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WARNING: Reid is a bit OOC here.. It contains drug abuse and character death.

I'm sitting alone here in this cold and dark apartment

Everything around me is silent and peaceful

Only the distant sound of cars outside…

The water dripping from the bath faucet –

Interrupt the perfect serenity

Nothing here seems right but no-one cares

The world is running past me

But I'm left behind with my fears

I yearn to be recognized again, to be heard and understood

Yet nobody hears my silent cries of help

So I turn to the only think that helps me forget my misery

At first I'm anxious-

I hurriedly get my bag and retrieve the necessary items

The cool feel of the little bottle relaxes my tense nerves

At that moment I know that what I'm about to do is right

So I measure out the desired amount…

Strap the rubber band around my arm…

And forget all my worries as I enter heaven

This is how they find me-

Slumped over on my bathroom floor…

The needle still in my arm,

And a half empty bottle of dilaudid beside me

Some are shocked, others start to cry

But I have a smile on my face

For I have found my peace for all eternity