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(At Platform Nine-and-Three-Quarters)

As soon as they hopped off the train, the twins immediately found their mother, with their little brother and sister in tow. Behind the twins, Percy and Charlie also got off the train, but at a more subdued pace: Charlie, because he had just finished Hogwarts; and Percy, because he felt he had to "set an example" for his younger brothers.

"Mum!" they squeaked out as their mother squeezed them in a tight hug.

"I missed you all so much!" she said, letting the twins go and suddenly grabbing Percy in a hug, his glasses askew. Charlie, on the other hand, voluntarily gave his mother a hug to avoid being squeezed, then picked up his trunk and walked through the barrier, Percy on his heels, leaving the twins with their mother and two youngest siblings.

"Now, boys, how was your first year at Hogwarts?" she said, smiling.

The boys looked at each other and grinned.


(At Hogwarts)

When the pranks had started, Dumbledore had thought they wouldn't have escalated beyond a few simple ones, such as buckets of water and such, but the food tampering couldn't have been done by a student; the house-elves wouldn't have allowed it. And if Peeves had done it, he would've claimed the credit.

Thus, he had reason to believe one of the culprits was a house-elf.

He now stood in the kitchens, where the Hogwarts elves had gathered. Every surface was spotless, all the pots and pans washed and ready for the next school year. His gaze swept over the silent elves as they awaited Dumbledore's words.

"I would like to know which one of you it was that assisted in the pranks this year."

Not one moved, sneezed, or made any sort of motion whatsoever.


One of the younger house-elves raised her hand.

"Sir, Button be thinking that the Headmaster be making a mistake." Her voice quavered. "No house-elf would dare to be pranking a professor."

Dumbledore looked around at the bobbing heads. "Very well." And he left.

Button breathed out a sigh of relief, then turned to Jinx, who had hidden in one of the shelves.

"Jinx being a bad elf," she scolded him. "No more pranks for Jinx."

Jinx rolled his eyes. "Jinx does what Jinx is told to do. Jinx thanks Button for not telling the Headmaster on him."

The house-elf simply returned to her station, grumbling under her breath.

"Button is thinking Jinx will get in trouble one day and Button not there to clean up after him, oh, no, Button won't!"

(At St. Mungo's)

"Healer Jones! The patient in Room 77 is going nuts again!"

Jones looked up from her paperwork. The man had only been in the Insane Ward for a week, and already he had injured several of her doctors, one of which had suffered a broken nose.

"What's he done this time?" she sighed.

"Well," said the doctor nervously. "He seems to think he's a chicken about to be deep fried."

Jones sighed again. "Well, stun him and force feed him a calming potion. We'll try the Vesanus Potion on him tomorrow. It should be in by then."

The doctor withdrew, shutting the door with an audible click behind him. Jones turned her attention back to the stack of paperwork she was trying to get through.

"Now, where was I…?"

Vesanus: Latin for "mad" or "insane."

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