grand total of 147 rupees, or there about. Rummaging around in his robes he pulled out a coin purse and laid three hundred rupees on the table declaring.

"Is that enough to bring you out of retirement for one trip?"

The women rubbed her hands clean, or more accurately spread the grime about more evenly. She counted the money and looked even wider eyed for a moment before snatching it all up like some greedy hag saying, more to the money that Sankt.

"I'll see you outside."

And with that she was gone, grabbing the harpoon gun as she went.

Sankt and the team remerged from the café entrance and gathered by the waters edge, to Sankt the smell here was only marginally preferable to the sewers, he yearned to be back in the desert he loved and not just the Termanian dessert but his one, the desert in Hyrule, the Gerudo Dessert that he called home. But wait a moment, thoughts began to pour into his head, thoughts to do with the Twili Zant. If they really were relatives how come Sankt lived in a dessert, his people having done so supposedly for generations? Should he not be a Twili, what was going on? He had little time to considers this however, as the greasy little woman having lowered her boat into the water ceased the oars and called.

"Come on then you four, we can't hang around or those pesky Octoroks get ideas."

She gestured with a thumb for the group to climb in and this they all did obediently, whilst the café owner rowed along the other four were all watchful for threats lurking bellow. Nusstai had his bow stringed and was training it on the shadows whilst the others took a far more general approach. After a few uneventful minutes and having passed through the tunnel an octorok popped up from the depths several meters away and spat a rock at the boat, Nusstai loosed an arrow at the same time, puncturing the peculiar beast which instantly flipped onto his back and seemed to deflate, giving strangulated rubbery gasps as it became little more the a purple wrinkly pancake. The rock was still hurtling towards them but timely intervention from Lin and his trusty shield quickly solved that as the rock rebounded harmlessly into the water. The greasy café owner took all this in her stride and rowed on through the bewildering array of colour and blossom until eventually a primitive jetty, decaying through lack of use, eventually became visible. Tying up to this the woman hoped out of the boat and stood next to it, harpoon gun in hand, guarding her boat jealously. With a jerk of the head she gestured into a large wooden looking structure with an array of plants not so much growing on but out of it.

"They're in there my dears but don't expect anyone to be happy to see you."

She smirked slightly, meanwhile Sankt was somewhat baffled by the lack of guards. Walking up to the seemingly decaying entrance two of the shrubs on either side of the doorway suddenly burst up out of the ground revealing the leaves to be a weird version of hair and most of their body to be like a strange cross between a bulb and a nut, all brown and wrinkly as it was yet somehow moist. They had small yellow eyes and tiny limbs, almost seeming like under grown roots rather than arms and legs. They had no definite nose or mouth, merely a huge protrusion where their nose should have been that flared out like a trumpet. This served as a mouth as well and through it a series of raspy squeaks like a dog playing with a chew toy came. Oddly enough it was Sankt who replied instantly and in no way phased by the rather glaring language barrier.

"I am Sankt, an outsider and I wish to see your king on a matter of urgency."

Another barrage of squeaks returned his words to which he replied in the same style and confidence.

"Yes, I know everyone is an outsider but we have gone to great lengths to be here today. We wish to speak on a matter of urgency, the fate of the swamp and your people hangs in the balance."

The two Deku scrub guards looked at one another for a moment and squeaked amongst themselves, their trumpet like noses flaring out like in a cartoon until eventually one hopped off into the darkness and eventually returned with a few more harsh squeaks. The two guards then let the group pass and in time, through going straight ahead, they made it to the throne room. Or at least they assumed it to be a throne room. To be honest it was little more than a it with a fire in it and a very fat Deku shrub sitting upon a rock and holding what looked like a shamanistic staff with various brightly coloured feathers all over it and a rattle of some description. The King waved it viciously at Sankt and made a highly aggressive squeak, he was clearly not the most amicable of, plants. Sankt replied simply.

"Your people are under threat, the vengeance of the people of Hyrule upon this realm will not be a light one and when Zant looses the war, as he most certainly will. Anybody who did not stand against him will be brought to account."

Sankt would have continued but there were more violent squeaks and trumpet like noises coming from the king who now jumped up and down in an angry fashion. Sankt for his part remained calm and said to the king.

"No, despite his words Zant will not do well by you but I will. I can save you and offer you a new home if need be."

Sankt would have gone on talking but two guards forced the group out, the four of them could have easily over powered the guards but they all thought it best to avoid a fight. They were thrust unceremoniously onto the jetty where the greasy café owner was still stood, turning around she smiled at them saying.

"Five minutes, longest I ever knew an outsider be in there, they must have liked you."

She chuckled slightly but the chuckle soon turned into a look of worry as several Deku came whiling over the walls of the decaying palace, large head leaves acting as propellers in the style of a helicopter. The café owner began to scramble to the boat, gesturing frantically for everyone to get on board screaming.

"Quick, quick they are going to kill us!"

Not wishing to argue with a woman who knew this neck of the woods the group practically dove into the boat as she began to row away as quickly as her oars would allow. The Deku shrubs however were far faster in the air and quickly surrounded the undeniably rickety vessel but oddly they did not attack. Instead they simply escorted the vessel to land before gathering in a squeaky circle around Sankt and bouncing up and down excitedly like attention deficit disorder sufferers. One squeaked in a highly excited tone and judging by almost acknowledging lesser squeaks he seemed to squeak for the group. Sankt nodded his head a few times at these squeaks but remained silent until eventually he turned to the group and said.

"It seems these boys here are less than enthusiastic about the current reign of their king and Zant, they share similar concerns to those Zora who followed us a few weeks ago. They are with us, I reckon we can take them back to base."

The others offered no complaints at this and the column of Deku followed the four of them across the great plain. Nusstai and his ever watchful eye thought he saw a small column of horses in the distance heading east from Clock Town towards their encampment. It was far to few people to be an attack group, plus at this kind of distance he may well be mistaken.

Still the group had an uneventful journey, a very odd thing since they had a highly visible column of whirling Deku preferring to remain airborne than walk. But when they eventually reached the camp standing just outside the door was a very shy and nervous looking Ruld. Sankt waved the Deku over the barricade so as that they could make themselves at home whilst pulling up next to Rule whilst upon Urko and looking the giant man mountain in the eye. There stood the colossus twiddling his thumbs and remaining silent until Sankt said.

"What's the problem mate?"

Ruld remained quiet for a little bit longer before saying in a voice like a mouse.

"We,ve got visitors."

At this Nusstai hissed and snapped his fingers in frustration, he knew he had seen riders ahead of them, he should have alerted the group and speed the column up. Midna was just glaring at Ruld as if he was stupid and Link was just generally appearing confused. Sankt however, was a tad impatient as he asked.

"Who, who is here? Some of Zant's men?"

Ruld shook his head and continued to look awkward and a tad shy.

"Achim, you should see Achim he's really not happy."

Sankt knew he was not going to get an answer from Ruld, for pity's sake he was sitting outside the camp unable to face what was inside, Achim must really be angry at Ruld, or perhaps just annoyed at the world in general. Once they had entered the camp Midna hastily jumped off Nusstai's horse and walked away, eager to dissociate herself from things. The other three however, kept on going towards the temple where they instinctively knew Achim would be, and indeed he was there. Arms crossed glaring at a wall. At first sight of Sankt however, he walked in an aggressive fashion up to the horses and hissed.

"You'll never know who that bloody princess we call a ruler sent up."

Sankt was gripped with concern, he was not surprised someone had been sent to check on their progress, they had been gone for several weeks without a word to Hyrule but just who had been sent to check on them? Dismounting Sankt enterd the temple almost nervously, leaving Achim mumbling maliciously at the entrance. When inside he saw almost instantly what the problem was as an angry woman advance upon him, finger out stretched in accusation, there stood Ashei already spewing angry words.

"There you are! Where were you? You are supposed to be protecting Hyrule not going out and collecting friends! Yeah?"

Sankt just groaned and began to mentally filter all of this out, in his head he was just repeating to himself over and over again. "These people are Zelda's friends, do not anger them, do not anger them. Never hit someone more influential than you." But the task of not becoming violent scarcely became any easier as yet more familiar faces emerged. From the shadows came Auru with a large tube strapped across his back which offset his comparatively fine yet still practical attire. His elderly face portrayed his undeniable wisdom and his voice matched the face, he sounded more like a scholar whilst Achim sounded like a priest, all be it one of the old fashioned educated ones.

"Your progress has been slow, Hyrule has come under attack since you were gone. Kakariko village came under attack similar to Castle Town's and only we were there to defend it. Did you not think about more attacks. Why have you done nothing?"

Sankt's fists clenched, the chink of mail audible in this dark place. He was expecting Telma next but no more voices came, clearly the whole group had not been sent, wise if they were being relied upon to defend the realm. Though why on earth they were being relied upon flummoxed him. Were there no longer guardsmen. Then of course Sankt remembered the guards had all the spine of a jellyfish and could in no way be relied upon in a fight. Not wishing to talk to Ashei in any way shape or form he instead advanced intently on Auru, at least he was a reasonable man.

"Look, do you have any idea how hard it is to bring down a nation. Months, usually years of planning go into it, be glad I am on the brink of a major assault after a few poultry weeks and yet you come barging down here demanding results."

Auru was in no mood to be messed with and retorted.

"That matters not young one, deal with the leaders and be done with it."

Sankt turned though ninety degrees and quickly smashed a fist into a near by wall causing a small hail of dust before saying through gritted teeth.

"Silence cretin! You no nothing of the situation here, we must purge an entire people, this is a situation very different to the Zant one and bugger all use you were in that as well. Not a once did you strike a notable independent blow. You left all that to good old Link."

Auru just snorted his derision and shook his head before replying.

"This will not look good on your report to the Princess."

Sankt had by now begun to leave the temple, he could now see why Achim was so furious as he felt it as well. Turning quickly to face Auru he extended a finger and almost bellowed.

"Damn you and Damn the Princess, if either you or she believe this to be failure then you need to reassess your standards and come to grips with the realities of the situation. Now if you have finished your uneducated drivel I have a war to win."

With that he stormed out, Ashei screaming mocking words aimed mainly at his manhood as he left. The only reason why she did not actively pursue was because her mood was near instantly lightened by the appearance of Link who chatted with Ashei and Auru at length and all was well between them whilst Sankt, storming past Achim grabbed his old friend y the arm and almost dragged him to the drilling ground just saying over and over again.

"Oh we'll show those bloody fools, we'll show them."

In response to this Achim merely smiled to himself, a very secret smile, a knowing one, a sinister one.